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A Distinguished Veteran Speaks

Mar 31

Right on Mike!!!!  In regard to Paulson and Harper’s link!!  I was beginning to wonder if it was just me who was seeing this pathetic puppet show going on in Ottawa between Harper’s government and the current leadership of our organization?  I am truly disgruntled and embarrassed to state that I am part of the organization that I joined 25 years ago.  The “in bed” relationship between our organization and the government of the day started long before these two individuals, but it has never been more obvious.  These two tyrants want full control of the reins and have placed most of us under a “gag” order.  I even see it on a monthly basis Mike, at the detachment level.  We are forced to sit and listen to the “one voice” bullshit coming down from Ottawa; and nobody seems to be bothered by the “crap” being shoved down our throats on a regular basis.  Whatever happened to just pure honesty and integrity?  We seem to have lost it along the way, over the last 130 years or so.  I’ve truly had enough of the direction that the Force has decided to take.  There seems to be little interest in “grass roots” policing anymore.  I told my wife that I wanted to leave holding my head high and not with the bitterness I see in so many members today!  It’s all a shame  and it didn’t have to be this way if the right decisions were made 8-10 years ago.

A Policeman’s policeman.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Dear Policeman,

    Let me tell you what happened to both Honesty and Integrity… They spoke up for themselves as well as for their colleagues Professionalism, Compassion, Respect and Accountability.They both received negative performance appraisals. They mysteriously developed “performance issues” and we’re issued 10-04’s. Their reputations were destroyed, as was their health, well-being, and careers. The ones left behind continue to listen to the one way “crap” and say nothing because they fear the same road. At least it is hoped that is the reason they do not speak up, and not that they actually believe the crap nor place their faith in their current Leaders

    Hold your head high if you not only value but also live the Core Values even though your Leaders do not.

    Good luck to you whether you stay or leave.

  2. thewolfinsheeps permalink

    I too have 25 years service, and my story is exactly as reported by “anonymous”. This is the reality. Unless you are willing to say only what they want to hear, you had best keep your mouth shut. As far as getting out before you turn bitter, I would suggest you do just that. I go to work full of anger every day and it is extremely unhealthy. When you are “stuck” in this outfit, they make sure you stay “stuck”. I was treated unfairly, and was punished for doing the right thing, and for speaking up for others who were being mistreated. My reward for that…as described above by anonymous.

    I fight every day to teach the young members coming through the ranks to be different than we were. To fight tyranny in the work place and not buy in to the culture of fear that has plagued this outfit for decades, to not blindly throw respect at someone because of the colour of their shirt nor blindly follow impostors who are not the true leaders among us. Needless to say I am branded as a “trouble maker” and shit upon at every turn. It’s ok though, I now have nothing to lose career wise. they took it all some time ago.

    Much respect to Van city Chief Jimmy CHU for his recent comments in the media regarding the latest video taping of a member. In 25 years I have not once seen an officer at any level in the RCMP publicly defend a member. Senior managers in this bush league outfit should take a lesson on what real leadership looks like.

  3. thewolfinsheeps: permalink

    Thanks for your comments and there are many of us out there who are making up the silent majority and are feeling the pressures from the current day leadership and the influence that the Federal Gov’t is having on the RCMP. When will the Feds learn that they cannot run the RCMP like a corporation or business?? Police work is nothing like running a business or corporation but unfortunately they are doing just that!!! The RCMP needs to be at arms length from the Fed Gov’t and we cannot have our Commissionaire answering to the Minister as his Deputy. Don’t get me wrong, we need to be accountable to the public who pay our wages but we are too close to the Gov’t and affected by these gag orders that are being placed on all Ministries of the current day Gov’t.
    You are bang on about the man and career of Jim CHU. He was never afraid to face the media and answer the difficult questions from media and critics. I often said that you could go to any community in BC and ask who the Chief of Police for Van City is and they would tell you Jim CHU. You could ask the same people who the so called Chief of Police (C.O.) for the RCMP in BC is and they would not have the foggiest!!! What does that tell us? The shackles from Ottawa are far reaching and the National Gag order is in place thanks to Harper and his puppet Paulson.


    • The Old NCO permalink

      Bittersweet, you are right about the public not knowing the names of the so called leaders in the RCMP. You can go to any Division across the Country and survey the public and very few will know the name of the RCMP Boss, (Commanding Officers) in the Provinces. You see, when you are incompetent it is best to stay out of the lime light. I am certain that inspire of the many short comings of the Commissioned Ranks of the RCMP, they do teach them to keep a low profile to the public. It’s their way to reduce the embarrassment they cause.

  4. Derek Smith permalink

    The Commissioner of the RCMP is a shill for the Harper regime, just like Elliott was. Elliott is now on a $200,000 salary and living in a Manhattan apartment courtesy of the Canadian Government while working for Interpol – and he is not even a police officer!

    Some people are so very adept at living off of government largess; they have their faces buried deep in the government handout trough.

    Let’s face it, you do not get to become Commissioner of the RCMP for being innovative or being a mover and shaker. No. If you’re the Prime Minister, you appoint someone who is close to retirement and does not want to ‘rock the boat.’

    The Canadian Government is as corrupt as any third world country at times.

  5. saumik901029 permalink

    Good insight Derek! Let’s not forget Zaccardelli who moved in next door to Herb Grey before he became Commissioner! Coincidence, I think not!
    Why do we continue to put up with these blatant trough feeders? The politics of this organization is brewing corruption at the highest levels!

    Happy Easter!

  6. Very well said; Sometimes things can get out of hand and people can get hurt.
    But lets try and remember we are all nothing but numbers and not as important as we all seem to think. Doing what is right should be #1 and the hell with those going to hell who think we should all join them on this one way journey.


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