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RCMP – It’s a Farce

Apr 29

What is Right?  Ethical?  Fair? Ethics have gone right out the window!

RCMP Management support theft/fraud from its own members.  When the manuals say you can’t do something, that should say it all.  Well guess again, upper management, Asst. Commissioner included, denied a grievance that included harassment as a grounds from reporting theft/fraud by members.   Amazing. Goes to show you how corrupt and miserable this Federal Government Police Force is.

That’s fine … it still goes on, I guess everywhere, so everyone fill up your PC’s use your Aeroplan and Air Miles cards like Cpl and Sgt did, and take your families on trips to Hawaii, it’s OK the force will turn a blind eye to it, and everything will be just fine.

Yeah, OK.  I at least will go to my grave, happy knowing that I did the ethical thing and reported it, and I carry no guilt, but I paid the price, because I am more honest that the two that did the deed, and or others that let them slip under the radar.    So I get slapped down for doing the “right thing” and the cheats and liars, just carry on.
I believe in KARMA …
The grievance process and Harassment Program in the RCMP isn’t worth the paper it is written on.   It’s a farce.

  1. Sleepless in K Div. permalink

    You’re right author. Now they’ll drag it out until you have a complete nervous breakdown or worse so that you either suffer financially or give up. Don’t give up. Hold the line. You have the integrity of the honest majority behind you.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Long and short of my story is…….been there, done that, launched lawsuit, filed grievances, all which nearly killed me mentally, physically and emotionally. The guilty one was promoted while those in upper management that he kissed ass to and who tried to cover it up all retired. Second investigation into my complaint found the promoted one guilty of wrong doing and was to be dealt with by his new district officer to which I was told I could not be told of the punishment. I am still hanging in, only to get my pension. Disgusting Organization.
    Name withheld because you all know why.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Hey that sounds like what has happened here as well. Some things never change!


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