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Me again “Bobbles”

May 05

G’day “Bobbles”. It’s early here on the West Coast. I couldn’t sleep just thinking about your situation. More of your appearance in front of the Senate Committee was forwarded to me by a concerned Canadian. Honestly, I don’t go looking for your mis-steps but one can’t help but trip over them these days; they are everywhere. You are truly in over your head! It seems that what I am about to address was part of your last session in the “principal’s” office. I have to say that the first thought I had when reading more of your “gobbledy-gook” was, who the hell do you consult on this crap before you drag your sorry ass up the hill? You should really consider a change of consultants! The approach you are taking fell out of favour with Attila The Hun and really only exists today with Kim Jong Un (sorry…….. he’s the dictator in charge in North Korea). Even a quick peruse of Dale Carnegie’s old book on Winning Friends and Influencing People would be of some assistance on these occasions when you are called “on the carpet”.

Once again in the spirit of giving you, and the rest of the “polit bureau” you work with there in the “puzzled palace”, a fair hearing, I’ll put this in the form of a question. You can answer at anytime (remember my manager and I are waiting for word on the “match of the century” anyway?). Did you really state that the credibility of the RCMP was being ruined by people in the Force (the victims?) speaking out too soon about harassment allegations? I’m sure that even you can see that such mindless “lip flapping” begs the question, “when would the ideal time be?”

A quick investigation (Oh shit!! Hang on. “To inquire into, to examine, to make a systematic inquiry”. Get it?) of Title VII of Canada’s Civil Rights Act (1964) and most Provincial Human Rights Codes you’ll find these kinds of general guidelines with regard to reporting: i) confront the harasser, ii) tell someone you can trust, iii) contact a Human Rights Legal Support Centre, and, iv) DO SO AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE TO AVOID MEMORY ISSUES.

By the way, who gave you this unbelievable “goody-two shoes” throw away line, “I don’t even like talking about what happened there [the CPC fiasco?] it’s so shocking!” You gotta’ be kidding right? How many years of service do you have? And this shocks you? This kind of feigned naivete doesn’t instill confidence “Bobbles” and makes you sound like a “back peddling no mind”. The victims are looking for a genuinely empathic Commissioner with some backbone who will talk about this shit until it’s eradicated (sorry…..that means eliminated).

And to wrap up, where in the hell did this come from (with reference to sexual harassment)? Did you suggest that speaking out “too soon” leads to unfair accusations? Think about that for a moment you putz! An accusation when first made has no valence; fair or unfair, until investigated. It is only after an accusation is made can we determine whether it was fair or not by investigating it (Jeez, do I have to go through this again?).

So “Bobbles” are you familiar with the term “psyching out”? I know you read my ramblings. Remember, I know people who know people. One of them might be sitting beside you right now? OOOPS!! (Again I suggest, never show your anger for when you do you have revealed a weakness to be exploited.) Every time you open your mouth in public I’m right there aren’t I? You can’t get me out of your head can you? The more you try, the more I’m there aren’t I? You even dream about me don’t you? “Bobbles” I made a living getting into people’s heads even when they had helmets on! I have become, if not your worst nightmare, a very bad dream haven’t I?

The only way to rid yourself of me now sport, is to take me up on my offer of, you can take your pick: a “strap” (I have an exprienced one), “cage”, “over the top rope”, “brass knuckles” (I got ’em), “tag team”, “last man standing” (you can invite the “polit bureau”!), or even a regular one on one, for charity. We could defray the legal costs that the women in the sexual harassment suit against the RCMP are facing; or maybe the group who had the confidentiality of their medical records compromised? I promise you I’ll be able to rehabilitate (shit!!….that means restore) your image from the most inept Commissioner in RCMP history to something more appealing to those overseas employers you’re courting. The membership and the Canadian public will have renewed respect for you after you “thrash” this self absorbed, disrespectful, brash (look it up!), and obnoxious “heel”.


— Viktor Frankl

Dr. Mike Webster
Registered Psychologist

  1. One glorious morning Squirrel asked Brother Raven, “What is the essence of leadership?” Raven bobbed his head and replied, “The leader who passes sentence should swing the sword…..a leader who hides behind paid executioners soon forgets what death is”.

  2. Former Shediac Cop (the Victim) permalink

    Finding your post quite entertaining, interesting and even at times helpful to say the least.

    Here’s an insert that I found interesting and probably why the Governments refuses to do anything about harassment, choosing rather to cause the victims of these crimes added aggravation and opting for the better solutions for them by settling these matters out of court. With all these issues why is it so darn hard to see action on cases that clearly points to covered-ups in this national police force.

    The general guidelines with regard to reporting: i) confront the harasser (denied), ii) tell someone you can trust, (haven’t found one yet) iii) contact a Human Rights Legal Support Centre, (is it to late now?) and, iv) DO SO AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE TO AVOID MEMORY ISSUES (sounds like it might be to late).

    Maybe all the letters to the Commissioners of the RCMP, to the Premier of the Province of New Brunswick to Ministers in both the Province of New Brunswick and Ottawa dating back to Premier Richard Hatfield bringing to all of them that there was something wrong with the investigation, if you can call spoiling and destroying the evidence an investigation and there’s a lot more but seriously I haven’t tried (part iii) yet but everything else so far even up to the Privacy Commissioner.

    There’s apparently over 7000 pieces to this case filed in Fredericton in bankers boxes but I got around the 300 mark and it was all scattered the rest was exempt under the access to informations laws. While it was evident by the threatening letter that I was targeted by the local Shediac Mob with Montreal Mob connections the RCMP did not want to investigate the upper class or the police force for a possible connection but choose instead to accuse an innocent man who did not fit the description I gave police of the profile of someone who could do something like this.

    The chief & the Town Manager eventually resigned, a new chief was hired and mandated to rid the force of all police officers present when I was shot and the force was disbanded and replaced by the Shediac RCMP along with Moncton, Dieppe, Sackville & Sussex, NB by the force that investigated but did not solve this major crime.

    Maybe this new lead ” Human Rights Legal Support Centre ” might be helpful since all request for a public inquiry since 1981 or any files that might help shed some light or the final report has been flatly denied as RCMP claim they are still investigating.

    However 35 years later it’s pretty hard to find anyone who actually believes this right now and those files I was given dating back to those first three years paints a much different picture.

    I’m just amazed how the RCMP themselves can see action against the force itself when it comes to their own but others good luck and how this can take place here in Canada???

  3. Anonymous permalink

    (dramatic background music to introduce Anonymous Sports Entertainment….and then the sportscaster…)

    Well, hello folks we are LIVE at the Regina Depot Arena for possibly one of the greatest pound-for-pound fight matches ever witnessed in human history. Hi, i am “anonymous” and we have “Iron Psych Mike” vs. “Bob El Spooner Enmascardo” (masked spooner as per google translate). Enhanced security measures have been taken to maintain the integrity of this match, which means, unfortunately, the RCMP could not be used as security services for this event nor any other police agency as a result of the collusion existing between all of them. This has forced the athletic commission to use current-and-former midget mexican wrestlers from Guadalajara area for security and as you can see they are lined in the middle of the ring, making a wall between both fighters, both of whom are staring intently at each other to see who psychs who out! Hey, you can utilize hard-working drug cartel personnel or you can use police – what’s the difference? At least the cartel are cognissant of their situation.

    We have used all the assist and deputy commissioners as the ring girls. It appears the long standing altercations between the group, was a result of them desperately wanted to ring-girl-role-play, that we eventually caved to the demands to allow each of them to carry the ’round sign’ at least once. As you can see, the A/Cs and D/Cs are goosed up in their lovely lady lump outfits and lipstick raring to show their support affectionately for the commish. Mike, on the other hand, seems quite content on his own, sporting his own sense of self satisfaction without a large crowd in his corner, in seemingly a very zenful state.

    We turn our attention to some of the guest stars in the crowd and we have Giuliano Zaccardelli and Alfonso Gagliano sitting side-by-side in the bleacher seats pretending not to know one another however we saw them both arrive in Giuliano’s yellow ferrari. Both are waving to the cameras now.

    If you turn your attention to the screen, we have the breakdowns of each fighter. We see with Iron Psych Mike, that he’s given all ten stars for ‘thinking on your feet’ which will definitely pay dividends into both the early and later rounds. As we turn our attention to Bob, it appears there are no stars. oh wait a minute, my mistake, there is one star that has a descriptor as “Candy Ass”. I certainly hope that doesn’t offend the clientele attending this match who like Candy…and i wouldn’t want to offend “Candy” either.

    They now meet in the middle of the ring….but something else is going on here….?? Bob seems to be irate, at the fact, that he has hired help to do all the fighting for him and expressing this to the judge. Now Bob’s expressing that he just likes looking tough for the camera, but he hired help to do the dirty work for him. Bob’s looking over to his ring girls and gesturing for them to step into the ring but they’re not budging? What? The judge is waving it off, Iron Psych Mike has won the fight…and not a single punch was thrown!

    So congratulations on your win Mike….what do you have to say about this whole event? Anonymous hands the microphone over to Mike who replies….”Booooooooring”.

    Well, this concludes our scheduled Anonymous pay-per-view program, and sure the $100.00 event that lasted 3 seconds was well worth the money. Stay tuned for a future re-match.

  4. One night in the mess Cst. Dudley Doright began to speak and all fell silent. “When this is all over Canadian citizens will try to blame the “outfit” in general, and the “outfit’ will try to blame the Senior Executive, and the Senior Executive will try to hang it on the Commissioner. They will try to make him bear the “sins of the world”. But it won’t be true. You all suspected what was happening just as I did. Most of you have even sacrificed a colleague to better yourself….I did. It was already too late several Commissioners ago. When I saw what was happening I did nothing. The day I did that, I made my contribution to Canadian history. The only one that will ever matter.” Then with head down, he turned, and walked out into the night.

  5. Former Shediac Cop permalink

    Interesting; but the story is not over until the last chapter is read.

    One day very soon, for all of us, we will all be taken on a journey where we will be presented before the high court and the final report/judgement will be read. The final verdict will be read and all appeals and entitlements will finally come to an end. That very day whoever did what it will be known and that person or persons will be able to spend the rest of their lives with the one they admired and served and what will you do when your own father turn’s on you?

  6. Brother Cougar raised an eye-lid as the shadow of an Eagle swept over him, while he sunned himself upon a rock. The playful Eagle landed nearby and inquired, “Why is personal responsibility such a critical factor?” The muscular cat answered without any hesitation, “The victim mindset dilutes personal potential. By not grasping responsibility for our circumstances we rob ourselves of the power to change them.”

  7. Certainly enough Crow to go around that table.

    There was once a young man who had a good relationship with God who sits far above principalities, powers and airs or storms of life. He was young and naive and had no reason to distrust anyone. One day a in the cloak of darkness a THIEF crossed his path and almost killed him. The reports released by the Romans blamed the young man for his down fall and decided to help the THIEF to get away. The pressure coming from those Thiefs was so intense he had to move away just to stay alive.

    Wanting to get away from it all he ask God one day. Lord can you grant me just one wish? God said, you have helped many so I AM going to grant you that one request, son what do you want me to do for you?

    The young man feeling he had some entitlement said; Lord with you nothing is impossible, can you build me a bridge to get out of here I need a break?

    God said Son, I feel you are materialistic in your request is there something else I can do to help you?

    Carefully he answered can you explain to me why certain police forces are hired to do certain jobs but because of their image and sensitive police internal governmental matters they won’t. Not wanting to be recognized as failures in what they are appointed to do or ruin the shine on their boots they tell people they do even after 35 years while favoring killers over their victims?

    God laughed and said; Wish granted, do you want two lanes or four?

  8. Antelope moved cautiously closer to the magnificent Lioness. “Can a creature still be brave if it is afraid?”, he asked. She cocked her muscles and responded, “That is the only time a creature can be brave.”

  9. Hello Shediac Cop,
    I’m going to hold on to this until the right time. You have been active on the blog and don’t like to put too much heat on any single contributor.


    Mike W.

  10. Scottish Soldier permalink

    A picture of a wild animal caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle.

    The poor thing knows not which way to turn. It knows not whether flight or fight would be the most appropriate reaction.

    I am reminded of the falcon “playing” with the hare before it moves in for the kill.


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