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Posttraumatic Stress: Males vs. Females

Mar 25

G’day all! I wish you and yours the best of the Easter Season. Stand by one……me again “Bad Boy Bobby”. Just wanted to advise that your favourite “POI” (oooops!!) was on SSI for a couple of days. The boys and girls posted there (for the most part) were conspicuously absent (except for…..gotcha!!). You don’t suppose most were on leave do you? On another topic, I’m beginning to feel sorry for you “Bobbo”. I admit it, mea culpa, I have been too hard on you. I understand that even those close to you are beginning to find you amusing. You need a friend mate, and I’m your boy. I am known far and wide as a sucker for a lost cause. Take me up on my offer for “a big show”, and I’ll make you a star; I guarantee it!! You will go down in the history of the Force as the “most entertaining” Commissioner of them all. Waddya’ say? Whether you ever find the “cajones” to respond to me or not…..I hope you are getting the idea of how to “create heat”. The way you present yourself, you know that sort of “fish out of water” thing, just isn’t going over. If you want the masses behind you, you will need more of a Jack Brisco, Dory Funk Jr. (look them up) kind of a thing. You know…..intelligent, modest, mannerly, personable, respectful, handsome….I know this is a stretch……. but I’m willing to assist.

Enough promoting and down to business (and I promise much shorter business, due to a valued customer’s complaints about length). I figured that you all may need a little something to read during your breaks from the Easter madness around the house. So here it is; are you aware that there is a difference between the sexes related to the risk of a post traumatic response (and its’ chronicity) following exposure to such a stimulus event? There is a body of North American data that suggests 69% of the general public experiences a traumatic event during their lifetime (once again, you can see how common this is; you and what you do are not that special in this regard). This fact leads to a notable percentage of victims going on to report a post incident response. North American co-morbidity studies have reported an 11.3% lifetime prevalence rate among females and only a 6% prevalence rate among males. Females were found to be over represented in chronic cases with 22% whereas only 6% of males reported the same. This finding raises the question as to why females seem to be at a higher risk for a traumatic response and over represent chronic cases?

One of the obvious explanations for this gender difference is that men and women routinely experience different types of traumatic events. The trauma experienced by women seems to be different in that it is more interpersonal in nature e.g. sexual assaults, molestation, child abuse, and intimate partner violence. Men on the other hand are more likely to face large disasters, combat, physical assaults, accidents, and fires; more often involving strangers. An accumulation of research data suggests that interpersonal trauma typically increases the risk for a chronic post traumatic response; in comparison to traumatic events that involve phenomena and/or impersonal others. Moreover, the types of interpersonal trauma reported by females are more likely to begin earlier in life and have the potential to be repeated during their development.

There is another interesting body of research that suggests those who are sexually abused prior to the onset of adolescence (recall that these are females) are at a greater risk for victimization during adolescence/adulthood; particularly sexual assault or intimate partner violence. Moreover, there is strong evidence to support that early victimization (females again) increases the risk for a chronic post traumatic response.

Finally, it has been suggested that to strengthen these findings future research designs could be more prospective or longitudinal in nature and use methodologies that over sample males. It could be that factors more endorsed by males (e.g. risk-taking, substance use/abuse) may increase adult victimization rates in this population.

So there you go “m’lady”, how’d I do? Something to read over Easter (when the little man is down for the night). Once again I wish you a happy holiday and would love to hear from you (all of you). Here’s a little something to cogitate upon…….

Dr. Mike Webster
Reg’d Psychologist

At one meeting Sister Porcupine asked, “What did Dr. Webster have in mind when he took up his role as a police psychologist?”
“To make everyone ask questions”, said Raven Roshi.
Sister Porcupine became frustrated and said, “Don’t patronize me….why did he become a police psychologist?”
Raven Roshi bobbed up and down gleefully, “Most excellent Sister!!”
Sister Porcupine stamped her paws, “That’s not a proper answer!”
Brother Raven smiled, “Maybe he didn’t have answers in mind.”


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  1. Brother Cougar came across Sister Deer moping around the forest one day and asked, “What’s happening Sister?” She answered, “I’m so bummed out”. “What makes you so unhappy?”, asked Cougar. Sister Deer paused and said, “I’m not sure. I ask for so little”. “Far too much”, asserted the magnificent cat.

    –Brother Raven

  2. At a meeting one night Woodpecker asked, “What is The Way?” Grizzly Roshi replied, “I have to poop”. “But we all do at sometime”, responded Woodpecker. Grizzly nodded in agreement. Woodpecker then asked, “So The Way is really nothing special?” “I’ll always remember this gathering under the full moon”, said Grizzly Roshi. Woodpecker said, “That’s nice, but how is it special?” Grizzly Roshi thoughtfully said, “The moon”.

  3. Following his near death experience, Black Bear asked, “Am I on the right path in my life?” Raven Roshi answered, “Of course, and so is Goose”. “Goose??”, responded Black Bear. “She seems really out there”. Raven Roshi paused for a moment, “Her path”, he concluded.


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