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Victims of Government Abuse?

Jan 08

G’day all!! Sorry to have neglected you for so long. I’ve been away on the Lower Mainland celebrating another few days above ground. I’m not much on the notion of new years as they seem to be man made. For example did you know that in North Korea it’s only the year 300 (and change) all based upon the birth of the first Kim Jong….? And where are we, and based upon the birth of whom? On another topic, your foreign counterparts have continued to be busy with me behind the scenes. Their major concern seems to be where you are hiding? They are puzzled as to why you aren’t more vocal; considering you can maintain your anonymity on Resergeance?

With regard to the title of this piece, I thought I would put one more shot across the bow of your employer before I break the tedium with something different. I offer this piece upon hearing that a group of psychologists and their patients are being “hassled” in one of the busiest detachment areas in British Columbia. What’s that? Who’s doing the “hassling” you ask? Who else, but RCMP Health Services? That’s right, your own employer sticking its’ nose in your health care once again. I can’t resist mentioning that with your own union (i.e. MPPAC) you would be like every other police service in the country; your health care would be outside the meddling of your employer and in the hands of objective health care providers!

It seems that more folks are beginning to realize that in a multiplicity of ways we are best viewed as inhabitants of a “global community”. This is based upon social (and professional) systems in which those who control the resources (and the recognition) can be viewed as perpetrators of large scale legal and governmental abuse that serves to perpetuate the advantage of the elites. Moreover, what many do not realize is that in addition to wars, pollutants, epidemics, and rampant poverty, the social (including employment) systems imposed upon us by those in power can produce emotional (and physical) illness.

These systems are known to influence the development of depression, substance abuse, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, obesity, heart, kidney, liver, skin and stomach problems in billions around the world.

The psycho-physical processes are actually quite simple. Take for instance your highly regulated organization (the RCMP), and use it as an example for the above noted “global community”; the stress of working in (or for) it with its’ predatory employee codes (or guidelines) can contribute to a population that reflects the mental conditions of traumatized, assaulted, wounded, exploited, and bullied people. In addition, when you consider that it is not a stretch to think that the greater “global community” is tracked and observed through computerized video cameras; and is increasingly being observed and monitored constantly the day may be coming when we are caught in a dehumanization process that will divorce us from our individual natures and reduce us to simple cog wheels in a variety of companies, organizations and their individual factories and offices.

Considering your own employer, it seems you can become victimized from being involved in a long, protracted, and ugly lawsuit. Think of the number of members (and non-members, associated with the Force) you know that are involved in such legal action.

Recall the number of marriages that were destroyed by the stress of dealing with the abuses of government (the RCMP?),and/or the legal system; in addition to relationships with work-mates, relatives, children, or just the ability to enjoy daily life itself.

Your potential to enjoy happy, productive, and meaningful lives is complicated by a malignant and parasitic glut of lawyers, judges, and other government officials who in their own way serve as purveyors the “global community”. Unfortunately, too few of us are aware that this oppressive victimization can become a psychological problem that can affect your mind and your behaviour.

Once the “parasites” rob us of our mental balance, and our dignity, we need a healing process. By now you should know that I believe the “therapy of choice” for emotional disturbance caused by government abuse is radical and militant activism directed against its’ source. (Oooops!! Back in your chairs monitoring minions!!). And by “radical activism” I refer to picketing, sit-ins, demonstrations, aggressive public communication, and anything that can be expected to transform society, produce change and put the other side on the defensive. To suffer in silence, afraid to speak, to let unfairness stand without seeking redress and accountability, to avoid the demand for justice suggests you have become part of the problem.

To tell yourself that you are unable to begin the reclamation of your dignity or to demand justice for whatever reason, you have essentially betrayed yourself and accepted being a victim. It is decisions like these that are not conducive to emotional health and can contribute to physiological symptoms. Spending hours and dollars in long term psychotherapy will likely never be as successful or therapeutic as expressing yourself at a meeting or on a blog, a march, or the organizing of a picket line. In most cases anti-depressant medication does little more than mask the source of an adjustment problem.

I am aware that the point of attack can become confusing for the oppressed RCMP member who is in conflict with his/her employer and in the process of alienating family, children, work-mates, and friends. All the talk of “government functionaries”, “power elites”, “the system” , behind the scenes “string pullers” is not helpful to the average police person who is suffering on a daily basis. In your case, the focus of your attention needs to be on those who sit at the head of your organization and the government that runs it! These are your adversaries, and as you are well aware they have broken the law and perjured themselves to escape being held accountable by you and the public you serve.

For you to ignore the foregoing is to not only miss one of the most meaningful of human endeavours but to be a major contributor to your own reactive illness. To those of you who want to have a hand in your own recovery and the healing of the RCMP, throw your self behind labour representation. Riddle me this! Why should the RCMP be the only police service in the country without a union? And do you suppose we could correlate the fact that it has slipped from being one of the top five police services in the country to one of the top sixty (odd), to the fact that it doesn’t have labour representation?

I believe that for you to harness the potential that exists within the group is of immense value. You may not be aware that there is a branch of psychology (i.e. community psychology) that assists patients to heal their psychological wounds by becoming active in their own care (and healing). You, your organization, and the public it serves, cannot wait for those at the top to rid the RCMP of the “rot” that plagues it! It is time for you, to return the RCMP to its’ former place of excellence through throwing yourself behind the Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada. Please manage your own expectations.


Dr. Mike Webster
Reg’d Psychologist

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