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“Straight Forward No Nonsense Advice”

Sep 05

I am writing this brief post in response to a comment from one of our readers.  The suggestion was made that, “Members need straight forward no nonsense advice, to deal with the issues…..” not the “tigress babble” I posted in my last two offerings.


Firstly, I would like to thank the member (?) for the comment.  As I get few to no submissions from readers, I’m likely “running on empty” and producing what some would define as drivel.


Secondly, I would like to extend an invitation to the member (?) to submit, for publication, a piece based upon “straight forward no nonsense advice”.  If it would assist the down trodden members of the RCMP, as the writer suggests, I would be happy to publish it.


Thirdly, I’m likely wrong but I figure by this stage of the game those members who have been abused by their employer and can’t seem to “deal with” it, have heard just about every piece of “straight forward no nonsense advice” that has ever been offered; and all to no avail.


Fourthly, as I respect you and your advice I’ll give it a try…….anything to help.  OK, here we go……GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR FUCKIN’ ASSES AND BACK INTO YOUR LIVES.  How’s that workin’ for ya’?


Dr. Mike Webster

Reg’d Psych.   (#0655)






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  1. Anonymous permalink

    WOW … good one! I suffered from bullying, harassment, and abuse from the RCMP Regular member in my workplace. It’s been nearly two years since I have not worked, I am retired in a few months. I fought back, and a victory or sorts. Now I have noticed that many of the RCMP Regular members, go on and on on how hard done by they are, and how they were treated. TRUE! But I also see a culture of “me” in there as well. Everyone is so wrapped up in what’s in it for me, greed, all the pensions, Great West LIfe stuff, what do you owe me because I was abused so much. TRUE you need some compensation, but for many of us who don’t have access to a Lawyer, or other such luxuries. It smacks us all in the face, when we see this. I have crawled up from the deep hole I was in, I manage my life, and don’t let this (abuse) hinder me anymore. I refuse to to let Commissioner Paulson run and ruin my life. I have a life, I have responsibilities, I have to move on, and am. Also for those who think someone owes you something, because you have been slighted, yes they do, but you have to put your self worth on the line as well. Prove to them who you are, and you will succeed. You have the ability to move on, you have the ability to re-create a new person, and you have the ability to move forward. Those of you who can’t should take a good look at yourself, compare it too what some Syrians are doing, they are moving forward to make their lives better. “Woe is me” doesn’t work, you were trained to be the person you are, start acting like it. Like the wise man says … GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR FUCKIN’ ASSES AND BACK INTO YOUR LIVES. It has worked for me.

  2. the kraaaken permalink

    Well said anon, and good on you. I note my original comments has disappeared but I assume you read it. However, Dr. Webster was kind enough to acknowledge my comment and asked for something to publish for the benefit of other members (yes I am a member).

    Note I do not have any degrees or letters behind my name but I do maintain I am observant and learn from everyone, something, even if its what not to do in life or the Force. It would take as long as I have in service to impart all the advice I have taken, observed and used over the years.

    However, there are some simple concepts that arise. Today I will name one. Knowledge. What is it that the Force loves so dearly? Policy. A wise member once told me that you have to know the “battlefield”, (OK he was an ERT member) before you engage the enemy. What is the Forces greatest weapon? Policy. You have to know policy inside and out, chapter and verse. As any member knows there is a ton of policy, and a ton of pronouncements like the MVV and training course direction. Know it, revel in it, use it. (I love the Commissioners statements, they are gold for future use). We are subject to the CLC now. Its a gold mine for you.

    Small example. Assessments. Your poor supervisor gives you a bad one. Most people respond by arguing the merits. Don’t. Go to policy, there is lots on these. Dissect the assessment technically according to what policy the assessor is obliged (by policy) to follow. I have yet to see one in all my years that completely followed every letter of policy. Proscribe a list of policy failures, followed by examples for each one. Cross reference training direction and pronouncements like the MVV, or statements from management on issues that can be related.

    End of lesson 1.

    • corbettstu permalink

      Oh great, it’s “The Kraken!” Who after stating “I’m worried about (Webster)” and “what do you call (Webster’s) obsessive preoccupation with Paulson?” Then went on to say the statement was “babble” and “members need straight-forward, no nonsense advice.”
      And what does the Kraken give us? (After bragging how wise and experienced he is) Tells us to “learn policy.” Wouldn’t it be just as effective to have a Div Rep (who’s job is to know policy) work for us? Will that fix the problems, Kraken? Who’s that worked out for the members?
      Thanks for “lesson 1” Kraken.
      What’s “Lessen 2?”-How to make the most out of VOT?
      Now I’m starting to suspect you’re not a Whiteshirt. You’re even lower- a Div Rep. At least Whiteshirts are the obvious problem.

    • corbettstu permalink

      I forgot to mention, as you can see, my name is Stu Corbett ex-51709. Furthermore, I’m the guy who wrote “Twas the Night Before Christmas”-Mountie Version. Some of the readers know who I am and others in K Div. have heard of me (everything from the truth to just plain nonsense) I’d say the Whiteshirts that keep track of Re-Sergeance were feverishly me right now and looking to “get back”. But thanks to FOIP, I found out that my Xmas posting made them “scrutinize” me then. So at this point, fuck it. I should also say, despite not being in the force, I’m still looking at making the wrongs they did; right. I’m even looking to possibly re-engage. If they thought I was athorn in their side then, wait till they get a load of me now.
      Anyway,when I post my statement on what I think people need to do, I’ll sign my name. Seen as you’re now in the business of giving direction/advice/input. You need to stop putting it in the response section. Please Publish “Lesson 1” as an actual statement. Again, we’re all looking forward to future “lessons.”
      Stu Corbett ex-51709
      Hi Bobby! On behalf of the members,Love the wedding pics!!!

    • Bob permalink

      In my service I never observed policy as an enabler. I have watched as managers have turned the “policy” approach back on members and made their lives “hell.” Cautious consideration must be exercised in any approach such as this as to satisfactory outcomes against gains. Common sense approaches do not necessarily fair well in the current RCMP as advances are based more on political approach, political capital and “working the edges”.

      Given the dysfunction in the RCMP you may think you are fighting and winning small battles but RCMP managers approach it more as a war of attrition.

      P.S. Calling this a Lesson is at best presumptuous and perhaps a more humble approach may be helpful.

  3. I am so glad to be away from the RCMP having secured my discharge and pension and other benefits in compensation to the many physical and psychological injuries I received during my 35 years of service. I do not blame the RCMP for my double spinal fusion, my reconstructed poor old knee, my two broken hands nor my PTSD or my anxiety disorder. These were earned in the line of duty, they are battle scars and I am financially compensated for the aggravation they cause in my day to day life. The only thing I “blame” the RCMP for is their fostering of a culture, a culture that turns human beings into self centered goal oriented ladder climbers. I used to delight in reading reports, after an incident, and not being able to find one reference or mention of the other members who assisted in the arrest or investigation. It is a very well thought out process of training and cultural indoctrination, perfected and handed down from commish to commish to make the member feel, upon graduation, that he or she is an invincible army of one. They foster an environment where secrecy and getting one over on the other guy is the path to promotion, they keep the ongoing battle between,members, for transfer to a section or promotion, a turbulent battlefield and they keep the members divided. I can only hope that the MPPAC will succeed and become the association and that they will negotiate working conditions that put safety and integrity first, where hard work not brown nosing is recognized and where every member has a voice. So, GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR FUCKIN’ ASSES AND BACK INTO YOUR LIVES. Take control of your destiny and have a voice and support the MPPAC. Oh and in closing I quite enjoy the good Doctor’s parables and story telling, it is a lot more thought provoking than anything that ever came out of a white shirts mouth. part of the healing process is to be able to learn how to think again as an individual and a human being and not just a damn reg number.

  4. thekraaken permalink

    Another concept that I have found helpful and have observed its power: Documentation. There is enough paper and forms to choke an industrial shredder produced by members every day. We do not like it, its time consuming, time wasting in some areas, and the bane of police work especially these days. Therefore it is not uncommon for members to try and minimize it.

    There is one area where there is no compromise. Ourselves. Poor supervisors give poor direction, do not know policy in depth, and have a number of subordinates to “direct”. Their documentation is usually sub par. When given “direction” note it in your notebook, on PRIME, and sometimes in PI submissions. One of the trends by defense now is to go up the “decision tree” to see who decided what and why. (It also gets members to reveal procedures that are investigative in nature and can be protected from disclosure.) You want your supervisors name front and center for calling the shots.

    Depending on the “direction”, your poor supervisor could end up in court, in an internal, or on the carpet for that stupid direction he gave you. “Advised by”, “directed by”, “consulted with and told to”, “ordered to”, “given permission to”, are all powerful in your hands on paper when the crap hits the fan. It also comes in handy when they deny telling you A, B, or C. (To say nothing of demeaning or derogatory remarks.) Who has not heard, “I told you before to ….” or perhaps, “You have been told several times to…” Trained investigators build a case one fact at a time. Apply your investigative prowess.

    It all goes into the notebook, which cannot be changed like a report. When internals reviews a situation, what is the first thing they look for? Documentation. It will save you or lack of it will harm you. Poor supervisors are too stupid to realize they are an easy target.

    One last thing. Every decision by a federal body is reviewable in Federal Court. Bad assessment, punitive transfer, etc., Its all reviewable after your grievance if you are not satisfied. What is it that the court looks at? Principals of fundamental justice, and the big one, procedural fairness. And what do they look at? The documentation submitted. Which means the Force has to justify it followed its own policy to the letter and the result was fundamentally fair. In all the instances I have seen taken to Federal Court by members, the Force settled out before a judgement so they don’t have to live with the case law and publicity (because decisions are public and settlements can be private).

    End of lesson 2

    • corbettstu permalink

      Oh Kraaken,
      You’re the gift that keeps on giving. First, you blew us away with Lesson One’s “know policy.” Now, you give us “write stuff down.” Usually sequels aren’t as good as the original. But you’ve hooked us! I’m dying to respond to what you’ve gifted us with but clearly, there’s more lessons coming! All the readers are abuzz. What’s next?? The third book is always the toughest.
      I don’t have the years of wisdom you have. To quote you and how you describe yourself :

      “I am observant and learn from everyone, something, even if its what not to do in life or the Force. It would take as long as I have in service to impart all the advice I have taken, observed and used over the years.”

      I can’t speak for everyone here, but I think it’s your modesty that really engages us.

      Anyway, back to Lesson Three. What can we expect? Time and time again, we hear from members and ex-members about being broken down from a police force that (to the the dullards like myself) seems to have lost any perspective of why it exists and has become so warped and dysfunctional that only the most self-deluded can tolerate it anymore. Apparently, some weaklings are even quitting, jumping-ship, calling in sick or (this is the most embarrassing) suiciding. How dare they? There’s even people who find Div Rep’s and the system of redress as useless and part of the problem. Clearly, those members don’t utilize your knowledge of knowing policy and keeping notes.

      But I digress. Please post all your Lessons as a genuine statement and not as a footnote-reply. We understand how humble you are but you can’t deprive people like us from your insight.
      It’s the kinda no nonsense stuff we’ve all been craving. Also, I guess it must be how provocative/ radical your input is that makes you use a pseudonym. But if you could please tease us with your general work history, it would make your advice and direction so much more compelling. But not too much. How’s about an actual true story of a time that you saw a member use your teachings and have a positive outcome?

      Again, Please please submit as an actual statement. You’ve remained in the shadows with petty replies for far too long Kraaken. Bring on Lesson 3!

      P.S. “Kraaken is actually spelled “Kraken.” Then again, what do I know?

      Stu Corbett

  5. thekraaken permalink

    My apologies Mr. Corbett for my tongue in cheek use of the word lesson. It was not my intention for a person to take it literally as personal lessons to be adhered to. As I mentioned, there are some concepts that I observed in my service that stood me and my colleagues in good stead, and I wanted to share them. I am sorry you do not find them cogent or germane. Dr Webster asked for input and I replied.

    I do not have the permission of the members I know who have “done battle” with the system or some of the miscreants within it, to pass on their personal stories. If you do not believe that the concepts worked for us, there is nothing I could offer that you would believe. I do not profess that they work for everyone or that everyone should follow them.

    The third “concept” I have noticed is movement. Suffice to say that if you do not like your surroundings, type of work, colleagues, supervisors, or even organization, its time to move. I know of many members over the years that have moved about until they found their niche. Some to any number of areas and duties, some to the Calgary Police Service, some to Vancouver Police Service, and some to Toronto Metro. Some even to the reaches of the North (far to cold for me). Spending time where you are not happy or productive is soul destroying. The happiest I have been and noticed others have been is when the chase is on for the bad guy(s). Whether its a dog handler or a doper, the thrill of the chase and the landing of the fish is the reward. Consider bad management or supervisor just another wrinkle or challenge to overcome in the chase. (Policy is good for that too.)

    I would submit that “documentation” worked for djmotorcop in that he is getting his entitlements. I have seen a number of “old dogs” who had major crashes or incidents years ago, and never kept any of the paperwork, having to fight with Veterans Affairs for some compensation. Although, their foray into Federal Court stood them well as the Force could not produce anything to the contrary in their case and they won. At least now incidents have to be ‘documented’ formally all the time.

    And as for your PS, I am aware of the proper spelling is Kraken, however, that particular spelling for my email was already taken. I am not going to comment on any of the rest of your condescension.

  6. Aught Buck permalink

    I always like DJMotorcops contributions, he’s as solid as a rock.

    Is there some point Stu to always ‘hacking the kraaken’? Yes, he’s arrogant and his essays are pedantic but he is giving us tools you can use against the abusers, psychopaths, incompetents and fucktard whiteshirts.

    He is right about policy. I was under fabricated charges for the usual stuff; being competent and telling the truth when it was inconvenient to management. Policy got me off the hook.

    We’ll all be better off if we remember who the real enemy is. Turning our energies against each other just serves the man.

    I’ve run a guy off this site too, but he was antagonizing sick members, not giving us tools we can use.


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