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Thanks “Bobbles”: Great Picture!

May 20

Yo’ “Bobbles”, thanks for the picture. It couldn’t be better. I’m referring to the picture of you accompanying Alison Crawford’s piece, “Allegations of bullying, harassment emerge in RCMP’s Witness Protection Program (CBC News, 20/05/16).

Most of the stuff we went over in the last post is there! Thanks for your cooperation and assistance. (You might even suspect that Ms. Crawford and I are working together?) You’ve provided in a moment in time morphemes, kinemes, gestures, and signals.

Let’s include some context to aid in our reveal. So back in February of this year you said, “Yeah, we had [note the past tense, suggesting it doesn’t exist anymore in your mind?] a bullying problem, there is no question about that, and we are working on that, and recent events not with standing, I am here to tell you we are doing better at it”. (Note the gobbledy-gook, “we’re doing better at it”…..what the hell does that mean?…….you are doing better at bullying people?) This sort of drivel (confusion, lack of clarity?) is often associated with an unfamiliarity with the truth, I am told.

So back to the picture, there they are, the “knitted brows”. Trying to be “serious”? Displeasure with the situation? Showing disdain for someone who you believe has no business sticking her nose into your world? There’s the “professorial peek-over”, the glasses as you school someone? Hiding behind the eyeglasses? Not really present? And there’s the “lip-puff”, most often followed (I am told) by a big exhale signalling….boredom?…..disdain?…..superiority? And of course the “glower”. Your fans have suggested that this is to put people in their places?….to scare them away from the truth?… intimidate?… set limits?

All of which, I am told, is consistent with keeping us away from something that you figure we wouldn’t understand. Something that we “peons” don’t need to know. This all puts me in mind of someone you have a striking similarity to. Now this is me talking “Bobbles”, not the professional interviewers that have been interested in your performance to date….nudge-nudge-wink-wink-say-no-more-say-no-more?

Do you recall a Tom Cruise character named Colonel Nathan R. Jessup? He was a “straight up” Marine who commanded the Division at Guantanamo. He walked the “wall” and believed he kept America safe from the Communist foe. He gave a “Code Red” order to “tune up” a young Marine (Pfc. Santiago) who wasn’t up to “snuff”. Santiago was killed and Lt. Kaffee (Cruise) had Jessup on the stand. Kaffee asked for answers. Jessup responded, “You want answers?” Kaffee shot back, “I want the truth.” To this, Jessup lost it and snapped back, “You can’t handle the truth!” And then he launched into a disclosive rant that outlined how he saw the Marines, and what he did as above the law. There is some discussion that you “Bobbles”, suffer the same kind of distorted view regarding the RCMP’s place in Canadian society. Time to regroup amigo, you have lost your place in the grand scheme of things.

Once again let me refer you to Sir Robert Peel, sir. And I’ll leave you alone…..until next time?


Dr. Mike Webster
Registered Psychologist


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  1. marc1089 permalink

    If my agents ever came forward, talk of senior officers miss use of funds for personal agendas, sexual assault spousal assaults, abuse to the tenth degree.

  2. “Rendering help to another is the function of all human beings.”

    — Core belief of Jainism

  3. Exmunicipal permalink

    Strange that the A/C investigating the complaints is not a subject of the complaints. He certainly liked to harass and bully those on sick leave when he was Oi/c of Codiac

  4. Exmunicipal permalink

    Watch the A/C in the media interview. The twitching and rapid eye blinking certainly says “I don’t want to be here. Please do not ask me any hard questions because I either don’t have the answer or I will be force to lie.”

  5. Exmunicipal permalink

    Deputy Commissioner M/C certainly likes to make sure that the members know that the media is reporting false allegations! Someone should ask him if he still has trouble counting money. Like the time he was the Exhibit Man on a drug bust, he miscounted the seized money from Boo Boo Melanson (drug dealer/murderer/extortionist) in Moncton NB when M/C (a Corporal on the Federal Drug Section) counted that there was $28,000 seized from Melanson when he was arrested. When Melanson had all charges dismissed and the Court ordered his money returned the Mounties had to give him an extra $10,000 because in reality only $18,000 was seized. The university degree holder, M/C, wrote in the exhibit reports that there was $18,000 seized. Boo Boo laughed all the way home and M/C was immediately transferred out of the Moncton Drug Section.

    • Exmunicipal permalink

      “…….M/C wrote in the exhibit report that there was $18,000 seized” Sorry for the typo. It should read “…..M/C wrote in the exhibit report that there was $28,000 seized”

      • Wow permalink

        Oh, wait – you made a typo….a “mistake”. Don’t worry, we won’t point that out, because that would low, belittling, mean, …dare I even say harassing? No, it’s ok, you can make a mistake, just no one else.

  6. Scottish Soldier permalink

    Aye Dr. Webster, the points that you make in your last 2 entries remind me very much of a person who has undergone SERE (survival, evasion, resistance and escape) training through the military.

    Most know that, prior to joining the RCMP, Boobie was a “jet jockey”. At some point in this career, he would have undergone SERE training. He probably received similar training or refreshers when he was exposed to undercover work.

    The facial expressions and body language that we have seen and that you have described so aptly, are “tools” of resistance. Those of us trained in interrogation and observation are very quick to pick up on these behaviors. The reason being is that “the commish” is not very good at hiding his emotions. He is an easy “fish” to catch! He has forgotten what the bard Shakespeare wrote, “to thine own self be true”.

    In using the tools of resistance, Bobbie is attempting to evade the public eye so that he can escape the continuing questioning and therefore survive without being fired or replaced before his “term” is up.

    Should he not survive until his term is up, we have a place here in the Highlands shepherding over large flocks of sheep.


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