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RCMP – Damage Control?

Sep 15

It’s September 15th and and it’s been extremely quiet when it comes to any media releases on the RCMP.

Although, MP Judy Sgro wants a judicial inquiry into “horrible and graphic” conduct within the country’s national police force after hearing a slew of allegations during a series of private forums across the country.

So why has there been little negative media on the RCMP lately?

I have spoken to a few people and it seems we share similar thoughts which I’ve listed below:

-The Supreme Court should be announcing their decision if the RCMP have the right to unionize.
-The Special Coroner’s Report on RCMP suicides due to be presented very soon.
-A Privacy Commissioner Ruling on a complaint by several members that their private medical information has been breached is expected soon
-The Judicial Inquiry requested by Judy Sgro

What are your thoughts? Do you think the RCMP are in damage control?



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  1. The Old NCO permalink

    What more negative media can there be. I think the RCMP has used up all the possible negative media they can receive. There is nothing else left to report. To use an analogy, the RCMP is like the Titanic after it hit the iceberg. It is now slowly sinking and the rats, “Commissioned Officers” are grabbing the limit number of life boats to make their way to safety. They are not concerned about the regular members well being at all.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t wait to here the Senator’s report on the ongoing issues. It will be a eye opener, and many of us who partook in the process will be vindicated. I was fortunate to get out with some self-respect left and are starting to move on. Many others are damaged and need to be repaired, one can self repair by continuing on in life with projects, plans and try to forget the misery of the pains caused by selfish, bullies. Whether or not they are disciplined, if they did what they did in the “real” world, not the 2 level law of the RCMP, they would be jailed and punished severely. But again, they will have to reflect on the pain and anguish they have done to others. They will have to reflect on the things they have done, to get to where they are today. Let’s move on and go forward to make this world a better place for those who have been injured and damaged.

    • Jessica permalink

      Thank you for acknowledging that you’d like to make things better for all involved, I am totally with you there. Can you share your requests or suggestions to help everyone get more on board with that with you? I love Gandhi’s “Be the Change You Need to See.” so that’s one way I do this for myself. I’ve often found though that it requires a lot of conversation about how and why and not everyone likes to hear what I have to say though they always come to me when they need support. I think that says a lot on it’s own. Maybe as RCMP former or current, you have access to info I don’t – it’d be nice to share that if you have some. Thanks again ^^

  3. Aught Buck permalink

    If they’re doing damage control now, imagine if those four reports go south too. There’s no saving the organization now but maybe the fall out of those will be the bottom of the barrel. At this point I’m almost embarrassed to be Canadian.

  4. EFamia permalink

    Commissioner Paulson receiving Leadership Award from high school in Guelph, Ontario;

    Obviously this school and it’s Administration hasn’t heard that Commissioner Paulson is a convicted harasser and well known bully.

    • can't post permalink

      Thanks for bringing this to light. I love that this school does so much to teach their students. Getting Romeo Daillaire in is a remarkable. Getting Bob in is sadly ironic. One man did everything he could, as part of his job, to prevent genocide and at the end of it all,it nearly ended him. The other man’s greatest adversity was having to pay 900 $ for his wedding party “frills” The icing on the cake? The “wedding guy” openly made fun of people who had suffered psychologically from their work…..I’d love to see Bob do that in front of Dallaire.

      • Anonymous permalink

        can’t post … well put … that is the difference between Dallaire (excellence) and Paulson (mediocrity) it saddens me that there is such a big difference.

  5. Buck permalink

    The Force has been in a leadership void free fall for years, there is no avoiding how obvious it is today.

    Is the RCMP in damage control? Well, when you do nothing but cause damage and harm, it is inevitable to be in 24/7 damage control and coverup.


  6. Jessica permalink

    Yes, I think the RCMP are in Damage Control Mode. There was an earlier post that discussed one man’s personal commitment to his own personal responsibility for being experienced and qualified by reading constantly in order to keep up with what was new, and I wonder if any of you currently do this for yourselves? At this point my counsellors often tell me I’m better read and educated than they are, and often don’t know what else to say to me, they don’t understand I don’t need them to say anything, what I need is for them to act – to institute the programs, to help me bring meaningful change – dating doesn’t have to mean rape and asking for RCMP help doesn’t have to mean only if you’re hospitalized with near death trauma. As a result I choose to stay well read. Has that changed from when you were employed with the RCMP or as employees / RCMP? Have any of you have read Lonnie Athens’ “Process / Theory of Violentization”? It’s an interesting read. What about Nonviolence material? I was wondering how many of you could (if asked to) talk about Women’s CEDAW Rights or the CRC or the UDHR? I wondered if any of you were taught your own rights as part of your training or if you were only taught what someone else wanted you to know as applied to meeting only their needs by performing certain tasks? I know from reading a few of the articles that you are better informed than I had thought about some things, and it’s left me curious. I know you receive combat training, do you receive communication training of some kind? Or do you go in with what skills you have and never look anywhere else for anything else? I often wonder if the “control” issues are a side-effect or the point.

    I live afraid for my life – the people who harmed me threatened that they would kill me for having “made them” look bad, and I don’t have the option of asking the RCMP for help, because those who did harm me, were RCMP and enjoyed watching me be turned away by those in office when they would take me down to “force” me to make statements, or to try – I was often accused of making things up, trying to slander an upstanding RCMP family.

    Yes, I think the RCMP are in damage control, minimizing what they’ve done and awareness and responsibility for it (every cycle or wheel of abuse and violence shows that clearly –…They certainly aren’t admitting to the fact that not only has it not “only” been their own members (whom they are now trying to shut up and kick out) they’re also not acknowledging that if it was easy to do that to those within the force, how much easier and common place was it to treat “at risk” members of our general population that way and get away with it? I have often been accused of trying to ruin the reputation of the family who abused me, yet no one wants to do any investigation…Wonder why. The RCMP is a family, like the one who harmed me and they certainly aren’t currently stepping up and admitting in detail to what they’ve done nor how they are going to take responsibility for it as in this wheel ( Yes, they’re in damage control mode, and I live terrified of what that will mean for people like me who are public and poor, and defenseless, with a story to tell. Recently I was overjoyed to learn that a new part of my story has been told for me, though with each new revelation I am moved one step closer to a final life-threatening confrontation. I’ve been accused of lying about my story, though it’s hard to do when you actually have evidence that others “lose” in order to try to deny (lol). I don’t want or need for punishment to be a method of rectification – it doesn’t fix anything. I need for those who’ve caused that harm to own it in ways that mean it will never happen again – the same way that some pedophiles now educate on how to detect, discourage and prevent both Pedophiles and Harm to Your Child; how have the RCMP succeeded at committing these acts of harm, and how can we prevent this from ever happening again by inserting check sand balances that aren’t RCMP controlled or involved? Those of you who are RCMP have had support that John/Jane Q. Public has not had access to unless they also have a background in that area of expertise themselves, and someone to turn to, but then, you’re not really John Q. Public if you do. All of us have access to information, and mine has been copious in the areas of Abuse / Power / Control / Trauma / Equality and Compassion – the RCMP are definitely in “control” mode…

    I think the next bent of negative media is going to be from the members of the public, and it’s my hope that it comes in the form of specific non-negotiable changes to the institution with the intent to move us forward in life, rather than remaining stuck in archaic power-over thinking (enslavement ideation). I think the meaningful media coverage will be about asking how a policing force can uphold anyone’s rights when the education about rights, equality and dignity is missing from training – has been replaced with education about more methods of conflict control rather than conflict roots, understanding and compassion.

    I’ve been asked by counsellors and a few other professionals to please write my story. I don’t know where to start. It’s been a long road for me, I’ve lost everything. The family who took advantage were former RCMP and I was a young adult trying to earn my way to college and a better life than what I had come from – new unprotected meat in their community ( Exclusive: Mounties Ordered to Resign. I think it’s stories like mine (Janie Q. Public) who’s been abused, and has had no RCMP coverage to help me to cope or cover medical costs, has been slandered in order to further terrify and horrify while deliberately breeding and abusing with further violations within the court system because I don’t have friends in high places to protect me that will be the next set of stories to expose and add leverage for change. I think exposing stories like that are the next wave for – when the average person decides that they’ve been denied the help and support they need after having been involved in dehumanizing and degrading incidents with corrupt RCMP and the settlement they get in court is commensurate with that state of damaged affairs, I think the Government and Courts and the RCMP will have to look really hard at what the real price tag is for elitist segregation type thinking and re-design a new RCMP, geared toward spreading the power out some through education and a pull for equalization within our society as a whole.

    I really would like to see Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication / Gandhi’s Principles of Nonviolence, The White Ribbon Campaign (with the intent to not make this about gender rather, about change and support and the active choice to “not” engage in violence just because you can), the WestCoast Leaf’s “No Means No” program and a few other important ones become required training materials for the RCMP. That’s my request. Yes, I think they’re in damage control mode. So now the next wave will come from a place they can’t control as easily with legislated tactics of brutalization – the public, and the brutalization there will be on camera (Rodney King and Dziekanski will be retold in the struggles, if the RCMP and Gov’t don’t get a grip on their abuse and choose not to offend). It’s my fear that it will be an issue that looks like every other police / RCMP issue we’ve seen where we watch helplessly while Police or RCMP kill someone who didn’t need to die, someone unarmed, someone less trained to commit acts of violence, someone overpowered by those who are an easy (not righteous) kill. Yes, they are in damage control mode the key word being “Control”, and they need to be compassionately honest with themselves and choose not to go there whilst making things worse for themselves, rather to treat this the same way they would treat themselves when caught with their hands in the cookie jar – ’cause they have been. Yes, I was about to steal that cookie, I violated your trust, let me show you through a change in my behaviour “right Now” that I will not offend again (make an honest and full reparation to those harmed – put the cookie, and the crumbs, back, leave the kitchen for the living room and a board game to distract yourself with or offer to help make the next meal – any of you who love yourselves and your kids knows what this looks like in your home). This is where our compassion is also needed, so too are community building skills, equality is essential, not optional. I remember sitting in the RCMP station waiting to make a report of sexual assault against the RCMP family member, and reading a poster across from me that read “I didn’t ask to be raped.” and minutes later to be told that I was trying to slander…It’s been painful, being controlled.

    I am hurting and afraid that yes, they are in “Control” mode, and I am hoping that instead it turns out to be the Law Abiding / Equal Rights and Humanity Affirming step instead – Assessment and Reparation mode. I know this isn’t the case or the RCMP would not have been asked to settle their issues – they’d have owned them with the intent to re-establish equality.

    I take a deep breath in….I…2…3…4…I am still shaking with fear. Yes, they are “controlling” and yes, I am afraid.

  7. Farren McDonald permalink

    A quote from Benjamin Franklin, that sums the RCMP in a nutshell:

    “Tricks and treachery are the practise of fools who don’t have brains enough to be honest”.

    RCMP: Too focused on the corporate business acumen, with a severely lackluster recruiting protocol, empowering criminally-minded psychopaths to exercise their psychopathic bent with impunity.

    The utterly saddening part is that they are too big to fail now. They will continue to lord it over the land and allow their psychopathic employees to wreak havoc on the populace, and there is nothing the average Joe can do about it.

    Canada is a police-state, and it will only get worse.

    There are only two things you can do:
    1) Save up as much money as you can, and move to another country. Preferably where RCMP do not have jurisdiction or Interpol connections.
    2) Talk to others and initiate a nation-wide class-action lawsuit to BANKRUPT the RCMP. Every Canadian who has ever had their Charter Rights violated by this corrupt institution can sign up. I suspect there would be hundreds of thousands who would partake.

    I can honestly say that I am ashamed of my country. The country that MY fore-fathers founded and homesteaded and built.

    And it’s all because of the RCMP.

    For shame.


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