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“Iron Mike” and “The Pro”

Apr 01

Anyhoooooo “Brutal Bobby”…….there’s your boy!  Wadda’ ya’ think?  Could he tear you a “new one”?  Oh shit I’ve done it again, was that a threat,or just pre-match “bravado”.  You know that to be a good “worker”, you have to be good on the “stick” (no, not that one you silly boy!!)……..the microphone!  The “bravado” is all part of the show…….or is it?  Sooooo, what do you think?  Does the tag team angle assist in your “unpuckering”?  It could be fun!  And sort of warm you up for our “Chain Match” or if you are more comfortable in the “cage” with me, we could go that way?  It’s up to you Mr. Commissionaire?


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  1. Scottish Soldier permalink

    Aye Iron Mike, if you can get Brutal Bob’s measurements, send them over to me and I will have a storm weight kilt made and dispatched for him on the understanding that he wears it “regimental” with his new willies when in the ring for his match with you.

    I do not think that he will want to go prone on the mat. It may prove too embarrassing!

  2. Anonymous One permalink

    Go Mike! I’ll be cheering you on from the stands just as I cheer you on from home, here 🙂

  3. Retired (On the Outside – Now Looking inside)

    I have a feeling that BOB will be retiring soon. I hear that he may be leaving Canada for a job in Kiwi land. (I think that you scared him (IRON MIKE) I say good riddance. After BOB leaves what will happen to the RCMP. NOTHING. As long as Politicians control the Commissioner and his henchmen, all members below the rank of Inspector are doomed. Be very afraid ladies and gentlemen, I don’t think that Harper is finished with you yet.

    Only once Harper and his dictatorship is beaten at the polls, will Canada have a chance of saving the RCMP. Harper’s single handed purposeful destruction of the fabric of the RCMP has been successful. More members are committing suicide then ever. More members are unhappy. More members are leaving the RCMP for Police Agencies that have a Union/Association for the protection that they offer to its members and their families. The amount of intentional destruction to many members careers and the effects on their families is nothing short of catastrophic.

    In my opinion, the only way to save the RCMP is to fire BOB. We need to Hire a new breed of leader. One that actually gives a shit about the members. One that is not fearful to stand up to politicians and hold his/her moral ground.

    This will happen, however only when the members below the rank of Inspector get to chose a true labour representative.

    Many are watching and waiting to see what will be next.

    Hoping for the best

    Retired and loving it.

  4. Stu permalink

    It’s possible Bob hasn’t seen your request. You know how timid he can be. Have you tried slipping it under the door of Parliament’s broom closet?

  5. Scottish Soldier permalink

    Stu, is that the one that he and Harper cozy up in?

  6. Buck permalink

    Perhaps the Commissioner ( Deputy Minister of Public Safety and Fear Mongering) is unable to to respond to any of the good Dr.’s offers due to the fact he is frantically on the run from 16X9 journalist and producer, Carolyn Jarvis, who he appears to be mortally afraid of.



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