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Thank you Judge William McCarrrol

Nov 08


Thank you Judge William McCarroll…..

“If Cpl. Francis were here with us today to be sentenced, he would have walked out of this courtroom with my respect, and with no conviction having been recorded and no criminal record.

Commissioner Paulson & RCMP Management:

You maintain that you have a program in place to help those suffering from PTSD.
What did you do to help Corporal Ron Francis?


  1. Anonymous One permalink

    Cpl. Ron Francis did not die in vain. We will carry the torch that he helped light…we will pick up where he left off and we will continue to light the way until we are heard. This is my message to the RCMP; You say you learned from Cpl. Francis’ death…that you learned about PTSD??? Yet you do not take responsibility for his death. PROVE to us that you learned from this. Everyone knows that your new ‘mental health strategy’ doesn’t even mention the word PTSD in it. What exactly did you learn from Cpl. Francis’ death? How many more will die while you watch from the sidelines and aggravate the situation with your thirst for power and control over your employees?

    I second that motion, thank you Judge William McCarroll for your compassion and understanding. You recognized that Cpl. Francis was in pain and needed assistance. You made a point to show that he deserved to be treated with respect and dignity. May he rest in peace.

  2. To all those with ptsd please remember this; many will not understand, many cannot understand and that leaves few who do understand. Reach out (even if it hurts), Care (even if it hurts), Support (until it hurts) and Advocate ( when all odds seem against you) for those less able. Exercise, exercise, exercise.

  3. Such a tragedy…..The RCMP did nothing more than demean, humiliate Cpl. Ron Francis in order to protect their own pathetic image.
    Ordering him to return his Red Serge was nothing more than a bullying tactic. I seem to recall when this happened that Paulson stated the following:
    — RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson says he’s very embarrassed for a New Brunswick Mountie who rankled the national police force by smoking medicinal marijuana in uniform.

    Paulson told a House of Commons committee Tuesday it was “awkward and disappointing” to see Cpl. Ron Francis make headlines after the force discouraged him from going public

    Read more:

    Perhaps Mr. Paulson you and your followers could have reached out to help him instead of throwing him under the bus.

    Shame on you.

  4. We all agree that Paulson’s hand gesturing while responding to those with PTSD, (suggesting they were “nuts”), was “awkward and disappointing” to see.

    The kind words from Judge McCarroll were touching and admirable. We, however, all agree that the RCMP still would have pursued to end Ron’s career via the RCMP Act. I am sure that weighed heavy on his mind.

  5. Buck permalink

    A From the Heart Thank You to Judge William McCarroll for paying an honour to a fallen fellow member, your words of wisdom, compassion and heartfelt emotion for a fallen Canadian who served his country will stay with me for all time. You have displayed a leadership that we in the Force long for and wisdom that I sadly say has vacated our organization.

    With abiding respect,



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