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An RCMP Spouse’s Plea

Nov 29

A letter my wife wrote to Public Complaints – Never any follow up. We must find a way to get the truths out
November 26, 2014

Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP
Western Region Office
7337 137 Street, Suite 102
Surrey BC
v32 1A4

To whom it may  concern:

My  name is Carol Marie Villeneuve, my husband has been employed by the RCMP since October, 12 1976. On August the 1st, 2003 he was suspended due to false allegations by members of the O Division senior managers.
He has  been subject of an internal investigation which commenced in late July 2003. He has  been steadfast in his  position that the allegation were, and are, completely unfounded and that he at all times acted honestly and without malice within the scope of his  RCMP duties at all times. He has  a pending date of April, 11, 2005 for the convening of an adjudication board to hear his case. He has asked for funds to pay for his legal counsel,  he has  been denied same just as  he has  also been denied full disclosure of all information in regards to the investigation and its findings. He has also been denied Access under Access to information through AOR on the basis of client privilege.
The RCMP would not disclosed the recipient of pertinent information which if attained, would clearly exonerate my husband  of any wrongdoing relevant to the original allegation. (Falling, to obey an order). At the very core of the matter exist a court “Recognizance” which, for criminal reasons, appears to have been ignored by “0” Division personnel, at all levels, familiar with this matter. There has been absolutely  no acknowledgment of this legal document which formed the basis of his continued contact with an agent of questionable credibility. Indeed, despite his warnings to all levels of management over the utilization of this particular agent, his advised was ignored and fell on deaf ears due to senior mangers personal involvement with a female constable. In regards to this member, I have included my husbands 2003 Performance Report for Promotion, on page 9 in supervisor’s comments you will find this paragraph is in regards to this female constable. Also a point of interest after she decided she knew everything she decided to take control and for unknown reasons was allowed to prevail in regards to decision making. This is one of many reasons why  my husband  and other members left London Detachment Drug Section.
Also a  point of interest for all the years my  husband spent in Drug Section he was never offered a Drug Course, an informant course, cover course or any other related courses to help in his work. This was two folds, one due to my husband’s official language being French and that he asked for the courses in French, which it was made very clear to him that O Division was English Canada and two  this would not allow him to develop his career beyond the present state since he  had no courses for advancing within the organization.
He was suspended on August, 1st 2003 pending an internal investigation. By this time the female constable had already gone ahead of the investigation to plant the seed with other agencies of  his so called  criminal activities. This was also done by  other senior officers and men under their command. These officers negotiated false statements from sources with dubious to none existing credibility even though the first investigation found the female constable to be lying and making it up as she went.
After the First investigation was terminated in November, 2003 due to false information which the Commanding Officer knew full well was false a second internal investigation was commenced and statement taken from a source that the female constable had made reference to. Please be advised before my husbands’ departure to Criminal Operations she had been advised to stay away from this source and only utilize his information if it had been corroborated by two other sources.(Freer)
Also find attached a letter from my  husbands’ Barrister, Michael Epstein in regards to the original investigation which was conducted due to an order that he was supposedly to have to have received from S/Sgt. Barlow  on the 31 of October, 2002. Looking at this memo in context and not forgetting that my husband  had left London Drug Section  (8) Eight months earlier, you will find what should have been done in regards to changing the recognizance for if this order to have been given to have been a lawful order. This memo also indicates to which extent these management members went to cover up their  Breaches of Trust and the child endangerment by investigating members of this eight (8) month period. The agent should have been arrest for admitting to a murder in Toronto some (20) years earlier, that investigation showed that the man was shot with a shot gun by agent and lived. Due, to investigators not reading him the charter they (Toronto Police)  where unable to proceed with investigation. In this these members obstructed justice to be able to continue the investigation with this agent knowing full well that all his information was tainted. I am including a copy of the notes of Constable Rogers and Sgt. P. Whalen in this regards. This memo from my husbands’  barrister also indicates that everything that should have been done and would have cleared my husbands’ name was suppressed by senior members of O Division for the protection of this junior female constable.
A point of interest of this source (Freer) was that this female constable months earlier had received stolen goods from the informant for stating to a judge this informant had helped in providing information when indeed he had not. This was done in September, of 2001/2002 when she was in court with accused to have a one party consent signed. This source has since provided false statements against my husband in regards to the second investigation.
During the course of these investigations, the RCMP investigators as ordered by Commanding Officers have ignored all evidence from Sarnia City Police in regards to agent and the RCMP senior managers going to great length to cover up all these facts. Also cove red up,  was a spousal assault by agent, an attempted murder, numerous breaches of the recognizance, drug dealings, break and enters, insurance fraud and of course not advising Children’s Aid which had in custody the agents stepson that was returned to him and her before their departure into Witness\Protection in December, 2003.
My  husband  was returned to duty in June of 2003, but  due to a heart condition has not returned to duty. I also find that these people have destroyed my  husbands  reputation and that of my family’s in regards to my husband being called a drug dealer by members of the RCMP and senior managers. My husband and myself  have also been contacted by both these agents in which they offered to suppress their testimony for a payment of $25,000 dollars. It is apparent that this was done with RCMP members’ information since they advised these agents that all my husband  had to do was go to pension and even explained to me my husbands pension plan. This information could have only come from an RCMP member.

Information in regards to information to be laid against –
Freeman Sheppard – Assistant Commissioner O Division Retired
Bradley Holman – Assistant Commissioner O Division, Suspended.
J.D. Grimshaw, D\Inspector Biker Unit O Division
Marty Van Doren, Inspector, Assistant Crops Officer O Division
Schmidt, Inspector, Assistant Crops Officer O Division
Rose Galo, Legal council for O Division
Kier Macquarrie, Inspector, H.Q. Ottawa
Mike Floyd, Cpl. Witness Protection O Division
John Smith, Cpl. Witness Protection O Division
S/Sgt. Barlow, NCO i/c London Drug Section, retired
Sgt. Pat Whalen, London Detachment
Constable Paula Rogers, London Detachment.
Section 122 of the Criminal Code, Breach of Trust

Section – 126. (1) Of the Criminal Code, Disobeying a Statute \ Attorney General of Canada may act,
Every one who without lawful excuse, contravenes an Act of Parliament by willfully doing anything that it forbids or by willfully omitting to do anything that it requires to be done is, unless a punishment is expressly provided by law, guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years. And
126. (2) of the Criminal Code, any proceedings in respect of a contravention or conspiracy to contravene an Act mention in subsection (1), other than this act, may be instituted at the instance of the Government of Canada and conducted by or on behalf of that Government.
Section 128, of the Criminal Code, Misconduct of Officers executing process
Section – 129, of the Criminal Code, Offences relating to public or peace officer. (a) Obstructs a peace Officer and Section and (b) omits, without reasonable excuse.
Misleading Justice
Perjury Section, 131. (1) of the Criminal Code falling to report full accounts of events in one party consent. Corroboration by Sarnia Police Officers Reports and Notes of meetings with S/Sgt. Barlow and Constable Paula Rogers.
Section 136. (1) of the Criminal Code, Witness giving contradictory evidence.
Section 138. (a) of the Criminal Code Offences relating to affidavits. False statement or statutory declaration to have been sworn or declare before him when in writing to be false.
Section 139. 1 and 139.2 and 139.3 of the Criminal Code Offences of Obstructing Justice.
Section 140. (1) and (2) of The Criminal Code, compounding indictable offence\ exception for diversion agreements.
Section 145. (a) (b) (c) (d) of the Criminal Code, advertising reward and immunity.
Section 216 of the Criminal Code, Duty of Persons undertaking acts dangerous to life.
Section 217 of the Criminal Code, Duty of persons Directing work.
Section 219 of the Criminal Code, Criminal negligence.

These members by leaving a Court Ordered recognizance (attached) in his name of my husband and not disclosing to my husband all the illegal activities of this agent did endanger my life and that of my family that resides in Sarnia, Ontario. Then to cover it up came up with an investigation against my  husband in regards to him  disregarding an order. By doing so they(above noted)  Obstructed Justice and endangered my life and that  my children. The financial burdens of obtaining a lawyer has also put my family in a financial bind.  Also the psychological trauma that this has caused not only myself but that of our children as well.
Previous to all these events, this agent, Dunn, had threatened to kill our entire family and burn down all of our homes.  Dunn has shown his ability to follow through with his threats as you can tell by his attempted murder of a male in Toronto, ON, some 20 years earlier.  The fear in this males attitude was shown when he was approached by Metro Toronto Police.  Also Dunn’s manipulation of all above noted officers to acquire his freedom by intimidating members of the RCMP, his common law spouse, his children and all that have come into contact with him.  This male even though he has been relocated continues to supply Lambton County with methamphetamines and counterfeit funds with the full knowledge of the RCMP who fear his reprisals.  Keeping this in mind I am very fearful for the lives of not only myself, but those of my immediate and extended family.
Carol M. Villeneuve


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