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About Re-sergeance

Re-sergeance is founded on the belief that the RCMP has lost the confidence of large segments of the Canadian population, and has become an embarrassment to significant proportions of its own rank and file. Moreover, the site also embraces the recognition that when any organization finds itself in crisis, as the RCMP is widely accepted to be, the most resistance to “turn around” change will come from the organization’s own executive level; the very people who have been given the task.

Re-sergeance believes that meaningful change will only come to the RCMP from the public it serves. You, and you alone, are responsible for the quality of policing you receive. This is fundamental in a democracy, as the police (read RCMP) are ultimately responsible to the public they serve, not the chief of police (read Commissioner of the RCMP).

The objective of Re-sergeance is to raise the awareness of the Canadian public to a “horribly broken” national police service before it destroys itself. And please remember, there is no shame in not attaining an ambitious goal, the shame lies in not trying to reach it.

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