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Neil Ogurian: R.I.P. “Oggie”

May 04

Please take a few moments to rest your thoughts on Neil and scores of others who were unable to cope with the toxic work environment that is the RCMP.  You can refresh your memory by watching Natalie Clancy’s piece on CBC News 04/05/15.

Dr. Mike Webster

Reg’d Psych



From → RCMP Suicide

  1. It’s tragic when anyone dies especially when there’s another way out.
    The tragedy is when all hope is lost, no one cares & there does’t seem to be anyway out but a permanent solution. Been there more times than once & it’s hard to see the light from the darkness when your only friend is a 306 and he’s looking at you and saying do it.

    Like I said before there should be a time out from active duty before the only way out becomes a permanent one and the burden should be carried by all not just a few.

    • Anonymous permalink

      And there should be better LEADERSHIP so members aren’t driven to snuff out their precious lives…Leaders that have ethics and morals. Leaders who lead by example instead of “Do as I say, not as I do.” The last time I checked the bible, not even God himself felt he had this kind of entitlement. However I do feel antics such as those used by these ego – stuffed RCMP leaders today came from the depths of a more hotter hell. Purely evil.
      To not care for your mankind with respect, understanding and honesty is evil.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I too have been LIED to by upper management about something so serious it caused me to be sick. How can I work for an organization that treats it’s employees this way? The only ones who survive that circus are the ones making it unliveable. Normal folks cannot thrive in such a toxic environment. So if they want their psychologist to study one of us for their so-called ‘suicide prevention’ while we’re still alive I can give them the answers they seek to this greatest of all mysteries. Don’t bother looking for answers once I’m dead cuz I won’t be able to tell you how wrong you are in your findings. Plus I will be turning in my grave knowing the excuses you used to make me look like it was all my fault. I bet you don’t want to talk to me about it now, do you? Because you don’t want to know the TRUTH. Best for you to wait til my lips are sealed in death.

  2. A magician uses sleight of hand and distraction to divert attention from what he or she is truly doing. Luck would have it that Bobby and the crew are amongst some of the most lack talent magicians in the game. We the stage crew we see it and slowly the fog of mystery and myth is being dispelled and soon the regular joe public will be able to see the tricks as they truly are.

  3. Unlike the vanishing newspaper articles, the secrecy, the conspiracies of silences, the conflict of interest, the lack of transparency, the cover_ups, the bullying, the lying, the destruction of evidence, the perjuries, the murders, & major crime clean up, the promotions, demotions &, transfers it’s a wonderful organization to work for, I’m sure, if you are one of the privileged few who can’t do anything wrong….. you are right about the one way report. No one cares what you went through but if you die it’s quite a show.

  4. Neil was a good man and a Great Mountie. I had the opportunity to work with OGGIE. I supervised him for a brief period. I know how he was treated by upper management. Accountability is something that upper management works very hard at to avoid.

    Rest In Peace Neil. You will be missed.

    When I joined in the RCMP like most of you. I was mentally and physically fit. I retired in January of this year on a medical discharge form 6. I was getting so mentally sick in the fact that the RCMP gave me the run around on my grievance that goes back to 2002. When I left the RCMP this year, I was deemed by my Psychiatrist and family doctor as unfit for all Police work. To date, I hate what upper management has done to my career and personal life. In retirement, my grievance is still outstanding. Apparently, my grievance is now going to Level II adjudication. I am still sick, but working very hard at getting better. I don’t know if I will ever be the same man that I once was.

    However, since 2011, I have been helping other members that are going though or have gone through a similar situation, (which are many members). This has been therapeutic for me up to now. It has taken a heavy toll on me mentally and personally. The carnage that upper management has created within the Ranks is nothing short of criminal. I am exhausted mentally and in a place right now that I need to look after myself. My dreams are getting more messed up. I have decided to step back from assisting members. I have put some thought into this. It seems that there is a never ending supply of mentally injured members. In my experience in assisting members, about 95% are sick as a direct result of Upper Management and now Lower Management mental abuse on lower ranks.

    The stench comes from the top. As the saying goes, “shit floats down hill”. Which ever government replaces this current Dictatorship, would be for the betterment of the RCMP. When Paulson retires or is fired, only then will we be able to start the healing.

    This government and their policies along with their direction to Paulson on cost cutting have single handedly destroyed many members careers and personal lives. I believe that history will prove this to be true. Stay tuned on this one.

    If it was up to me and many others, The Commissioners position would be removed from the political position as Junior Minister. We need to be very cautious of government interference when it comes to RCMP funding and operations. I am sure that the public will want to see heads roll when the truth is known.

    When you vote at this upcoming federal election, please remember all those members that have taken their own lives. I personally have been where Neil was when he pulled that trigger. It is a very ugly and lonely place.

    Cpl. Rolly Beaulieu

  5. EFAMIA permalink

    It is Mental Health Week across Canada and it is being recognized in the RCMP (Not Myself Today campaign). Here is a sample of what the K Division Champion has to say;

    Message from “K” Division’s Mental Health Champion

    “My name is “K Division” Champion and I have the honour of serving as “K” Division’s Mental Health Champion. Some of you may know me from my former role. I’m hoping the relationships I have established over the years, will help me enlist your support in creating a workplace where people take better care of themselves and each other.

    With a master’s degree in Psychology and Employee Wellness, instructor certification in Mental Health First Aid and Suicide Prevention and more than 15 years of experience in the area of employee assistance and critical incidence management, I look forward to applying what I know about workplace wellness and the RCMP to division efforts to promote employee wellness, which encompasses physical, mental, social, spiritual and intellectual health.

    About one in three Canadians will at some point have a back problem that affects their ability to do their work. I doubt this comes as a surprise to anyone – and nobody seems to have trouble talking about a sore back over coffee, or acknowledging it as a “legitimate” reason for time off. It is not unusual for empathetic co-workers to share their own back pain war stories, prevention strategies or treatment histories. Unfortunately, the fact that mental health issues affect 44% of Canadian workers at some point in their lives is something that people aren’t as comfortable talking about for some reason.

    The goal of “K” Division’s 2015 Mental Health Strategy is to reduce the stigma by encouraging a frank and open conversation about something that impacts all of us – directly or indirectly – in one way or another. Working together to talk openly about mental health issues and to recognize the signs and symptoms – in ourselves and in our co-workers – is the first step in creating a workplace where someone dealing with mental health challenges receives as much support and acceptance as the co-worker with the sore back.

    The good news is that some mental health issues are preventable, most can be managed well through treatment, and the majority of people diagnosed can and do live healthy normal lives. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more about “K” Division’s Mental Health Strategy.”

    Thank you.

    “K” Division Mental Health Champion

    The irony is thick in the following sentence taken from the fourth paragraph from the Champions statement, “The goal of “K” Division’s 2015 Mental Health Strategy is to reduce the stigma by encouraging a frank and open conversation about something that impacts all of us – directly or indirectly – in one way or another.” However, if you conduct any research on the RCMP’s Infoweb you will discover that there are amazing stories of survival from members who have been subject to OSI from traumatic events while on duty (Homicides, Suicides and Shootings) and have recovered to continue their lives and careers. But what you won’t find are examples of members who have recovered from the toxic workplace injuries (Workplace Harassment, Sexual and otherwise) that have led to PTSD, long term ODS, medical retirement and unfortunately for others Suicide.

    Where is the frank and open conversation promised for those members ? The RCMP is continuing to ignore these members because their stories go against the Force’s well crafted narratives and spin that they are helping all members. The Force is continuing to deny and ignore that they have individuals within their Commissioned ranks who have denied and deflected accountability and responsibility for the crisis that has befallen the Force. However, it is to be expected, followed and accepted by the other Commissioned ranks though considering the Leader, Commissioner Paulson has been convicted of harassing Sgt. Chad of E Division. How can a convicted Harasser be allowed to root out Harassment in the Force? How can Commissioner Paulson lead Mental Health Strategies when he was outed about his real feelings about mental illness in Edmonton a few years back ? The Force cannot continue to take half measures and expect to move forward until the Commissioner is relieved of his duties and the harassers, facilitators and sympathizers are exposed, brought to justice and removed.

    • anonymous permalink

      …well said EFAMIA. There it is…the TRUTH in a nutshell.

  6. Buck permalink

    After 7 years of enduring the RCMP Grievance Scheme, Cpl. Ogurian had reached a saturation point where he could no longer endure the abuse and disrespect of incompetent, malicious managers and took his own life to end the torment. It certainly makes all the superficiality of “timely resolution of grievances” and a “Respectful Workplace” show that the words used are as hollow and fraudulent as the persons in authority who are suppose to follow and apply them.

    “Consistent with my leadership and accountability focus, I also expect our leaders, supervisors and those in leadership positions to ensure that their people are well looked after and all employees are provided with the available support services as early as possible.”

    “I care about your health and safety and I invite all of you to strive towards making our organization an example of a inclusive, healthy and respectful workplace.”

    RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson

    Commissioners Broadcast

    Core Values: Accountability, Respect, Professionalism, Honesty, Compassion, Integrity

    The RCMP ‘s Core Values are the foundation upon which we operate. We are expected to demonstrate these six values – considered most important to the Force – in our conversations, our interactions, and how we carry out our duties.

    Cpl. Ogurian was treated like crap over the 7 years he was made to suffer, not a “timely resolution” in any manner of thinking. Ironically, within 30 days the grievance issue would have been addressed and settled under the collective bargaining agreement overseen by the Chief Constable or his designate, and would have been Binding.

    I dare say we would still have Cpl. Neil Ogurian with us today with the latter process, as a valued, experienced member of the RCMP.

    RIP Neil, lack of leadership and accountability failed you.


  7. Anonymous permalink

    I have followed this blog for awhile and have wanted to comment. Oggie was a good man with a kind and generous heart and spirit. My love for him remains and he will be remembered for his infectious laugh, long jokes and making the worst coffee ever camping.

    He loved being a Mountie and gave his life to that organization. It’s painful, to have seen the organization loved fail him miserably. What the rcmp did to Oggie was akin to torture, he was tormented. I know because it dominated the last 7 years of our lives together.

    The rcmp isn’t capable of changing itself, the members must work together to bring change. I’m suffering, Oggie’s family is fractured. Don’t let this happen to more families.

    • Thank you “Someone”, your words are powerful. Mike W.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Bless you “someone”. Many of us are working very hard so that Oggie’s death will not be in vain and so that folks like you don’t suffer as you have suffered. My sincere condolences to you and everyone who was affected by Oggie’s death.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Although I never worked directly with Neil, he worked at my detachment and at other posts in the LMD where I would meet up with him time-to-time. He knew my name. He was always sweet and cordial. He seemed like a kind man and he seemed motivated and happy. I could totally see how a person like him could be abused and I have seen others like him abused in the RCMP. I read the CBC article about him and his wife, who knows him well I’m sure, has a tough battle ahead of her with the RCMP and I hope she will find the ‘closure’ she needs.


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