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RCMP Diversity? – LGBTQT

Feb 07

Just wondering as I was reading through the Archived topics, there in one area that is not there.  LGBTQT issues!

I have been through one incident of harassment that included that topic, the RCMP buried it literally.   As being an LBGT person, out and an activist, I basically have been a target for anything and everything.   I just wonder how many of our cases of PTSD overall include the issues pertaining to this one group who is not well represented if tolerated in the RCMP.   If anyone can answer that, it would be appreciated.  Yes I am aware of the past history of the RCMP towards LGBT persons, from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s … read the book, The Canadian War on Queers, National Security as Sexual Regulation by Gary Kinsman and Patrizia Gentile, it is extraordinary and I have met Gary and he and I of course discussed this and lived through all that and I remember it.

But this has to be an underlying reason for abuse, harassment, homophobia by management.   It doesn’t happen here in the RCMP really?   If anyone out there is a member out or not, get a hold of Ottawa and start pressing them, some want to organize a Advisory Committee, in Diversity.  I would take part but not sure if I can now that I am on leave.

It is interesting because no one talks, and in order to gain diversity and respect you must talk.



  1. mixer permalink

    Don’t get hung up on LGBT. Harassment is harassment the reason that they do it does not give it any more weight or reason. And Yes it can lead to PTSD. Hang in there

  2. Guerilla Fighter permalink

    I agree with Mixer.

    The Force has a sick and malicious culture which can attack anyone for anything. LGBT would certainly bring that attention but there are so many white males being harassed, the root of the problem must be broader than that.

    Having said that, I have seen sexual harassment and heard homophobic comments. I am sure that LGBT is no picnic.

    On a different tack, I know one Inspector who actively recruits lesbians because they never go on mat leave.

  3. Catherine permalink

    Can anyone explain to me LGBT? I have never heard that acronym before. Sorry for my ignorance but I’m just tying to learn.

    I also know of one Inspector who only hired female members because they are gay and (according to him) they don’t get pregnant. Funny thing about me is that I was going to put the word out there that I am gay just to get the guys to leave me alone.


  4. Guerilla Fighter permalink

    You naiiviety is kind of paradoxical and amusing at the same time! (I trust you will see the humour)

    Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Trans-sexual

  5. Guerilla Fighter permalink

    Sorry, that’s not trans-sexual its trans-gender.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Catherine ….. Google the acronym … It has a history like the Pride Flag. God that inspector must be crazy … women do get pregnant, and lesbian women are no different, MIxer is right Harassment is Harassment no matter how you look upon it. LGBT is no picnic, that is correct, everyday you wake up and prepare yourself for what ever happens. Good, Bad or indifferent. This is why education is key. As for that inspector, he should take a diversity course.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Perhaps a lobotomy would have sufficed. But the diversity course would have been much more interesting to instruct, if you had 30 of them in the same room with the same mentality it would have been a triumph in education. It would have scared the hell out of them.


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