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Thoughts from an RCMP Spouse – Update

Apr 12
Almost tw0 years ago I wrote this:

Thoughts from an RCMP Spouse

Nov 28

As a wife of a current member I have witnessed most if not all the  bullying that has gone on with being a member of the RCMP.  I’ve heard for years now not only from my husband but from others that I have become close to in the RCMP about the wrong doings within the force. What is very upsetting is that I am hearing these comments more and more frequently.

It’s the never ending saga of “the unknown” what will they do next, what’s on their agenda today, are they setting me up to push me out? I’ve done everything they have wanted me to do and more, oh yes the more, that is, the standing up for my subordinates…

That’s the more they didn’t like and for that I become a target of bullying, harassment, lost opportunity for promotion and grievance’s not being dealt with.  Let’s brush it under the carpet…pretend this person who has given 20 plus years of their life and pretend he didn’t exist. The RCMP is your first family and your blood family is second.

I’ve stood by my husband through his sleepless nights, his bouts of depression, his anger outbursts, and lack of energy, the paranoia, no longer interested in things that made him happy.  The hours that lead into days doing nothing, feeling unprotected and no gratitude and the why me comments.  He gave his life to the RCMP which without a doubt cost him his first marriage…after all how can a healthy relationship flourish when you’re never home, always being there at their beck and call. And then along with that not being there for his kids and now that they are adults and have issues feels responsible because yet he wasn’t there. Why wasn’t he there, because he was one of the elite that was needed always needed for his first family the RCMP.

I have watched my husband being one of those that was always on the go and passionate about his career to watching him each day to becoming more and more disillusioned and soon become depressed at what was happening.  He would jump out of bed at 3am when his pager went off because he was needed!! I would always question why are you doing that. I would say you’re crazy. But he loved it, he was needed and wanted to make a difference.  After all he was a proud member of the RCMP!  I let him go being truly happy for him and happy for our country that we have such devoted souls.

WHAT HAPPENED??? He spoke the truth; stood up for his people…He enjoyed the camaraderie with the men and women he worked with, but was never one to put his true moral values behind.  He stood up spoke his mind in a diplomatic professional manner and here he is… work because he didn’t get on board with management.  HMMM does getting on board with management not allow you to have an opinion or comment of your own?  Yes you’re right….you no longer think for yourself…..get on board with management and yes you do as you are told to do….doesn’t matter who you fuck over just do it…After all, the RCMP do no wrong…we have an image to portray… In  my opinion and most Canadians that image is being tainted daily.

I am grateful that he had the bravery to believe firstly in his own morals and not ones that would have made him one of “those”.

In my opinion he may have not  received all the promotions  that he certainly was entitled to, most of those are what the bullies get… the ones on board with management, but at least he has a strong moral conviction in what is right!

I am proud to be his wife because of the beautiful gentle soul that he is but, I am very unhappy that he had to endure years of bullying because of this…

I am so thankful that our son after attending a recruitment meeting called and said “you know mom this career isn’t for me!”.  I was so pleased to hear those words.

They took away my husband but wouldn’t have a chance to do that to my son.



WOW, and the beat goes on……

I wrote that letter almost 2 years ago…..and nothing has changed for the positive that is but everything has changed for the negative! I thought (how ignorant of me) thinking that things perhaps would have changed for the better. I understand morale is at an all time low in many detachments. As anyone still active in the RCMP knows, things have not changed despite the RCMP advising the public and their employees that positive changes are being made through their Wellness Committees etc. It’s the same old bullying, harassing tactics that they have used in the past and continue to use, only in my opinion they are becoming more and more profound as they are getting desperate as June 2014 approaches and Bill C-42 becomes in effect. They must clean up those that are off Off Duty Sick. Now one would think since we live in the 21st century that surely our human rights would mean something. Well I can tell you that unless you are a commissioned officer your human rights are basically non existent.

Needless to say my husband’s symptoms have worsened, our relationship more strained and his and my negative outlook of the RCMP is now reinforced.

As a Canadian I say to myself, certainly this can’t be Canada but as I speak to others I’m clearly told that the reality is “we do live in Canada and it’s quickly becoming a country that once proud Canadians want to flee”.

We had company from overseas. They ask about the RCMP, wanting to see photos, wanting to see, touch the Red Serge. We follow through with their wishes but really all I want to do is scream out “they are corrupt, they treat their members like garbage. They lie, they cheat they will do whatever it takes to protect their image. I hate everything the RCMP stands for. The RCMP are one big lie.

They’ve destroyed a wonderful man, who was once easy going, gentle, caring and patient. His anger, anxiety, his calmness, his patience is no longer. All thanks to those that have bullied, harassed, belittled intimidated and continue to do so.

I’ve wanted to end this long ago but now I’m on board, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT. I would never allow my children to be bullied in school, or sports activities, why on earth would allow grown adults to do this to other adults. I’ve made it my mission to inform anyone that I am in contact with about the wrong doings of the RCMP. I have very successfully I might add ,convinced two potential RCMP applicants to apply for an alternate police force. I will continue to do this until I’ve seen some positive changes from the RCMP and until this organization has some form of protection as in a Union or Association.

Where has commissioner Paulson been lately? Has he perhaps been scolded for all the defamatory remarks he’s made in the past whenever he was in the media? The “whistle and twirl of his finger” when speaking about mental illness, the repulsive email to S/Sgt. Chad.

This is the RCMP’s leader.


a person or thing that leads

a guiding or directing head, as of an army, movement, political group,

a conductor or director

Is this the type of individual that we want to lead the RCMP?

One thing that the RCMP have not destroyed in my husband is his strong honourable character to help those in need and to never give up. I can also say that I was once a quitter but not anymore.


  1. Anonymous permalink

    Right on Anonymous!!! Don’t let them take your spirit away. Don’t allow your husband to crawl into a corner and curl into a ball of once was a wonderful man. None of us will accept this treatment. It is everything that goes against our morals, ethics and plain old common sense of humanity. And YES we have RIGHTS…surprise to the RCMP. They think they own us. We signed the “dotted” line so they now control not only our every move, but our thoughts too! It’s like being brainwashed. “Do as I say, not as I do”. We’re all puppets and they pull the strings. Muzzled, opressed, pushed, pulled, bullied, harassed, and it goes on and on. Who do they think they are? I feel so badly for members like your husband who are still working and feel this way. They have it the worst. They have no escape and NO support. At least the ones off sick are away from that environment, temporarily….until they get forced out by the new rules of Bill C42. Then there will be no recourse. And once they are gone it’s just a matter of time before many more members fill their spots on ODS (off sick). There is a pattern of this occurring now and it’s going to keep happening until there are no more members to serve and ptotect!
    I also know many potential applicants who want nothing to do with the RCMP ever since they have seen and heard how they treat their members. Who wants to work for an organization that enslaves it’s employees and treats them like dirt? So all the potential applicants are turning to Municipal forces where their members are protected. I am so thankful for social media, like this site. The truth is coming out right from the mouths of those who are being abused, me included. And the world sees it. Of course the RCMP doesn’t do itself any favors when the good old Commissioner speaks publicly about how he truthfully feels about his members…somehow he always finds a way to embarass himself. But if it’s how he really feels then I guess we know we’re seeing him at face value.
    The cuckoo whistling event? What ODS members who suffer from any mental illness would want to or would be able to go back into that workplace now that they see how their leader truly feels about them? And what did that say to the members still serving? That it is ok to harass and bully those who are ODS or on the brink of it? That you must be strong and not show weakness, because if you do, you too will be labelled a CUCKOO. He did a lot of damage the moment he let that whistle out. But again, it was his truth. That is DISCRIMINATION by our Charter of Human Rights at it’s best. It’s just as bad as if he had referred to African Americans as the ‘N’ word. It’s NO different. So why is he getting away with this??? Why is he still there? And how did the RCMP ever get Bill C42 passed? It’s an execution date, that’s what it is. Many innocent men and women are going to face a sentence in June 2014, all because they are sick…due to their EMPLOYER. The whole situation is SICKENING and I get sicker by the day knowing that this is what has become of us and our once beloved force.
    Stay and fight Anonymous. You are a brave and decent soul. Right now our only recourse is LEGAL recourse and that is why the Class Action Lawsuit for men. Fight fire with fire. I can’t wait until the stories of those abused men come out. The RCMP are going to want to crawl into a corner when the world sees what maggots they really are. This is where they are going to be EXPOSED for what they really are. Their every act of bullying and harassment and failure to accomodate our good men is going to take the air out of their sails and I can’t wait to be there to see it. With all the men that are joining the lawsuit, I can tell you that this is going to be the beginning of the end for the RCMP. And once it gets publicly announced, LOOK OUT! Many more will join!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    A big thank-you, for your husbands sacrifice and you his heroine in his time of need, your letter will lift the spirits of all of us who are fighting the battle of oppression, because we voice our truth’s and stand for the justice of all people who are harassed by these management people. You are courageous and just, keep up your fight, and we will eventually win this battle. ~

  3. Anon permalink

    I am proud of you for speaking out in such a way. Your husband is a lucky man but for you this must be torturous. Watching someone so dedicated beaten down in such a way. There is no excuse for this. It is shameful and anyone who has any connection with our current organization knows it. All I can say is hold on. Our numbers are growing and we intend to see things right.

  4. Stewart Robertson permalink

    The damage being done by malicious acts, abuses of authority and outright violations of law by senior personnel of the RCMP in the bold, overt negligence of its statute entrenched and supported responsibilities to its employees and by extension their families has been increasing steadily as each year passes. I see this far too often in my position and have experienced it personally and know of cases where suicide of a member, yes, I said SUICIDE! is the result along with the forever changed lives of spouses and children, friends and members. Anon’s, I salute your courage to stand and speak up to the damage that is being done while being consistently ignored by senior management and whitewashed with regularity. All of this under a government that choses to look the other way as a timid bystander in a bullying & abuse situation.

    Stewart Robertson
    Lower Mainland Member’s Support Group

  5. Anonymous permalink

    It’s a though this lady has been a member in the RCMP! You’ve hit the nail on the head exactly, and have captured exactly what the ground level members go through and I have seen in 20yrs as a member. It’s disgusting and you’re right, who would think in the 21st century that an employer in Canada can treat an employee the way the management of the RCMP does to its members?? Well it’s happening every day.
    Interestingly, I see a psychologist regularly, who also sees many other current and retired RCMP members. He shakes his head every time at the stories he hears. He only started treating RCMP members about 6 yrs ago and it’s sure opened his eyes to the truth of what goes on. It’s too bad the general public doesn’t know the real truth.
    I too, go out of my way to encourage any young persons contemplating a career in the RCMP to steer as wide a path as they can around them.
    At least with most of the municipal forces you have an association, or at least some form of representation that’s not tied to or controlled by management, like is the case with the RCMP.

  6. Stewart Robertson, Chair, Lower Mainland Members Support Group permalink

    This topic prompted me to review a release by Commissioner Paulson on 2013-02-28 under the title of “Members Off-Duty Sick”, the following are just a couple of the false and misleading statements made to conceal the unaccountable ill treatment of what is currently underway by Human Resource and Health Service units of the Force. Given what RM’s & CM’s are facing these days as a result of the unnecessary passing of Bill C-42 and its accompanying justification for “Bad Apples” to be unaccountable to ensure the senior manager avoids accountability for his/her inaction and negligence. The following excerpts come from this release, “In the coming days, you may hear stories about the administrative discharge of members who have been off-duty sick (ODS) for a prolonged period. The spin may be that the RCMP is “firing” employees who are ODS long-term with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after making a harassment complaint for example. Let me assure you that this is not the case.” It would seem that his comments were not entirely true.

  7. Buck permalink

    “If you get sick or injured as a result of your job, we will look after you.”

    Commissioner Bob Paulson

    • Catherine permalink

      Ha ha.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Why are you not posting your whole name here and in the other forums on this website? Did you just decide today that you would start posting your name? Why is that? So should I assume that you were hiding who you are before this? Why, shame on you!

    • Guerilla Fighter permalink

      He isn’t looking after me.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    I certainly can understand how Suicide can result after years of bullying and harassment. I for one (not being a member but the spouse of a member who has been bullied) have considered it. Yes, I can finally admit that I found/find it hard to deal with at times. Its difficult watching your partner going through such ugliness, wondering what the RCMP will try to do next, when will they do it, how will they do it? Life/marriage has its difficulties with everyday situations. Financial issues, health issues, parenting issues BUT the issues that come from the RCMP’s bullying tactics are despicable. People actually treat their pets better than the RCMP do their employees. Some might say “why would a spouse consider ending it all, it doesn’t affect you?’ Well, I can say spouses, sons, daughters, parents are affected because it changes the bullied individual. No longer are they the same person they once were. I am so hopeful that one day a bullied RCMP goes public, tells the world what has happened to them. The RCMP can continue to deny but evidence speaks for itself. I know that should they dismiss my spouse “because they can”, I will go public. Enough is enough. What more can they do to us?
    Buck, yes you’re right in the statement of what Commissioner Paulson said. We all know though that its a BIG FAT LIE. How they look after their employee is by passing them off to Veterans Affairs or Great West Life. It’s deplorable.
    When they advertise about employment and their slogan is “The RCMP offers a career like no other”.
    Just exactly what does that mean? It means sacrifice your family, your time off, do as your told, don’t have an opinion, become a bully and if you don’t, you’ll be targeted, harassed and at the end of your career you’ll be damaged and then when they’ve had enough of you, they simply discard you like the Monday morning trash.

    This is Canada’s National Police Force.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    I just wonder how many people have been harassed by Commissioner Paulson, for him to get where he is? If he has done wrongs, they should be exposed by the victims, I am sure there lots of them out there, I have heard rumblings … some are most salacious in nature. It’s payback time, and soon.~

    • EFAMIA permalink

      S/Sgt. Chad was harassed by Paulson. Remember that email Paulson sent him a couple of years back. Isn’t that why Paulson apologized to him on the RCMP Infoweb? Read the apology letter published by Dr. Webster on this site. What about S/Sgt. Gravelle when he told her she was in a “rage” ? Or Dr. Webster when Paulson said he had “gone nuts” ? I am sure many more will be coming out now to expose his mis-deeds and unprofessionalism.

  10. Catherine permalink

    I would just like to point out that I have already gone public. I feel sorry for everyone’s stories but it’s not helping when other people are ‘threatening’ to go public with their stories and they never do. I’m still waiting. Oh, and I’ve actually filed a lawsuit. When other people start doing something proactive then maybe I’ll start believing. This whole thing has destroyed my entire life. So, until the ‘whiners’ start to go public and get their own lawyers and put their entire careers and lives on the line, I want to know why they’re Anonymous.

    Sign your name. It’s not rocket science. Put on your big girl/boy pants. Get over the Anonymous thing.

    Catherine Galliford

    • Anonymous permalink

      I hope this isn’t really Catherine Galliford who made this comment. If it is, I am disappointed. We’re all at a different place in our journeys. If I am anonymous, it doesn’t mean I am any less important than you. It does not mean I didn’t suffer any less than you or that my story isn’t as horrendous as yours. Perhaps some are anonymous on this site and have gone public? How do you know? It’s my right to be anonymous. Please respect that. If anyone should understand what it is like to be judged, you should. So please don’t judge me.

      • Catherine permalink

        Yes. It really is Catherine Galliford and I’m not judging anybody. I know we’re all in different aspects of our journeys, however, I believe it’s important to reclaim your name. You are not an anonymous and you are not a regimental number. You are actually a human being with a name. Start using your name with a sense of pride!

        And I’m sorry you feel disappointed with me but it’s how I feel. Oh, and once again, I wasn’t judging you (whoever you are). Just start using your name and be proud of it.

        Catherine Galliford

      • Catherine permalink

        Oh! And thank you for your condescending post. I guess this will be another reason why I will never visit this site again. Good luck.

        Catherine Galliford, Cpl. Reg. 43390

      • Anonymous....but not for much longer permalink

        Catherine, First off, I can’t put my name as I’ll be following your example with my own lawsuit and anything I do or say has to go through my lawyer.. Don’t let a couple individuals put you off this site. You stuck your neck out and because of that, a hell of a lot of other constables followed your example. You’re also got every right to tell others to step up. You know more than anyone what the force does, when someone stands up to them. Guaranteed, there are people who come to this site, to express their outrage. The next day, they go into work, stay after their shift or come in on their days off to do their “VOT,” keep paying their Div Rep dues, haven’t backed the MPPA and breathe a sigh of relief when the boss goes after anyone but them. When your case goes to court, I’m going to make a point of showing up there as a show of solidarity. Every mountie that wants to get things sorted out should make as point of showing up. But many won’t. After all, it will get back to some Whiteshirt. But they’ll write on this site and on news feeds “yea! Good for you!” And someday, when people like you and the MPPA guys have won the war, they’ll become very vocal and say,” we did it!.”
        As soon as I get the go ahead, I’ll be public and I know I’ll be a target. So be it. I ain’t goin down without a fight and I’m going to do everything I can to be a thorn in the Bobby’s side for the rest of my career.
        I look forward to shaking your hand.

    • Guerilla Fighter permalink

      People like Cal, Catherine, Rolly, Janet, Stewart etc have really lead the way and deserve a lot of respect for it. Everyone of them that’s stepped up makes it easier and easier for the next to do so.

      I may end up joining their ranks. I am making the necessary personal arrangements to do so while salvaging as much of my life, name and health as I can. Coming on this site really helped me in my darkest hour. Venting has improved my health and strengthened me for the fight.

      Like Catherine, I feel the frustration of people who talk crap and do nothing. I have complained internally, verbally and in writing, and paid the price for it. I resent my colleagues who witness the same harassment as I and do nothing, I resent my colleagues who lie about me because they are too cowardly to tell the truth and stand up for Force policy, the RCMP Act and common civil courtesies. I resent my colleagues who lie in harassment and internal investigations to cover the misconduct of others and I resent the organization that rigs internal investigations.

      When you label people as whiners, you are judging them.

      Worse than that, you are alienating the pool of people most inclined to join you in the fight. In my opinion those comments are sort of like shooting your back-up in the foot; undermining their drive and brokering the leadership role you have sacrificed so much to build up. At the same time as you call upon them for support, you insult them.

      Admittedly, only a small percentage of these people will actually step. In my mind that only makes infighting that much worse. We can’t afford to push away the few who are on the cusp of actually jumping in.

      I respect and appreciate the sacrifice that all of them have made and admire them for their resolution.

      Teddy Roosevelt has a famous quote about the great man that stumbles while others stand aside and criticize. In my opinion, the sentiment above is well earned, the expression a little poorly considered. Having said that, she’s still got credibility to burn in my book.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Then why are you anonymous Guerilla Fighter??? That is the issue she raised and the only issue she raised. And why are you people on here getting frustrated at “people on here complaining but doing nothing?” That is about as ignorant a statement I have heard yet. You have no idea who the anonymous folks are on here or what they have done. Just because we don’t spew out every little detail on here doesn’t mean we haven’t worked hard at fighting this battle. Many have good reason to not post their names here, and we don’t have to explain that to you or Catherine or anyone else. If you folks can’t RESPECT that, then you are the ones with issues. I find it rather immature that people would even make issue with something that is so small. Please tell me what would change if I posted my name here on this post? Tell me. Nothing. FYI I have already signed my name where it counts. It doesn’t count for anything on this site. So stop criticizing or making allegations and accusations when you don’t even know me or anything about me. Again, it’s my RIGHT. You won’t be taking that away.

  11. Buck permalink

    Reaching back into hallowed antiquity, Commissioner Paulson spoke to all members in a video presentation on July 27th, 2012. The following is a portion of that address which I doubt many will say is much different than a politician fibbing to the public and saying all the right, warm and fuzzy things while in the background making preparations to sacrifice and dismiss those members who have been harmed by negligence, poor leadership and a failure to follow your own rules. “I want to talk about how we can promote and maintain an ethical organization. Being an ethical organization means having people who are living according to our Core Values (ACCOUNTABILITY, RESPECT, PROFESSIONALISM, HONESTY, COMPASSION, INTEGRITY). It means having transparency in our decision making. The last point I want to cover is the idea of having a respectful workplace. So again, not wanting to manage in the rear view mirror, but looking forward, how can we improve the situation in the workplace in the RCMP? I think it’s as simple as everybody holding everybody to some degree of account, by expressing to your colleagues to your supervisors to your subordinates to your partners, what it is you expect to have in the workplace and when it is that you’re not satisfied with something that’s going on in the workplace. We have to be mature and professional about how we conduct ourselves at work. And if we treat one another the way we want to be treated, I think we are going to have a very simple, direct path to a healthier workplace.” Being that this oratory is near two years old and the fact that the Force is ramping up to dismiss members who done what the Commissioner expressed to every person in the organization I have but one piece of advice to members, If you want to protect yourself from a fail to follow the a/n Core Values then join the Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada (MPPAC). I have and refuse to be a lamb led to the slaughter, protect yourself.

  12. Yes Catherine Galliford, we all know that you’ve gone public. Obviously the timing was right for you. Each individual has their own story. Just because you decided to go public when you did, doesn’t mean the timing is right for them. There have been others that have gone public. Ron Francis, Janet Merlo, Rolly Beaulieu, Stew Robertson just to name a few. You say it’s destroyed your life. Maybe those that choose not to go public do so because they would like to save the little thread of happiness in their life. I’m sorry but you could have worded your comment in a more delicate manner. Stating “its not rocket science, or put on your big girl/boy pants sounds a little like bullying to me.

    • Catherine permalink

      Sounds like you’re bullying me.

      I find it interesting that all of these anonymous people want to threaten to come forward ‘ad-nauseum’ with their stories, however, they never do. I hear the complainers on this site but many people are taking no action.

      A number of my colleagues (Janet Merlot, Krista Carle, Karen Katz, Sherry Lee Benson-Podalchuk, Susan Gastaldo, Valerie Weedon, Staff Sgt. O’Farrell, Staff Sgt.Mike Frizzell, to name a few) have all filed notice of claims and have taken action against the RCMP, including myself. We don’t hide behind anonymous.

      Catherine Galliford

      • Anonymous permalink

        I find it odd that for someone who is supposed to be on the same side and thus, lend support (or so I would think), is on here criticizing us! All for what? Not making our names public? What difference does that make to you? I am not involved in your lawsuit so mind your own business. It is my RIGHT to be anonymous, so respect that. You are obviously a very difficult person to get along with. Here we all are, supporting one another, then along comes you pointing your critical finger at us for lending support? Why? Because we are anonymous? I ‘was’ on your side and totally supported you until now that I see what you’re really like. If you can’t handle the fact that some of us remain anonymous then that’s your problem. If you can’t be supportive maybe you should go elsewhere to rant. Obviously you have control issues and you seem to be putting yourself on a pedestal because the timing was right for you when you finally went public. But it wasn’t always that way, was it Catherine Galliford. You didn’t go public immediately. You had some decisions to make and some work to do first, didn’t you. You should also keep in mind not everyone here is to file notice of claims. It is my business if I want to remain anonymous. So go rant somewhere else. I’m here to support people, not criticize them. I think you need to bring your ego down a few notches.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I totally agree with you nestibb. I am quite sure Catherine knows the lashing members who are still working would get if they used their names here. Just because she has No intention of going back to work in that environment (thus no fear of repercussions) doesn’t mean I can just throw my name around. So have some respect for that please. If I were in your shoes, Catherine, I too would gladly state my name here, as you have nothing to lose at this point. I on the other hand do. And you know very well how that works. Members are intimidated and controlled by management. Would you be happy if I got blacklisted by my employer just because you said I should use my name? No thanks. I won’t be taking your poor ‘advice’ any time soon. P.s. Just for the record, so you don’t come back here and say that I am not doing anything to combat my employer…I have been very active doing so. You wouldn’t know. Good for you for taking a stand. I too take a stand, just as everyone else here posting. Just because you leave your name does not make you any better than me or anyone else here. And sorry, but that’s how you’re coming off. Making my name public here isn’t going to change a thing, so don’t let it go to your head.

      • Dear A. I stated, I’ve a lawsuit starting and can’t say anything without the lawyer’s go ahead. I”m reluctant to have a “back and forth” on Re-Sergeance. It’s not what this place is about. My question still stands. What are you doing?

    • I responded to Galliford’s post and will be “going public” with a lawsuit, in a couple months. .
      In the meantime…

      Are you f**king serious? I don’t know where to start with your response. What “stand” have you taken? Okay, I get you can’t leave your name. But tell us what you’ve done? Unless you’re doing some super-secret spy surveillance on the whiteshirts or are some sort of ninja, tell us what you’re doing?
      Stunningly and sadly ironic are your statements,,
      “would you be happy if I got blacklisted just because you said I should use my name”
      ,”making my name public isn’t going to change a thing.”

      Well done. You’ve just managed to epitomize the modern Mountie.and why management is winning.

      Anyway, we’re all waiting to hear about your activism……

      • Anonymous permalink

        Where’s your name???? Why aren’t you posting your name? Is there a reason? If so, please read Catherine’s post on by being anonymous (as you are), because she says you are just complaining and doing nothing…that’s what she said. So talk the talk and show your name if you have something to say. Otherwise, you’re a hypocrite.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Dear “Looking Forward”, It’s none of your business what I’m doing. I don’t need to share anything with you. What matters to me is that people who are on this site get the support they need and likewise I look for support here. The last thing I need to hear is someone judging or criticizing me. I’m not here to degrade anyone or take away anything from anyone. I am also not here to judge people or ask them why they are here. I don’t believe that is what this site is for and it is certainly none of my business why others are here just as it is none of your business. Again, it’s my right to be anonymous. If you don’t like it stick it in your pipe. And again you didn’t post your name??? Gee, how hypocritical. Did you happen to read long ago where I posted some people can’t post their names for a reason??? I guess it’s ok for you to use that excuse but not others? Get a grip. People like you and Catherine managed to totally derail this anonymous lady’s post by being critical of others for something so stupid as not posting their name. Why don’t you both try being more supportive of others. You have no idea what others are living.

  13. Buck permalink

    A typical tactic of cults, bullies, organizations that wish to control their group or population is to divide and conquer, create cliques and sub groups within the organization to destabilize any manner of organization or ability to combat abuse and harm imposed upon the populace. Creating rumours, lies and innuendo to create bickering and dissent maintains the status quo power at the top.

    I recall as a jr. constable of a couple of years, I had a particularly sleazy Cpl. supervisor that my own instincts told me not to trust. One day he called me to go for 62 with him, I was puzzled because he hardly ever spoke to me before. After ordering and small talk he asked me how things were going in the zone, who was friends with who, what kind of things were other members talking about. I got up had my meal boxed up, paid (full price) and left him there by himself. He never asked me for 61 or 62 ever again which was no loss. I was really steamed on the inside that he tried to mine me for info and tried to destabilize my team and fellow members by using me.

    The moral of this story is management loves to see this shit occur and encourages it to happen to protect their coveted power position.

    Teams that don’t work well together don’t win championships. Lets keep focus on members, families and getting the help they need when they need it.

  14. This is so very sad…..This post was simply to let people know that the families are affected as well as the members. I simply pointed out that I was not in a position to go public at this time and I was a little offended by the “big boy/girl” comment. It discourages me that things may never get resolved if we continue to focus on everything other than the issue at hand. We should stop attacking one another instead we should be supporting and standing as a united front to end the bullying and harassment that is caused by the force. If we continue to disgrace or belittle each other, they win! Do we really want this?? I think they’ve done enough harm.

  15. Hi,

    I just wanted to add my two cents. I agree that the decision to go public is a personal decision. We all deal with stress in different ways. For me, I have 28 years with the Force and 5 years Canadian Military Service. So, I am NOT in a position that my career will be any more damaged than it already is. For those of you that have less service than I do and have ambitions to be promoted and maybe make real change, I take my hat off to you.

    Just stay true to your morals and ethics. Do not become one of those who will sell their soul to the devil to get ahead. Stand firm and question those that ask you to do something that you know is wrong. This is how we will win. It is the right thing to do.

    Personally, I respect that everyone has an opinion. Thank goodness that we can discuss sensitive issues as this on this blog. This blog, which I am sure has saved many lives, including mine. For now, we still live a democracy. Lets fight to keep it that way. In time all of the truths will come out. Keep going.

    To Dr. Mike Webster: I want to thank you for being there for so many of us.

    In Support

    Rolly Beaulieu

  16. Hi Nesbitt,
    I agree we should all be on the same side. I’m with Galliford.



  17. Looking forward to a fight- I’m happy for you. We all have a right to choose sides. If Catherine’s side is the one you choose that’s great! However, at the end of the day, we will all be dust….Again it’s sad that this blog has gone out of control. It seems that its not about the one issue that I wanted to make clear (that everyone is affected) I believe in Catherine’s side as well to state your name, however it’s only right when it feels like the appropriate time for the individual at the time. Wishing Everyone a Happy Easter and Long Weekend away from the RCMP!

    • I don’t think this thread is out of control. Certainly not what this site is about but it’s to be expected considering the problem. I’d much rather be sitting in a room talking to people (even if it’s heated or argumentative). It’s tough to get things sorted out through messages . Anyway, all the best to you..

  18. Catherine permalink

    Actually, the last time I checked, I wasn’t ranting. But it definitely generated a lot of conversation which is always a good thing. Oh, and by the way, I checked my ego at the door a long time ago. Although I don’t think I ever had a big ego. I only asked why the posters on this site don’t use their names. I humbly apologize if I hurt any feelings.


    • Anonymous permalink

      Well I accept your apology. I was taken aback because I have put so much time and effort into fighting for this cause, not just on this venue but in many other areas. I have been fighting for the members who find themselves in our position for years now (including myself). As a matter of fact when you went public I was one of your biggest supporters on the FB page set up for you. That is why I was upset with your comments. We are all on the same side. I certainly don’t want to let the fact that I feel the need to be anonymous here on this site affect what we are all trying to do. I did go public already, however, I choose to not state my name here on this particular site because of my current position and lack of trust. Now if we were all together in one big room where I saw everyone’s faces I would have no problem stating my name. I already went out on a limb by going public because of my current position. And it made things harder for me already. I am the one who has to live with the fallout of that, not anyone else. People have to realize that the circumstances and timing is not the same for everyone. Eventually things will fall into place for us. We need to be patient and tolerant. Peace to you and to everyone fighting for the same cause. Happy Easter.

  19. Catherine permalink

    Once gain, I apologize. Especially for the use of the term ‘ whiners ‘. And I completely understand how hard it is for people to use their names but I truly do hope all of you will be able to use your names with pride someday. And also to feel secure enough to tell your stories without fear of repercussion. I’ll continue the battle from my end.


    • Anonymous permalink

      Thank you Catherine and I apolologize as well. I have always been on your side, and your side is our side. We’re all together in this, whether alone or in a group. United we stand. We gotta look out for one another. Thanks.

  20. Cst Judy E. Mac Donald permalink

    Am I the only “member” with a different opinion. I have read the revisions to the RCMP ACT, and have been reading the Act for the last two decades! I am resigning in January, 2015 after a quarter century of service, with pride… on a medical discharge. It is voluntary, and I approached my employer – not the other way around.

    Maybe some members need to read case law and understand it is not reasonable for any employer to employ an employee beyond two years of medical leave; and a responsible employee would consider disengagement from any profession of there is no reasonable expectation of returning to perform the job for which they were hired. I ask any member and every SPOUSE to get informed about OUR benefits through DVAC and GWL and understand claims and applications were to be made THROUGHOUT service!!!! Those who failed to understand OUR benefits, seek appropriate care and or treatment and then BLAME the employer are barking up the wrong tree. We are ADULTS… Stop acting like children. I am a CONSTABLE… not an NCO, not management, not interested in litigation, and ask members, spouses and anyone else with a vested interest to GET INFORMED. No employee in any profession can be penalized for an action resulting from an injury or illness that they had no control over… AND the employer cannot be expected to provide unlimited employment regardless of the injury or illness. As members we are ENTITLED to extensive benefits from DVAC and our salary compensation from GWL is very generous upon medical discharge. The application documents are available online. If a member is off duty sick I highly encourage them to access the GWL application form, prepare them, and begin the process in preparation for benefits! Also, I encourage members to look into DVAC disability benefits. Please investigate the “Disability Tables” and complete Disability Applications accordingly. It took me a very long time to understand OUR benefits! I wish other members to achieve success and receive the benefits to which they are ENTITLED quickly and efficiently. My only “complaint” if I am to have one, is that I did not have as much assistance as I could have throughout the processes. GET INFORMED and stop whining!!!!

  21. Cst Judy E. Mac Donald, more than likely you are the minority. You have an opinion and yes you are certainly able to voice your opinion as you see it, loud and clear. However, do not think that it’s only your opinion that is the right one.

    It appears to me that you believe that everyone on this blog that has a different opinion from yours are either a bunch of dolts that don’t understand the benefits that the member is entitled to or we are simply a bunch of whiners.

    I beg to differ….We aren’t airheads, members or SPOUSES, we have informed ourselves of other benefits out there. We also actively assist one and other and keep each other up to date of those benefits. Both those benefits that you mention have nothing to do with your employer. If the employer “made you sick” that is, from being harassed, intimidated, tormented and you filed grievances and nothing ever was resolved, I’d like to know if you would still simply be happy to move on, resign/retire with pride and go through GWL and VAC to get the benefits you are entitled?

    Would you really just sit back and let things slide? Would you not want some form of admission that you’d been wronged, dishonored, mistreated? Some resolution to your complaints.

    Perhaps you may be one of the few RCMP members that had a “perfect harmonious relationship, during your years in the Force. If that’s the case I’m truly happy for you, however I’m pretty sure if you’ve been in the force for the last twenty years you really do know what’s going on. I’m sure you’ve heard/read about the reports on harassment and how Senate is also involved in trying to correct this problem. Again, if you feel that it’s ok for superiors to belittle, vilify their employees and just walk away perhaps you’re a better person than most.

    So please do not say we haven’t done our homework by investigating what benefits are out there or that we are whiners.

    This blog would have never started had there not been a need for it. It’s pretty evident to me there’s a need, a very big one.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I have “suffered” enough. More than you know. I don’t need to tell my “story” to vindicate myself. I believe the job and mandate of my “employer” and the duties of my peers doing a thankless “job” has been tarnished enough by what is in the media already! I have been more than harassed! I believe in our oaths and my signature on the documents I signed under SOIA. Perhaps other members can think about what it is we chose to do for a living. I have a BA. I am not ignorant. I could have resigned at any point and chosen another “career”. Those who DEFENDED me within the RCMP against those who would have PROSECUTED me (not just persecuted) me remind me that “we” are a small group who need to TRY to work together TO DO A JOB that is beyond our self interests because there are some really bad people out there. Please! Think about the mandate of the RCMP and the bigger picture! There is more to the RCMP than GD!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t know how long others have been reading this “blog”. I have been aware of it, and Dr. Webster since it’s inception. I served almost two decades in “E” Div. (1990 – 2009). Among other things I have also followed the parliamentary commissions attended by OUR Health Officers and read the ERC reports and recommendations on Health since 1989. Perhaps others can look them up and read the research, reports and transcripts. I wish I had the mental energy to post the links. Right now, I apologize I cannot. My physical and mental impairments are aubstantial (hence my medical discharge). I worked, and was ACCOMMODATED by the RCMP for a very long time, in spit of my injuries. Those who worked relentlessly and advocated for injured members included Sgt. Morley, Sgt Mike Cassault, and more Conmissioned Officers than I can remember! I have met several of them. Many have taken MEDICAL discharges for the toll it took on them. Some continue within the RCMP, other have been seconded to work with other departments or moved on to work with other agencies. The changes I have witnessed are astounding. Did anyone notice the word PRIVILEGE is actually used in the RCMP Act rather than simply an indication to a vague right to assistance, representation or advocacy during grievance processes? Did anyone care to investigate that the RCMP has arms length LEGAL ADVOCATES (to which we have access and are ENTITLED)? These advocates are all LAWYERS. They do not act for the RCMP; they are legal representatives for members. Trust me, the advocates will go to the DOJ to defend serious issues that impacts OUR rights! “My employer” is not the “RCMP”. My pay check does not say “RCMP”. The “RCMP” is as much “me” as it is any other “member”. When any “member” of the “RCMP” is criticized we are all criticized. Where is the line? When do we cross that line? When we discharge are we no longer them? How does it feel when working on the street and someone in the general public has a tarnished opinion of the “RCMP”? Is all this helping those doing the job??? My “employer” did not MAKE ME SICK. Members can acces the policy on “psychologically traumatic incidents” (it is in the AM) or locate the “critical incident stress management training” module on the info web. Policing is a LIFE THREATENING job and ONLY life threatening incidents cause critical incident stress. This is clearly articulated in the DAM V. Supervisory conflicts cause acute anxiety, not PTSD. Otherwise, all professions would have serious stress issues… Deal with the critical incident stress not the supervisory conflicts. Those who get “injured” should seek medical assistance before it effects their career; or consider another career. Whining about supervisory conflicts is not conducive to a healthy work environment or productive work performance. If a member is to injured to work; read my first post! We are very well compensated for injuries. If a member want to feel harassed perhaps they can investigate the symptoms of anxiety. Get assessed. Get informed. I am not sorry if I am offensive. I have lived every “psychologically traumatic incident” (twice!) and experienced “harassment” by the highest ranking officers of the RCMP which was legally referred to as “INTIMIDATION” – but I personally had no issue with it because I did not “feel” harassed. I did not “grieve”. The organization took action to restructure. All this whining does little to effect change. Those who behave like children are lowering themselves to the level of those “we” were allegedly sworn to “regulate”. We were not sworn to “judge”. We were trained to investigate and solve problems; to provide solutions; and take action. I haven’t read many solutions on this blog. I have read a considerable amount of WHINING. I was guilty of whining until 2000. Then I realized it didn’t solve anything. Staying angry and confrontational guarantees more confrontation. While we fight ourselves we waste resources. I won’t convince anyone, I am sure. Yet I hope a few people will consider the fact that not every member who has been through the mill is bitter, or paints the “RCMP” as corrupt or broken. OMG! I am a female as well! No – my career was not perfect. I do have PTSD. I do receive DVAC benefits for this injury. I encourage all members to seek appropriate care and understand the source of these injuries are LIFE THREATENING OCCURENCES. Members, face biological, physical and likely psychological hazards in the lawful execution of their duties repeatedly and simultaneously. It is only since last year that my capacity to cope has been COMPLETELY shattered without any hope of return to work in any capacity. I have been ODS since last year, and perhaps it is my “incapacitated state” that distorts my thinking; but I don’t see the point on dwelling on the past. If my service has provided any wisdom what so ever, it was that the “battle” was outside the office; the good guys were the ones with badges (CM’s and RM’s) and the ones who backed them up (PS’s ME’s etc.). I am not suggesting there are no “bad guys” in the RCMP – but “bullying” and “calling each other bad names” is what we learned to tolerate in Depot (and it was actually “Depot” when I was there). If we couldn’t handle “it” we didn’t get a badge.

      None of “us” are victims. Why are “we” behaving this way, and why do “we” think it is acceptable. Do “we” consider ourselves as “one” within the “RCMP”? Are “we” aware of all the issues… Get informed and provide solutions. Read what has been done, by who, and what changes have come about. What doe “success” look like? All this confrontation continues and I have witnessed it for a very long time. I am not seeing anyone provide guidance – only conflict.


      • Anonymous One permalink

        Judy Judy Judy,

        I have skimmed through some of your more ‘interesting’ statements.

        So you were a member since 1989 and you stated here that you used to be a whiner up until 2000??? Who in the hell do you think you are coming on here and calling others “whiners”? You are a hypocrite. You were a whiner for almost half your service. So put a sock in it.

        Then you made a comment about harassment in the workplace not causing PTSD? If you were as smart as you say you are you would know that harassment fosters PTSD. I will tell you that our job is hard enough as is without the outright abuse from our employer (yes, the RCMP). Paulson has publicly referred to us members as EMPLOYEES over and over again. So if you have issue with that, take it up with him (since you’re so smart and resourceful).

        I am very curious. Of all your service, how much of that was working front line, first responder duties? Seems to me you had more cushy jobs…since you had the time to do all this reading…
        the modules that our employer consider “training”. That is a laugh. Oh, and you brought up the Admin Manual on “Psychologically Traumatic Incidences”. Have you actually read this? Are you aware that our employer does NOT follow this policy??? When was the last time any of us received a debriefing??? or were neglected to be referred to a psychologist when they should have been? I rest my case. It is quite simple, really. Our employer does not care for their employees, yet Supreme Court Law says they have a DUTY to care for employees. I guess you missed that part. The force runs us into the ground and then throws us away like a dirty sock. So yeah, call us whiners if you like…makes no matter to me. I know the real story and I have a sense of what is right. I stand by that.
        You say that GWL generously compensates us when we leave…really??? Have you spoken to members who have taken medical discharges? This “compensation” is NOT guaranteed. You will be up against an insurance company who do not want to pay out anything. You will forever be required to constantly prove to them how ill you are. Is that freedom for a retired member? And then just wait until your two year period is up…see what you get then! I see the force really dangled that carrot in front of your face.

        And what about members who are so severely affected by PTSD that they cannot work again? None of us knows how secure our future will be financially. Do people really believe that it is fair for our employer to cast us aside and make us the patient of VAC and GWL when our employer is the one who caused the illness in the first place? Is our employer not a little more accountable to us than this? If you think this is acceptable, you are not as bright as you seem to think. Have you ever asked yourself why are we being pawned off to VAC and GWL? This is not a SOLUTION to the REAL issues as to why we had to turn to them in the first pace. But perhaps you are so well financially set up you really don’t care about the rest of us and our plight. Yeah, you were harassed, so what. That is your attitude. But for me it is a matter of PRINCIPLE…and that is why I am here. Not to “whine”. I am here to take a stand with my brothers and sisters who have also been mistreated and deserve so much better after giving their all to their job and getting little in return.

  22. Anonymous permalink


    In some aspects I agree with you. I just want to point out that when Bill C-42 comes into effect in June of this year, the legal representatives program (Member Representative) that members currently have access to will be gone. This is the RCMP telling all members that they will not fund a legal rep program for it’s members any longer. So, come June and you find yourself in need of legal representation open your wallets because that is the reality. The RCMP brought this in to control complaints against them by employee’s. The numbers of complaints will fall as the cost to fight for justice will be to high for most members to pay. So, the problems will be the same if not worse, just more internalized.

    My point here is that we have all walked on the same straight line. Overtime, that line has become broken for many of us. Most of us on this blog I believe, are telling their personal stories of abuse to help each other, not to slam the RCMP. We do this to let others know that they are not alone. Personally, I do not wish what I had to endure happen to anyone else. I fear that harassment will flourish under Bill C-42.

    I have decided to retire and leave this organization, as I do not want to be victimized again.


    • Anonymous permalink

      The MRD is NOT disappearing? It is changing its mandate! I believe Supt. Arthur Pitman is the current OIC.

      If you are leaving with disabilities and applying for DVAC benefits feel free to communicate with me regarding DVAC applications! I would not wish anyone to go through the “frustration” of departmental reviews, reapplications and or Appeal Hearings to achieve the level of benefits they rightfully deserve. I endured many “set backs” and learned a few things. You are entitled to apply for CPP Disability, Revenue Canada Disability Tax Credit and grants for Registered Disability Savings Plans. The Medical Discharge process is facilitated, but still requires informed assistance; especially if you are INJURED! The Table of Disabilities is on line and clearly defines the assessment process. If I had been able to provide this information to my medical health providers I would have been better prepared to complete my applications. Obtain your RCMP Medical File if you are taking a medical discharge. Be thorough and professional.

      The Bill does not eliminate the MRD. The RCMP is not telling members they have no representation. Please read the Act again!

  23. I have read the act, and you are very mis-informed. You need to check your all knowing attitude at the door Judy. Pitman is there to make sure that the MR program goes the way of the dodo bird. They won’t spell it out in the Regs. Trust me when I say that this program will be extinct come the implementation of Bill C-42 Regs

    Back to the facts. You need to show some respect to the members on this blog. If you can’t do that then I invite you to keep your degrading comments to yourself. if you can’t do that then I am afraid that you still have unresolved issues that you need to take of.

  24. Cst. Mac Donald,

    If you’re happy with what you’ve been put through and the help you’ve received from within the RCMP I’m happy for you. Please don’t tell others how to feel and most importantly do not accuse members of acting like children.

    You mention this: “bullying” and “calling each other bad names” is what we learned to tolerate in Depot (and it was actually “Depot” when I was there). If we couldn’t handle “it” we didn’t get a badge.” I think the purpose of this exercise was to help the member when he’s out on the road dealing with calls etc. Perhaps, you feel that it is “ok” to be bullied and harassed from a superior. I beg to differ. You are also constantly telling people to “get informed”. Do you think that you are the only one that is informed?

    Question for you. How about all the children in the Catholic church that were sexually abused by the priests. Should they have just said, “hey suck it up”, it’s part about serving the lord? Lets move on because we aren’t victims, we should simply keep our mouths shut and continue to serve the Lord.

    My opinion for whatever it’s worth (pretty sure it’s whining to you) is that as Dr. Webster once put it, it’s a cultist, xenophobic brotherhood. So I did some research and got myself informed as you continually suggest.


    Most people are everyday people like you and me. They live in houses. They wear the same clothes. They eat the same food.
    Many cult members are very intelligent, attractive and skilled. The reality is that all sorts of people can belong to a cult. The modern definition of a mind control cult refers to all groups that use mind control and the devious recruiting techniques.
    Mind Control is a suite of psychological techniques that cult leaders attempt to control their members with.
    Legitimate groups have nothing to fear from their members reading critical information about them.

    So I ask you this. When Dr. Webster spoke critically about the Force, why did the RCMP lodge a complaint with the College of Psychologists? Which by the way was unfounded. They started long ago I might add the “Webster Initiative”. Are you informed about this? He was the “go to guy” for years. The Cream of the Crop of all psychologists, to assist with crisis management, hostage negotiations, has had a private clinical practice for over thirty years specializing exclusively in law enforcement issues and has lectured worldwide on various aspects. How many other psychologists that help RCMP members have done this? Do your research. So when the Force heard what Dr. Webster had to say, they didn’t like the critical information that was being said about the Force and shut him down.

    This group of, as you so call, “whiners” are here to try to make the Force a better place. Why is recruitment at an all time low? How about morale in the Force? I know several members who say it’s beyond depressing. I can assure you that it’s not about all the whining. It’s how they are being treated.

    Judy I am not by any means, way, or form, trying to get you to see things differently. I am basically giving my perspective on how I see things happening within our National Police Force.

    It saddens me beyond belief.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I am well informed of the history between Dr. Webster and the RCMP. I also know that the ONLY cases to be heard by the ERC include GRIEVANCES of DISCHARGE and HARASSMENT; and these will continue to be afforded legal advocates from the MRD. Read the entire act, not the snippets you choose to refer to???

      The RCMP is not a cult. It is not a “gang” it does not “brain wash” its members. I am insulted that you want to compare “yourself” to a sexually abused CHILD. You were hired as an able bodied intelligent candidate. I respect that you are still that person. Behave accordingly. Don’t allow propaganda and rhetoric to influence your intelligence.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh, your information regarding “recruitment is at an all time low” is also base less. There is little issue in receiving applicants. It is a challenge to locate qualified recruits and graduation rates are a factor more so than lack of applicants. Perhaps you could do a little investigation in this area before making uninformed statements. There are actually statistics if you wish to access the information. National Policy Centre keeps records. Furthermore, many clinical psychologists and psychiatrists work for and work with the RCMP helping members. Others have been constructively critical. Dr. Webster is entitled to his opinions and has a long history with the RCMP. I have researched his relationship with the RCMP and curriculum vite. I was aware of him long before this blog appeared. In some areas I concur with his insights. In other areas I do not. I do not question him or pass judgement. I point out that negativity perpetuates more harm than good; and nothing good is coming of this. We are very well taken care of but no one seems to recognize this because they are wrapped up in their stories of woe. If these stories are so serious – lay criminal charges and get it over with. Otherwise, our benefits more than out weigh the rewards of litigation. Not to mention the Quality of Life factor. Consider your health and family. Then realize your potential future contributions to society. I would rather you departed the RCMP feeling as confident about your future as you did when you joined the RCMP. There are good people within the organization! If you can’t believe this, you will loose faith in all police and law “enforcement”. It is sad that YOUR JOB painted this picture for you. Supervisory conflicts did not do this to you. Critical Incident Stress did. Supervisory conflict is a product of Critical Incident stress. I am not making excuses for anyone’s behavior; but none of us are saints. I expect some of the incidents you experienced on duty are 100X more traumatic than anything you experienced with your colleagues. Please educate yourself about the real issues; and understand the dynamics of our profession. Some professionals are deliberately missing the point. Supervisory conflict does not CAUSE post traumatic stress. It is not listed in the diagnostic criteria in the DSM V for PTSD. It does not lead to suicide. Critical Incident Stress leads to suicide. You suggest I have some unresolved issues. I wish that the real “issues” were stated and members actually recognized the signs of duty related stress and sought help before it became a serious problem, evolved into work place conflicts etc. the ideology that the RCMP is a cult, or there is work place swarming, etc. is simply avoiding the issue of post traumatic stress resulting from psychologically traumatic incidents that are a NORMAL part of policing. Members do not have to become injured. You were hired as an intelligent, competent self sufficient individual. If you are still that person – you are still capable of performing your duties. Am I making any sense to you?

  25. Judy, why did you all of a sudden go under Anonymous?

    Like I said before and I’ll say it one last time (cause seriously it’s too nice of a day to be sitting on this blog) if you’re HAPPY THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS!!! Be joyful, dance the happy dance, do whatever makes you happy. Just a little note of advice, don’t try to change peoples opinions to coincide with yours. It’s not gonna happen. Last time I checked we are all entitled to our opinion’s, living in a country that has Freedom of Speech.

    Wishing you all the best in your retirement and should you ever need to seek support I believe that the Support Group still meets the first Tuesday of every month.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Wow. I don’t know why I would be anonymous. I am really not adept at blogging. Too many years as a secret squirrel!!! I am Judy Mac Donald. Hired as Judy Gitzi. Reg 41048. Troop 10, 1989.

      I am not interested in changing minds, only opening them.

      My theory? My hope? is peace and reconciliation before confrontation because our jobs were to battle confrontation, and it wasn’t easy … nor will it be for those who follow us! The RCMP members have never had problems they couldn’t solve – just problems solving them. I am taking my retirement move back to BC! I take it the group you refer to meets in the LMD? If so, I will look it up. I respect your experiences. I appreciate your advice. We have all faced an inordinate amount of critical incidents and I would like to believe that any one of those incidents involved circumstances far more “threatening” than any bullying that took place in the office; but if I am mistaken – for that I do apologize… But I will not change my perspective that many, if not all, members are failing to identify “issues” by focusing on past internal conflicts. Dwelling on these conflicts is depriving some members of fulfilling lives and meaningful moments with those who need them the most. (Please don’t make the “mistakes” I did). I believe, as members (and those within the organization who perform the tasks of serving and protecting), we are the most resilient people! Understanding that we faced REAL life and death situations, as did our peers, impacted us, and we thrived, is realizing we are not victims… we had ordinary reactions to the extraordinary situations that are the tasks of performing the duties of the job we were hired to do.

      Cst. Judy Mac Donald

      I have nothing to hide.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I served in LDP, I served in Combined Forces, I served in JFO, I did a fair share of “front line than you. I am a constable! I have PTSD. Post Trauma is a severe anxiety disorder resultingn from life threatening encounters. It is not due to supervisory conflict. I could list the pact illogical al traumatic “critical incidents” I faced in the front line without CISD due to the “negligence” of my “employer”. All the while attended to by the Force Designated Registered Shrink obligated to attend the LDP! I don’t need to explain the “supervisory conflicts” that resulted due to my more than erratic behavior RESULTING FROM my traumatic exposures. Not the other way around. My NCO’s clearly needed to PROTECT my peers STILL ON THE ROAD (short staffed, under resourced and exposed to the very incidents that “blew me”.) they knew what happened to me. My “bosses” tried to protect me while the “higher officers” tried to get me fired!!! Looking back I “get it” and after “ten years” I worked to HELP my peers rather than fuel the fire.

        I was severely injured, unaware of all the resources, discombated, and wish there was a better network! DVAC benefits are substantial though the application process is a BATTLE. GWL is guaranteed if you have a legitimate diagnosis of PTSD! Claiming “supervisory conflict” will not achieve positive results in either process! Please identify the legitimate life threatening incidents with a PSYCHIATRIST (not Registered Psychologist) because a PHYSICIAN is required to substantiate DIAGNOSIS!!!

        If any of this makes sense, I hope you are able to receive the benefits you deserve, are entitled to and furthermore – do so more efficiently than I did.

        I attended in patient psychiatric care as a result of my injuries. I had 11 surgeries as a result of my PHYSICAL (duty related FRONT LINE) injuries.

        So, in answer to your question? Did I serve front line? Do I know what it means to be injured on duty? I think I have a clue! I am trying to encourage you to get informed and receive the benefits to which YOUT ARE ENTITLED. The application process is arduous. If you are “no longer capable of doing the job for which you were hired” – then you meet the criteria for GWL benefits! If your injury meets the criteria listed in the DVAC table of disabilities and is articulated by a PHYAICIAN and is DUTY related – you will qualify for DVAC benefits.

        I needed considerable support and assistance to understand all this and to complete the applications for these benefits. Please locate the assistance and I wish you success.


  26. Anonymous One permalink

    Judy, I respect and appreciate your opinion. However, I must say without a doubt that the harassment I endured over my 20 years as an RCMP officer was far more detrimental to my mental well-being than any death or other critical incident I was ever involved in. And I have seen a lot. All of my service is front-line policing.

    You see, for me, when I joined the RCMP I was well aware of the tragedies I would be dealing with and I was prepared for that. I think most of us are, otherwise why would we subject ourselves to something like this…for a lifetime? I believe when we join the RCMP we have a certain mindset that protects us from such tragedies, at least I did. And it served me well for many years. However, the sexual discrimination and harassment in general started from the day I joined. But I ignored it even though I was shocked that this behavior was still present in such a fine organization. Besides, I was new and did not want my career to suffer. I did not want to ‘rock the boat’, so I sucked it up. By ‘sucking it up’, in reality I guess I buried it. After all, joining the RCMP was a dream of mine since I was eight years old. As a child I would see an RCMP police cruiser drive by in the town where I grew up and my face instantly lit up at the sight of that car. I remember seeing the huge RCMP Buffalo decal on the car door and I knew what it stood for. I knew what the words meant…”Maintiens Le Droit”! Oh how I wished to be a part of something like this. I was brought up to be honest and with a sense of right and wrong. I was raised to treat everyone as equals and to treat people the way I would want to be treated. I believed in justice and helping others. These are values my parents instilled in me since the day I was born. They showed me this. So what better path follow than to have a career that aligned it’s values with mine? What a great sense of satisfaction and achievement I would build for myself by being a member of the police force I loved and respected so much. I truly believed in the RCMP then, and I did right up until I joined and found out that it was really nothing like what I expected. I think many of us can relate to this.

    I am not going to get into details of the harassment because there are so many instances, I would seriously have to write a book. But I will say that it was bad and ranged from being very petty to career-damaging. For example, once when I was in the office I didn’t answer the phone fast enough when my Sgt called for me from his car. Apparently 20 seconds is too long. So when he arrived at the office I had a strip tore off of me. And I might add, this is the same Sgt who had a crush on me and followed me around like a dog, even on my days off. So I’m sure you can see that this was very hard for me to digest and put into perspective. I will say that this sort of treatment severely diminished and compromised my COPING SKILLS. Over the years, as I gained seniority I felt more secure in voicing my concerns but I quickly learned that doing so was a mistake. You do not question the powers that be or you will pay. I wonder how may members can say that when they did raise concerns, their complaint was swept under the carpet. Or if a grievance was made it took years if ever to be dealt with. I know some members who made grievances eons ago (more than 7 years ago) and they still haven’t been addressed. So what does this say to our valued members? Well, I’ll tell you what it says. It says you are unimportant, you have no merit, you have no right to question us. Your feelings, concerns and issues are not valid so go away and just do your job.

    When a person is treated this way over and over again a very bitter seed of resentment begins to grow deep within. As this treatment continues over time a person gets overwhelmed. Even the simplest of tasks is complicated, whether it be at work or at home. I had a hard time sleeping as I lay awake many nights, dreading having to go to work the next morning. I began to fear and dread the sound of certain supervisors voices come over the radio. It got so bad I would literally shake at the sound of their voice. I didn’t trust them anymore. I withdrew and isolated myself. And because I was so worn down by this treatment my coping skills became non-existent. Oh, except for alcohol. Alcohol became my trusted and reliable friend. Alcohol saved me, it was my own little dirty secret.

    One might assume, after hearing my story that I was a bad member to begin with, or that I was a poor performer. On the contrary. I was a hard worker and dedicated to the public I served. I was known as one of the more reliable, dependable members in my detachment. I was known to do quality work and I worked well on my own, unsupervised. On almost every assessment I was praised for my ability to get along with everyone. I was known as a strong, mature member. All of this is documented in my annual assessments. I was also known as an exceptional police witness in court by our prosecutors. These are not my words but words from a senior prosecutor who many members knew to be hard-nosed and a stickler for details. I think it stands that I was serious about my job and I did well for myself.

    The experiences I speak of above all occurred before the symptoms of PTSD reared their ugly head. But now with lack of coping skills and lack of motivation or energy to mentally deal with the work-related tragedies that began to wear on me, I sunk and I sunk fast. My cup was full and overflowing at this point. This is when my employer started seeing the signs of my downfall. I was making stupid costly mistakes on files, I began to isolate from all members, even my own shift members. Now it was noticeable.

    You say PTSD is caused when a person faces life-threatening incidences but that harassment is not a cause of PTSD? I will make this very clear. The way I was mistreated and abused over and over again by my employer was what made me want to kill myself. I turned my anger and resentment inward. Now that to me is reason enough to be classified as “life-threatening”. And this was long before the symptoms of my PTSD symptoms finally set in. I can say without a doubt that had I not been so maliciously treated by my employer, I never would have developed PTSD. And like I said before, one fosters the other. So I total disagree with your theory that PTSD is not caused by harassment.

    In summation, this is what it all boils down to. It is devastating to a member when we join because of our pride for the RCMP and because we believe in what it stands for, but then to be treated in such a way that totally goes against everything we were brought up to believe. To be treated in such a way by the very organization that preaches accountability, honesty and truth but then goes against everything being a member of the RCMP is supposed to be. That treatment is unexpected, undeserved, and appalling. How does one make sense of this? I didn’t think I needed a certain kind of ‘mindset’ to deal with the abuse I would be receiving by my employer. I expected to be treated with fairness, respect, and dignity. I expected to be treated professionally because I thought the RCMP was a professional organization. I thought I mattered. Apparently I was expecting way too much. I thought the RCMP had progressed into the 21st century, but I was wrong.
    But work-related tragedies and trauma? I expected that. I was prepared for and could make sense of that. The work-related tragedies never made me question whether life was worth living. I could deal with that.

    So I do not agree with your theory that harassment does not cause PTSD. I know it for a fact.

    p.s. You made a point of saying that you don’t understand why so many on this site post anonymously as you proudly display your name. Good for you. You deserve a happy retirement and I am glad you can proudly post your name. But don’t forget, you are off work for the next year and then you will be retiring. I would certainly have no problem with posting my name either if I knew I didn’t have to face that environment again. Food for thought.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Dear Anon.

      I hear you and I respect your experience with compassion and understanding of what it is to be a Member. I fully respect that I cannot know what your personal experience was or how it felt for you (or anyone else). I laid official complaints before the “new policies” came into effect. I was severely disciplined for my efforts and became labelled a “problem” (as if I wasn’t already?). I faced serious ramifications (including Code of Conduct allegations and Statutory charges for my efforts!). I believe the words “intimidation” can be used in describing how these “tactics” are employed to encourage compliance. I have no convictions or discipline file; but the experience was overwhelming. In their worst case, the tactics are heinous and do in fact amount to criminal harassment. The current RCMP Act finally holds high ranking RCMP Members accountable. Petty supervisory conflicts exist in all professions and human nature is a fact of life. Mounties do not hold a monopoly on being “pigs”.

      As you say – we can all write a book!!!!

      I won’t defend my peers any more than I wish to highlight the many who backed me up in the field! I hope you had backup on the dangerous calls. I looked up policy on my own time! As for “being off duty” until my retirement? I wish it was that simple! If I do write a book I would have to get my head space in line because I can’t keep a thought straight in my head. The book will have to be written as a fiction; I left my “substantive” suddenly and unexpectedly without warning and have been in a state of panic ever since. I can’t go to work because it is not safe for me to be where I used to live. I state my name because it is a way to express that I refuse to be afraid – and I empower my peers to understand that our “employer” is comprised of more than meets the eye.

      I agree that some Members TRY to intimidate, belittle and diminish others. Their success depends on the fear they inflict. I know I was “afraid” of consequences for many years while I worked and had less than twenty years of service! From what I observe this appears to be a continuing theme. However, if someone is injured it does not matter how much service they have – the medical benefits apply just the same. We are often convinced we have too much to loose by speaking out. Similarly we convince ourselves we can handle the job – and it is the “personal conflicts” that shatter our capacity to cope.

      I couldn’t think of anything in my “work” experience that could possibly have caused me “trauma”. As you say, we all joined the RCMP prepared for the “job”. I was more than prepared for the “job”… I was actually more than prepared for the “male chauvinism” as well. I didn’t understand that “you can only face so many close encounters” before they start catching up with you! If you have been exposed to bio hazards (such as those present in gory motor vehicle accident scenes); if you have been in hostile environments (exposed to environmental dangers etc.); if you have dealt with dangerous offenders (with concealed weapons); if you have attempted to resuscitate anyone (either successfully or not) in the lawful execution of your duties these incidents compound and can result in “post traumatic stress” reactions. Some of the symptoms include impaired concentration, inconsistent work performance, disrupted sleep… all of which can lees to aggressive behavior and conflicts at work… Strangely enough, as RCMP mbers we push ourselves to a higher standard and don’t implement “self care” very well! Our relationships can suffer… as can our lives in general…

      I said this before: if supervisory conflicts caused PTSD then all professions would have incidents of PTSD and the DSM V would include “harassment” as life threatening. It does not! Interpersonal conflict is a normal part of life and causes anxiety. It does not shatter ones capacity to cope!

      I am not suggesting this happens to everyone; but my erratic behavior from critical incident stress encouraged erratic (somewhat confrontational and aggressive) behavior. I did not drink alcohol – but I ran a lot, kept excessively active and did other self destructive activities. Everyone deals with stress somehow. I know that I stopped “blaming” everyone else, recognized that there were bigger factors involved than just me and a harasser… (or two?) I needed to find allies within the RCMP because few resources outside the organization could understand the legislation that “binds us”. It takes serious internal actions to make “harassment” cease. I couldn’t have it “both ways”. I had to accept that I had an injury and I had to accept the limitations associated to that injury. It is ok to be injured, it is what you want to do with it! I know I sound like I work for the administration!!!! I have no vested interest, nothing to gain and no stake in what anyone chooses to do. I actually care about the fact that so many of my peers (and even some of my troop mates!) are still struggling after years of unresolved conflicts. I can’t sit down with anyone in a room at out offices because the RCMP is from the Atlantic to the Pacific. I don’t want to “tell” anyone that there trauma is from front line encounters. I can say that if they have an actual diagnosis of PTSD from a Psychiatrist (not a Registered Psychologist) and are taking prescription education for PTSD (not anti depressants!) then their traumas are from LIFE AND DEATH scenarios. PTSD meds are not SSRI’s…

      When I was first “encouraged” to take a medical discharge (in 2000) I had no support, advice or assistance from my DSSR. I was not advised of the existence of GWL or DVAC. My DSSR was ruthless. I declined resignation! I was terrified of further sanctions and HARASSMENT! I chose not to continue believing that everyone in the RCMP was evil. Somehow I found the “other side” of the Force??? Belive it it not??? There is a less than evil side that actually supports its own members. If this was not true I wouldn’t be here. I am a constable – that is the “price” I chose. It’s not “fair”; and perhaps I could have made different choices. I should have been advised of GWL and DVAC in 2000; and if I could have looked further into policy at that time or been more resourceful I could have learned things faster. If you (or anyone else) is a ten year member, like I was in 2000 – and severely injured with PTSD (or a physical injury) that impairs them from performing the job for which they were hired to perform – they are ENTITLED to substantial benefits that should provide them with solace. I was terrified of my financial security in 2000!!!! My DSSR was not my ally. My Staffing Officer was working with Professional Stabdards to get me fired – and the whole mess is documented on my medical file. If I sound “harsh”, I am not bitter. I am relieved because these circumstances do not exist anymore! Current policy states all medical discharges must apply to GWL. DVAC info is provided to all members! I still feel there is a short fall in regards to detailing the process and the particulars on how to ensure successful decisions! There is a major shortcoming in this department.

      I understand that I sound offensive. Part of that is due to my frustration in the road blocks so many members face when dealing with DVAC (and GWL)! It took me eight years to “succeed” with DVAC… and this is still AFTER leaving psychiatric care??? DVAC is still questioning my “level” of my psychiatric injury. I didn’t understand the process. I am actually trying to HELP you (and others) understand that applications to DVAC will not recognize “harassment” as traumatic. The DSM V diagnostic criteria for PTSD clearly lists the sources of trauma inducing PTSD. Incidents shattering ones capacity to cope are those beyond everyday hassles. Likewise, DVAC’s table of diabilities stipulates the traumas that could cause PTSD. I know what caused my injuries. It was the psychologically traumatic incidents I encountered in the lawful execution of my duties. These encounters made me feel like I WAS GOING TO DIE. Supervisory conflicts made me feel like my security was threatened and I had no back up … It made me feel like it was a threat to “my life” and I actually reported this in my first Independent Psychiatric Assessment” in 1999!!!! I was not officially diagnosed with PTSD in 1999. The psychiatrist said I had anxiety due to supervisory conflicts… A mild (acute) anxiety condition. I actually had PTSD; but it was not diagnosed until years later. It was attributed to front line incidents as early as my first few years on the job, not due to Supervisory Conflicts. It was due to a multitude of repetitive, consecutive and simultaneous life and death situations I faced DAILY in the lawful execution of my duties. It was shots fired, armed suspects, death threats, body fluids, HIV Positive suspects, physical injuries I sustained, and witnessing serious injuries to my peers… I was fortunate enough to EVENTUALLY attend with a Psychiatrist who helped me recognize the front line traumas that could cause such anxiety and help me deal with them. As long as I was focussing all my energy on the “work conflicts” I could not work on the real issues. There was little hope of healing, and my injuries militated. Then, when I no longer felt harassed, but couldn’t believe that “I couldn’t handle the job” I still wasn’t able to deal with the issues!!! I not an expert on PTSD. I do know that I am severely injured, it was not due to harassment…

      I cannot tell anyone what to do, and do not want to! I do however recognize there is a considerable amount of pain, sorrow, and uncertainty among my peers while others are still performing the duties that need to be performed every day in many units across the country (AND ABROAD) facing serious hazards. Internal (organizational) strife is an issue. It contributes to personal stress. It does not cause post traumatic stress. PTSD is very real but no where near as ubiquitous as some people want us to believe. Operational Stress is not “PTSD”. It is the stress of doing a difficult job. If you are resilient and suffering from something less than PTSD you are able to return to work in some capacity, if you wish! If you choose to retire, or are seriously injured and deserve to retire with the benefits to which you are entitled, I hope you understand the resources available to assist you in the application processes for those benefits. The processes are mind boggling when you have injuries! My impairments made it almost impossible for me to complete the applications. The applications themselves militated my PTSD!

      I am not bitter, thinking about the past is not helping anyone look forward to a positive future. I hope you have support, and can envision a positive outcome. I don’t ask you (or anyone) to post their name!! I fully respect the nature of our organization, and just the fact that you are able to state your opinion shows you have courage and have not been subjugated.

      I am saddened that you have not found any allies in the RCMP.

      Judy Mac Donald

  27. I APPLAUD Catherine Galliford for her courage in coming forward even if she ended up as the poster child. She has pathed the way and everyone else who have come forward.

    I am not in the RCMP, never have, never will be.

    But I was in the O.P.P and bullying is rampant in all policing.

    There is a sense that if you speak up, you are considered WEAK. They don’t want people who say, you know what. You could say the same thing with a bit more tact. No they want you to be a NUMBER, a yes man. As i look at all the marching now in videos. I just laugh thinking that everyone looks like robots. In many ways thats what they want. Robots who will say, do and be what they want to the general public. Nothing more.

    Let’s face it, there is very much a MACHO attitude in policing.

    I hope people keep coming forward and the media picks this up more. It’s an uphill climb but folks have to do it.

  28. Its2016 permalink

    I understand your husband is struggling and that shouldn’t be something he is facing. But I guess I don’t understand why he hasn’t moved on and left this behind? If the RCMP isn’t the place for him, then he would be better somewhere else anyway. Fighting an already failed system must be like going in circles. In my opinion, its time to move on and be happy.

    • Anonymous permalink

      @Its2016, I don’t think it’s up to you to understand, since you’re not the one in this situation. Furthermore, what you have said doesn’t make sense. It’s an oxymoron…”I understand your husband is struggling and that isn’t something he should be facing”. You are correct, it isn’t something he should be facing. So why should he be the one to alter his entire life as a result? Perhaps he and many others in his situation feel it is better to stand up against the RCMP instead of jumping ship? Perhaps it is about the principle? Maybe he sees the big picture…that this issue isn’t just affecting him, but hundreds, maybe even thousands more? He probably sees that this harassment is systemic within the organization and now that he sees the damage it does to a person he feels responsible to stop it from happening to others? Maybe he feels it is more important to stay and change things for future generations to come? Somehow I feel it is the cowards way out to run and not fight, especially when you know what’s going on is wrong.

      I know you will say “well he’s already been badly hurt/damaged…” but the point is, he will probably be hurt/damaged for a long time to come, if not forever. If he left the RCMP he will carry that with him no matter where he goes or what he does. Once the damage is done, it’s done. I know because I am also a man who has been through the ringer of harassment in this organization. It’s so much easier for you to sit back from where you are and say “In my opinion, it’s time to move on and be happy”. That made me realize how ignorant people are to the fact that you cannot run from the harm that’s been done to you once it’s been done. You obviously do not understand the damage this does to a person. What you suggest is like saying “Just cut your heart out and move to another location”. Unfortunately, we require our heart to live no matter where we are. Did you not know that happiness comes from within? A change of location or change of job is not happiness. Happiness ultimately comes from being satisfied with WHO you are and what you have accomplished in life. It gives your life purpose. Unlike you, some of us feel that our purpose becomes a means to enact change for the benefit of future generations. To me, that is satisfying and gives me purpose. Many of us would feel even worse (less happy) about ourselves if we ran.

      In staying and being vocal about harassment within the RCMP we have already enacted change. We have brought harassment to the forefront in the eye of the public and the politicians. We broke free of the chains that bind. We have made this a transparent RCMP like it was meant to be. In staying and fighting, we have united. We have fought for our Freedom of Association and won that right. And I must say, it feels damn good to know that in STAYING we have been the change we wanted to see. Now that is purpose. That is satisfying. THAT IS HAPPINESS. I prefer to be a man of principle, truth and change. And unless you have experienced what we have, it is not for you to understand.


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