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Taking Responsibility: No More Helplessness!!

Mar 26

A Happy Easter Monday to you all! (I am compelled to remind you I am not your therapist and only mention the following to give you something to think about. I am not suggesting that another approach to trauma recovery is worthless.) I find myself with a few moments to myself and thinking of you. I hope you are accepting of your response to whatever is haunting you, like a judoki never pushes. She knows it will only result in the opponent pushing back. She uses her opponent’s power against him. (Don’t push the river, it flows by itself). In your case this would mean accepting your humanity and understanding that your response is a normal one. You would have to have experienced what you saw, smelled, heard, touched, tasted, many times over to not have a reaction to it! So if you grasp what I am saying about “acceptance”, the next step is “commitment”. Did you hear that…..I think that was your child wondering if you would go out and play? No, I think it was your spouse wondering if you would like to go shopping, visiting, attend church, synagogue, temple, go for a walk, or whatever? Maybe it was your hobby, friends, favourite past time, avocation, getting your motorcycle ready for Summer, or whatever calling? I urge my patients to commit themselves to the call; get some reward going in your life!! If you wish to engage in the normal human desire to perseverate over a traumatic experience that you have little practice with, don’t worry you can always do it when you have some idle time (e.g. on the “throne”). Who knows, this issue might just start to find its’ place in your “makeup”; making you more human. A better parent, person, spouse, police person or human being?

Here’s a little teaching story I thought you might enjoy…….

Orca dropped in on Salmon Roshi and asked, “What can psychology teach me?” Salmon said, “What you already know”. Orca asked, “What do I already know?” Salmon said, “That you will die”. Orca replied, “I try not to think about that”. Salmon said, “That’s OK”. Orca asserted, “But there it is”. Salmon said, “There it is.” Following a period of silence, Orca asked, “Isn’t there a time when we get complete insight into this?” Salmon said, “Day becomes night.” Orca immediately inquired, “But what does that moment teach me?” Salmon Roshi replied, “Light to dark.” Orca responded, “But I already knew that.” Salmon Roshi took a moment then replied, “Like I said.”

Dr. Mike Webster
Reg’d Psychologist

  1. Seagull asked, “Do you think it helps to replay the ugliness I’ve seen?” Eagle Roshi said, “The Salmon run in the Spring.” Seagull said, “I shouldn’t push it?” Eagle responded, “Let it push you.”

  2. I think it was Fall when Sea Hawk came to visit Eagle Roshi. The Hawk asked, “Do you think I could be a teacher?” The Roshi was pensive, “What’s to teach?” Sea Hawk hesitated, “I’m not sure?” “That’s it, you’re a teacher!”, said Eagle Roshi as he rose gracefully into the sky.

  3. Sister Owl asked, “Does ‘The Way’ have its’ own power?” Moose Sensei responded, “It circulates”. Owl asked, “What is its’ path of circulation?” Moose said, “Why don’t you muster up the courage and send the next comment in to the blog!”

  4. Moose Bridge says; Welcome the The National; a place where you get informed weather you like it or not…. 🙂

  5. One Summer evening Osprey glided in and landed on Raven Roshi’s favourite branch, and asked,”I’ve heard that one shouldn’t try to attain anything. What do you say Roshi?” “Hmmm, attain nothing? Then what brings you here?” Osprey said, “I think we all know the way…….. but few of us have the courage to walk it.” Raven said, “An attained being said that!”


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