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Time To Take A Stand?

Jun 07

G’day to you all. No matter where you are or what you are dealing with, I hope you can see the wisdom in the fact that you can interpret your situation in any way you wish. I am just back from Ottawa (more to follow) where I re-connected with a couple of members that I knew when they were in “E” Division. Not much has changed in the nature of their relationship with your employer, however they are able to see that the expectations they had of the “outfit” were unrealistic and were causing them more grief than the “outfit” itself. You and you alone are your ship’s “Master”; you are free to set whatever course you wish.

As for my trip to Ottawa, and as “Bobbles” has lacked the fortitude to come West to get this “Indian Strap Match” planned, I was hoping he would meet me on his ground. Well needless to say he didn’t show his “sorry ass” anywhere near the Senate Hearings on Bill C-7. Instead he sent several of his minions who put on a text book display of resistance to change, and increased political activity, in an effort to maintain the country club in which they have become the charter members and the rest of you their golf “caddies.”

In this piece I would like to give you a brief over view of my presentation; but first let me thank (MPPAC) President Rae Banwarie for his kind suggestion to the Senate, and to the Senate for agreeing and so graciously inviting me to attend.

There has been much discussion around the flaws in Bill C-7. In sum, it fails to respect and protect your rights as workers. Moreover it fails to recognize that Labour Rights are Human Rights! The Bill would make out of MPPAC nothing more than another impotent DSRR program.

Rather than more of the same criticisms of the Bill, I would like to address four critical issues (briefly) and use them to stimulate discussion among you. The opinions I will present are not subjective in nature, but have been supported by mounds of empirically derived data dating back to 2001 (and conveniently ignored by your employer simply because they didn’t like what the science said!!) . The issues are as follows:

I. Key Conclusions:

– the RCMP is better at developing strategies than implementing them.
– the RCMP is not a “change ready” nor “change receptive” organization.
– the RCMP is not attracting nor retaining the best.
– the RCMP is hindered by its’ structure (i.e. RMs, CMs, PSs) and scope (i.e.
municipal, provincial, and federal policing).
– the RCMP is caught in a downward “success spiral” i.e. in the belief that the
way things were done in the past are good for today and will be so tomorrow.
– the RCMP’s paramilitary model is anachronistic and is in need of flattening.
– RCMP members are skeptical, cynical, and mistrusting of senior management;
they have been over-promised and under-delivered.
– extant data suggests management and leadership behaviour are critical factors
with respect to positive change.
– tinkering with existing systems and structures has been and will continue to
be ineffective–the organization is in need of “transformative change” (e.g.
it is time for the “March East”; out of municipal and provincial policing;
downsized; focused on federal statutes only i.e. Canada’s FBI: Commissioner no
longer a Deputy Minister; and the RCMP is no longer the Prime Minister’s
private police service i.e. arm’s length from the government).

II. RCMP “Uniqueness”

– the organization is tripping over its’ “uniqueness” and consequently denying
its’ members the rights that should be enjoyed by all workers.
– the organization once considered a national icon is fast becoming a
national disgrace.

III. Harassment

– a much more sophisticated issue than perceived by most.
– harassment (sexual or not) is a Human Rights issue, as it effects the
workers’ ability to feel safe in the workplace.
– harassment can be used as a tool i.e. as the technology of harassment.
– there are multiple (potential) motives for harassing someone at work
e.g. rank, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, appearance,
achievement, attraction, behaviour, associations and class, just to identify
a few.

IV. A Naive Assumption

During debate in the House one MP suggested that the Liberals were starting
“…….with the assumption that employees and RCMP membership will work
collaboratively with their supervisors and upper management to achieve
workplace goals.”

I would like to remind him and others who share his naive assumption
that the majority of commissioned officers see few problems with the Force,
and their management of it; while the majority of non-commissioned members
have little or no trust in those at the top and describe them as “careerists”.
This is not a recipe for collaboration!

Well, there it is. What say you? If you don’t speak out by, at the very least, joining your brothers and sisters who are already members of MPPAC, you have become part of the problem. Here is something to cogitate upon until next time…….


Dr. Mike Webster
Registered Psychologist

  1. Constable Grizzly asked, “Am I on the right path with the group I have chosen in the Union Movement?” Constable Raven said, “Of course, even Constable Osprey is on the right path with his choice.” Constable Grizzly asserted, “Osprey? He seems off track to me!” Grizzly came back, “His track.” “But how do we all get on the same track?”, asked the magnificent predator. The great bear looked the bird right in the eye and said, “Forget self to benefit all!”

  2. The Old NCO permalink

    Dr Webster

    Like the most senior managers of the RCMP, the members of the Liberal Government are similar. They like to make eloquent speeches and comments suggesting that everything is well and any inconvenience to the contrary is being addressed by those in charge. The equivalent of having the fox guard the hen house.

    Dr Webster, I escaped the confines of the sick and twisted organization Canadians believe is a National Icon eight years ago. To this day I still experience horrible dreams and harness resentment and bitterness towards the Commissioned Officers that made my life miserable. This present Commissioner has done so much damage and I question the leadership of our Prime Minister for allowing this to continue.

    • Forget the Prime Minister I wrote to him a 57 page report, sent it November 13, 2015, it was signed by an Ottawa PC and it has vanished. Called the PMO’s office in Ottawa and was given a phone number in Ottawa, called there twice and left messages and finally called M.P. Matt DeCoursky’s office in Fredericton to se if they could find out what happen to the report/letter but in three weeks and many calls they have yet to get anything back…. Called ignore this issue till he dies. At least you didn’t get shot, 35 years and counting.

  3. Joining this organization has stripped me of all my confidence, pride and trust. I feel like I made a deal with the devil after being sworn in. And the disgusting part is all those members who are afraid or too proud to speak up admit the same.

    Management is so fucking blind to just how bad the climate and reputation of the organization is. Maybe if they took their aaragant heads out of each other’s asses, and started to lead by example and respect all members, then….maybe then, cop wanna be’s may just re-consider applying.

    Nope, managements arrogance in how poor they treat members, goes over their swollen heads. And so they now drop the hiring standards to attract applicants. What a ducking disgrace and insult to the rest of us.

    I think maybe it’s time for the media to launch
    A UFC match and call out to the bubbly boob.

    I wish and pray we had someone like you or yourself that we could go to for treatment. As I’m beyond confident you know what to say or do to help a member who is on the edge.

    Thank you

  4. Constable Orca, upon much reflection, posed a question to Constable Porpoise. She asked, “Have you ever thought how paradoxical the times we live in are? We can travel the world’s oceans and even leave the planet with humans as they explore far off star systems; for what? Just to sit and watch, day after day, as society and its’ iconic institutions decline; what hope is there for our own specific problems?” Porpoise breached high and quickly uttered, “Any fool can manifest hope when success is just out of reach. Only a genuinely resilient organism continues to persevere when matters seem most without hope.”

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Everyone needs to remember that Dubeau, Mcmillan are minions and will do what Paulson wants. Further to that is more than clear Canada’s safety minister Goodale can’t think on his own and he keeps looking to the RCMP brass for answers. WHAT A JOKE this outfit is beyond a clown show. Thank god for Vern White and Senator Campbell. The clown show is finally being called out for its fukery and skulduggery. Karma is a bitch.

    • The Old NCO permalink

      Goodall is a joke. He has no idea of the issues that working RCMP members face and the terrible incompetent bureaucracy they are accountable to . Goodall thinks that these same managers are capable of addressing the many issues of the RCMP. Again all he is doing is getting advise from the fox on how to protect the hen house.

  6. Writting to Justin Trudeau is a huge waist of time.

    I wrote to him after he won the election in November of 2015, followed up with a call to his Montreal riding, I was given an Ottawa phone number , called twice and left messages and finally contacted an MP from New Brunswick to try and find out if the PM Office even got the registered letter signed for by a PC in Ottawa or it was lifted from him. In four weeks the NB MP’s office contacted several people I government but failed to find out if the letter still exist…. Getting pretty ad out there.

    There’s a new article out posted on my blog or you can visit:
    Attentat non resolu: l’ex-policier Clarence Bourque perd tout espoire par Gilles Duval

  7. Scottish Soldier permalink

    Aye Dr. Webster, I see my kin folk, Senator Campbell, aye, one of those, is very upset that Boobie decided to absent himself from the hearings that you were present at. I guess he fears being in the same room as you, never mind in the same ring.

    I particularly liked your comment about it being time that the “force” march towards the East. I believe that Boobie should be sent North; given a small paddle, placed on the smallest ice floe that can be found and told to paddle his way home to Lachute.

    • The Old NCO permalink

      Paulson is a piece of work isn’t he? That back stabbing dictator needs to be removed. He is hungry for Power.
      Dr Webster, when and if you can ever get this coward in the ring please make it a battle royal match. I would like to sign on myself. I would lbe happy to powel drive that bald head of his into the mat. Matter of fact throw a few deputies in there as well. Those bums could use a tune up as well.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Another good article “MISSING MOUNTIE”

  9. Thank you Dr. Webster for appearing before the Senate Committee permalink

    Hi Dr. Webster,

    I watched your presentation to the Senate Committee. On behalf of myself and thousands of other members, I want to thank you for providing the Senators with some professional insight into the unhealthy reality that the RCMP organization has become. Thankfully the Senators were paying attention and have recommended removing all exclusions from the Bill C-7. To say the least, this is a huge victory for the front line members of this organization and hopefully will be the catalyst for some long overdue positive change in this organization.

    Another person who appeared in front of the Senate Committee and probably helped the cause of front line members more than anyone else was our very own esteemed Commissioner. His baffle gab and nonsensical answers to direct questions were a tragic example of exactly why our organization is in such a mess today. His minions who appeared before the Senate Committee the week before were also a perfect example of “Mini-me Bobbies” who have clearly drank too much of the same company Kool-Aid in order to get to where they are.

    Senator Larry Campbell summed it up quite nicely when he informed Commissioner Paulson that “his arguments were ludicrous….” and then turned his chair away in disgust. Commissioner Paulson looked more like a 5 year old child who had just been caught writing on the walls in crayon than a respected leader of our national police force. With only a few stinging words, Senator Campbell pretty much summed up the failure of our entire senior management philosophy.

    Speaking of looks, what was with the glasses perched on the end of the nose thing? If the Commissioner was attempting to look intelligent, it was a failure and it mostly looked ridiculous which coincidently sort of rhymes with ludicrous… Perhaps the Commissioner needs to find a new eye doctor or consider getting contacts? If his press handlers suggested that he wear some sort of prop to make himself look intelligent, he needs to find new handlers. Instead of trying to “look” intelligent, perhaps the Commish could employ a new strategy instead such as actually educating himself on facts relating to the organization that he is supposedly leading. While it is pretty common knowledge that we rank around 52nd in terms of pay in the Canadian police universe, Bob’s answer to that question was that we are in 5th or 6th place (although he did admit that he was just guessing). Wow…. Just wow…

    Anyway, if I were the university type and looking for a thesis subject on leadership, I think that Commissioner Paulson would make for a very interesting case study. Again, Dr. Webster, I want to thank you for setting the record straight for the Senators and providing then with educated, rational insight on the failures of our organizational leadership which the Senate Committee obviously took to heart. While this was not an actual “Indian Strap Match” it was pretty clear who came out on top of this one.

  10. To the foregoing RCMP member’s note of thanks…….you are more than welcome. I wish my modest efforts could have been more. I am somewhat humbled that “Bobbles” did a better job of selling your cause than I did!

    Mike W.

  11. thewolfinsheeps permalink

    I’d like to echo some of the thoughts posted here and pass on my thanks to you for your comments in front of the Senate Dr. Webster. I would also like to thank the Senate members, a body of government which I had previously, and perhaps somewhat naively, given little credence. I know prior to the Senate hearings members were collectively quite discouraged by seeing their right to collective bargaining somehow get derailed by our own “leaders”. I think now at least there is a bit of a sense that the worm is turning and things may finally start to improve for us.

    As for Paulson and his testimony, I went into it with an extremely low opinion of this man and expected him to be his usual pompous self. I was expecting the usual inundation of RCMP rhetoric and untrue “facts” about the state of the union. I am happy to say that he far exceeded my expectations of his incompetence. I actually had to repeatedly stop the recording and say something out loud like “Holy shit” or ” did he Just say that?” or more often than not ” That isn’t even a sentence, let alone an answer to a question.” It was a National embarrassment.

    I wonder if anyone in his inner circle of idiots has had the guts to point out to him how badly he did, or more appropriately, how well he did in his inadvertent dismembering of his own objectives. I’m sure Goodale et al are not happy with him. The liberal government knows this is going to cost their budget a lot of quiche, and Bobby just added to their headaches.

    Paulson’s testimony did, in a huge public forum, vindicate a point that I feel is at the heart of the RCMP’s troubles. It should now be clear to the all members and the Nation that Paulson is very far from the best and brightest of us, yet here he sits in the most powerful position in the organization? How pray tell did this happen? It is nothing more than a microcosm of what is out there in almost every key management position across the country. People that are not qualified to be designated as those that should “lead” us. People who know nothing about leadership. People who are only where they are because of a dysfunctional OCDP. It’s just a bunch of buddies getting each other promoted through the old boys club. Bad leadership just keeps perpetuating itself. It should be scrapped, but of all the “well we’ve always done it this way” things that will never change, that one may be at the top. As we all know, and Dr. Webster was nice enough to point out in his testimony, the RCMP is change adverse.

    To the members out there, challenge the Officers you work for on their practices, ask questions, seek out better alternatives and insist on them, and please DO NOT do anything just because we have always done it that way or just because some Officer told you to. As has been illustrated by the biggest brain in the outfit, they are NOT the best of us. It takes courage, but change won’t come from the top.


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