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For The Troops: On the Eve Of The Mounted Police Professional Association’s AGM

Nov 03

I wish you Mr. President the greatest success in the upcoming election (05/11/15), and if elected, in the tasks entrusted to you by the members of MPPAC.  I write this piece to state my position (as member #969) on the most important points of controversy; and I will do so with a full sense of responsibility that the use of this blog implies, while at the same time fulfilling the unavoidable duty of speaking frankly and clearly.

The leadership of MPPAC must shake itself loose of the desire to satisfy both labour and management and move forward.  I would like to see MPPAC’s leadership courageously begin its’ work and not stop at the first sign of conflict or confrontation.  The RCMP Senior Management (and perhaps its’ puppet masters in government) would dearly love to turn your organization into an impotent organ unable to solve the serious problems that prevent it from it from its’ potential greatness.  This must be prevented from happening.  This AGM should not be remembered only by its’ date.

As member #969 and no longer depending on the Force for my paycheck, I have the freedom to speak as I do.  I have always viewed myself (thanks to my late father, Lt. Cmdr. “Charlie” Webster RCN Ret’d.) as a pillar of workers’ rights.  I have the freedom to fight for the rights of RCMP members, “24/7”.  Our National Police Service should reflect  the epitome of the members’ working conditions.  Sadly, and even more so embarrassingly, it missed the chance to set the standard.  It will be through the actions of the general membership (i.e. YOUR ACTIONS!!!!!) that you will show the Canadian Public that your heart is in the right place; and that your deepest concerns are for them.  For it will be through obtaining the same rights as other police services across this country that you will be able to serve them better.

Of course their are personal and organizational issues that must be acknowledged, as MPPAC becomes slowly but surely stronger everyday.  And at the same time we must recognize that there are more aggressive methods of struggle.  The “union movement” (that’s right you heard me, it’s a union no matter how you cut it, with the right, but not the desire to strike!!) within the RCMP must maintain internal unity, faith in its’ destiny, and the irrevocable decision to fight “tooth and nail” to obtain and protect the rights of each and every member (even the “slugs” you think are undeserving!!).

It is my opinion based upon personal experience, that MPPAC will not secure a place at the table without “bloodshed”.  Someone (or someones) will pay for their righteous agitation.  IT IS INEVITABLE!!!  Are you the one who is willing to make the sacrifice?  Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?  If your obligations and/or aspirations prevent you from putting others ahead of yourself…….your brothers and sisters will understand.  All that is asked of you is that you stand aside and let another with less to lose, more modest ambitions or greater empathy, lead the way.

“First; to cooperate: last; to conflict”

Dr. Mike Webster

Reg’d Psych           (#0655)

P.S. I am leaving to attend the AGM. Keep the cards and letters coming in, I’ll attend to them when I return. If you live in the LMD and can attend, please say hello. I’ll be sure to let you buy me a drink.


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  1. janslakov permalink

    I am a member of the public who is concerned about policing in many places, not just the RCMP. With respect to the RCMP, I am particularly concerned that it seems to be used, in some cases, by those in power, as their police force – so is not always upholding the law with fairness. It seems clear to me that one benefit of your union would be to ensure that members who express concerns would not be punished for doing so. Another benefit would be to make sure that members would feel as safe as possible when asked to intervene, with good training and a decent level of support.

    I will be interested to learn more about the outcome of your AGM.

    Best wishes and thank you to those who are willing to take risks on behalf of the common good.

    Jan Slakov (on Salt Spring Island)

  2. Aught Buck permalink

    Thanks Jan. It really helps to know the public is behind us.

  3. janslakov permalink

    CBC radio has given decent coverage of the case of 4 (I think) women RCMP officers who have harassment complaints and have written to J. Trudeau about their concerns and the new minister, Ralph Goodale, has said it’s important that people feel safe and that the police show exemplary behaviour. I wonder if the MPPAC has anything to say about this situation? Best wishes, Jan S.


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