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Jun 24

Mes amis,

As I sit and type this message my memory runs wild and my mind is filled with our shared history; when we worked together either clinically or operationally; when I graduated from Depot; when I soon after, left the Force in frustration; when I took up the struggle to Unionize; and when your employer tried unsuccessfully to discredit me. It is now that I realize, that to engage in making a difference one must be willing to pay a price. I call to mind at this moment all those members who have paid with their lives; especially those so agonized and without hope they took their own.

Today the Union movement continues. It is slow but steady; and sometimes frustrating. I believe I have done all I can from my present position. I need to deal with my frustration, and have decided to let Re-sergeance go. However, I want you to know that my ties to you and your objective cannot be broken.

As I look back at my involvement in your struggle, I believe I have dedicated myself fully to our objective. My only failing was that I was unable to motivate you to greater militancy.

The days we spent together bound by our cause, were highly rewarding for me. I feel a great sense of pride in playing my small part. I have been truly impressed by your self control and your willingness to tolerate the abuse foisted upon you by your employer (and its’ master).

I have other options before me, and recognize many routes to our objective that may suit my modest contributions. The time has come for me to say goodbye to the task of maintaining your blog. I want you to know that I make this decision with mixed emotion. I will remain involved in the Union movement but will no longer service your Re-sergeance.

I will sustain new tactics with all I have learned from you; especially the necessity of preserving the Human Rights of workers; no matter what they do, or whom they do it for. At this point in my life my association with you gives me reason to rise every morning, and serves as a tonic for the most serious of ills.

I assure you that in my final moments, whenever they may come, all of you, your families, and the struggle we shared will be in my thoughts. I will be eternally grateful for all you have taught me. Thank you.

P.S. Looks like I’m the only one to volunteer my “credo”:

“Life isn’t about avoiding suffering, it’s about creating meaning.”

Dr. Mike Webster
Registered Psychologist
(BCCP #0655)

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Hello Mike,

    I think I say for the majority that we appreciate all you have done. Your ‘notice’ has come quickly, think we all appreciate we share similar frustrations, and a shame to see you go as I’m unsure who holds the kind of knowledge assets you do surrounding all these states of affairs that can be discussed further even if repetitive in some cases. No ones ever asked me for a ‘credo’ but simply for me to move on to other things that provide more satisfaction, fulfillment, and achievement than thinking about the past (which isn’t easy)…..and maybe ensuring bobbles figurine sales stay at an all time high. Was hoping you’d stick around for the next edition, as we can’t do this without you.

    That being said, nothing lasts forever including blogs, however if you get involved with other things where we can watch your work by all means keep in touch.

    Is there a drop dead date when this web service is taken down? Only curious. I’ve enjoyed reading the articles over the years, and would ask that you keep in touch if possible.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    My first thought when I read this is that “they” have at last found something to use to silence you. In looking at the years of you trying, and succeeding, in making a difference my paranoia has been lessened and I very much respect your decision. I know many who you have helped and I believe have even saved from giving up.

    Look after yourself Mike. As very wise man once told me, nobody is going to do it for you. I would expand that to all those officers still serving. Thank you for your service.

  3. Calvin Lawrence permalink

    You are a good person. You did good things for hurt human beings.

    As I watched you and others at the Senate Committes hearings; I could not help but think how usless and wasteful of your time and talents. Did the Senators understand what you were saying? Did they even care? Even Senator White was there. You know that he is an ex-member?

    Senator White wrote an e-mail when he was a member of the RCMP:

    From: Vern White
    To: George, Barb
    Date 11/14/03 5:51 PM
    Subject: Lawrence


    I suggest that we order him to the job identified with Suzanne, if he refuses we start admin discharge procedures for failing to follow, his complaints, are seperate from the work offered.

    We will discuss on Monday.


    Its great to see Senator White concerned about the members. Just brings a tear to my eve.

    There was a post I saw on facebook and I am going to change it a bit for the RCMP issues.

    Picture management of the RCMP in the middle of a monopoly game. The board is resting on the backs of members who are bent over. The caption: “All you have to do is stand up and the game is over.

    Take care of yourself Dr. Webster. History will put you on the right side.

    Calvin Lawrence

  4. Voices in the wilderness crying to see change
    All the best to you and yours


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