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Paulson Testifies – Old Boy’s Club Alive and Well!!

Dec 05

See this article:

Good for the member who took the commish to court. You have my support.


  1. Jean Marc Villeneuve permalink

    I guess 8X10 pictures are not big enough for follow up, we should try poster size next time

    Jean Marc Villeneuve( Cpl. Retired)

  2. Buck permalink

    And the lies, misconduct, negligence, corruption keeps on coming. Too bad when these creeps lie their heads don’t explode. Paulson mantra, “I’m a leader, but I’m not responsible.”

  3. Anonymous permalink

    It is apparent that the ONLY way to expose any of the corruption within the Officer ranks is to take it public. If you have any faith that you will be at all vindicated through the deliberately ineffective quagmire that is the RCMP’s own grievance or harassment process, you are sadly mistaken. When Officers are left to make decisions on the conduct of other Officers, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. Very few members have the courage to take that step however because we are conditioned to be fearful of challenging the omnipotent righteousness that is the “white shirt”.


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