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A Call for Class Action

Jan 22

As most know already, there is an ongoing Class Action Lawsuit against the RCMP at this time by female members who allege harassment. The initial intent of that lawsuit was to include all members, men and women, past and present who alleged things like neglect, harassment, abuse of power, etc. However, the law firms who are handling that suit felt that they would just deal with female members this time around and they ‘might’ do another suit in future for the men after this one is concluded. Furthermore, we still do not know what allegations that lawsuit will entail, whether it’s harassment in general or sexual harassment only.

I believe that it is the members who make up the RCMP, not the other way around, yet management has seemed to have lost sight of this. I also believe, that being said, that members are the RCMP’s most valuable resource, not it’s police cars, not the equipment, not the detachments, but the men and women who ‘walk the beat’ every single day and night to serve and protect. Why then are we treated as a liability instead of an investment by our employer? Managers don’t seem to have a problem looking after the cars and equipment on a regular basis. Cars get serviced, tires get rotated, radars get calibrated, routine inventory checks done on pc’s every week to ensure they have what they need to do the job. But who is doing our inventory? Have you ever heard a supervisor use the term ‘risk it out’? That’s when a shift is short of the agreed upon compliment of members and instead of calling out an extra member on overtime the supervisor says, “Nah, it’s Sunday…nothing’s going to happen today so I’m going to risk it out”. What does that say about our value to the RCMP when YOU are the one who is being ‘risked out’?

Policy (Admin Manual II-19-5) “Reporting Psychologically Traumatic Incidences” states that after certain traumatic events (there are 13 listed) this must occur;

1) Every incident must be reported to the member’s commander,

2) a psychological debriefing is mandatory, and

3) it is highly recommended that the member seek psychological assistance. How many of us can say we did not ever receive this care? There is Supreme Court law that states ’employers are responsible to care for it’s employees’.

We owe it to ourselves to stand up to our abuser. I am also interested in members who did not receive proper care or were not accommodated for PTSD. Under the Canadian Human Rights Commission an employer “ought to have known” an employee had PTSD if the symptoms were there and the employer saw the signs but neglected to do anything about it. You do not have to be diagnosed with PTSD for this (to be accommodated). If the signs were there and your employer saw them but ignored them then your employer has not accommodated you and so was negligent. Signs could include for example a member who’s performance was failing, a member who was drinking in excess, if you filed a 1343 for something like feeling stressed (because of headaches) yet your employer failed to acknowledge it…things like this. These are just examples, but again, if the signs were there but neglected.

We have an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove neglect, harassment, etc. Although a Class Action Lawsuit only requires two plaintiffs it would be much more beneficial to have many. Once a suit gets announced many more will join. In my opinion this is the ONLY way to put this issue where it belongs. There is no financial cost to you to belong to a class action lawsuit because the law firms would do it on a contingency basis.



  1. Anonymous permalink


    Well said Catman. I know that there is a class action that is being worked on with regards to a Privacy Investigation. This is just one. I agree that we all need to step up. The problem here is most class action lawyers still want some cash up front for start up costs to get started. Negotiations with a class action lawyer must be made with the understanding that a percentage is paid, usually about 30% for the lawyer. The rest is split amongst all of the litigants after a settlement is made.

    That said, it is very difficult to find a class action lawyer that is willing to long term to get this/these cases to court.

    Maybe we can get a lawyer to respond to this blog and we can set up a meeting.

  2. Jean Marc Villeneuve permalink

    Who would we send our information for law firm too??

  3. Anonymous permalink

    If the woman can get it done, we can as well.

  4. Catman permalink

    Keep these positive replies coming. We’re working on this as a team. What about our legal fund IF we do need to pay some up front??? That’s what our legal fund is for. Also, some of us already have lawyers…perhaps our lawyers can connect and work on this together. I guarantee you that once law firms see enough interest they will jump on it.

    “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given, than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing”.

    • I for one, still have unfinished business with the Harassment Department and HR, Management Employee Relations with RCMP would like to join this. All members, civilian members, and public service employees, male and still able to stand and fight the powers that be have to be included. I have all the docs, paperwork from both battles. “Founded” and just left at that doesn’t cut it. Count me in! Just send the information via the moderator, I would of course identify, but unfortunately, still have more meetings to go. It’s time … this should have been done along with the other suit.

  5. Guerilla Fighter permalink

    Count me in.

  6. grcmpeacemaker permalink

    Count me in, bring us together with one voice and bring resolution to this mess.

  7. Bob permalink

    A few thoughts.

    The civil litigation process is adversarial in nature and one must be psychologically and physically prepared for the arduous, potentially personally exacting, process that lies before you. Explore the breadth of your emotional investment in the issues you have with the RCMP and balance that against your health, life,family, relationships. Assess your realistic expectations around resolution/ remedies in the civil process for these issues.

    As police officers many of us have already made large withdrawals from our life bank through our service; never knowing when the balance will reach zero. Consider your investment in the civil process against that backdrop.

    To make a decision to proceed in a class action suit is a courageous one; it is equally courageous not to embark on this path if it is not for you.

    • Catman permalink

      Bob, that is good advice and each person should strongly consider all that you mentioned. Timing is everything in a case like this…where you are in your life, etc. I can only speak for myself when I say that the RCMP has already damaged my life to the fullest extent. There is nothing more they can take away. I have had a few years to process what has occurred and am only now ready to talk about it. I tried to ‘drink it away’ and when that didn’t work I tried to ‘forget it away’ but that didn’t work either. I just can’t get rid of the anger and resentment deep within me for how I was treated. I fear that if I don’t face this demon I will never be whole again. I NEED vindication in order to get the peace I need and deserve in my life. And I am willing to do that at any cost. Besides, for me, there is nothing to lose. Yes, it may be stressful when it comes time to testify (if it ever gets to that point). But then I think how sweet it will be to face those that have belittled, disrespected, and wronged me in every way imaginable. I am so ready for this.

  8. DJ Motorcop permalink

    I am retired on medical discharge but yes no problem for the law suit! Yes please I would still be working If just one supervisor had stood up for me while I was working with PTSD while undergoing treatment for three years while still performing front line duties. Worked while in treatment because I was afraid I would be fired or transferred living in an atmosphere of paranoia, mistrust subjugation and bully boy tactics.

    • Catman permalink

      DJ, I hear you. That sounds familiar to me. I also was scared to talk about what was going on with me because first of all, I didn’t know what it was that was wrong. I just knew I was having a lot of nightmares about work and death, and then I started drinking to quell the effect of those nightmares. I told myself it was just normal, to be expected with the type of work we did. I thought it would eventually just go away. Not once did the RCMP ever tell me what PTSD was or what symptoms to look for, nor did I know it was ‘treatable’. Had I known, I could have sought help for it before it got out of hand. But in an environment where you are chastized for being off duty sick for even one day, or where you don’t trust what would happen if you spoke about what was going on with you, we kept pushing ourselves forward…until we broke. This is another area where I feel the RCMP was negligent. Did you see the CBC news clip last year of the Commissioner and Safety Minister Vic Toews being questioned in parliament about taking away the PTSD pilot project? Toews stated that the RCMP is ‘equipped’ to deal with PTSD and the Commissioner stated that the RCMP already had protocol in place and that there was peer to peer mentoring within the force to deal with PTSD. That’s funny, because when I was obviously showing signs of PTSD, not one member knew what was going on with me. Neither did management. Then when I was finally diagnosed almost a year later the RCMP intended to put me right back in active duty while only two months into treatment. Of course that made matters worse. PTSD is an operational stress injury (OSI) which is prevalent in jobs such as ours. Why does the RCMP not educate or train it’s employees on this work hazard like any other?
      I like you, was afraid if I spoke about it that my career would be railroaded. That is the control our employer has over us. We are not deemed to be human.

  9. Catman permalink

    …am working on law firms. We need a place we can ‘go’ to discuss all this and share information privately and confidentially. No outsiders. Will update soon.

    “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”
    ~J.K. Rowling

  10. Hey Guys,
    I’ve got a lawyer lined up but in case it’s beneficial, would like to have him in the loop with any class action. We’ve got to figure out the logistics but if anyone at the MPPA can help us co-ordinate, that would go a long way.

    • Catman permalink

      The lawyers do most of the coordinating. Once they get names they will forward forms/questionnaires to each potential litigant. I have contacted some law firms already and am awaiting an answer.

  11. Guerilla Fighter permalink

    I am very interested.

    Catman, my advice, don’t expect vindication…expect a low down dirty drawn out fight, hope for a measure of vindication. (Just one man’s opinion)

    DJ, good to have you.

    Witheld, can you float the lawyers name and location here?

    grcmpeacemaker, welcome on board.

  12. cstworkerbee permalink

    Sounds like a workable idea and sage advice from bob. The instances like I heard about from a friend in north van where a sgt threw a fit and a pen at a cst is something that should not be tolerated. if management wont recognize that someone who does this more than once has some kind of problem, maybe this will wake some people up. the problem of course is if the sgt is in the pocket of one of the whiteshirts and being protected the situation is even worse. i dont think people should have to work in that kind of atmosphere where you have to guard what you say so there are no explosions.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    All of you, just remember it is not only the members who are at risk here, this class action must, and I repeat must include all male employees, Civilian Members and PS staff, there are a small minority of PS staff who are detachment clerks and Federal Team Clerks, and have had the same issues, you cannot exclude those, we have faced the same brutal and terrorizing effects from the same members as you have. I for one have had a few harassment files, and one was mediated, and one is still in limbo, and dragging on and on. The harassment/bullying was founded so please remember to include us. The moderator knows who a few of us are. My bank isn’t empty, but at the same time the stress is taking its toll. When this comes to fruition include contacts so that we can all get our names included and state our stories. There is strength in numbers.

  14. Catman permalink

    Absolutely Anonymous. No man is left behind. The RCMP may have left us behind, but that’s not how we roll. The first class action was not sufficient, thus, this one. Besides, the class action for the women includes the same sectors you mentioned. The people you mentioned suffered the same abuse and malice at the hands of our same employer. Things are coming together. “We won’t stop until we get our man”. That is what we were trained to do, right?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thank-you Catman … I am in constant touch with some of the women and they are positive, strong and ready to do battle. I have seen the animosity , hostility throughout the harassment process and feel there is a lot of room for improvement here. This action will say enough is enough. “We won’t stop until we re-invent the Harassment process, or make those positions redundant”.

  15. Anonymous

    Lets get it done. Some food for thought.

    I have it on good authority that on Monday Jan 27th the Senate will be hearing the last round table for Harassment in the RCMP. Also, Bill C-42 will be coming into effect June 19th.

    A class action is the way to go. It will tell the public that the RCMP have done nothing in dealing with harassment since the talks began on Bill C-42. The bill was pushed thru Parliament to fast, without proper oversight and accountability being added to the bill.

    I would like to suggest that we have a spokesperson for our group. Someone who is Male and is strong enough to speak for the class action group thru a lawyer. There will no doubt be some heat on the spokesperson from Government. Someone that is very articulate. Then again we can utilize the lawyer for this purpose as well.

    My last suggestion is this. Everyone sign up with MPPAC. Let the Association take the lead. Numbers are important. This will send a message that all of us are committed to see this thru to the end.

    I’m in. The sooner the better.

    • Catman permalink

      Great rollybea, good to hear from you! One of the posters above (aka ‘withheld’) also mentioned using MPPAC, and I was also advised by a well-respected professional who supports our cause and knows the ropes from within and outside the force that we should indeed join MPPAC. Apparently MPPAC has legal insurance that will cover up to $100,000 per member and unlike our flimsy legal fund, the member does not have to pay that money back. I will be calling the VP of MPPAC tomorrow morning for confirmation and guidance on this.
      This is where things start to get complex for our group as we will be dealing with sensitive/confidential information from here on in. I will ask MPPAC what they suggest or what they can provide us as far as assisting us on this. I will report back here tomorrow as soon as I acquire that info.

    • Catman permalink

      …heat from government? Bring it on.

      Something else to keep in mind, if the lawyers from the women’s class action are not going to be dealing with issues such as neglect or workplace health and safety matters (ie., PTSD) then we will most likely have women who want to join this suit. That’s a good thing as the more the better. I have already contacted those lawyers (Klein Lyons) with respect to this and am awaiting response. Will report back on this when that info comes in.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I am so looking forward to the Senate Hearings, a lot of us have been in contact with Judy Sgro and Grant Mitchell and have met with them. Remember that the PS employees do not have any access to the legal fund that the members/civilian members do. So take that into mind, we are out there fighting on our own, and I don’t think the union will back us up as well. Catman if you can guide the few of us that need this it would be appreciated. It seems like the ball is set to roll. I know some of the women involved are Public Service employees but I don’t know how the women have addressed that issue. This is a straight them against us battle. And the sooner we bring them to justice and a fair conclusion, the better off all of us will be.

      • Catman permalink

        Hi Anonymous, with the womens suit the law firms agreed to a contingency with no money up front. So it didn’t, and will not cost the litigants a cent. An ideal situation.

  16. Catman permalink

    Update on potential law firm. Possibly have Atlantic Canada covered (NFLD, PEI, NS, NB). This is not just any law firm. It is a firm that has vast experience in dealing with issues such as ours at the class action level.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Be sure the catch the Senate Hearings in CPAC … they should be on there. I look so forward to this, it is lifting my spirits even though I have some way to go, but there are positives happening in my field. Once they are started and work on I will give everyone an idea what I and some others have been facing. It is those who fight, stand up and be honest who reap the wreath of truth, justice and equity! No one famous said that … just me!

  18. This forum has to be the most encouraging one that I have been involved in. Keep it going.


    • DJ Motorcop permalink

      Check out Families of the RCMP for PTSD awareness, on Facebook and for members there is Members of the RCMP for PTSD awareness, the first is a public page the second is a private page.

  19. Catman permalink

    haha…good one Anonymous! I will make sure to keep your quote on hand so I can use it again (if I may).
    So glad this is lifting the spirits of all you who deserve to be happy and have fulfilled lives. Thinking of those members we couldn’t help because they ended their lives. I think we should dedicate this class action suit to them…the ones who couldn’t go on because they didn’t have the support we now have.

    Keep rollin’ along Rolly!

  20. Anonymous permalink

    I think you guys have the right idea, the motivation and the support of each other that you will surely need to fight this battle. I wish you all great success. Please don’t take this next comment the wrong way, it is merely meant as a “heads up”. Before you rely on the legal insurance that MPPAC has negotiated in making your decision, please look into EXACTLY what they will cover. Read the fine print and be sure of what’s on the table. As with many insurance company’s, there may be more not covered than covered. And good luck to all of you.

    • Catman permalink

      Thank you for your support. We’re going to look into it. We’ll find a way!

  21. Guerilla Fighter permalink

    I’m already an MPPAC member.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    We will certainly keep in mind those who couldn’t face the torment that these incidents have caused in their lives, their families lives. Saddened, we take the torch and move it onward. Collectively we have a responsibility to fight, for what is right. You know you are being true activists in the sense of the word, and collectively we will get the point across. This type of behaviour and treatment is something we shouldn’t have to deal with at all. I know Rolly … being a fighter makes you want to belong. Thanks to Catman who start this off, he certainly has our backs.

    • Catman permalink

      Thank you Anonymous. Well said. We do have a responsibility, not only to ourselves and our families, but like you said, to those members who are out there fighting for justice every day, now and in future.
      We spend our service protecting and serving the public, yet no one protects or serves us. Did you ever think, for example, that the RCMP has a Victim’s Services program that is well organized and surely it is expensive to run. The RCMP ensures Victim Srevices protocol is followed to “T” so that the PUBLIC gets assistance AFTER the crime is dealt with (by us)…yet here we are, we also dealt with that crime(and many others), but were we offered any SERVICE from our employer? Doesn’t that seem strange that our employer goes the extra mile to reach out to the public and offer assistance? Assistance that wasn’t even asked for, mind you. Yet here we are, reeling from the trauma of that same crime, yet all our employer cares is that you hurry up and get back in your car, many more calls waiting in the queue that require attention…go go go…and don’t stop until you’re done. I don’t think members realize just how unbalanced, unfair, unhealthy and abusive this system really is. We are brainwashed from day one and we just follow the herd…no one ever questions things that ought to be questioned….and challenged.
      I always said, this job is hard enough as it is without our employer making it so much harder for us. They don’t realize the value of their employees. They do not see us as the investments we are.
      …which brings us here now. It is time.

    • Catman permalink

      …something else I should mention since I don’t want to mislead anyone. I am not a man. I just care about ALL members as I know what this kind of abusive treatment does to people. I was disappointed when the men didn’t get in on the first class action. It took me over a year to come back…and the timing is right. Everything does happen for a reason.

  23. Catman permalink

    …checked with MPPAC and they do carry legal insurance coverage for members (and it is amazing) but just not the kind we need here. Not yet anyway. But that’s ok, there are still many other opportunities. I wasn’t counting on them in the first place, but it was worth a check.

    *** I did join MPPAC today anyway. If you are not a member yet, PLEASE check it out. It has amazing benefits to the members, especially if you get the membership that includes the legal program. They do have legal coverage that covers up to $100,000 and unlike our flimsy legal fund you don’t pay that back. It also covers you for free, unlimited legal advice. So the cost of membership can pay for itself just like that. The legal insurance covers you for cases like fighting medical or admin discharges, criminal charges, code of conduct issues, etc. I think this is most important for us to have because Bill 42 is coming into effect June 19th. This gives the RCMP the power to fire us for basically anything. They can say they are firing you for “eonomical” reasons (cutbacks). So if you are one of those members on the brink of a medical discharge or suspension, etc, I would imagine these will be the people targeted. The MPPAC will assist you in fighting these cases (financially and hands on). Once a member gets dismissed under Bill 42 they will have NO income. The MPPAC ensures you have reasources available to you to fight. So I urge members (regular and civilian) to look into it.

    • DJ Motorcop permalink

      The time to unionize is at hand, I am so glad I am retired but my heart aches because bill C-42 is a draconian measure. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. For that finger spinning cuckoo whistling two faced despot to be handed this measure of power is a death knell for any chance of fair equitable treatment of anyone under their command! The term members first will now refer to who will be screwed and in what order….members first….

  24. Catman permalink

    The wheels of justice are turning. We have a highly qualified law firm looking into it now. This is just the first of many potentials.

  25. DJ Motorcop permalink

    The MPPAC needs to be chartered and evolve I to a legally recognized union. Bless you all.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Catwoman,

    Well said. I am an ex-member largely as a result of the force completely shafting me and I’ve been away just over 5 years. If I still count as an ex-member….I’m in. Keep in mind, they had a very ‘ugly and fictitious’ investigation against me which, I guess you can say, I ‘won’ but winning is ‘relative’ after the disparagement they created for me. So I found employment elsewhere (actually better money too) but can say even after being gone 5+ years…’s still damaging so I’d have to say I’d be ready for it.

    • Catman permalink

      Thanks Anonymous, glad you’re here. Yes, ex-members count. You have story to tell like the rest.

  27. Guerilla Fighter permalink

    Let’s hear the name of those potential law firms so everyone can check them out.

    • catman permalink

      The law firm in the Atlantic provinces is Pink Larkin, main office Halifax, NS. They are now discussing the suit with Klein Lyons. I know of their work and they are able, qualified and good. The line on them is just in the proposal stage presently. They are doing the ground work before they decide whether or not to commit to us. Keep fingers crossed. If they decide to take us on they will no doubt find a firm in Central or Western Canada to partner with.

  28. Excellent work


    • Guerilla Fighter permalink

      I agree, I would still like to hear the names of any other law firms that have been approached.

    • Catman permalink

      Thank you, I appreciate that. Of course you will know what law firms are being approached but I do not feel comfortable disclosing that particular information here for obvious reasons. For any further sensitive information please feel free to go through the admin on this site to contact me via email. If people contact me by email I will not disclose any information to anyone who does not disclose their identity, as I will be disclosing mine. We have to protect the integrity of the lawsuit, especially at this stage.
      This is going to be a big undertaking for any law firm so we may be lucky to find even one. Until I get an answer from the above mentioned firm I am not going to approach any others. If we don’t like them or their terms of agreement we’ll pursue others. Once we get a law firm we can move off this site and go through the lawyers.
      …Will update as soon as there’s news.

  29. standswithafist permalink

    This is an awesome and much needed webpage for all serving and past members who have suffered abuse and are still suffering from systemic abuse from their RCMP employer. My husband is a former member of the RCMP who also suffered bullying and abuse that was never dealt with. They destroyed his career to a point where got sick and left. One supervisor made it a point to harass him so much that he made the decision to leave the force. Luckily he too found better paying work, but scars don’t heal easily. Bullying and old boy attitudes are alive and well and taint many a work place including our Canadian Military. I was a serving member and later a civilian with the Navy and also suffered harassment prior to leaving my job. Lucky for me, I filed a harassment complaint against my boss. It was founded by investigators and he was reprimanded and also lost out on a promotion, however the real damage came when I watched my co-workers (male) circle the wagons around my abuser. This type of bullying/mobbing is well known and is a cancer in the workplace. A healthy dose of comeuppance is long overdue for both agencies…especially the RCMP

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Love the name standswithfist … yes I agree totally. Your post is to the point!

  31. Guerilla Fighter permalink

    Yup, standswithafist is a cool handle.

    I don’t see what is so sensitive about which law firms are being approached. If we co-ordinate through a lawyer then our identities are protected legally until we agree to go public.

  32. Catman permalink


    I don’t see what is so hard about contacting me via email. You have that option. Don’t forget, I have things to protect as well. <You may not realize that but I am telling you. So I am NOT posting anything that I deem to be sensitive/private info on here. Period. You go ahead though if you like, that's your business. You got the info you asked for so be happy with that. Please don't try to be difficult. I am doing the best I can.

    • Catman permalink

      …besides, this is in the infancy stage, so just because a lawyer is contacted or “approached” doesn’t mean a thing. What matters is who is willing to take us on and what their terms of agreement are. Keep in mind, we cannot take a vote to see if EVERYONE agrees with who we get. So please just have patience.

  33. Buck permalink

    I’m standing by, keep up the momentum.

  34. Cst Anonymous permalink

    I am totally in! Me drinking day in, day out….just isn’t dealing with the issues.

    • Catman permalink

      Cst Anonynous, great to have you. I am so happy you connected with us. I very much relate to the drinking and I was at the brink of losing my life over it. Drinking to cope can easily turn into a progressive, deadly disease, and I was going down that road fast. When you feel you have nowhere to turn after your once beloved organization has stomped you into the mud, it takes a toll. I was at the point where I just didn’t care about anything anymore. Add alcohol to not caring and it gets very scary. And you are so right, it does NOT deal with the issues. Welcome, and again, so glad you’re here.

      p.s. above I called it an ‘organization’ but I think I will start to refer to it as a ‘disorganization’…just makes more sense.

  35. Guerilla Fighter permalink

    Kudos to you Catman for getting this rolling. It’s been a long time coming.

    Thanks for identifying Pink Larkin, I haven’t looked into them yet but will shortly. If anyone else has approached another firm, and some have claimed to, I still ask that they float the name of the firm, as soon as they feel it’s appropriate.

    Cst. Anon……drop the bottle, clean up and ready for the task at hand, welcome aboard.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yeah I was going to comment on Cst. Anon … we are all family on here, Family torn, Family of fighters, Family of many faces …Hey I got kicked down yesterday, Taking a couple of days to get my act together, Thank-God we have a forum like this! Welcome, A good walk, a bottle of water and a clear head will help you, we will help you.

  36. Catman permalink

    Thanks GF. I appreciate your support! Great advice to the Cst btw.
    We’ll be in touch.

  37. Guerilla Fighter permalink

    I’ve checked the Pink Larkin website, they look great.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    please confirm when a lawfirm has been chosen

  39. Catman permalink

    Just want to update on the law firm. Pink Larkin advise they are continuing research and due diligence on our case. It is taking this long because it is such a big undertaking. Will continue to update as news comes in.

  40. Cst Anonymous permalink

    Catman, thanks for the update! Very interested in seeing if this will go ahead. If I can be of any assistance to you, please contact me.

    • Catman permalink

      Hi Cst Anonymous, it WILL go ahead, we just have to be persistent, patient and stay focused and determined. We just have to find a lawfirm that can handle such a big case…which is a good thing! We all know we have legitimate cause for filing such an action, and there are many of us. So, it’s just a matter of time, but it is happening. If you would like to contact me send a message to the admin and ask for my email address. Then we can connect that way. Thanks!

  41. Cst Anonymous permalink

    Thank you! I will contact the admin on here.

  42. Guerilla Fighter permalink

    I have contacted admin a couple of times and heard nothing back.

    Can we get an update?

    • Catman permalink

      Hi GF,

      Same law firm is working on putting it together. Received news yesterday that is promising. Law firm wants info from those who are interested in joining a suit. It is very IMPORTANT in order to get this off the ground, that people (all of you) do the following>>> For now, please write up a draft email with facts of what you experienced and how the force reacted. Whether it was harassment or PTSD, fail to accommodate, etc. Anything you feel was neglectful. For example, were you debriefed after psychologically traumatic events? If you have PTSD please make note when you were diagnosed and cause of developing PTSD (harassment or work-related). Please also include whether you are receiving compensation for same (ie., VAC benefits).

      The Canadian Human Rights Act says that if you had symptoms of PTSD and these symptoms were displayed at work, that your employer “ought to have known” you had PTSD even if you were not yet diagnosed. Besides PTSD being a ‘disability’ under the Canadian Human Rights Act, so is ADDICTION. Many times, for example, alcohol abuse is consequesntial to PTSD. Addiction is a symtom of PTSD along with all the others (lack of focus, lack of concentration, agitation, isolating, anger outbursts, etc). Did your employer see any of these signs and do nothing? Did the symptoms obviously affect your work? If so, explain how and explain what your employer saw for symptoms and what they did about it. Did you ask for help and were you denied? Explain> What were you told by your employer? Please conclude with how you suffered as a result of all this.

      The same goes for harassment. Please explain how you were harassed/neglected and how the force reacted. What was the outcome. How did you suffer from this?

      We don’t have all the answers yet so please just do your best with the above guidelines. Please remember that this firm has been working on this for FREE thus far and in order to get it off the ground the firm NEEDS info in order to “manufacture” a suit around your needs and around the loopholes. This is not clear cut and not an easy undertaking for any law firm given the challenges so again I urge anyone who is interested, please DO YOUR PART now and let’s see what results we get back from the law firm.

      I will update this afternoon with an email address where you can send your entries.

      Thank you.

  43. Anonymous permalink

    I cannot wait until the day I get to testify for the women’s class action lawsuit which is going for certification shortly. I will get to tell the court about my Superintendent who was having an affair with a member on my shift. She was a bitch really, and everyone hated her because she was a rat. She had the Superintendent’s cell number on speed dial, and every time she saw someone do something that did not please her she called him up to tell him!!! And this is a married man who has much to lose, not to mention the reputation of the force. Everyone was talking about it and knew it was going on but no one could say anything. Well, this is going to be a chance for member’s like me who are no longer afraid to tell the truth. The backlash and bullying the members took because of that witch and her affair with him. She called him once to rat on another member and he took action and verbally took a strip off that member. That member found out (by later asking questions) that the Superintendent was lying as to where he was getting his info from. Of course the Superintendent could not divulge it was her so, he would say it was someone else who brought it to his attention which caused a lot of discord amongst the shift members. He never once thought someone was going to investigate what he said and where it was coming from…but they did and that’s how we knew he was lying to us. I saw them kissing in the parking lot the day he started his Superintendent position. I cannot tell you the hardship his extramarital affair with this member did to us. It really sickens me and I cannot wait for his wife and the world to find out what was really going on. All his nut licking in the world isn’t going to get him out of this one. Oh happy day. Be very afraid Bob Paulson.


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