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New RCMP Motto: Preservons La Fantasie?

Apr 27

G’day all!! I should explain, before getting into this piece, that I spend those mornings when I am not on the road or with a patient, at a local coffee shop down on the beach overlooking a mostly choppy Straight of Georgia; usually whipped by some chilly winds out of the North West. This is where some aforementioned (a blog or three ago?) loggers and fishermen when out of “the woods” or “off the deck” will hang out and pontificate about current news items around a blazing outdoor fire pit. A topic of some discussion the other morning was the Senator Mike Duffy case; and not as one would expect the general worthlessness of the Senate, or various Senators’ alleged misbehaviour, but your employer’s role in the aforementioned Duffy case. I always give pause to writing something critical of the “outfit” as I know that so many of you still have your identities tied up there. I would like to offer a short opinion piece on the national disgrace that the RCMP represents today, and will ask you to consider that I am not referring to those members who remain well motivated and devoted to the communities they serve (or did serve); but more to the “bureaucrats in uniform” sitting in their National and Divisional HQ’s across the country.

Several hard working individuals who meet at the coffee shop were struck recently by the comments made by one of the aforementioned “carpet cops” in regard to the Duffy investigation. It was the impression of one of these fine “timbermen” that it was A/Comm. Gilles Michaud who said to his NHQ investigators, “Regardless of outcome, I want to take the opportunity to thank those of you who have worked on this very significant file…I encourage you to maintain this high level of performance.” So far so good; a supervisor (of sorts) offers “atta boys” all ’round. Good for morale, no?

Until we discover that Mr. Duffy was acquitted on all 31 criminal charges. Enter Justice Charles Vaillancourt, who reminded my logger friend that, “The political, covert, relentless unfolding of events is mind-boggling and shocking”. He went on, “….the plotting that’s revealed in the emails can only be described as unacceptable.” Along with Justice Vaillancourt one must ask (to focus on only one glaring anomaly) how is it possible to charge only Mr. Duffy with bribery after he accepted (without guidance) a cheque for $90,000 from Nigel Wright (Mr. Harper’s former Chief of Staff). The answer may lay in Mr. Michaud’s comment at a “newser” on 14/07/14 when he announced that 31 charges were to be brought against Mr. Duffy as a “….result of a careful examination of the facts.” Now while Mr. Michaud’s comments could be excused due to his inability to recognize a “fact” if he tripped over it while “padding” about his office; this should not be so for the likes of Cst. D. Drissell, or more recently Cst. Liam MacNeil.

Cst. Drissell it seems, in the investigation (mid-late 1990’s?) of one Jason Dix, is to have demonstrated a certain lack of investigative skills (and character) in his pursuit of the previously mentioned Mr. Dix. This investigation was riddled with poor investigative skills, witness tampering, and prosecutorial misconduct. More recently (July, 2010?) Cst. Liam McNeil compromised the McCann crime scene by failing to secure it. This resulted in him being levied a “5 days without pay” penalty; and the prime suspect launching a 1 million dollar lawsuit against the RCMP, Crown Prosecutors, four dozen RCMP members, and a “gaggle” of jail guards for “wrongful prosecution”. It is worthy to note that another RCMP disciplinary board described Cst. McNeil’s “…initial investigative steps [as] adequate.”

All of this (and more, not referenced here) has been enough to gain the attention of retired RCMP investigator William (Bill) Pitt, now a respected Criminologist. Mr. Pitt has likened his former employer to the “Keystone Cops”. He has gone on record as saying that he is embarrassed by a series of RCMP investigative blunders. (I ask the following?) The egregious lack of skill, and at times moral fibre, shown by some members of the RCMP, surely must have something to do with either its’ unwieldy size and/or its’ lower hiring standards?

To conclude, it is interesting to note the comments of “E” Division’s chief “bureaucrat in uniform”. He has said that he, “….will continue to use all authorities available to [him] as Commanding Officer of the RCMP in British Columbia to hold accountable the few who fail to meet our standards of conduct and behaviour.” So in response to this, “Tiny”, my politically astute logger friend, while stoking the fire, asked “Does this mean the naked sadomasochist guy who was stomping on the woman with his riding boots?”

I want to leave you with something to meditate upon as you think of our once respected national police service:


Dr. Mike Webster
Registered Psychologist

  1. A “carpet cop” spoke to a colleague one evening after a senior “carpet cop” dinner meeting and asked, “Isn’t it undignified to defer to an opinion held by anyone but us senior executives of the Force? I always feel rather humiliated”. A waiter passing by offered, “Apparently not enough!”

  2. I’ve experienced the same at a coffee house in Ontario. People here just discusted and can’t believe the mess the justice system and the RCMP are in when it comes to enforcing the laws of this country and they are saying its just not worth the price we have to pay for this type of political/police system that cater to their own.

    Senator Mike Duffy is not the only one when it comes to the way those cases are handled and the men at the coffee house can’t seem to see any light at the end of the tunnel…

    I liked this add as well. The topic and area of discussion is a common one I can see no matter where you live.

    I told them to start the Common Sense Political Party and do something about it, they laugh… some are in their 90’s and have served our country believing they made a difference.

    I have a friend if you happen to mention the Toronto Maple Leafs he jumps right in with…. those guys can’t even win an argument with a dummy… no offence to dummies but when it comes to our National Police force a dummy would do a better job at 1/2 the price…

  3. Scottish Soldier permalink

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!” (Sir Walter Scott)

  4. “What you have become is the price you paid to get what you want.”

    — Mignon McLaughlin

  5. A Very Concerned Citizen permalink

    Setting the precident:
    The Two-tier Justice System;
    The Senate/CROWN/MP/MLA/RCMP/CBC/Police Debate. Don’t Touch the Upper Class.

    The Conservative Harper/Duffy Political Love Hate Relationship, let’s get back to business.

    Wisdom Says;
    Justice must not only be done but also must be viewed to have been done…

    A Win, Win Policy Shift; Back to persecuting the bottom class, call legal aid and let’s make a plea bargan deal.

  6. Following a Senior (RCMP) Executive lunch Mouse inquired of Brother Rat, “Why do you suppose the ‘head honcho’ over there sits with his back to the wall?” The rotund rodent responded, “It’s all about building trust and respect.”


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