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RCMP – Bullies and Egomaniacs Need Not Apply

Apr 02

First, I would like to express my respect and gratitude to the members who have the courage to buck the system and still serve Canadians with such dedication. Thank you.

It has become clear that what is required to restore the reputation,to uplift the morale and to restore public confidence in the RCMP is to establish divisional labour committees that have the authority to negotiate with the upper command structure of the RCMP.
Furthermore,the selection of the Commissioner shall not be an appointed position but elected via divisional ballot.
The position shall be held for no more than four years before an election is called.
The criteria for the position of Commissioner shall be based on length of service,experience,ethical suitability and personal integrity rather than rank.
This would assure that a Commissioner is selected for reasons of suitability and not political affiliations.
Bullies and egomaniacs need not apply.

Timothy E. McNamara


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  1. Interesting Title….

  2. Buck permalink

    Mr. McNamara,

    I applaud your fresh thinking and courage to put it out there. I like the democratic process and inclusion of those who the elected Commissioner would be working on behalf of.

    I would also propose the immediate snipping of the umbilical cord between the Commissioner and the party in power, in addition to relocate the RCMP National HQ to Regina, Saskatchewan where the Commissioner can show the true separation of Police & State. The move back to the prairies may even invigorate the SEC to work for the members and needs of the public safety portfolio of which they are responsible for, instead off schmoozing the politico’s for a cushy retirement job. Of course we would have a detachment for parliament hill to display our resplendent red coats, black horses with all our polished refinery for visitors to Canada view in awe.

    Regina, Saskatchewan. “Home of the Mounties”, time to make it happen.

    • The Old NCO permalink

      These may be good ideas but the Government of the day will never relinquish power to appoint the Commissioner by any other authority but themselves. You see the RCMP is their Army to order around and have them do as told and the Commissioner is the source for them to keep such authority and power. Each Commissioner and I might add all Commission Officers are appointed not on ability or experience but represent the weakest employees within the RCMP. They are easily ordered around and manipulated to do what they are told to do. Just observe the many Officer rank personnel and you will witness people with low integrity, willing to sell out their fellow front line real Police Officers for any carrot they can obtain. Have you ever wondered why so many Commissioned Officers are stationed in Ottawa? That is because the RCMP does not perform front line Police Work there. You can become a Commissioned Officer in Ottawa and be in charge of paper clips, forms or kit and clothing or any number of bogus jobs whereas senior constables and NCO’s make life and death decisions in places like Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta etc. Commissioned Officers are to the RCMP as Senators are in Politics. They do little or nothing, and receive plum positions as long as they go along with the program and don’t rock the boat. They are just another level of welfare that the public supports with little return. Until the RCMP is permitted to rid itself of these high paid useless people and invest in front line personnel and their needs you will not ever fix this organization. It is doomed to fail.

  3. Catherine permalink

    Well, if the Egomanics don’t apply, who will be left?


  4. Catherine permalink

    Oops. Spelled Egomaniac wrong in my last post. I think it’s better to call them Narcissists. Hope I spelled that right. Still, they’re all one and the same…despite the spelling. What are your thoughts? I think horses at Depot might be a good thing….for the tourists.


  5. Buck permalink

    I’m sorry, but our Bully and Egomaniac Sections are both full at this time. Would you be interested in a position in our Ethical Leadership or Honesty in Communications Sections, we have many openings in each.


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