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“Bobbles”: Muchas Gracias Amigo!

May 22

Ola muchacho! (Now remember what I have been couching all of these missives in?) This is your Master Class in how to work the “stick”. This is how your opponent “Iron Mike” (not to be confused with the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Iron Mike) drew the fans ($$$$$). You could use a little help. Much of the time you look like what you think a commissioner should look like, rather than being your self……whoa, not sure that would work either?

Anyhoo, to the business at hand. This time just a couple of comments in response to “RCMP culture of bullying at root of harassment allegations commissioner says.” by Peter Zimonjc (CBC News, 23/02/16). I don’t profess to be computer literate so be patient with me; however, it seems that Mr. Zimonjc was commenting on that “sighting” we had of you back in February?

It was all there again, but this time I figured out how to watch you on the little film clip that was included. It was just like watching game films. I don’t want to beat this to death but there it was, in full motion: the “professorial peek-over” of the eye-glasses (looking down on everyone?); the hand gestures as if to put your thesis in picture form for us dummies?; the “prayer position” of your hands, perhaps creating an impression of reverance?; the spinning of the wedding ring, often thought to be comforting, although in your case I am told maybe not so much?; the threatening glare to keep us at a distance?; and the cheeky shot at one member of the panel who had the audacity to ask you who victims could take their complaints to (i.e. “…..they could take them to you”, you fired at him).

I’m more interested in expanding on my comment to you (and the “polit bureau”…..better give’em a shake) regarding the technology of sexism. Largely because I think it is a concept entirely foreign to you and your minions. This concept (and please notice how serious I am, I haven’t even asked you if you have “Teddy” or “Blankie” on hand) questions whether sexuality is even the right form of analysis through which to gain the meaning of interpersonal practices such as sexual harassment (I know this is confusing for you as in your world, “we calls ’em as we sees ’em). There are a tonne of examples in a very extensive literature of sexual acts being used to promote a variety of ends including racial, religious, dominant, organizational, and persecutory.

In any case it would be an error for us to reduce the pain suffered (e.g. Catherine Galliford) by victims to the level that it is always sexual in nature. As a mental health professional, I will suggest to you that many of the perpetrators at the CPC and the subjects of the complaints of the female members’ class action (including Ms. Galliford’s aggressors) were driven by mixed and multiple motives. Moreover, there have been many cases in the media of those who have lost jobs, respect, investments, children, and self esteem in addition to their right to say no. In these cases, I suggest it is critical to focus intensely on how sex can be put to work for racial, religious, ethnic, political, psychological, or corporate (i.e. organizational) ends. I think it is intelligent and broad viewed to regard sexism as technology; and how sex as a tool can be implemented to crush men, women, femininity, masculinity, whatever sexual preference, or career (e.g. in the RCMP) regardless of the obvious sexual aspect.

So “Bobbles”, if you and the “polit bureau” are sitting there scratching your heads (or pounding on your table laughing) and asserting that “….he outlines a problem but gives no solution”, then cogitate upon this………


* Hint…..attend a session of Equine Facilitated Learning where members suffering with various posttraumatic stress issues learn to control massive horses without ever touching the horse, sitting on it, or having a rein in hand……..

Dr. Mike Webster
Registered Psychologist

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Sounds like the rcmp are running their own real-live version of that computer game “LEISURE SUITE LARRY’ while on topic of sexual harassment and its applications. Perhaps we’ll call it “LEISURE SUITE BOBBLES”. I sense another marketing/commercial spree from our sponsors in the very near future that goes beyond the highly treasured bobbles figurine collections that are exceptionally prized worldwide as sales are hyperbolic.

    We may take it up a notch and create a game that can be downloaded from the apple/Google/android stores entitled “LEISURE SUITE BOBBLES”. We can market it the same way you see Arnold Swartznegger marketing that game “mobile strike” in persistently annoying repetitive advert mode that’s been jammed down our throats.

    We can start with airing the commercial where we see bobbles and his politic bureau (the Superfriends) walking down a corridor leading to a room in some mysteriously unassuming para-military high-tech complex. Bobbles leads his politic brassed-up Superfriends, all marching boots stomping in perfect synchronicity down the hallway, all cradling folders holding innovative police strategies to dominate the world (via harassment, intimidation, obfuscating fault issues and cover-ups of senior management), then enter a command center by a series of auto vault doors, where table members stand up immediately in rigid fashion and salute.

    And the bobbles narration begins:

    (Bobbles narration utilizing Swartznegger Austrian accent): “The best defense, is deflection, manipulation and denial. Use everything you have to protect “the brass”. Harass members 12x harder than you need. Perch your spectacles twice as high when 2 millimeters will do. Join me in fear mongering, all applicational tools of sexual harassment, cost-cutting to get bonuses, coverups………..AND STRIKE! (Bobbles proceeds to press area of his iPhone (which is smarter than him) marked “STRIKE” with his index finger followed by an executed series of groans in the nco ranks heard on a distant horizon battleground…..the detachments).

    I would hazard to guess winning the game would entail being the last man standing (commish) with no more employees, no more members, or structures of rcmp representation as the last of 3-billion dollars are saved to get the greatest bonus you can via the afore-mentioned methods. Only then is the game won.

    Oh sorry folks one more final narration from bobbles “download and play now”.

  2. Sunny Days are Coming permalink

    Kicking the can down the road;
    Multi personalities: poor Bob he is out numbered by the army of one but so was Goliath by one little boy with only 1 of 5 round stone…. very well presented and supported.


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