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Jan 07

It is now time that I speak out. I have tried (Since 2002)to have my many grievances dealt with internally within the RCMP. At midnight tonight I will be officially retired and free.

Before I begin this long series of posts, I want all of you to know that I have always believed in the Honour and integrity of the RCMP. I can not say the same about the many white shirts that are supposed to lead us.

Prior to my career in the RCMP, I was fortunate to have been a member of the Canadian Armed Forces (Regular Force) I was part of the Special Forces, based in Petawawa, Ont. 1977 to 1981. I can not speak of the actions/missions and training that I have undertaken while in the Canadian armed forces.

What I can speak of, is the solid devotion to duty and Country that I and others believed in. I know what honour, integrity and honesty is all about. It is about who you are, as a person. What I learned in the military was what mattered in my life. I was 19 when I joined, I was not the youngest. I would have given my life for my comrades and country. While I was in Petawawa in 1980, I applied for the RCMP. At that time the RCMP was only accepting bilingual and University degree applicants. I was given the opportunity to write the entrance exam. Because of my military experience, the RCMP made an exception for me. After writing the exam I was advised that I passed however, as I was 3 months short of my grade 12 education I was advised to finish my grade 12 and reapply. With this in  mind I asked for a transfer to Comox BC, to work Nuclear Security. I was accepted in 1980. While in Comox, I attended North Island College and finished my grade 12.

In 1981 I left the Military Life at my request and was Honourably discharged. I left the military to make a better life for my then wife and daughter. Leaving the Military was without a doubt, the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life. I loved the life, however it was not a life for a husband and father, as I was in the field 8 months out of 12 months every year.

From 1981 to 1987, I worked several menial jobs until I was hired in 1984 at Suncor Inc. in Ft. McMurray Alta. In 1986 we were locked out of work due to a labour issue. I lost my house and had to claim bankruptcy. I was hired by the RCMP in Feb. 1987 and off to RCMP Depot I went.

At the same time I had an interview with the RCMP in 1987 in Edmonton, I was also contacted by Edmonton City Police for an employment interview. In my interview with the RCMP, they asked why the RCMP and not another Police force? I told them that I wanted to work for nothing less than the best.

There was a blip in the hiring sequence. The RCMP contacted me to ask about my military record. As a result of this, I was interviewed by a GIS Corporal. I can not get into the details of my military record, but suffice to say as a result of this incident in the military, I was promoted and became the Regimental Commanding Officers Driver and Body guard. The RCMP hired me as a result of my military record.

Tomorrow is the first day of freedom that I will have had since 1987. Freedom of choice and the freedom to speak. I have chosen this venue to speak, as I believe this blog is about Honour, Integrity and Honesty. In my posts that will follow this one, I will explain how my career was both exciting, fulfilling, honorable and devastating, I will also speak of the absolute destructive behaviour of the leadership of the RCMP.

Until my next post, I wish all of the readers a happy new year.

Cpl. Rolly Beaulieu
Regimental number : 42702


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  1. RcMP ENTITLEMENT permalink

    Not everything is above board within the force
    here’s an example of they value a human life & another police officer

  2. Rolly welcome to the freedom of being a civilian. I was a Moncton Police Officer from 1976 (age 19) until 1998 when I was absorbed into the RCMP 1998-2012. Just like you, I soon found out the difference between the RCMP and a true community based police service, such as the Moncton Police Force. the MPF had provided policing to the City of moncton since decades before the RCMP ever existed. I learned how to ” do more with less” to have to wait for back up, to “risk it out” and other sayings, such as ” check policy”, “mission vision and values”, ” best fit”, “capra” ( where did that go anyway) and the biggest joke “community based policing”. I did community based policing for 22 years with the MPF I lived in my community, I grew up in my community, and I worked in my community and raised my family in my community. I did not transfer in and then transfer out, no we made a commitment to serve OUR community for our entire career. I have forgotten more about community based policing than Paulson will ever read or experience on the subject. The RCMP may police communities but the members as individuals do not become a permanent part of those communities. Most members are looking for the next better posting, the next promotion ans that mind set does not lend itself to enriching a community. Best wishes for you and yours as you embark on a world of freedom.

    Respect from, David James Hale, MPF Badge #097, RCMP reg# 46479

  3. Bob permalink

    Welcome Rolly to a new beginning – an opportunity to renew your mind, body and soul. You have taken an important step away from the ubiquitos “silliness” and elemental attitudes of paternalism and servitude that prevail amongst internal RCMP workings/management.

    Look forward to reading your posts.

  4. Buck permalink

    Congratulations on your retirement Cpl. Beaulieu. Thank you for your service to Canada and efforts to improve the RCMP workplace for members.

  5. Guerilla Fighter permalink

    Go Rolly!

  6. Anonymous One permalink

    Congratulations Rolly on your freedom! Free of harassment, free of bullying, free of boot lickers, free of the power and control mongers who bind and ruin a human spirit. A new beginning for you! Thank you for your service. Thank you for speaking out. I know you will do well and be happy in your retirement.

  7. Greivances delt with, good luck with that one…. here’s why, I read in a book once that said; the ROOT of ALL Evil is the Love of Money.

    Governments or Police Forces are kind of like like a Hockey Team and often times operate & model everything like it. You have the forwards like the PMO in Canada & Poutin in Russia or Former Commissioner G. Zaccardelli. The right wings & left wing political parties but you also have the defencemens & the goldies blocking the shots Leaders in Governments or Forces takes & the agencies receive. Those are all the departments setup by those forward leaders to gather the information you have but they make sure they have no power to help you.

    However what concerns me the most are the enforcers who are sent, the evil men & woman or cheaters who are sent to punish anyone playing a good game and making some progress in helping to make things better.

    This is a story of such a Political, Major Crime case where a Canadian Police Officer who stumbled on some political fraud & reported it to his Chief was dealth with severely in order to make the problem go away and to silence him permently & get him out of the way in an Assassination Attempt that was altered, watered down & covered up by Investigators;

    And you say you had some problems.

  8. Unsolved Major Crimes
    I certainly understand that the Shediac 1981 case is such a tragic one. I however, do not believe that Cpl. BEAULIEU is suggesting his issues within the Force are more important than anyone else’s problems. I believe he’s clearly trying to share/educate readers that the great ole RCMP isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
    Good for you Cpl. BEAULIEU for your new found freedom. Be proud of your contributions to Canada and speak out.
    I thought I would double check to see if in fact this still applies to Canadians and apparently it does (maybe not when you’re a Mountie).

    Constitutional Law of Canada. Section 2(b) of the Charter states that “Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: … freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.”


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