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Questions for RCMP Members

Nov 29

At one time I trusted the RCMP but have been disillusioned by rcmp corruption in Mississauga -airport , hamilton, ottawa, and Milton. What have been your members experience with rcmp blocking, hiding corruption evidence for members of the liberal and Conservative party. What has been their experience with GTA authority word smithing to protect actions of politicians. When improper tools are used to the banks to determine assets offshore by government officials what is your members experience in being told to harass and arrest whistle blowers when bona fide evidence of politicians innocence has not been substantiated?  What have been your members experience in protecting federated banks engaged in improper financial transactions.

Concerned Citizen



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  1. Toby permalink

    I am a serving member who has served in the Greater Toronto area and presently serving in British Columbia.

    Can you be more specific please with your concerns?


  2. Jean Marc Villeneuve permalink

    Toby I suggest you read the Book On the Take, During my time in Ottawa we were doing controlled deliveries to Parliament Hill West Block of $200,000 at the time to the Conservative deputy Prime Ministers office of the time. It is all quite well documented in the book. The Charboneau Commission out of Quebec over the last 4 years found that nothing had changed on deliveries. But because only Quebec was their mandate, they were not allowed to investigate or lay charges. Also during the Commission testimony came out that the political parties are actually using first Nations Cigarette money, that have invested in cash money venture to launder their ill gotten 3% on every contract that is issued with the help of politicians of every strip with cash going back into political parties. As for the Toronto Airport, I suggest you read the press clippings and investigation into Air India bombing, you will find that a member of the force actually returned the radio with the bomb back on board the plane before if took off and exploded over the ocean. 350 senior investigators were brought into Toronto in 1990 to work on investigation they were put on security details watching scanner and giving out parking tickets and the investigation was given to none experience officers. I was one of those officers that was brought in and gave out parking tickets and checked scanners. The officer that placed the radio back on the plane his named is in the report. The RCMP refused to pay for the dog handler and bomb dog to come in that day because it would have cost 4 hrs of overtime. The NCO of the day would not take the responsibility for the $70 dollar cassette radio that nobody on the plane had possession or knowledge of said radio, therefore it was put back on the plane. The Officer in Charge of the airport was promoted to Commanding Officer of the Division soon after.

    Jean Marc Villeneuve (Cpl) Retired.


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