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RCMP Leadership

Jan 09

Commissioner Paulson speaks to High School Class about how the Force is full of results and respectful workplace…if only he practices what he preaches to children!



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  1. EFAMIA permalink

    The Commissioner is quoted as saying several statements about being a Good Leader in this article.

    “A good leader is courageous, decisive and perhaps even ruthless at times – they need to rise to the challenge in difficult situations and make the tough calls that need to be made.”

    The Commissioner got the “ruthless” part right. He has demonstrated that quite often in the past . Do you recall his attacks on the members (Bealiue, Merrifield and O’Farrel) at the senate hearing several years ago? What about his public attack’s on Dr. Webster, S/Sgt. Gravelle or S/Sgt. Chad? Has he risen to the challenge or just exacerbated them and created new ones that another Leader will have to overcome ?

    “In it’s simplest form… effective leaders are great simplifiers,” Paulson said, looking out at the students with a giant Canadian flag hanging behind him. “They’re great listeners. They feel what the people around them feel. They’re sensitive to what is going on in the community.”

    The Commissioner has utterly failed at being a good listener or sensitive to the community (RCMP members). This is unless he is only able to feel what the people around him feel or able to listen to them because he is talking to and about his inner circle, his real community. And remember he appointed them because they are yes men/women and they won’t challenge him. Then, if that’s the case perhaps he is right about being a good listener or sensitive. It is simple to listen to people who only reflect your own thoughts, ideas and perspectives.

    Therefore, It’s very understandable how he would receive an award from people who don’t know any better.

  2. A Good Leader in the Federal sence are there to protect the establishment and anyone oposing the status quo is looked upon as mutiny on the high seas….

    I read in a book once that said; the ROOT of All Evil is the Love of Money & you might want to add the Love of Power to that quote.

    Governments or Police Forces are kind of like a Hockey Teams and often times operate & model everything like it. You have the forwards like the PMO in Canada & Putin in Russia or Former RCMP Commissioner G. Zaccardelli or Active Commissioner B. Paulson

    There’s the right wing & left wing political parties but you also have the defensemen & the Goldie blocking the shots Leaders in Governments or the Forces take.

    These agencies for example like the (Privacy Commissioner, RCMP Access to Information, Police Commission, RCMP Complaints Commission or Commissioners & etc) receive your complaints but work behind the scene as a team to help those teams or leaders win. Those are just a few off the top of my head of some of the Departments setup by those forward leaders to gather the information you have but they make absolutely sure their loyalty is to the team & not to you or your penny cause which really have no power or desire to help you.

    However what concerns me the most are the enforcers, the evil men & woman, or those aggressive bullies who are released to punish anyone helping to advance our rights as citizens, in this highly over rated democratic system we live in, in the hope of making things better.

    Do you know someone like that a (Whistle Blower) who’s been removed because he or she saw something that put someone on the team in real danger of being fired who said something and their lives were forever changed?

    Here a story of such a case that may help explain how the Enforcers are above the Law;

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Bob isn’t the only one flabbergasted by his award.


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