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RCMP Abuse: S/Sgt. Cheryl Gravelle Speaks

Dec 04

An open letter to RCMP members:

My name is S/Sgt Cheryl Gravelle. Yesterday MPPAC issued a media release regarding the circumstances that I encountered when attempting to file a complaint against four senior Commissioned officers under the PSPDA(Whistleblower Act) with A/Commr. Craig Macmillan, the Professional Integrity officer.

Commissioner Paulson has responded to a Toronto Star article stating that the four officers that I had complained about had retired and the Force is just trying to get me back to work. He fails to mention that I have laid a serious complaint against his direct report A/Commr. Craig MacMillan. Further, I have been told that there is one remaining Officer (a named Respondent) who is on the books until March 2014. Commr. Paulson has time to initiate a code, but obviously does not want to do that to protect his officer cadre. He makes reference to a cookies and timdbit remark but, fails to address the much larger issue.

Please note that I attempted to address my allegations internally through the RCMP. I tried to deal with it informally with my supervisor, then my Div Rep and finally with the National Div Reps. Let me assure you, you are on your own if you attempt to complain against Senior Management. The only culture change that seems to be happening, is an entrenchment of a “do as I say, not as I do” mantra for the senior management with no hope of an impartial review. There is a two-tiered discipline system operating within the RCMP; one for the General membership and another for Senior Commissioned Officers. Our current (and new Bill C-42) system fails when the Commissioner, who holds all the power, is now implicated in wrongdoing, in the form of covering up unethical conduct by his friend and direct report, A/Commr. MacMillan.

I urge you to go to the MPPAC site (home page-Latest news) and read the media release and hyper link containg my correspondence with Commr. Paulson, I believe you will see that the Professional Integrity officer, A/Commr. MacMillian sat on the information in order to allow these officers to retire unscathed. You will also see that Commr. Paulson would not entertain my complaint against his direct report A/Commr. Craig Macmillan and deemed the matter closed without providing any reason or rationale despite the fact that I have written evidence.

The PIO twice wrote me that reviews were under way with respect to GRTW and DTA processes and yet no evidence of that can be found through ATIP. The PIO stated that he was forwarding my allegations of misconduct to the Responsible Line Officer for his determination, yet close to a year later when I asked Commr. Paulson why nothing has happened in that regard, he skirts the issue by saying “no matter, we are dealing with it now.” He then assigns an officer to “review” to see if a code is warranted. This in itself is not an accepted practice. I can not think of any regular member having a “review” undertaken to determine if a code of conduct investigation meets some unknown guidelines to determine if an investigation should be commenced.

The review officer, A/Commr. Mirasty acknowledged that I faced “challenges” and attributes that to a lack of understanding in how the processes were managed. So the Officers in charge of those processes (who I had complained about initially) are excused for not knowing those very processes. So, ignorance of their job is a plausible excuse. A/. Commr. Mirasty also based his decision on the fact that reviews of GRTW and DTA processes were being done. He did not elaborate on where he got the information regarding these reviews, but ATIPs show that no reviews exist. Finally A/Commr. Mirasty e-mailed me to advise that he would not initiate a code and that I could call him at my convenience to discuss further. He did not mention that he was retiring the very next day.

So in closing, Commr. Paulson said he reviewed the conduct of A/Commr. MacMillan and despite the fact that the PIO misled me that process reviews were occurring, that he did not forward the misconduct allegations to the Responsible Line Officer and stated that he did not want to make inquiries relative to my situation because those enquiries ” may affect someone’s interests adversely (ie: his friend and former colleague in adjudications who was a named respondent and competing for a job at the time), Commr. Paulson has found that A/Commr. MacMillan acted above and beyond the expectations of the RCMP.

Commr. Paulson seems eager to advise that the four named offices have retired. They did because they were afforded the time to do so comfortably, while the information was sat on for a year. As the saying goes, ‘Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Commr. Paulson is very fast to provide a media release of how he is “embarrassed for the pot smoking Mountie” but he should be embarrassed for the actions/inactions of his Professional Integrity Officer. Perhaps he should be embarrassed for his own hypocritical comments of November 22nd where he stated he wants to empower all employees to come forward……

Again I urge you to read the MPPAC media release and accompanying e-mails.

S/Sgt. Cheryl Gravelle

  1. Calvin Lawrence permalink

    It amazes me how many RCMP members still think that by going to other Commissioned Officers that their voice will be herd. Sometimes I think that RCMP members are blinded in some way that the sights of the rifle will never be turned on them. S/Sgt. Cheryl Gravelle likely feels, abandoned, betrayed, attacked, and ostracized. She now has to realize that she is running a marathon and RCMP management is running a relay. RCMP members need to hold a summit to devise ways to deal with wrong doing and abuse. There are so many ways to combat abuse. Members have all the tools they need. They learn and practice them everyday as police people.

  2. Bob Perry permalink

    It is clear that you have exemplified the fortitude of character and courage to hold those responsible to account. Not only did senior managers not know the “process” they also did not apparently know where to look or seek out someone who did know; brings to mind the concept of “wilful blindness”. This is not only appalling but concerning given the key “leadership”ranks involved.
    I am concerned around the personal toll this will take when all is said and done. Have heart, stay strong and as Calvin Lawrence has astutely stated you are “running a marathon and RCMP management is running a relay.”

  3. Stewart permalink


    I commend you for your courage to bring this story to light, your story is so similar to many more experiences that I am privy to as Chair of the Lower Mainland Member’s Support Group, the instances of collusion and corruption to destroy individual lower ranking members bears many of the cult behaviour indicators. The wanton disregard for policy and law by senior executive officers is what feeds the fear and apathy of many members, who just hope they never become a target by the powers that be.

    There is little wonder that former Public Safety Minister Vic Toews wanted no part of an independent external oversight board, what would be uncovered would shock the taxpaying citizen’s of Canada. If we look back into recent history to Maher Arar, Robert Dziekanski, Willie Pickton just to mention a few not to ignore the Pension Scandal.

    Bill C-42 was little more than theatre, to present the illusion that the Force is changing. The former RCMP Act was not what was broken.

    As Part IV of the RCMP Act states;

    37. It is incumbent on every member

    (a) to respect the rights of all persons;

    (b) to maintain the integrity of the law, law enforcement and the administration of justice;

    (c) to perform the member’s duties promptly, impartially and diligently, in accordance with the law
    and without abusing the member’s authority;

    (d) to avoid any actual, apparent or potential conflicts of interest;

    (e) to ensure that any improper or unlawful conduct of any member is not concealed or permitted
    to continue;

    (f) to be incorruptible, never accepting or seeking special privilege in the performance of the
    member’s duties or otherwise placing the member under any obligation that may prejudice the
    proper performance of the member’s duties;

    (g) to act at all times in a courteous, respectful and honourable manner; and

    (h) to maintain the honour of the Force and it’s principles and purposes.

    It is pretty basic, I believe most Canadians would understand what it means and how important it is. Bill C-42 was not needed and will only lead to more workplace abuses, bullying and abuses.

    We like to hold out the Red Serge as the iconic symbol that is part of what defines Canada and it’s people, the Serge is a SYMBOL alone, what really matters is what you fill it with.

    Please feel free to contact me if you require any support and I would hope that more member’s gather their courage to support you as well.

    Cpl. Stewart Robertson
    Lower Mainland Member’s Support Group

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I concur.

    She has been abandoned, betrayed, attacked and ostracized; we all have.

    I am in for the summit. If SEC was gonna muck the stall, they’d have done it by now. The sooner we organize and mobilize, the sooner the job gets done.

  5. DJ Motorcop permalink

    Time to fight for the right to unionize. To form a union where this internal manipulation, and god like reverence that those on top demand (from those whose boots are walking the walk whilst they in white shirts sit safely talking the talk.) is regulated by a fair equitable legal binding collective agreement!

  6. anonymous and tired permalink

    Hang on Cheryl. First and foremost you must take care of yourself and remain healthy.

    I am still a member and made it up to a position where I thought I could finally make a difference and I was in direct contact with SEC members. However even if I have sucessfully helped resolved problems like yours on many occasions, those uphill battles are very demanding and like Calvin said the marathon never ends when you are alone.
    I have witnessed first hand too many cases of abuse and unfair treatment… I have reach a point where I need to reset my priorities and will be leaving the force soon. As for the PIO I understand your situation very well. I was in total shock when MacMillan was named in that position knowing first hand that he does not have the compassion or people skills for the job. He was removed from the Members rep unit for those very reasons. The day he was promoted as the PIO was the day I knew the force (SEC) was not looking for key persons to help them get back on track and that it had become a lost cause.

    take care of yourself

  7. Anonymous permalink

    I think the real point that is missed in the media reporting of these now very public disputes is that the reason members have resorted to external resources such as the media and the courts is because the internal dispute resolution process is horribly broken. The membership no longer has any faith that they will receive a fair impartial decision on any issue they grieve. The Corruption within the Officer dominated internal dispute resolution processes is adequately exhibited in S/Sgt. Gravelle’s case. I agree with Mr. Lawrence that if you are serious about seeking justice hire a lawyer or find a process outside the present corrupt system of RCMP obfuscation.

    I give S/Sgt. Gravelle full marks for having the intestinal fortitude to reveal the hypocriscy, corruption and collusion that occurs within the present internal dispute processes. Mr. Paulson is still trying to scam the public and the politicians that he is the answer to the problems facing the RCMP. When he is the problem. We can see it Mr. Paulson every time you open your mouth on one of those Video Messages you are so proud of. You might want to re-think that strategy. Although, we are getting a few laughs from them but that’s about all they are worth.

  8. Sam permalink Listen to Rob Creasser’s interview today which is posted on the MPPAC website

  9. Jeff Who permalink

    I don’t think that this is an absolute. A Code investigation tends to be a balance of probabilities rather than a beyond reasonable doubt test. In the absence of corroborating evidence it becomes a “he said/she said” no different than a trial, the trier of fact must then determine who is more believable. This isn’t an “unwritten policy” (how could you possibly know) but an “innocent until proven guilty” approach. Sometimes it may work and sometimes it may not just like the justice system. It would be a travesty to convict anyone accused of something.

    • DJ Motorcop permalink

      So Jeff your only concern in all of this, is we may not have understood the legalese in a code of conduct investigation? With abuse after abuse, emberassment following scandal and cover up, you presume to give us a lecture on the intricacies of a he said she said situation. How many RCMP members have had their career ruined at the word of a civilian complainant. Yet when a ranking respected NCO fails to obtain a hearing let alone justice your only concern is that we misunderstand the system. No Jeff you misunderstood the whole question.

    • Anonymous permalink

      This is too easy Jeff Whubris, must be my Christmas present.

      “In the absence of corroborating evidence it becomes a “he said/she said”: how would you know?

      “no different than a trial, the trier of fact must then determine who is more believable.” ‘Trier of fact’… in an RCMP internal….?….what planet are you smoking dope on?

      …an “innocent until proven guilty” approach. Really good dope on planet Whubris apparently.

      “It would be a travesty to convict anyone accused of something”… That is truly awe-inspiring Jeff, travesties are happening every day in the RCMP you idiot, this website wouldn’t be here without them. Damn you’re dumb.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nice one DJ.

      Unfortunately, Jeff misunderstands a lot more than just this question.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    I find anything handled ‘internally’ within the RCMP turns up useless! I say this because the RCMP ‘want’ to handle everything ‘INTERNALLY’, because this way they do NOT ACCRUE LIABILITY. Based on Cheryl’s article she’s already tried with the integrity officer….and we’ve found that MacMillan is in the business of ‘cover ups’ for his white-shirt bum-boys…and has no professionalism or integrity as the professional integrity officer. I see in Cheryl’s article she wonders why nothing has been done in ‘a year’, but I thought the game was, they ‘pretend’ to act on ‘a file’ but only sits in someone’s tray for 12 months. Once this time elapses (1 year) the file becomes ‘obsolete’ or ‘irrelevant’ with the one-year elapsing, thus the force doesn’t have to do anything about it. Then they repeat the cycle.

    Amazing the amount of ‘fear’ the white shirts threaten people with and it works. I’ve seen them sewer careers via a different style of derailment. They skirt the issue with something else to destroy good members’ careers.

  11. Jeff Who permalink

    Firstly, I’d like to respond to DJ Motorcop:

    My response was directed at the generalization contained in the “Anonymous” comment dated 13-12-05 @ 0100. If you were to re-read what I had written you would find that at no time did I reference the Gravelle matter. Furthermore, I did not launch into a diatribe about false, vexatious or frivolous complaints launched by civilians. It seemed to me that a clarification was in order considering the poster had (apparently) little understanding of what transpires in any hearing, Service Court or otherwise. It would seem I was not the one who misunderstood.

    And secondly, my new favourite poster, “Anonymous” of course, who must have the defence lawyers salivating & prosecutors cringing whenever you get to court (that is, assuming of course, that any investigation you’re involved in even makes it that far). I’m not entirely sure what point you were trying to make but I would be terribly embarrassed if I had ever written anything so simple (I suppose I understand now why you remain anonymous). Your post simply repeated what I had written (I guess that’s a form of flattery) and was summed up with calling me dumb. Wonderful conclusion, but I would like to clarify one thing: the “…travesties…happening every day in the RCMP…” seem to be compounded by letting a simpleton like yourself continue to collect a pay cheque. And I am doing you the service of believing you actually are a member but that is only because our talent pool has been terribly diluted.

    Merry Christmas.

    • Anonymous permalink

      If you had enough integrity to be embarrassed of your stupidity Jeff Whubris, you wouldn’t have come on this site in the first place, ya simple shit.

      Seriously, you’re making this too easy for me.

      Signing off “Merry Christmas” is a nice touch…posing as a Christian offering up fellowship and goodwill of the season. Bearing in mind that you came on this site for the express and “perverse” purpose of tormenting servants of the public and upholders of the law who are now ill, that’s Christian all right. Actually, I wonder if any religion would condone that…..?

      So besides being depraved, amoral and stupid, you can add hypocritical to the list.

      Again, seriously, you’re making this too easy for me. Are you even smart enough to understand how stupid a person would have to be to set themselves up like that?

      I have another brainstorm for you Einstein; a couple posts ago you went on to the effect that you had shot down my arguments. Are you so stupid to believe that we’re arguing? I already told you that I don’t waste my time talking sense to idiots. We’re not arguing Jeff, I’m exposing to the world the character and intelligence of people who like harassing sick Members and YOU’VE PLAYED RIGHT INTO IT YOU DUMB FUCK!

      Do you need me to explain it again?

  12. code-two permalink

    Wow, for a forum which has a stated purpose is “… intelligent commentary and critical analysis” and presumably support for members, it is quite disheartening to see such statements as: “you idiot”, “Damn you’re dumb”, “a simpleton like yourself “, “ya simple shit. “, “So besides being depraved, amoral and stupid”, “YOU DUMB FUCK”.

    No intelligent commentary, critical analysis, or support there. My parents always taught me to treat everyone with respect and dignity no matter how frustrated or flustered you become with them. Such interaction serves no purpose at all. If you have differing points of view or some insight into a particular situation, civilized discourse would be appropriate. If you cannot muster such protocol perhaps silence would be best.

    I believe the interactions sometimes displayed here are analogous to the complaints that some persons have complained about having been visited upon them by other members and management.

    In respect of S/Sgt Gravelle, the odious behavior displayed towards her, is certainly in violation of not only RCMP policy, but human rights, and seemingly civil law. Having taken a round out of some white-shirts at the Federal Court level, I can assure her that there is another ponderous system that can act against the RCMP processes that is unaffected by the officer cadre and its proponents. I believe it was the poster known as Calvin Lawrence, a former member, that offered some strategy as well. It is sometimes easier to target those that offend rather than the entire institution, is one of his points I believe. Nothing gets the blood stirring as much as a service of documents on a white shirt to cease and desist, followed by the other processes.

    Perhaps Dr. Webster could invite a sharp legal practitioner to comment or provide a small template for general use by members.

    • Code-Two, Thank you for the refreshing well written response to the original post and subsequent postings. Thank you for the display of humanism that transcends professionalism, in my book at least. You have reminded me, that sometimes it is better to remain silent, when a fool speaks, and then pick up the conversation after they are done. Best wishes to for your continued victories in life. Good sound advice and positive critique my friend.

  13. Garth Caron permalink

    The RCMP have to realize there is a thing called the “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” in this country. We are able to say what is on our minds, and express our feelings. This Blog gives us the voice, and idea’s … and they won’t ever be able to extinguish that.

    Garth Caron

  14. Anonymous permalink

    unbelievable how this organization has digressed.

  15. thekraaken permalink

    Try this bullshit with the Teamsters. The RCMP should join a union with clout that is ready to roll.


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