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Living with the Past – The RCMP way of getting their Man, within budget.

Nov 29

This was Posted by myself on Kerrie Ann Brown, Murder sight. Hoping that RCMP would tell truth. It will never happen they simple threatened everybody concerned with the RCMP Act.

This is Jean Marc Villeneuve again,( RCMP member retired, 30 years), I have patiently waited for the RCMP to do the right thing for the Brown family.  On the day after she went missing ( now remember her body was not found until 2 days later), Telecoms Thompson Det. received a call from a male with native accent.  He said he was calling from Norway House and was terrified that the call was being recorded.  Telecoms tried to tell him that he had nothing to worry about and to just talk to me and maybe I could help him.  He said that someone had been murdered.  As much as telecoms tried they could not get any further info.  Remember this was two days before the body was found.

Telecoms called the member in Norway House who was on call and let him know about the call, but due to a lack of information there was nothing that could be done.

The day after this call, Kerrie’s body was found.  It hit the Telecoms operator like a brick that afternoon … the telecoms operator that he/she had just talked to someone the previous day and only the killer or someone with the killer would have known about the murder … as nobody knew she had been murdered until her body was found. The tape telecoms told ****** and then ******( I was present at argument in Det,. area at this time.  The tape was marked but Nobody wanted to do anything with this as the investigators had appeared to have their minds made up that they already had their suspect.  I do not know if anything was done with the tape.

It still bothers me to this day…   two black hairs – similar to that of a native person – were found in the body bag with Kerrie’s body.  This was brushed off and put down as the bag may have not been cleaned properly and belonged to a prior body. This could never have happened, because the bags went with the bodies, all we had in those days were basically, hair, fiber, blood, finger prints. Every article of exhibits were taken into clean bags because we knew that we could not have cross contamination. Every file we would have worked on for decades would have been tossed because of cross contamination.

These facts have been known by the RCMP since day one, actually two days prior to the body being found. I was ordered to turn over all my sources of information to ******   was ordered not to follow up any other leads. Putting this in writing is the hardest thing I have ever done. This investigation along with many other were fast track for one reason and one reason alone. Budget, to keep the Det. budget down and all cost. This family deserves closure after all these years. Jean Marc Villeneuve,(RCMP, Cpl. retired) I served in Silence until 2006.

This is only one story that needs to be told. What about your skeleton in your closets. That are keeping you awake at night.

One Comment
  1. Toby permalink

    Hello JM, I am not pleased to hear about your file.
    I’m currently serving in BC and have been most discouraged these past two years.
    I hope that “they” will do the right thing.



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