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Can You Believe the Hypocrisy?

Dec 08

Can you believe the hypocrisy of this  clown?…members are restricted to which psych they see….ie Dr. Webster who members can’t see, psych sessions cut back to 6 sessions per year from 12 which we had approved when I worked at Occ. Health…..and all this coming from a guy who made fun of and marginalized members suffering from mental health issues. But now he has all of a sudden changed his attitude and supports the very issues he made fun of….it’s like a racist becoming tolerant over night….just because he’s been caught.


Moderator’s Note:

Although this  is a brief comment on Commissioner Paulson’s recent broadcast the writer asked for it to be posted as a separate article.

  1. EFAMIA permalink

    The Commissioner has asked RCMP Leaders to have courage and follow their convictions. Since the episode at the Town Hall in Edmonton in April of this year can anyone within the RCMP SEC advise who has followed their courage of convictions and publicly criticized the Commissioner and taken him to task for his discriminatory gestures and whistling dismissing the plight of the mentally ill. However, the Force is more than willing to publicize the fact that A/Commr. Brown of “J” Division challenged Editorial Cartoons in New Brunswick making light of mentally ill members. Where was this type of courage of convictions from Senior Leaders when the Commissioner joked about the mentally ill and when those members needed a champion ? Where are those Leaders now that the Commissioner has harassed another member via email by asking her to come out of her rage ?Typical RCMP Hypocrisy. True Leaders according to the Commissioner would have stood up and challenged his disgusting display.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    As far as I know a Member is able to see a Doctor or Health Care Specialist of his choice. Haven said that your Medical file can only be seen by Health Services,,, ( I know I know ) but that’s the Official version. How is a Police Officer even if he’s the Commissioner decide whom is a Qualified Health Care Specialist or Doctor. Only a Medical School can give these Titles and Provincial Governments decide who is given a License….. Not the RCMP, Not the Commissioner.

    As for the cartoon in the New Brunswick Paper, I believe that they were laughing at the situation of having a Member smoking Pot in his Red Serge and they Included the Member who was allegedly selling Cocaine in this Satire nowhere did they mention Mental Illness or PTSD. That’s what I saw, but then I’ve been wrong in the past

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Can someone tell me when the sessions were cut back to 6 from 12?

  4. Buck permalink

    Reading the SBOR report on Cpl. Francis’s Tasering & Arrest would be interesting. Hell the whole file would be, I wonder what the balance of Fiction vs Non Fiction would be?

  5. fokk jullenaaiers permalink

    To be fair, I don’t see why Dr. Webster’s services ought to be covered by an organization he has a very obvious bias against.

    Not that I don’t share the same bias, but it’s kind of silly to expect that the Big Red Machine would have one of their most vocal and potent critics on the payroll.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hi Folk,

      Dr. Webster did not originally start out with a bias. The RCMP created this with disagreement on how to help members, which I suspect was an issue of moral compass (that Dr. Webster has, and the RCMP does not) in terms of how to handle them. The RCMP wants to skirt issues to assist members and have them discharged, rather than listen to the advice of Dr. Webster to help members out. I would say the RCMP put themselves in this position….this wasn’t created by Dr. Webster, who chose not to ‘tow the party line’ so the force dropped him off the payroll.

      The bias was triggered by the force – but haven’t you noticed that Dr. Webster still wants to help RCMP members? This is my perspective but I would have to let the doc speak on his position. It’s the RCMP that has a bias towards helping its members and dropping psychologists/doctors off the payroll who don’t help the force create fictitious situations to show members are unfit for duty in order to discharge them, rather than assist members with PTSD or other ailments.

      The angle of bias needs to be seen on either a true or even keel.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Well Fokk, by extension, I guess it would be a good idea to fire everyone who has a disagreement with the Force….files a grievance…or harassment complaint…expects an harassment free work environment….etc

  7. Anonymous permalink

    100% agree. If you’re a good cop, that tries to be progressive and those ideals go against the brass when you’ve been seen as a top-quality asset you are instantly a “LIABILITY”. If you don’t agree with a white shirt….you are a ‘liability’. If you stand up and fight for yourself for the right reasons….you are a ‘liability’. You could be the #1 cop in the world, who wants to address a harassment issue. and 1 second later…….you are a ‘liability’. If you are not a ball-kisser…you are a ‘liability’. The second a top member has a disagreement with the brass – they are a ‘liability’. I guess we’re all time-decaying assets at some point based on force perception.

    It’s a shame the force breeds such cowardess.

    • Buck permalink

      “To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice”


  8. fokk jullenaaiers permalink

    In response to comments made about my previous comment:

    I’m not sympathizing with the corporate entity which is the RCMP. I find their personnel practices abhorrent in many ways, especially with regard to their practice of turning their backs on members who’ve developed job related issues with their psychic well being, as well as the crony mentality which creates a style of policing which is detrimental to the communities the RCMP is intended to serve.

    I was merely stating that in consideration of the managerial problems which plague the organization, it seems counter intuitive to anticipate that they should employ mental health professionals who do anything but maintain the status quo.


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