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Mr. Paulson: In Over His Head?

May 18

Yo’ “Bobbles”, guess who? I’m taking a break from regular programming to address more of your missteps. I just read Amanda Connolly’s piece (17/05/16) covering Commissioner Ian McPhail’s response to your denial of “muzzling” members on the Sexual Harassment issue. You gotta’ be kidding right? You can’t be that obtuse and occupy the chair you do?

It seems Mr. McPhail emailed you several weeks ago questioning why complainants should have to identify themselves to you before going to speak with him. Now let me get this straight… haven’t answered him yet? Who the hell do you think you are, you putz? That’s the government of Canada knocking on your door! “Bobbles”, I assure you that not answering the door does more to destroy the public’s faith in the Force than members exercising their legal right to complain about being sexually harassed on the job. You are exhibiting to the entire country an obnoxious “sense of entitlement” to which you are not entitled.

OK, so here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to “dumb down” an argument as to why sexual harassment is really a form of sexual discrimination, so you (and the rest of the “polit bureau”) can grasp it. Have you got “Teddy”? Are you sitting comfortably? No you can’t have your “soucie” just yet. After we’re finished.

Now follow this. It will give you a hint as to why you are being a naughty boy. There is a link between sexual harassment and sexual discrimination; which of course makes your recent hiring campaign look like wasted motion. In the absence of a real understanding of the above noted relationship, the RCMP (and other police services) have developed a body of sexual harassment policy that trivializes the sexual discrimination that exists in law enforcement. Are you still awake? No you can’t have “blankie” until we are finished.

In brief, the theoretical arguments behind my criticism of your sexual harassment policies are these: i) they violate formal equality principles (who did the PM just recognize?); ii) sexism is alive and well in the fact that the conduct is sexual; and iii) sexual harassment is an example of the subordination of females by males.

I’m sure this will put you over the edge but what about those marginal cases of same sex harassment? Ooooops, never thought of that did you? You see “Bobbles”, the discriminatory wrong of sexual harassment, no matter which sexes are involved, is better understood as the technology of sexism. No I’m not referring to your computer games.

I’ll underscore my point and then quit as I imagine your limited understanding of the real world is beginning to exhaust you. “Bobbo” m’boy the key issue is this: the sexism in sexual harassment lies in its’ power as a regulatory practice that feminizes women (now you’re interested huh?) and masculinizes men; rendering women as sexual objects and men as sexual subjects. The world doesn’t work that way any more. There are a multiplicity (that means lots “Bobbles”) of human sexual preferences to which a modern society must be sensitive.

I better stop as I can see your eyes are spinning and you are close to nap time. (And never forget each one of our encounters is a Master’s Class in “working the stick” to get “heat” for our upcoming match). The world has changed “Bobbles” since the old days in Chilliwack when you specialized in “sucker punching” intoxicated farm boys. You just might be out of step with the times. You’ve reached the limits of your intellectual capacity. Listen, I’ll make you a deal, c’mon out here and I’ll assist you with an orderly withdrawal so you can leave with some degree of respect from Canadians. OK, here’s your “blankie”, you were a good listener. This one is just for you……….


Dr. Mike Webster
Registered Psychologist

  1. Scottish Soldier permalink

    Aye Dr. Mike, Ara taught/coached ya well!

    There is nothin’ like being as subtle as a sledgehammer. Be careful how ya break poor bald Boobies spirit.

    I understand that the canteen on Blvd. St. Laurent is sold out of suckies and blankies.

  2. Calvin Lawrence permalink

    There are male RCMP members who go to work everyday and never consider harassing female RCMP members. But then there are male members who wish to maintain dominance and control over female members. It should be clear by now that the men in the RCMP will never allow female members to be all they can be. Especially to the point where they all would reach their potential and goals.

    That is the way it is for women in all the nine major areas of people activity that we work through on a daily basis. (Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, sex, and War)

    The media, politicians, and RCMP are aware of the situation. Taking your problem to the problem will never get justice.

    Time to stat thinking and acting outside the box.

    Calvin Lawrence

  3. Well said as usual. It amazes me how despite perverting the force to his own use Darth Paulson can not be made to account for his numerous, blunders, gaffes and fib telling. Who is protecting Darth? Is it the new emperor? I am so glad I am retired, gone, done and finished.

  4. It seems Mr. Paulson was out for a walk one fine Spring day, and strolled by the Supreme Court of Canada. He gazed up at the massive mute statues of Ivstitia (Justice) and Veritas (Truth) and softly admitted, “My problem is, I’m not respected.” Ivstitia inquired, “Aren’t you a little quieter these days?” Paulson replied, “Yes, I guess I am.” Veritas added, “There you go.” Paulson asked, “What do you mean?” Ivstitia looked him square in the eye and slowly said, “It’s total silence that will cure your image problem.”

  5. Wendy permalink

    Thank you yet again Dr Webster for your amazing views on the neanderthal Paulson and old boys clubs that remains strong in the RCMP.
    Calvin, there are several female members who do their best at maintaining their dominance and control over other members just as much as the men. Far too many have sold their souls a long time ago for a piece of gold coloured thread and ego.


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