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RCMP Vet Calls For Public Inquiry

Jun 28

Just a brief introduction of myself. I retired from the Codiac RCMP in Feb. of 2013 after being ODS on a number of occasions. During my ODS I was unfortunately diagnosed with PTSD. My last 14yrs was as a Team Leader, Cpl., in the patrol section.

I worked with, supervised and provided annual evaluations on two of the fallen. When this tragedy took place I felt helpless, in fact, have gone through different emotional stages. Now I am with the feeling I can help. I can do something. I am speaking up!

I have already provided an interview with the CBC on “facts” of safety shortcomings. In that interview I concluded that the only fair, transparent and non prejudicial way to have an inquiry would be by a public inquiry.

A recent “editorial” was prepared and released by one of our most recognized and read papers in the Maritimes, The Times and Transcript. The editorial supports a public inquiry while our Premier and local MP support an internal. I have a meeting scheduled with the MP, Robert Goguen, July 11th.

The Times and Transcript provides a section of its paper for public feedback. It is titled, “Forum”. Now folks is the time to let the public know what you know about the RCMP, its administration and practices. What you feel about an internal inquiry.

As you are all probably aware, the public support for the fallen, injured and its police force in general has been overwhelming. I would not hesitate to say that hundreds of thousands of dollars through various organizations, benefits and concerts are still pouring in.

The public should and, in my opinion, have a right to know what has been wrong and what went wrong. The public want to do more than make a donation and give their condolences.

I ask that perhaps the ones placing concerns on this web page, contact the Times and Transcript and forward your thoughts to the editor. Many of you are like me, retired and have seen a lot. If and when our public read comments from people that are not just local, that are from various venues perhaps from around the world, you will get their attention.

Contact Email:

Finally I must tell you that I have conversed a number times already with the MPPAC and am in support of their efforts, or should I say our efforts as I recently became a member myself.

Terry McKee

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Terry, I cannot imagine the sickness you must have felt upon getting the news.

    Pls follow through with your exposee and thanks in advance for what you will no doubt go through.

  2. Geoff Currie permalink

    Readers are encouraged to go to a website entitled ” Officer Down Memorial Page ” I recommend comparing records of Canadian and American on duty police homicides since Jan 1 2000 . If you do the math you will find in those 14 years in Canada a total of 26 Canadian police killed by a homicide . 21 gunfire deaths , and 2 stabbing deaths . The 21 gunfire deaths are a result of 15 separate incidence . ( 11 x rifle/shotgun , 4 x handgun ) . 14 RCMP gunfire deaths . Seven other Canadian Police Service members killed by gunfire . RCMP gunfire fatalities from Mayerthorpe and Moncton together (7) are one third of the 14 year national total . Two moments , and gone forever .
    Meanwhile south of the border in the USA for the same 14 year time period 19 on duty American police were stabbed to death and 740 (!) were GUNNED DOWN . Wake Up Canada “American style cop killing” in all it’s horror, was perpetrated in Moncton recently and will come north unless strong Canadian measures are taken .

    • Terry McKee permalink

      Very good info people need to know…thanks Geoff

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I heard your interview on CBC radio today. Good for you. It takes a lot of guts.

  4. Terry McKee permalink

    Ya know, frustration overcomes any thought of retribution. Once you dive in it makes one feel a sense of accomplishment and the interviews get easier….thanks for your comment and support

  5. Buck permalink

    You are so right Terry, Independent external inquiry.

  6. EFamia permalink

    This is how National Division SEC responds to members questions (taken from their National Division Blog on the RCMP infoweb) about training and equipment. See below. As you will see it is condescending and dismissive of their concerns. First Responder’s can’t wait for ERT to attend, even if they are a full time team, when confronted with a “Justin Bourque” type individual, goal oriented with the intent to kill. It is too late at that time. They need the equipment and training to protect the public and defend themselves now. 19th century thinking continues to infect Senior RCMP managers. It all comes down to money for them. The CO of National Division should be ashamed he has put the lives of his members at risk with irrational decision making.


    Equipment / Training


    I’d like to know why National Division has not yet acquired, trained and distributed the patrol carbine to its members? This tool is extremely valuable and when available to members in places such as Parliament Hill, would greatly assist in ensuring the safety and security of the grounds, buildings, employees, the public and all on-duty members. In addition to this, serious consideration should also be given to the individual issuing of hard body armour to all members in front-line, operational roles in and around the Ottawa area. Finally, offering site specific IARD training would also be very useful – more specifically, the development of an IARD program, which allowed members to be trained to respond to specific environments (other than schools), such as outdoor responses in parks, forests, or large open areas such as Parliament Hill.

    Your attention to this request is appreciated.


    Thank you for taking the time to write to us. It is obvious that you take your safety and security as well as the ones of your colleagues very seriously – as you should. Please rest assured that we (National Division Management) are also taking them equally seriously.

    As for your questions pertaining to the distribution of patrol carbine, issuance of the hard body armour (HBA) and IARD training, you will find below the rationale of our positions.

    Note that in the assessment of our needs, the following factors were taken into consideration;

    – the nature of the National Division’s mandate,
    – the geographical location/territory of the Division,
    – the support/backup from within the Division and from Police Partners present in the National Capital Region (NCR).

    1. Patrol Carbine
    The patrol carbine closes a gap for front line police officers where there is no timely response to a long gun incident. Fortunately in National Division, we have a full time ERT team that is tasked with supporting the Protective Policing mandate. The NCR is also well served by our policing partners in OPS and Gatineau Police. It is important to note that the patrol carbine requires significant training for proficiency and safety. Having a full time ERT that trains weekly on a variety of weapon systems mitigates long gun threats for our area of responsibility.

    2. Hard Body Armour (HBA)
    Recently, National Division ordered an additional 71 HBAs in order to complement our current inventory. All Marked Police Vehicles will be equipped with HBA. Also, other Protective Operations sectors will maintain a number of HBAs.

    3. IARD training
    National Division training has been offering the IARD training sessions as well as the re-certification sessions for some time. They will continue to offer these sessions. Parliament Hill Detachment has provided site familiarization sessions and additional information sessions to its members.

    In conclusion, as previously indicated, we are the only Division with an ERT that has a Protective mandate. Their mandate is unique being the only team to provide full time support to protective operations mandate. A robust training regimen in the use of these systems allows for decision, quality intelligence and precision fires.

    Response Posted: 2014-07-11


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