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RCMP Commissioner: “Dear Leader”

Dec 15

I just found this media clip of “Dear Leader” telling us how well he looks after those with PTSD during his interview on Saturday Dec. 7th.  Cpl. Francis was sitting in cells.  Are you impressed?


  1. Anonymous permalink


    If he truly meant what he said, then I guess I don’t have to worry about being Medically Discharged. After all, he did say he would look after members that are not well. The proof is in the pudding so to speak. Actions will show whether or not he is trustworthy on this issue.

    My past experience with this man has been anything but. Commissioner Paulson you had better practice the words that you preach.

    I want my several harassment complaints since 2001 dealt with. I want my Human Rights complaint deal with. I want a third party arbitrator to decide this/these complaints once and for all. Spending public money on lawyers on this is not the way to go. This money is being wasted and is a means to an end in bankrupting members. Members can not afford to take the Force to court and you know that.

    I do not trust the grievance process, because it is corrupted and it’s aim is to discredit members. This system has made me sick. It is making many members sick.

    A Royal Commission needs to get to the bottom of the abusive grievance complaints process.

    Time will tell. Bill C-42’s implementation and action plan are aimed at getting rid of members that complain. This Bill C-42 will be the downfall of the RCMP. Commissioner Paulson, you will be the one man who will be held responsible for the downfall of this organization if you decide to fire members who are sick or have complained. You should know that evidence on your actions on this/these issues will come to light. For better or worse you hold the crown.

    Do not side step your obligations to your members and the public. The public purse is important to protect. However, when the Force has wronged someone, they need to step up and do the right thing. To not do this is a miscarriage of justice.

    It’s your crown to keep or have taken away from you.

    Rolly Beaulieu

  2. spaventosa permalink

    His nose was growing throughout the interview. His name should be changed to “Commissioner Pinocchio”

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I just wish someone would teach Commissioner Paulson the appropriate language to use when discussing other people’s health matters to the media. Firstly you do not refer to someone as having some “mental problems”. In this instance the appropriate term to use is that the individual is suffering from an occupationally stress related illness. You do not discuss “mental” issues at all. You refer to them as Health issues or by diagnosis, in this case by Cpl. Francis’s own disclosure, the diagnosis is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    Why doesn’t someone put him straight on this, or is it that he feels he gains some kind of advantage of superior credibility by referring to them inappropriately.

    Also I am not sure that showing up at Cpl. Francis’s home, causing a ruckus and traumatizing him further could be deemed to be aiding his recovery.

  4. Corb permalink

    I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking this: Was the sight of Sideshow Bob wearing body armour not laugh-out-loud funny? I watched this twice. On the second viewing, I noticed that not only does Bob look like he’s never worn this before but it’s obvious that the panels don’t fit the vest. Bob, you need to have a word with the make-up department. Either that, or you’ve got some lumps that you need to get checked out by your Doctor. (Let us know if that’s a force approved doctor).
    This Air Force reject can’t get anything right.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Hello Anonymous(s),

    Thanks for your advice. I believe that this blog is being watched by RCMP Ottawa. So there is no need to write a letter that will no doubt go unanswered.

    The new Bill C-42 roll out in my opinion will be the beginning of the end of the Force. This will be the hill to die on so to speak. There will be an outcry, that I believe will be heard far and wide when the Public gets paper evidence from those that will be let go against their will. I mean to say, that the gloves will come off and there will be no more talking. The paper evidence will be out there for all to see. Names will be named and evidence will show just how corrupt the RCMP really is. This is not a threat, it is a promise from someone who has nothing more to lose. Is that something that the RCMP wants? I can tell you that it is something that will happen if they carry out their ill conceived threat/plan to discharge members for injuries that they caused.

    We will see how this plays out.

    Rolly Beaulieu

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Because the Commissioner, doesn’t give a shit….that’s why. The people on this site wanted their harassment suits, complaints and other issues resolved which are supposed to be addressed by senior mgmt (which includes Paulson). The brass go out of their way to ‘hide’ these things so unless you file a civil suit externally from the force, websites like this are one of few venues to discuss these things.

  7. Buck permalink

    No independent oversight = No Accountable Leadership (Gag!!!)

    No serial abuser or dictator ever wants to see oversight & the exposure of their abuses and negligence.

    Paulson is a (Government) Puppet Poser. Esprit de Corps has become Esprit, no more!

  8. Buck permalink

    Dear Leader??? After much study and reflection on his lack of everything, the only one word response that comes to mind is “Charlatan”.

    The mockery & abuse of the taxpayers who fund this once revered Force needs to come to an end, members (yes you can if you believe in yourselves) and the public must demand an end to this circus clad in red and demand the National Police Force they are paying for.

    What a fabulous gift to give all of Canada coming into 2014. Strength & Honour!!!

  9. Aught Buck permalink

    Don’t goad him, lead by example and start naming names yourself.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Absolutely, but the difference is that the RCMP has a lot less power to wield in a civil suit as it’s an external action, whereas grievances, alternate-dispute-resolution (laugh at this one), and code of conducts are ‘all’ handled internally. Taking it civilly, raises top brass eyebrows at the fact, they ‘might’ have done something wrong where there is evidence against them, that it could go ‘public’ and embarrass the force – taking suits/action outside the force seems to be the only way to get the brass of their ass. Yet you are correct (at least until there’s tangible evidence) that they will deny…deny…deny…because that’s what the force breeds….are these cowards.

  11. Aught Buck permalink

    If you’re criticizing him because he “has not once coughed up the goods” and assert that he is ‘crying wolf’ then you are clearly goading him.

    We have enough enemies in common and Rolly took a pretty big public hit in the Senate hearings. I can’t imagine carrying that load. He’s done everyone in this battle a huge solid and I figure he’s earned some accommodation and respect for it.

    Your day will come too, let’s see if you cough up the goods. If you’re really putting up the good fight then remember this post and lay out the names when the time is right. Then everyone can compare what you’ve done to what he’s done and make their own call about who’s the big dog and who’s the runt.

    Until then, you look a little like a wolf to me…turning on a member of your own pack. It’s distasteful and it needs to end.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Aught Buck, I don’t think anyone’s goading anybody here but more stating opinions (based on own experiences) but in looking at the blog chain, I’m a little confused at who’s responding to who’s tag at times, as some responses seem staggered with other tags much further back. On another note, naming names could be career suicide depending on what names are brought forth and corresponding rank – while I agree it needs to be done, I would hate to spend a career for the next 20-30 years being sewered. Myself I’d never goad someone if I wasn’t going to do it myself – probably I’d go in it with them or go it alone (problem with this is there is weakness standing along and but strength in numbers).

      If anyone has ideas to permanently solving inside force politics I’m all ears.


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