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Feb 09

My story is just one of hundreds that needs to be told.

I first experienced harassment on the RCMP in 2001. At the time I was working as a drug Investigator for Greater  Vancouver Drug Section (GVDS)-( Unit 5, Covert Unit), Prior to going into Drug work I worked General Duty at Maple Ridge Detachment. In 1989 I joined the E Division Tactical Troop. This troop consisted of about one hundred members (Primary role was to respond to catastrophic events and civil disobedience. This duty was a separate duty and was a call-out duty where we all carried pagers. When I went into Drug work the Drug Section Commander was aware of my belonging to Tactical and Ceremonial Troops. There was no full time Tactical Troop or Ceremonial Troop. I joined both troops as I was a very proud member of the RCMP. I enjoyed wearing the RED Serge and talking to people. My ex-military background is the reason I joined Tactical Troop. I loved the adrenaline rush.

While working my regular duties in Drug Section, I received a Tactical call-out to meet in Vancouver and to deploy in the Vancouver area to oversee a Hells Angels Funeral. It was reported that there may be violence at a funeral for a Hells Angel member who was gunned down in Vancouver.

I arrived at work at Drug Section and advised my Unit Commander that I had received a call-out. He in turned advised that I could not attend the call-out. I explained to him that I didn’t have a choice as it was a direct order from the Commanding Officer. I attended the briefing prior to the Funeral deployment. Upon my arrival at the briefing I was advised that my Drug Unit Commander called the Tactical Troop Commander and told him that I was not allowed to attend the call-out. At the time my Drug Unit was not in the middle of an investigation that required my attention.

My Tactical Troop Commander (Hugh Stewart) asked my Drug Commander what it was that he didn’t understand about a direct order. He told my Drug Commander that I was being deployed for this call-out, period. I was then advised by the Tactical Commander that my Drug boss stated “You haven’t heard the last of this” he then hung up the phone.

The next day I returned to my Drug Unit. My Unit Commander called me over and told me that my yearly assessment was due. That I should read and sign it. I read the assessment and was shocked. In the assessment my Unit Commander stated that my Tactical Troop work was affecting my being a good Drug investigator and that I should consider leaving the Tactical Troop. I told my Unit Commander that the assessment wasn’t fair and that I was required to attend the call-out. I asked him to remove the reference about his opinion of my work ethic. I explained that I was a Mountie and proud of it. I further explained I was ordered by the Commanding Officer of E Division to attend the funeral. He refused to change my assessment. I in turn went to my Tactical Troop Commander and let him read the assessment. To say the least he blew a gasket.

He asked me what I wanted to do. I told him that as a result of this assessment my Drug career was over. He set up a meeting with the OIC of Vancouver Drug Section. We both attended this meeting where the OIC apologised and asked if I wanted a transfer to another Drug Unit within Drug Section. I explained that it wouldn’t matter where in the Drug Section that I transferred. That I believed my Drug Commander had long arms and could and would screw me over later. I explained to the OIC that I was following orders at the time of the call-out. A personal vendetta from my Drug Commander against my Tactical Commander had put me in very bad position. I demanded that I be transferred out of Drug Section. The OIC didn’t want me to go, but relented when he understood the circumstance.

As I was happy to be out of this situation, I departed a coveted position with the Federal Drug Investigation world and transferred to National Security Investigation Section (NSIS) later changed to (E INSET)in July of 2001.

That was my first experience with harassment within the RCMP. However, it was not the last. It was just the beginning. I was later targeted by the OIC of E INSET, as I believe now, was brought on as a result of my leaving Drug Section and pissing off my Drug Commander. This was revenge for this event.

Stay tuned for Part III, as I will show proof that I was targeted very heavily, I filed several Grievances and complaints as a result. They all came to nothing and are still outstanding today (Early Resolution Stage). Yes 13 years later. Thank god for the SCC decision. One day these abuses of authority will be gone.

In Retirement
Rolly Beaulieu # 42702

  1. Jamie Hanlon permalink

    Bravo, Rolly – looking forward to Pt 3!

  2. Calvin Lawrence permalink

    There are ways to fight back. My e-mail is

  3. Anonymous One permalink

    Hi Rolly, Thanks for sharing. I wonder if people realize the damage one act like this can do to a member. You stated a few times that you were a proud member, and obviously that means you were serious about your job and gave 100% of your heart and soul. Correct me if I am wrong, but that’s what being a proud member means to me. It means you believe in the RCMP and you will do your best to maintain that proud image of the force. I find there is a history of certain Modus Operandi that these abusive supervisors/managers use to destroy, belittle, berate, de-credit, devalue, etc. It’s almost like there’s a supervisors manual that exists somewhere that is titled “How to destroy/manipulate/control your employee”. And of course because our supervisors and managers are in positions of power it is very easy for them to screw around with us in ways that almost makes it legitimate. That’s what I find so scary about it.
    The behavior of your Drug Unit Commander is that of a dark-hearted, evil man yet he gets away with it and you are the one who ends up paying for it…all because you were merely doing your job! I think the Commissioner should be monitoring and weeding out this kind of dark-hearted behavior if he wants to make significant, positive change in the force. But I don’t feel that is ever going to happen. Instead, members will continue to be forced to move from unit to unit to try to escape this treatment, or members will have finally had enough of this treatment and finally reach their breaking point. Then they will be labeled the “bad” member because maybe they finally found their voice and will not put up with this BS for one more minute. And we all know how the force likes a member who speaks up for themselves. Sadly, this is what seems to be happening. I’ve said it before and I will say it again; this job is hard enough as is without this unnecessary, abusive treatment by our employer. When will they ever figure that out? It is their loss. Once proud members like you and me are leaving with a very different outlook on the RCMP.

  4. Anonymous One,

    Yes, I can certainly attest to Rolly having been a proud and dedicated member. So often I thought to myself, “wow, this must be the best organization to work for”. WRONG!
    I soon found out just how broken it really is.

    I wrote this segment two years ago and of course out of fear that further bullying would occur against my husband, I signed it anonymous.

    Today, I feel content in the fact that he has been liberated from the heinous behaviours of so many of upper management, now that he is retired.

    Now the healing process can begin.

    In my opinion it is critical that members join MPPAC to have some protection for themselves as well as their families.

    Gloria Beaulieu

    Thoughts from an RCMP Spouse

    Nov 28

    As a wife of a current member I have witnessed most if not all the bullying that has gone on with being a member of the RCMP. I’ve heard for years now not only from my husband but from others that I have become close to in the RCMP about the wrong doings within the force. What is very upsetting is that I am hearing these comments more and more frequently.

    It’s the never ending saga of “the unknown” what will they do next, what’s on their agenda today, are they setting me up to push me out? I’ve done everything they have wanted me to do and more, oh yes the more, that is, the standing up for my subordinates…

    That’s the more they didn’t like and for that I become a target of bullying, harassment, lost opportunity for promotion and grievance’s not being dealt with. Let’s brush it under the carpet…pretend this person who has given 20 plus years of their life and pretend he didn’t exist. The RCMP is your first family and your blood family is second.

    I’ve stood by my husband through his sleepless nights, his bouts of depression, his anger outbursts, and lack of energy, the paranoia, no longer interested in things that made him happy. The hours that lead into days doing nothing, feeling unprotected and no gratitude and the why me comments. He gave his life to the RCMP which without a doubt cost him his first marriage…after all how can a healthy relationship flourish when you’re never home, always being there at their beck and call. And then along with that not being there for his kids and now that they are adults and have issues feels responsible because yet he wasn’t there. Why wasn’t he there, because he was one of the elite that was needed always needed for his first family the RCMP.

    I have watched my husband being one of those that was always on the go and passionate about his career to watching him each day to becoming more and more disillusioned and soon become depressed at what was happening. He would jump out of bed at 3am when his pager went off because he was needed!! I would always question why are you doing that. I would say you’re crazy. But he loved it, he was needed and wanted to make a difference. After all he was a proud member of the RCMP! I let him go being truly happy for him and happy for our country that we have such devoted souls.

    WHAT HAPPENED??? He spoke the truth; stood up for his people…He enjoyed the camaraderie with the men and women he worked with, but was never one to put his true moral values behind. He stood up spoke his mind in a diplomatic professional manner and here he is… work because he didn’t get on board with management. HMMM does getting on board with management not allow you to have an opinion or comment of your own? Yes you’re right….you no longer think for yourself…..get on board with management and yes you do as you are told to do….doesn’t matter who you fuck over just do it…After all, the RCMP do no wrong…we have an image to portray… In my opinion and most Canadians that image is being tainted daily.

    I am grateful that he had the bravery to believe firstly in his own morals and not ones that would have made him one of “those”.

    In my opinion he may have not received all the promotions that he certainly was entitled to, most of those are what the bullies get… the ones on board with management, but at least he has a strong moral conviction in what is right!

    I am proud to be his wife because of the beautiful gentle soul that he is but, I am very unhappy that he had to endure years of bullying because of this…

    I am so thankful that our son after attending a recruitment meeting called and said “you know mom this career isn’t for me!”. I was so pleased to hear those words.

    They took away my husband but wouldn’t have a chance to do that to my son.

  5. Hi Rolly; you were well trained to fight for your country and that spilled into the RCMP appointment no doubt but that when you fight with them. Now that you are fighting for your country to make some changes to help others you will be seen as a traitor and what mattered once will be ignored today. I know the feeling.

    I see a hidden pattern emerging & a history of injustices not only in handling employees as I read these comments but also in handling the victims & those that are accused of serious crimes. Your postings & those comments are greatly appreciated and should go a long way in healing your soul and making a difference to some of those thinking about a police career or involved in a mess with the forces and wondering what the outcome could be for the officers and their families.

    Unlike those loyalist who don’t care what happens to others; I wish someone would have taken the time to tell me what really goes on in the shadows of police work and been explained the difference between organized crime & police work, the uniform & very little about what they do.

    Unfortunately the abusive supervisors/managers top to bottom constables to the Commissioner can use tactics to destroy, belittle, berate, de-credit, devalue, cover up, reject, ignore using useful psychological tactics to get you out of the way and in some special cases this hatred could even get you shot in the line of duty and leave the case unsolved for almost 34 years and no one caring.

    Ultimate Power corrupts ultimately and of course supervisors/managers/investigators/ministers are in positions of power and when they help each other to make something go away it’s difficult to break those unities even when they are wrong. But when it means the lives of others you must keep trying.

    Lets face it the RCMP had good seasons in past and the image was one that was revered all over the world but when you allow the darkness of humanity to rise to the top things will change and people internally & externally will not be happy.

    There was a time when you voted for the politician that did the most for the people now you vote for the ones you THINK will do the least damage. However (68%) don’t think anyone is really worth voting for today.

    The public is more aware of the issues facing us today and how the relationship between those Government Departments, police and the media operate. No one wants to deal with the dark side but you are expected to join those forces instead of fighting for justice/freedom they are turning a blind eye to it all.

    If they want to encourage the criminally minded people to join & rise to the top they should at least be honest enough to tell those that are honest not to before they sign up & get trapped in a broken system of law that there is no hope for them in those areas mentioned above.

    Just remember one thing members of the light/darkness the good guy’s wins in the end and the bad ones will fall. So keep fighting, hoping, waiting and wondering and know that in the end everyone will get their just reward. Those that did GOOD and those that did EVIL.

    Unfortunately I never worked for the RCMP but having witnessed directly what they can do I can say for certain that I would never call on any of them for help. It’s a huge mistake/deception to think they have a balanced care “To Serve & Protect”, “Law & Order” or for “Justice” issues.

    If doing good is your pressing concerns today and you get up thinking what can I do to better this world don’t join the RCMP instead join the Civil Liberties or Green Peace and you will find once again that a target has been painted on your back in this world of power, greed and corruption but you might find an inside friend once and awhile instead of an enemy watching your back.

    I would define police officers that have been assimilated by those police forces as enforcers of (a two-tiered system) who care to protect upper class citizens, while expecting advancements, perks and their retirement funds.

    Being loyal to the force over the Criminal Code of Canada and your Oath will find you in a dark spot later in your life and when you wake up and find it’s to late regretting it all in the end.

    The end does not justify the means. All you are doing is being used and it’s only in your head.

    However as for my case in Shediac; I cannot really claim any significant victory. All I can say is after many years of asking questions and getting no answers I decided to do what no other investigator had even thought of doing I contact “Crime Stoppers” in 1987 in Fredericton and ask them if they would consider my story sometime instead of a convenience store break in they said sure. I had no ideal that what they would film and air would reveal what investigators had told everyone happen on that dark June 2, 1981 morning and it was altered to look like an accident instead of an assassination attempt to get me out of the way. It didn’t do a thing for me to get justice and closure but it changed the course of the Shediac Town Police Force, its dispatchers, it’s Chief and Police Officers. Former Chief Poirier who was hired and given the mandate to rid the force of all police officers working there when I was shot finished his mandate and none of them ever worked as a police officer again.

    Take Care
    Former Shediac Town Police Officer

  6. Smiles permalink

    Can’t be all that bad in the RCMP or there would be more complaining and looking to help others in the force to see change. In such a large force a few cases will not change things.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Smiles, you are being sarcastic obviously. I’m sure you’ve read the comments on all the topics in this website to have come to that conclusion? Not to mention the publicity in recent years of law suits that are piling up against the RCMP including a class action law suit involving over 300 female members? Don’t you read the paper or watch the news?
      Haven’t you heard about the memberships’ recent triumph in their right to Freedom of Association? That was a ground breaking decision that is going to change the history of the RCMP. That is the change you said is never going to happen! Change is happening right before your very eyes….just like magic. And this was all made possible thanks to those members who banded together because they were not happy with the way they were being treated.

  7. Aught Buck permalink

    Smiles, you don’t know shit.

  8. Smiles permalink

    All I hear coming from the media on all these complaints mentioned is silence. Not even the media cares what happens inside the force unless someone dies and they can profit from the coverage.

    The issue of the 300 RCMP women and the rest of the law suits seems to be motivated by money rather than justice or the cases would go all the way and set a presidency to help others.

    Does nothing to change things in the force as usual.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Smiles, what are you basing your opinion on when you say those law suits are motivated by money? How do you personally know this? Have you spoken to each and every individual who has suffered? Are you saying there is no merit to them? And what makes you think these cases don’t go “all the way”? If you mean some of them are settled before they go to court, that is not because of the victims, that is because of the RCMP. Besides, many do go all the way. Your initial post said it can’t be that bad or more would be complaining. Do you work among the membership? Do you know what the morale is like and do you know what is said? You make these generalized statements but no facts to back it up. If you choose to live in the darkness you will never find the light. If you do not look to the future you will never find yourself there. ~Anonymous

  9. I read a story in a book once of a Good Samaritan;
    Turns out it was a description of loving Others as you love Yourself.

    This certain man was on a journey in life and was over taken by thieves who beat him, stole all he had and left him for dead.

    Two individuals on separate journeys, who thought they were better than others in life, saw this man laying there in the ditch but instead of helping him they both crossed the road. However a Samaritan on his journey stopped, had compassion on him, went to him and bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine, set him on his own beast, brought him to an inn and there he took care of him.

    The next day when it was time to depart, he took some money and gave it to the host of the inn and said; here’s what I owe you and some more. Take care of him and whatever it cost you more than this I will settle with you the next time I’m here.

    Which one of the above three was a good neighbor to the one who fell among thieves, who came to steal, kill and destroy this man that day?

    Was it not the one who had compassion; the story teller then said; Go and do like wise.

    Your journey or where you get on the forces is not all that important; all Love is, is when you sacrifice everything to help someone else….. thanks, Mike!

    • Anonymous One permalink

      Thank you for that beautiful story Unsolved. When people speak of compassion it really hits a chord with me, and of course, that to me is the basis of policing. It is something we can all learn from, to be human and care for one another in every situation, no matter our race, ethnicity or social position. Whether we be the employer or the employee. I’ve always loved the saying “Do not look down upon another unless you are helping him get up”.

      • Then we both agree; The motivation to “SERVE & PROTECT” is not the wages & perks you have/earn but the Compassion you have for others.

    • Anonymous One permalink

      I absolutely do agree. Since I was eight years old I knew that being a police officer meant helping others. That is when I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

  10. The Old NCO permalink

    I never though of it this way before but have recently come to the conclusion that when one joins the RCMP you believe you are joining a Police Force not unlike any other Police Force you could engage with and spend a career providing service to the public.

    There is a difference that we are not aware of upon joining the RCMP, matter of fact like me you might have worked your entire career and not put it totally together. When we join the RCMP we are signing on to becoming the Governments Henchmen. We take oaths and are part of a semi hidden society, that in some ways is similar to the structure of the Mafia. If you think back our priorities have always been focus on the desires of our Government Masters, not necessarily the public. That is the relationship between the RCMP and the Government. They are the Masters that demand us the RCMP to fulfill any desire they so wish. The Commissioner, and not just this present Commissioner is hand picked on his or her ability to take orders from their Government Masters. They are even given a title of Deputy Minister. In the Mafia World that would be equivalent to the title Under Boss.

    If you think back over your careers, how many times have you seen the RCMP conduct business at the whim of the Government Masters. Were told to enforce this, don’t enforce that. How many times have the RCMP ignored illegal road blocks and protests by First Nations because it was not Politically correct to make arrests. They tell us who can be hired or promoted within the organization in order to fill quotas that help them get elected. They interfere when political figures are identified telling us whom we can charge and not charge or whom to investigate or not investigate. The RCMP recently conducted illegal searches in numerous High River, Alberta homes and not a thing is being done to prosecute such activities. I doubt most City Police Forces across this land could pull that one off. Take the time to think back over the years of how many times government has interfered with the RCMP operations and decision making.

    It simply is not the organization it perports to be. Young people be advised, that if you are interested in a Policing career, you might be better served to consider a Municipal Police Force. I am sure they too have their Political moments but no where on the scale of what you will witness and have to work under in the RCMP.

  11. Anonymous One permalink

    So true Old NCO. I agree wholeheartedly. And if I may add, we have also seen the RCMP change from a service to a business (dictated by government). Isn’t that somewhat of a conflict of interest to have our commissioner knighted as Deputy Minister? That pretty mush screams “I own you now, you must do as I say”. In my opinion the two should be kept separate.

  12. Smiles permalink

    There was a time when you knew the white hat/gov/police represented the good guys but now it’s no longer the case, there’s so much lying & deception going on it could even deceive the mob.

  13. CBC News, New Brunswick;
    Today we need more accountability & better enforcers

    Mr Murray Guy from the Moncton Times & Transcript visited Larry’s Gulch in 2013 and he sought to have his name kept secret from a government list of names and from the media the ethics probe finds. There is also a call for the previous years list from 2008-2012 as well.

    Both senior editors at the Moncton Times & Transcript are gone from the newspaper because of the results of an internal ethics probe by Brunswick News Inc according to the company’s ombudsman.

    The probe was into one of the editor’s acceptance of a trip to Larry’s Gulch fishing camp. It’s considered illegal to alter a government document with the purpose to deceive someone.

    Google; Moncton Times & Transcript for more information on this story of the year.


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