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Fantino “Failed Upwards” – Remind you of anyone in the RCMP Senior Ranks???

Dec 18

There is an article in today’s Hill Times about Fantino and how his career “failed upwards” as he wreaked havoc on evey police force he was in charge of. The story quotes “Fantino is a bully and bullies are cowards. They fear seeing others eye to eye. They prefer to condescend, intimidate and squash the defenseless who dare question”. Does that remind you of anyone in the RCMP senior management???



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One Comment
  1. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah and he also created havoc on the communities of Toronto and London, where innocent LGBT persons were put to task. He wasn’t well liked by those communities. Seems he has not been respected much anywhere he has been. A Bully is A Bully is a Bully. Now he’s picking on the most vulnerable.


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