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Dec 13

G’day all!! I have returned (only briefly however)from my overseas sojourn. I will advise that my ferry ride back to Vancouver Island from the Mainland was one of the roughest I have encountered in many years of living on Vancouver Island; and working on the mainland of British Columbia. The ferry (in your mind’s eye picture a ship as big as many ocean liners)was listing so badly that sea water was leaking in the door jams five decks above the waterline! I send “kudos” to the BC Ferries crews who have been ferrying us British Columbians across the Straight of Georgia, in such storms for most of the month of December.

Most importantly it was while riding the “Queen of Coquitlam” home through this last storm that I came up with the idea for your Christmas gift. I saw “him” out there in the dark grey waters and was moved to write an introduction to “him” as your present. I am sending this gift to all of you who faithfully read this blog, including your brothers and sisters around the world (even those of different faiths, who don’t celebrate Christmas). As you may have gathered I am proud of being born on and living on Vancouver Island. Over the years (some 70 + now, I have been exposed to many First Nations communities; their histories, heritage, and spirituality. I have even had the honour of facing some in conflict situations. For what is about to follow you can thank the Nootka People of Ahousat British Columbia.

(If you have children, I’m sure they would enjoy this gift as well…..and they may even learn something?). If you live near water whether ocean, lake, river, or stream, I want you to read this and then go there to the water. I want you to look at the water with new eyes. I want you to look at the trees, maybe they are without bark and bleached white, torn from the ground, gnarled and wind warped; maybe their branches are bare of any leaves, like dead rigid fingers pointing to the sky. This is the work of Sisiutl.

Sisiutil is a sea monster (calm the children….it’s only beginning to get good!!)who prowls the waters of the Straight of Georgia where I live. He is a horrific beast with two heads
; one at either end of a snake-like body. His heads are placed this way so he can see both where he is going and where he has been. He is grotesquely huge; when he is close by the tides rise to their highest for no apparent reason, and when he rises out of the sea to breathe, the fog rolls in. When he turns, the water boils, boats are tossed about like insignificant pieces of driftwood, and people who fall overboard are never to be seen again. (I know he was beneath me yesterday. He came to resurrect my ghosts!!).

Those of you who live inland and think this tale doesn’t apply to you, better think again! Sisiutl is a water creature and can live where ever there is water; this means creeks, ditches, streams, and even in the dew on the grass, and the melting Spring snow. He falls with the rain and snow; and of course can even ride his own breath. (Are the kids still listening? If so, someone should hold them close).

The bare, bold fact is that he is magic!! He is nothing more and nothing less than the biggest most frightening snake-fish that ever lived; and he can live wherever moisture can be found. His eyes burn icy-hot and out of his mouth spews horror. The Nootka people have told me that he lives off the fear carried in the hearts of the “living dead”. (I saw an abundance of this yesterday in some of the passengers aboard the Queen of Coquitlam). He can smell your fear and this makes him even hungrier. He can chase those who fear him anywhere there is water; and as we are largely water he is rarely without a drink. Some wise elders say that our prisons are full of those who have been visited by Sisiutl. These unfortunate people are able to walk, talk, eat, and sleep; but they don’t know how to live with the rest of us as Sisiutl has taken their souls.

What to do, you ask, if confronted by Sisiutl? There is only one way to meet him. You must stare him down!! First you find something that you can believe in, something you know in your heart will never let you down. And now when Sisiutl comes after you, you can hold tight to it, and stare him right in his eyes. Because if you don’t, if you turn tail and run, he’ll start blowing with both of his mouths (remember, one at each end?)and you’ll start spinning like a top until your soul shoots through the top of your head!!!! You’ll spin away from your body and the rest of us will hear you screaming like the wind I heard on the ferry last night.

Those huge driftwood trees you see on the beach with their bark torn off and those monolithic weather-worn rocks (actually the tops of mountains!)are laying there only because they were too heavy to fly away. If you encounter the beast face to face you better have some powerful words you can use to protect yourself. (I do, but I can’t share them with you or they’ll lose their power). If you are knowledgeable enough to know any “spirit songs”……now would be a good time to sing one. If you have a charm, an amulet, or a precious memento pull it out and hang on to it!! More than anything STAND YOUR GROUND, and stare right back at him!!!!!!

I’ll tell you right now he’s going to try to get close to you….to get into your soul. He’ll be so close you’ll be able to smell the stink emanating from both of his mouths. Moreover, he is going to try to “pin” you with all four of his eyes. He’ll slowly but surely move closer and ever closer to your mouth so he can suck out your breath in hopes of it carrying your soul. But to do so he has to turn both his heads toward you. And when he does, each of his heads sees the other. Front sees rear, and rear sees front.

Do you recall hearing something like this……”Whoever sees the other half of self, sees Truth”? And that boys and girls is all old Sisiutl ever wanted! He really doesn’t want our souls. He only takes them because he believes that somewhere in them he’ll find the “Truth”. So all you need to do is hang in there until he gets “a peek” at the other half of himself; that is, the “Truth”.

After this scary episode, he’ll bless you with his magic and your Truth will be yours forever. Don’t be surprised if he comes back though (some say to test your Truth)and manifests himself in just as frightening a visage as he initially did. But this time he won’t hurt you, as he has blessed you with his magic. All your same pain and scary stuff will still be there; all your memories may return, but because this time you just stand and stare back at him, he’ll see his own face, appreciate your courage, turn his tails (faces?)and he’ll go.

The Sisiutl’s gift to you (whether Christmas or not) is to teach you that all the strength and truth you’ll ever need resides right behind your own two eyes. Please make for yourself a Peaceful Holiday Season. (P.S. I’m off again and will see you in the New Year. Keep the cards and letters coming in (for Sisiutl’s sake, they can’t eat you……it’s against the law!!!!). I shall post them when I return. Oh yes, I almost forgot…….this piece is dedicated to “The Shpoop”.

“Whoever sees the other half of self sees the Truth”

Dr. Mike Webster
Reg’d Psych.


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  1. I love learning about my inner self while being entertained. Education coupled with entertainment allows me to visualize the story and to envision what part I play in the tale. I make small changes each week in my perspective and a of of them are due to your musings and stories that are actually therapy sessions disguised as tall tales. I wonder if you have ever thought of doing video “lessons” where you tell these stories on camera with some willing participants and then have them reflect back to you what they have found within the message. Not actors but genuine souls whose paths you are guiding.Maybe some folks will mock your stories or ask for clear cut messages, but I like to be educated whilst I am being healed. Thanks and have a great safe Christmas.

    • Thank you “djmotorcop”, you are very kind. With regard to the “video lessons”, please remember I have nothing to teach you and you have nothing to learn from me. It’s all right behind your eyes…..just listen. Besides, I’m too shy. I don’t have a “Dr. Phil” to channel. Peace to you and yours my friend,

      Mike W.

  2. I’ll keep it simple;
    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and to those who believe GBY!

    Needed: A Blue Reformation

  3. What is going on in New Brunswick?

    220 retired N.B. RCMP officers suffering from PTSD, collecting benefits

    2 Bathurst police charged in Michel Vienneau death

    N.B. RCMP Officers Suspended Over Discreditable Conduct Allegations

    Suspension of N.B. RCMP officers raises law enforcement concerns

    Saint John police chief complaint about Glen McCloskey probed

    Someone needs help down there

  4. Got a new newspaper article out today.
    It’s in French if you have french readers

    L’Acadie Nouvelle is a New Brunswick Provincial Newspaper

    • Translation:
      Attack against a Shediac Police Officer Clarence Bourque request help from Justin Trudeau
      By GILLES DUVAL Wednesday, December 16, 2015

      More than three decades later, the attempted murder suffered by Clarence Bourque, a police officer on duty in Shediac, remains unresolved and largely forgotten. For the first time he is relying on the Prime Minister of that country to shed light on this case.

      Clarence Bourque now lives in Ontario. On June 2, 1981, the municipal police officer in the Town of Shediac, NB was shot five times when he intercepted an individual near the high school at 1:30 a.m.. More than 34 years later, the mystery still hangs over this case and the wrongdoer is still running.

      “At the beginning of November, I sent my file with many archive documents to Justin Trudeau’s attention. I’ll wait to see what will happen. It is the last person the highest court in the country that can do something for me, “told the former policeman.

      Repeatedly, he called for a public inquiry on this issue in New Brunswick. The case was reviewed by the RCMP without cause and no end.

      It goes without saying that the incident has left physical and psychological consequences. Clarence Bourque believes that those police forces have deliberately botched the investigation and withheld evidence. Over the years, he still managed to get documentation on his case.

      “I never understood why they wanted to eliminate me. I feel like they never did anything because I was involved in the file. I am convinced that I was the victim of a frame-up, “added the man now 60 years old.

      He has his own idea of who could have been his attacker.
      “Everyone in Shediac knows what I’m talking about,” he began.

      In recent days, incidents involving police officers made headlines in New Brunswick. He recalled that this is not yesterday that the authorities are involved in a scam/cover up.

      According to him, the fact he is asking Prime Minister Trudeau is his last chance.
      “There is no one who takes care of my case. My record is sleeping on the shelf. ”

      “I am told that this is probably the only case involving a police officer who was never resolved in Canada. I suffered from the aggression all my life. I want my reputation to be restored, “he says he lost his job two years later because of this case.

      Perplexed with the original investigation

      Clarence Bourque remains puzzled by many aspects of this incident and the original investigation.

      He argues that the individual who shot him called him by name. The assailant fled with his patrol car was found the next day submerged at Cap Bimet.

      According to him, a person witnessed the crime, but police authorities of the time have removed him from the file.

      The report of the original investigation reported he was shot with his own weapon. He doubts this conclusion, since a gun, other than his own, was found in the police car.

      According to him, no analysis was made on the weapon and this exhibit, after having been hidden somewhere, was destroyed. It is of the opinion that the investigation was botched to protect the perpetrator of the crime.ranslation:


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