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RCMP’s Health Modernization Team: Worthy of Monty Python?

Apr 18

Moderator’s Comment:

What follows is the RCMP’s Audit of Long Term Sick Leave from the Chief Human Resources Officer (Ottawa); and then a retired member’s take on it.  Some might describe the audit as bafflegab.  Has the issue of a safe workplace been addressed?  Has the implementation of effective grievance processes been addressed?  Have members’ outstanding grievance/harassment issues been addressed?  Have the causes that put members’ on long term sick leave been addressed?  You decide.

RCMP’s Audit of Long-Term Sick Leave

April 10, 2014

Today we released publicly the RCMP’s Audit of Long-Term Sick Leave ( The audit was requested by the Commissioner as part of his renewed effort to address issues surrounding long-term sick leave and the negative impact it can have on operations and member morale.

Current situation

One of the notable findings of the audit is that the current monitoring and oversight activities of long-term sick leave are not sufficient to ensure that it is managed appropriately.

We can do better.

The RCMP has a duty to support its members who accept the inherent dangers of police work with a robust and effective health and disability management system.

At the same time, members and their commanders also have a duty to adhere to their responsibilities as defined in the Administration Manual (AM) policies.

Following are things that can — and must — be done now:

Going forward

Our Health Modernization team, in consultation with the SRRs, is actively working to implement a robust disability management system that will promote wellness and a timely return to work after absence due to illness/injury. This will have a direct impact on the amount of sick leave being necessary to get back healthy and productive.

In the interim, I must restate the importance of commanders and members reading, understanding and complying with the policies and procedures currently in place relevant to the fitness for duty of our members. We need to move forward on these matters today in preparation for the changes that are coming to our disability case management system in the future.

One recent step in this direction is the recently announced Determination Process for Access to Occupational Health Benefits ( ). It is important that every member familiarizes themselves with the new process as it supports the Commissioner’s announcement ( ) that effective September 1, 2013, members who have been on ODS for more than two years, with a non-work related illness or injury, will cease to accumulate vacation leave until they return to work.

We’re paying attention

When you pay attention to something, it gets addressed.

For example, in February 2013, we identified 187 members who were off-duty sick for more than two years. As a result of following up with these members regarding their fitness for duty, we can advise that as of September 2013:

  • 122 of these members are now in the disability case management or medical discharge process.
  • Of the 65 remaining members:

o 27 returned to work;

o 33 retired; and

o five (5) have signed a discharge request (1733).

We know that health, wellness and fitness for duty are critical to providing effective policing and achieving our mandate. I ask every member to do their part in making this happen.

Daniel Dubeau, D/Commr.
Chief Human Resources Officer

Retired Member’s Comments:

Send a “Broken” Force to “solve” it’s PTSD problem and “voila” you have a solution:

First create a distraction;

Change the name from PTSD to “Long Term Sick Leave”;

Address the “Current situation” of such long term sick leave and declare it a “management problem”;

How novel!  Now blame sick members for causing long term sick leave…who would have thought?;

Then have the same management declare to the Public;

 We can do better!

after which announce the obvious…..

Going Forward

Which is briefly described as a means by which Management works with the SRR’s (the latter being persons elected by the membership to capitulate to management desires or face negative career consequences)

With the forgoing hopeless conflict of interest once again entrenched…then warn the membership by saying …

“We’re paying attention!”

and immediately follow that up with…the solemn words.;

When you pay attention to something, it gets addressed.”

Make sure you have that statement, made by the Head of RCMP Human Resources, when you have him list what is being done to (or for) the victims of RCMP management.

And there you have it! A solution to PTSD has been found and implemented.

Hey Presto!!  Harry Houdini would be impressed!!

Laughable as a Monty Python Sketch?








  1. Anonymous permalink

    I agree with the Retired Member. that having the broken RCMP which created the sick leave problem find a cure… at least Monty Pyton was funny and we knew it was a farce… Hang on we may be on to something here…. Yes it’s a FARCE.
    The Commander must keep contact with the sick member. Then if the Commander is the one that cause the sick leave by HARASSING the member now he can continue and say it’s his Job. I remember 14 years ago when my Cpl would come home and question why I was sick and how the Doctor was treating me. This really help me get better…. YOU THINK. Now one thing that is true.. some commander have played the putting a member on sick leave to balance his budget.. and Upper management would do nothing about it. They said it was creative accounting…. funny we call it a Fraud and charge People. Now being off sick and nobody calls to see how you are doing does has a negative effect also. I’ve seen members get their long term sick package the same week they returned to work, because HR did not know he was back at work…..
    We have all had to deal with 250 to 400 files at a time. If we did’nt we were labeled as UNDERACHIEVER, SLACKER”. Funny HR cannot manage who is off sick and when did they return to work… GRW is a FARCE nobody checks on you when your on this to see how your doing.
    Every Member cannot be squeezed into the same GRW Profile. Front line members are asked to come in and do admin work. Members in special section do what they want. Hwy Members are ask to do admin work…. there is no admin for Highway .. the ticket is the paperwork…. counter radars, flares, spare tires, fire extinguisher is not GRW…..
    GRW was created to help the member come back to work gradually while someone is monitoring his progress. But his supervisor is not on the same shift as him… and having someone GRW on a night shift is ridiculous. You see a member can count all the fire extinguisher , spare tire. stuff in the bond room for his whole GRW… Management will say He is great, doing a good job, lets put in back to work front line and have him deal with confrontational people, then wonder what the hell happened when the member snaps .. Funny he was doing so good counting stuff…… Yup it is a sketch straight from Mounty Python

    • Anonymous permalink

      True story, it’s my ‘Commander’ harassing me and my family, at my home.

  2. Buck permalink

    Monty Python is funny and enjoyable, RCMP Human Resources is like Tim Curry as “Pennywise” the clown in the movie “IT”, not funny and caused a generation of children to fear and avoid clowns.

    Robust????? Someone in the strategic communications unit got a new dictionary for Christmas, I would think it is more like Robullshit!!!!!!! Let me think, who else writes, edits and fact checks their own writings. Oh yeah, the Catholic church, Cults, Hells Angels, Political parties, the Kardashians……. I think you get the picture.

    Mission, Vision, Values statement (which contains the Core values) and now introducing the new & improved Health Modernization Team. Pinnochio would be proud.

  3. mixer permalink

    The RCMP as the stupidity to replace Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with the new word OSI Operational Stress Injury…. Injury does not sound as bad as Disorder… When you enter OSI on the internet you get a bunch of false hits, when you try PTSD you get all the information. Now dance over to the DSM-IV Manual its the book with all the codes for mental health issues, the same codes that the insurance company used to classify how much to pay people with Mental Health issues…. No mention of OSI…no code… Now PTSD you get all kinds of codes for PTSD and his friends .. Stress,anxiety,insomia,dream disorder and the list goes on.. Make me wonder why Buffalo changed the name…. With something that insurance companies can’t classify…. Nah the buffalo would’nt do that to is most valuable product… Or would they. !

  4. Buck permalink

    “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”

    George Orwell

    Certainly applies with how the RCMP operates and justifies the harm caused by its puppets of the government club, or SEC to the layperson.

  5. Buck permalink

    I understand the Force is planning on mass firing of members who are long term ODS at the end of June, many of these members are suffering from PTSD and other OSI’s from the workplace and ignored by senior management and Health Services. Classy.

    The following are from a Parlimentary Committee session from April 3, 2012 (2 Years ago) with A/Comm. Dan Dubeau the CHRO & his entourage, plus SRR Senior Executives.

    “Well, I think PTSD is PTSD”

    S/Sgt. Mike Cassault, SRR

    “We’ve talked about PTSD. We’re more open about that.”

    A/Comm. Dan Dubeau, CHRO

    “When it comes to OSI, I’ve often said if I had an OSI injury, I’d ask them to put a cast on my arm so that people wouldn’t look at me and wonder why I was off work. I would be off work because I had a cast, when really I had something else wrong with me.”

    “I have to deal with the stigma.”

    S/Sgt. Abe Townsend, SRR

    “Mr. Casault, you were speaking about the under-reporting that happens, possibly due to the potential for career sidetracking.”

    “Is there a plan to remove that stigma?”

    Dan Harris, NDP MP, Scarborough Southwest, ON

    ” The quick answer is that the plan is not to report, so a person with OSI might go underground.”

    S/Sgt. Mike Cassault, SRR

    “Is there a plan? Yes. We continue stressing awareness.”

    “Mike is indicating that members feel they should not report, Abe talked about the Canada Labour Code; if something has happened, there has to be a report.”

    “To try to educate our managers and employees to start looking at each other and start taking care of each other.”

    A/Comm. Dan Dubeau, CHRO

    What the hell happened between the warm fuzzy evidence of back then to a committee, and the get rid of those we have neglected and suffered harm? Stigma is stronger than responsibility & acceptability.

  6. Buck permalink

    After reading my previous post here, a member forwarded me the Force’s “Audit of Long-Term Sick Leave” and its accompanying statistics signed by A/Comm. Dan Dubeau, the Chief Human Resources Officer.

    The Current Situation describes that current senior managers and supervisors have been lax in their addressing and monitoring of long term sick leave.

    Going Forward describes a “robust” system that will” promote wellness and a TIMELY return to work.”

    Claiming that We’re Paying Attention claims that, “When you pay attention to something, it gets addressed.”

    I would take the position that this does not pass the “Truth in Advertising” test and merely serves to self promote something that is not supported by independent oversight and scrutiny to assure Taxpaying Canadians that their national police force and its operations are being professionally and ethically led.

    Further, the claim that “The RCMP Commissioner heard – and listened to members who voiced concerns.” is a concern since he has not listened to the voices from within that there exists a SERIOUS unaddressed crisis of incompetence, abuse of authority, violation of federal statutes, general harassment and bullying and sexual harassment. Let’s remember A/Comm. Dubeau’s claim which I will repeat, “When you Pay Attention to Something, it gets Addressed.”

    The “Current Situation”, blames RCMP managers have not followed existing policy, but assures that the Commissioner has mandated policies will be followed going forward. Again independent oversight would have saved the Canadian taxpayer substantial monies in this regard. How many other policies have not been followed and adhered to, unfortunately dear taxpayer, I would say this behaviour goes across the board as well and again with no judicious oversight of your investment to public safety from coast to coast to coast. The answer? Independent oversight again.

    The statistical claim is made that there are 38% of RCMP member’s who are off Long Term ODS suffering from PTSD and other OSI’s. Let’ s recall the previous post I made where evidence to a Parliamentary Committee was all about how do we help these poor souls. Well come the end of June these Stewards of RCMP Human Resources plan to dismiss those members who have been negligently ignored and stigmatized, I imagine, to help the Prime Minister cut costs and then hire new recruits under the newer system which is significantly cheaper. Dear taxpayer, the “Truth in Advertising” is that your hard earned tax dollars have been abused and misused by those in positions of power within the Force, the front line member’s who have been at work day and night shifts in all manner of weather and threats on the ground, taking the beating from both sides are being sacrificed and cast aside as a drain on tax monies as a smokescreen by senior Force officials to conceal their incompetence and negligence.

    To be perfectly blunt, without independent oversight, the investment of your tax dollars will be continually misused and abuse without end as long as, like the Forces adherence to it’s Core Values, RCMP Truth in Advertising fails to exist.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Buck, love what you said. You couldn’t have been more clear and more correct in what the issues are. If tax payers are concerned as to why their National Police force is in such a bad state of affairs they need to get informed as to what really goes on behind closed doors instead of trusting this “system” of streamlining that is designed to dispose of many good men and women who have worked so hard to serve and protect them for so long. It’s a kick in the teeth and a slap in the face to those members. The public has to know that this is not acceptable and the reaction of RCMP management is a mere bandaid. This is going to be a vicious cycle…members are still going to get sick (because nothing has been addressed), then those members they will be off work sick, then they will be ousted. Then the force will hire more people (if they can find anyone who wants to join). …and the cycle continues. It’s a scary thought what the future holds for the members of the RCMP. So just think, if you are a parent, would you want your child joining a police force that does not protect or care for it’s members adequately? Sure, things may be fine for the first 5 years or so of service, but just wait. Under the right conditions the risk of developing PTSD over a period of time is very high in this job. And when your child starts to falter and suffers in silence you will probably wonder what is going on with he/she. Your child won’t know because the RCMP doesn’t tell the members about these kinds of Occupational Stress Injuries. We do not know what the signs and symptoms are because no one cared to inform us. Your child will just keep spiralling out of control, symptoms will become more significant and obvious. But instead of the force recognizing this and caring as an employer should for their employee (legal requirement), your child will start receiving bad assessments because of their symptoms. He/she may turn to alcohol or drugs to cope as he/she doesn’t know what is happeneing to them. Yet they are still performing their duties and exposed to more trauma, day in and day out. Management does not want them to miss one day of work, and if they do, they will be chastized, harassed, insulted, etc. Health Services certainly won’t step in because they get paid by the RCMP so they know what side their bread is buttered on. So your child continues to work like a machine, sees more trauma and receives no help…finally something has got to give. The result could be suicide, an impaired driving charge, an outburst or overreaction during a call that will cost them their career. So instead of receiving the care they should have receved long ago, before their symptoms were this bad, your child’s career is destroyed because they did not know how to cope and they had no help from those who ought to have known what was going on from the onset of this illness. And not only is your child’s career ruined, their health has declined so badly that they will live with the symptoms for the rest of their lives because there was nothing in place to minimize the risks or prevent this from happening from the start. It doesn’t have to be this way. It shouldn’t be this way. Many of these members who are off work sick didn’t have to end up there. Their employer should have done something about this before it got to this point. There is NO excuse for this. Like Oprah says, “when you know better, you do better.” Plain and simple.


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