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RCMP Dysfunction: Wanna Play?

Nov 26

I’m somewhat of a gadfly (much to the Commissioner’s chagrin).  I have an interest, and some experience, in a variety of police-related topics.  I recently read a book (Albrecht, 2003) on organizations, that I found very fascinating.  The author outlined a cluster of “syndromes” that could be associated with a dysfunctional organization.  Would you like an opportunity to express yourself?  If so, here’s what I propose.  I will outline these “syndromes” so you can read them over; then, whichever of them ring true with your RCMP experience, send an example of that to the blog.  The catch is that, if you can, I would like you to also include a rational solution to the problem you have outlined.  Okay, here they are:

    1. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).  Does the RCMP’s senior executive have difficulty focusing on one primary goal or objective?  Do they jump around from one goal to the other, interfering with the gaining of momentum leading to a solution?  This syndrome is a variation on the “too many irons in the fire” syndrome that involves the wearing of too many hats, the squandering of scarce resources, and the dilution of attentional focus.
    2. Anarchy:  When the Leaders Won’t Lead.  Is the RCMP’s senior executive team weak, divided, or distracted to the point where it can’t provide a clear sense of direction, momentum, or focus?  Is there a war between the Commissioner and other senior executives rendering the RCMP as a ship without a rudder?  Does the senior executive of the RCMP lack a clear focus, or a set of meaningful priorities leaving the rest of the membership to spread themselves too thinly into tasks of their own choosing?  Without this shared objective, have unit commanders been left to identify their own priorities and political agendas in the absence of an organizational focus?
    3. Anemia:  Only the Deadwood Survives.  Following a series of questionable practices, embarrassing occurrences, palace coups and purges have the most talented and principled people long since left the once respected Force?  Are the losers and the misfits left to occupy key positions?  When the climate changes will those ensconced in positions of power have the talent, integrity, energy and dynamism melded to capitalize on the shift in fortune?
    4. Caste System:  The Anointed and the Untouchables.  Sick organizations tend to have an unspoken social order.  Does the RCMP have such a structure based upon certain aspects of social or professional status?  The military, for example, has officers, enlisted people (“other ranks”), and civilian staff.  Hospitals have rigid caste systems with doctors at the top, followed by nurses, with non-medical folks at the bottom.  Universities have clearly defined categories of status based upon tenure, or one’s standing in the field.  Does the RCMP organize itself in a similar manner?  Do these castes appear on the Force’s “org chart”?  Within the RCMP do these social categories set up de facto boundaries that promote factionalism?  Do these factions tend to serve their own social and political needs at the expense of the Force and to the detriment of the general membership?
    5. Civil War:  The Contest of Ideologies.  Has the RCMP fractured into two or more camps each promoting a particular vision, value system, business model, or local hero?  Does the split originate at the top or is it expressed in profound differences between subcultures (i.e. Divisions)?  Is this civil war hamstringing the organization?
    6. Despotism:  Fear and Trembling.  Is the RCMP run by a tyrannical leader with an oppressive ideology?  Does his behaviour cause people to “duck and hide” at the expense of expressing ideas related to change and improvement?
    7. Fat, Dumb, and Happy:  If it Ain’t Broke…  Is the RCMP senior executive flexible, contemporary, and forward looking?  In the face of the threat to their current business model can they muster a sense of concern?  Can they come to a consensus on the need to transform an archaic and pathological institution?
    8. General Depression:  Nothing to Believe In?  During this time of the RCMP’s vanishing credibility has the senior executive maintained an empathic connection with the general membership?  Feeling unappreciated, misunderstood, and abandoned has the membership sunk into a state of discouragement, poor morale, and diminished commitment?
    9. Geriatric Leadership:  Retired on the Job.  Has the present Commissioner had his day due to ethical paralysis, psychological arthritis, or personal irrelevance?  Has he brought in new ideas or transformative thinking?  Has this decay spread to the entire senior executive?  Have they sunk into obsolescence together?  Are they committed to an archaic vision that may have made the organization relevant at one time but now threatens to destroy it?
    10. The Looney Leader:  Crazy Makes Crazy.  Has the Commissioner’s behaviour surpassed colourful and approached maladjusted?  Have the rest of his senior executive begun to behave in their own crazy ways?  Has the rest of the membership begun to view those at the top as suffering from some kind of syndicated insanity?  Does the general membership find itself perpetually gob-smacked, befuddled, and bemused by the antics of those at the top?
    11. Malorganization:  Structural Arthritis.  A disordered organization works silently and relentlessly toward undermining its own mission.  Is this the RCMP?  Are the boundaries between task units aligned with the natural processes of a national police service?  Is the RCMP plagued with conflicting responsibilities, competitive missions, unnatural divisions of labour, communication problems, lack of collaboration, or fierce internal competition?
    12. The Monopoly Mentality:  Our Divine Right.  When an organization has enjoyed a dominant position in the market for an extended period of time, its leaders tend to get complacent and think like monopolists.  Is this the Commissioner and his senior executive?  Do they believe the RCMP is infallible?  Is this crew able to think in innovative ways?  Are they capable of transforming a sinking ship?  Have they made themselves sitting ducks for invading competitors?
    13. The One Man Band:  Clint Eastwood Rules.  Is the Commissioner a “cowboy” who acts as if he has no need to share his “vision”?  Does he have everyone guessing as to what he will do next?  Has this tendency caused dependency, or learned helplessness, among those below him in the hierarchy?  Are they rendered reactive rather than proactive as a result?
    14. The Rat Race:  They Keep Moving the Cheese.  Is the culture of the RCMP burning out its most talented members?  Does the RCMP embrace the notion that one must sacrifice his or her personal well-being in order to advance?  Has this cultural notion undermined cooperation, “esprit de corps”, and individual humanity within the Force?
    15. Silos:  Cultural and Structural.  Has the RCMP fractured into a group of isolated camps, each defined by the desire of its “leaders” to curry special favour with the Royal Court in Ottawa?  Do these camps cooperate, collaborate, share information, team up to pursue organizational objectives, or do they develop impermeable boundaries and become little kingdoms?  Have these camps developed their own agendas and created patterns of operating that favour themselves at the expense of the organization?  Have these patterns divided the organization and polarized the members who have to interact across them?
    16. Testosterone Poisoning:  Men Will Be Boys.  Does the RCMP embrace a culture that rewards aggressive, competitive, and domineering behaviours?  Does this culture downplay collaboration, creativity and sensitivity to abstract social values?  Is the end result of this that females are often assigned to culturally stereotyped roles with little power, influence, or access to opportunity?  Has this gender-caste system, within the Force, wasted talent, stifled innovation and creativity?
    17. The Welfare State:  Why Work Hard?  Organizations that exist with no natural threats to their continuing presence usually evolve into cultures of complacency; like, for example, government institutions.  Is the RCMP more concerned with not being wrong, than being right?  Does the Commissioner of the RCMP, and his senior executive, have “go” power (i.e. to originate and champion innovation) or do they only have “no go” power (i.e. to veto or passively oppose innovations)?  Has the Commissioner actually held himself accountable for anything, or does he syndicate blame by pointing at the “system”?

Well, what do you think?  Does anything stand out in your experience?  If so, let’s hear from you.

Dr. Mike Webster, R. Psych.


Albrecht, Karl (2003).  The Power of Minds at Work:  Organizational Intelligence in Action.  American Management  Association:  New York

  1. Well, after reading all of this it is really hard to decide. I think that this is a multi-dysfunctional organization. It has many personalities (Sick) with no real leadership. It all depends on who you ask. My experience and my dealings with RCMP management have mostly been poor. I mean, that my 27 years with the RCMP has not shown any real leadership at all. Those that call themselves leaders are in fact self learned leaders/followers They believe that what they have learned from those before them is what leadership is about.

    I have 5 years military experience with the Canadian Armed Forced. The comparisons between the two (RCMP and Military) are night and day. The military trains their leaders to lead their men and women. If they cannot pass the training they do not make it to being an officer or to the next promotional stage for NCO’s, there is no one written exam that allows a military leader to excel. The training is multi-faceted. The training is ongoing and is structured to find the best people based on the qualities that the military is looking for, not on who is the best ass kisser. The military training is very structured that allows the leader to truly lead in very adverse situations, which allows the leader to make decisions, ie., under enemy fire, whether or not to advance or retreat, etc. The RCMP leadership model is based on an interview with Senior managers. If you pass the interview you are Promoted to Officer status (A Leader). There is no training on what it takes to truly be a leader in the real meaning of the word. Yes, they take a two week course, however this is mostly administrative in nature.

    In my experience, this is the issue at hand. The RCMP has become over time, a lost organization that is trying to run a multitask organization on the heels of those that lead before them. What this tells me is that those who were past leaders, were not true leaders, they were followers. They were managers/administrators.

    The core issue here is that RCMP Depot is not a six month exercise in leadership nor is meant to be. Depot has nothing to do with leadership, it has everything to do with learning how to take orders.
    What needs to happen here is for a real change in how the organization is run. Bring in a true military leader and have him/her sit down with experienced police officers (not necessarily RCMP officers) and set up a structure leadership program based on the real qualities that is required to lead an organization as large as the RCMP.

    Without this, I am afraid that we will all become sick as a result of further exposure to bad leadership.

    Rolly Beaulieu

  2. DJ Motorcop permalink

    Nail on the head

  3. E. Famia permalink

    The Commissioner recently sent out another of his Video Messages. Below is a copy of the transcript.

    The Commissioner asks several questions and then provides his own answers. One that caught my eye was, “How do you see yourself supporting future efforts? Okay well first of all it starts with me. And you know if I’m not modeling behaviours and conducting in a way that you know gives credence to a respectful workplace, it’s probably not going to happen. So that’s important. The other thing that’s very important is that we reacquaint people with why we have Core Values. In other words I think everybody understands what our Core Values are. There hasn’t been a lot of conversation about the process that gave rise to the promulgation of those Core Values.”
    Really ?

    Has been modelling correct behaviour for a leader, a Commissioner of the RCMP. For example, Did he model good behaviour when he attacked the Staff Sgt. in British Columbia ? Did he model good behaviour when he attacked several members at a Senate hearing in the Spring ? Did he model good behaviour when he made derogatory comments and gestures about the mentally ill in Alberta in the spring ? Did he model good behaviour when he used on duty members at taxpayer expense to act as his honour guard and put all the blame on his Sgt. Major ? Did he model good behaviour when that same Sgt. Major was promoted recently to Insp. who apparently screwed up ? Or did he promote that member because the Sgt. Major took the fall for the Commissioners own misdeeds and didn’t blab about it ? Has he forgotten about this behaviour or is he just hoping you have forgotten or does he actually care what you think because he has become entitled ? Is he acountable ? Does he follow the Core Values or he does he just want you too ? Ethical Leadership ? Ask him by joining the conversation.


    We are changing our culture – One conversation at a time Conversation with Commissioner Bob Paulson

    How would you define a respectful workplace?

    A respectful workplace is one where all employees, irrespective of their gender, their experience, their ethnic origin, their role in the organization, can feel safe and empowered to be able to contribute their maximum to the mission of the organization.

    What challenges do we face?

    Okay, well, there’s been a lot said about the cultural problems of the RCMP. First of all, we need to be known, our culture needs to be one of professional excellence, the primacy of operations – we are a police force that is delivering on our mission. We’re looking after our people, by engaging them in a dynamic, collaborative workplace, but we’re also looking after Canadians. We can’t be understood as an exclusive club that’s the equivalent to an adolescent boys’ locker room in a high school somewhere.

    What is your vision for a respectful workplace?

    Well you know I’d like everybody in this organization to feel empowered, in fact, expected to be able to take action on any sort of behavior which was contrary to the respectful workplace. You know I’m an ex-smoker and there’s no way where I could light a cigarette right now without you saying “Hey you can’t do that.” I’d like everybody in the organization to feel that same way, to feel empowered, to feel supported and to feel protected when they go to tell people to stop that.

    How do you feel about our progress?

    Well I’m pretty pleased and proud of the progress we’ve made. We’ve succeeded in bringing C-42 almost into force, there’s a lot of work to be done there. The Gender and Respect Action Plan, 37 action items that are all being tracked that are being implemented. The Divisions are all deploying their respectful workplace programs, so I’m pretty pleased with our progress. I do think that there’s more work to be done. I think we need to socialize the principles behind this initiative to a greater depth in the organization and make sure that everybody is engaged on this.

    How do you see yourself supporting future efforts?

    Okay well first of all it starts with me. And you know if I’m not modeling behaviours and conducting in a way that you know gives credence to a respectful workplace, it’s probably not going to happen. So that’s important. The other thing that’s very important is that we reacquaint people with why we have Core Values. In other words I think everybody understands what our Core Values are. There hasn’t been a lot of conversation about the process that gave rise to the promulgation of those Core Values

    What do you expect from a good leader?

    I think the single most important trait in a leader, to me, is courage. And I’ll explain that in a second, but I think people should go to my website have a look at the spider diagram I have there because it encompasses everything a good leader ought to be. But you need courageous leaders in the workplace to encourage debate, to take criticism, to give criticism, to initiative active, helpful discussions about workplace issues.

    What can we expect moving forward?

    We need to continue to concentrate on our core activity which is police work and successful operations. And I’m very grateful for the successes we’ve had in the last couple of years. I firmly believe that if we continue to concentrate on our mission, a lot of things will fall in behind that, but we need to build a number of supporting mechanisms for our employees so that they feel supported, empowered to go forward and live these behaviours that we’ve been talking about here today.

    Join the conversation

    The first thing is to get engaged in this, to step up, to have the courage to understand all of the complexities of this particular challenge and then to take an active engagement in helping us fix this.

  4. DJ Motorcop permalink

    I watched two young members be transferred into my large Codiac detachment one as a Sgt the other as a Cpl. The Sgt was street wise and savy with a business degree and put his men and women ahead of himself. He made sure anniversaries, weddings and graduations were attended. He made sure the streets were safer he got into a patrol car and answered calls. The Cpl. meanwhile hid in his office, he read and read and read, he attended meetings he cultivated connections. Two years later and the Sgt is still a Sgt. The Cpl is now a staff Sgt reviled and mistrusted mocked and avoided by those who toiled under him. He was part of an enormous miscarriage of justice against a fellow member and was transferred away at the rank of Inspector. The Sgt meanwhile was finally promoted to Staff Sgt his merit and ability could not be ignored any longer. His team of patrol officers were the envy of all other teams. The men and women worked, not under him but with him. His team had the lowest sick leave the highest production and the biggest smiles, his team sent more Constables on to specialized sections or promotion than any other team. So he applied for the officer program but the current Inspector would not sponsor him and chose instead to sponsor another member a Cpl who in turn became involved in a force embarrassing sexual assault case as an accused and who was in turn promoted to Sgt and transferred. The Staff Sgt who started as a Sgt saw the writing on the wall and transferred away from the cesspool known as Codiac. Paper warriors excel in the RCMP, do not lead by example, just read policy and regulations until you bleed them. Hard work is not rewarded in the RCMP just hang with the right people, attend the right functions and kiss the right buttocks. Leadership is not rewarded in the RCMP unless it conforms to the draconian old boy network style. I once said that if J G asked me to get on a plane and bring the team to Iraq to rescue hostages I would be there without hesitation, however that Cpl who made it to Inspector? Well if he asked us to get on a bus to go downtown I would walk the other way. The RCMP HAS TO CHANGE THE WAY IT POLICES, THE WAY IT RECRUITS AND THE WAY IT PROMOTES. It is a dying institution falling so far behind the nations other forces.

  5. Get fucked permalink

    Never have I seen such a group of losers as on this site. None of you would survive in the real world. You had better pray the RCMP is never disbanded despite your wishes because no other organization would ever take you. Tell me, what magic corporation or other police force would pay your salary while you sit at home for years on ‘stress leave’ getting paid and blog about how horrible it is? Do us all a favor and quit if it’s so bad.

    • DJ Motorcop permalink

      Um Get Fucked, I did 36 years in policing the last 14 years with the farce and only at the very end was I put on medical leave and then medicaly discharged. The RCMP is bleeding resources, you f members are leaving for more liberal progressive forces. Sadly older members are not afforded such luxury to be able to jump ship. Your anger and venom directed at members who are sick, injured or on medical leave defies logic. That is until one asks the question, is this person one of those forced to pick up the slack, to do more with less? If so, then know this, your crisis is imminent and all because the farce can not provide boots on the ground. Retirements and resignations are out pacing recruitment and training. Perhaps the poster is an NCO or an officer forced to scramble with dwindling resources as those at the top spout the catch phrase if the day and revisit our core values or mission and vision statements . The top brass spend more time trying to define what and who the farce is, instead of trying to fix it. You do not rebuild an engine by striking a committee of mechanics and debating the reasoning and merits of combustion. No you take it apart and rebuild it. Maybe Get Fucked is in fact the Commissioner himself or one of his yes men, perhaps the denigrating, mocking finger spinning and whoo whooooo whistling noises are not reducing the number of burned out members. The farce needs to realize that constant transfer, chronic understaffing and draconian regulations combined with the stressors that all emergency response workers encounter are driving the farce to it’s knees. May though that is where the brass wants it? On it’s knees posterior in the air ready for what is coming. Change is coming, I predict unionization, negotiated working conditions, a change in transfer policy and the promotional process! So in closing I say t, Get afucked, the force is already fucked and you are just another tool in line enjoying the gang bang.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hello “GF” – I must thank you for your post as it brought a smile to my face and chuckle on an otherwise cloudy, somewhat cool rainy day. If you are a current/former member of the RCMP then your comments epitomize one of the core dysfunctions of the RCMP – those that espouse vitriol towards their colleagues from a position absent of sound understanding (and/or willingness to understand) and weakness of character.

      If you are a civilian, then we may excuse your rant as nothing more than the best efforts of an internet troll with intention to spread hate and incite others as you surf the internet. Either way here are a few thoughts for you to ponder.

      The statisical preponderance suggests no-one joined the RCMP with the expectation that they would be subject to: consistently demeaning and belittling behaviour by their colleagues, supervisors and managers; physically or sexually assaulted by their colleagues, supervisors and managers; sustain a psychological injury such as PTSD; to fall into the hollow depths of depression, suicidal ideation and taking their own life; to work in demanding, toxic environments that whittle aways the very soul over time; to work for and alongside managers at the NCO and Officer level who’s managerial capacity is more akin to that of Neanderthal versus 21st Century policing; to suffer related psychological injury. Yet these things have happened.

      No one had these expectations but these things have taken place within the organization to varying degrees. Members with pyschological injury have served the RCMP well yet in their time of greatest need are treated more like the latest viral outbreak: contain, isolate and eradicate. Employees are not disposal assets to throw out the organizational back door once their organizational use has been fufilled.

      Your post failed miserably in utilizing the respectful language of persuasion and simply reflects school bully vitriol. I challenge you to repost your thoughts in a more respectful tone – in the end we still might disagree but it will be in the spirit of dialogue, not anger and hate.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You have seen such a group of losers before, you work with them everyday…they are the chronies that you gossip with everyday and harass others with.

      What sort of organization would take (or accommodate) someone so twisted and perverse as one who harasses people who are physically ill? I don’t think any other organization would take you.

      What sort of magic corporation or police force would pay someone who endured a work related injury? An accountable, responsible one.

      Why don’t YOU do all of us, and the Canadian public a favour and quit, because YOU are that bad.

      BTW Get fucked, besides violating RCMP harassment policy, you’ve also just violated Section 48(2) of the RCMP Act regulations.

    • withheld permalink

      I’m not saying you should divulge your identity, but could you tell us what your work experience is and what you aspire to? If you’re a civilian, you simply have no idea what you’re talking about. But if you’re a “member,” I’m guessing you either hold some rank or at least wish to. The higher the better right? I bet your absolute favorite thing in the world is the fancy, little costume with the big shiny boots right? If you get a chance to wear it, you take it! Right? Sure other police forces have modern training, modern equipment, modern culture etc. but you’ve got a fancy uniform and that’s what counts right?. I bet you take every, single opportunity to tell everyone you meet you’re a big, bad mountie right?
      Just have another glass of the Royal-Red Kool-Aid.

    • Buck permalink

      Who is us?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Why hello ‘Get Fucked’, your name is rather unique, suits you, and as much as i’d like to see from your point of view, just can’t seem to get my head that far up your ass. I’m glad to see your education of the RCMP, doesn’t get in the way of your ignorance.

      In contrary, I do hope the RCMP gets disbanded, then we could bring back policing to the community/municipal levels where I think in many cases it works best. I would only hope the ‘good members’ would make it in to these organisations and not the choir-boy-bootlickers such as yourself or others who think they get promoted by organising their pretty little colour-coordinated crayons or by snickering with others about higher calibre members than yourself. With all the mounting lawsuits against the force, perhaps the only way to resolve it is for the RCMP to fold their cards.

      I am a former member, left the force, and actually got a job paying substantially more money! 50%-60% more. Looks like another organisation did take me after all, and surviving just fine in the real world.

      On top of this, i do work for a magic corporation called “The ‘Get Fucked’ Trick-Turning Group of Losers Company”. What we do is start small, by pulling rabbits out of Houdini hats, saw people in half laying in boxes, and perform underwater chain straight jacket escapes to the delight of people like yourself, drawing your attention away from sites like this, so we don’t need to pay any attention to your useless ramblings. Once we master these series of tricks, we move to a subsidiary business unit called “How ‘The Fuck’ Does the RCMP Still Exist’ Company. From here we study the deadly arts of uniformed RCMP members that harass/mob others, sexually assault/rape female members, drunk-drive in marked police vehicles, engage in criminal activities and wonder how they still have jobs or even why the force still exists. This is an on-going study which i’m sure you can appreciate, as this is a trick i haven’t seen mastered in most other organisations around the world.

      Unfortunately ‘Get Fucked’ i’m going to have to take your offer of sex as a peace offering. While i appreciate the gesture although am very much straight, flattered, and even a little curious, feel it better if we refrained from giving into desire at this stage of our relationship as i would not want to risk damaging our friendship, of which i have come to value greatly.


      -To my #1 fan,
      -loser who got a much better job in the real world with a case of ptsd on my own steam
      -#1 supporter of disbanding the force
      -you being my #1 supporter of my magicianship and magic corporations
      -my complete acceptance of your ‘bi-curious george’ advances

      Forever yours,

      XXX OOO


    • Anonymous permalink

      Hello GF,

      Based on your comments then you would agree the RCMP does NOT operate in the REAL WORLD or much less could survive in it correct? So why would you not want to disband it?

      • DJ Motorcop permalink

        Point, game, set, match.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Hello GETFUCKED!!!

    Wow, pretty brave of you say it how you see it. Well, as member and a reader of this blog I am shocked at your blatant disregard for your fellow members. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked really. Chances are, you are probably busy kissing some officers ass right now. I will bet that you will even show some officer what you said in this blog, or worse yet you will probably show some NCO that has his/her lips on some officers ass. You see, that is how things are done in the RCMP. The way that I see it. YOU ARE A COWARD. By following losers and abusers you have become one. You have no idea of what is happening around you. You are one of the sheep that is being lead to the slaughter. You are so happy to follow these so called leaders to your own doom. I say good on you.

    It is too bad that you can’t see thru the fog. I deplore what you stand for. You are an idiot and one day I am sure you will make it to the rank of Commissioner. Good luck and have a nice life (FUCKFACE)

  7. Anonymous permalink

    “Get fucked”, its a beautiful day out there today isn’t it. Oh hang on you probably don’t even notice the sunshine, the blue skies or anything that is a gift for living on this earth. You obviously are more interested in who might be your next victim. You can then go to your boss and say hey i screwed so and so over. This allows you to puff out your chest and possibly have the chance of being in line for a promotion.

    I actually wish you would simply FUCK OFF like the rest of the officers in that sick dysfunctional outfit that is supposed to show concern and uphold the law. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again that the RCMP are the same as the Mob. You disgust me.

    I have seen what this organization including the Commissioner (who seems lately has been hiding under a rock, after his brainless remarks) has done to many of the people that I care about. You “Mr. Get Fucked” along with your buddies are nothing more than a bunch of bullies that will do whatever it takes to get ahead. Of course none of you could do this on your own, you have to have back up by other “fuckers”.

    Read this “Get Fucked”

    A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behaviour without empathy or remorse.
    Psychopaths tend to lack normal human emotions such as guilt. They are also often highly intelligent and skilled at manipulating others.
    Also, psychopaths seem to appear normal. You would probably never guess there was something wrong with them.

    Sound like you? I tend to think so. Although, I question that part of you being intelligent. I’m sure in front of the camera wearing your Red Serge or Officers Uniform you appear normal but we know better don’t we. Deep down your a conniving, lying ass kisser that doesn’t have the balls to stand up for what is morally right. Don’t worry though because Karma always takes care of that. I’m sure if you have children they are probably some of the best bullies in the schoolyard.

    So keep on doing what you are doing, you may keep climbing the ladder but rest assured that one of two things will happen.

    1) You’ll get “fucked over”
    2) You may continue drinking the Kool-Aid and get ahead but in the end is Karma.

    I’ll just add the definition for you since I don’t think you are overly intelligent.

    the belief that all of your actions will have equal repercussions, affecting you

    Enjoy your day….

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Just had to share this with you “GF”
    I believe you are probably one that gives more than 100% and the further up the chain that officers may be they give even more!
    This comes from 2 math teachers with a combined total of 70 years of experience. It has an indisputable mathematical logic. It also made me Laugh Out Loud. This is a strictly mathematical viewpoint …….it goes like this:
    What Makes 100%?
    What does it mean to give MORE than 100%?
    Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%.
    How about achieving 103%?
    What makes up 100% in life?
    Here’s a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions:
    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
    Is represented as:
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.
    8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 =98%
    11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 =96%
    1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 =100%
    2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 =103%
    AND, look how far ass kissing will take you.
    1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7 = 118%
    So, one can conclude with mathematical certainty, that while Hard work and Knowledge will get you close, and Attitude will get you there, it’s the Bullshit and Ass Kissing that will put you over the top.

    And this my friends is how you get ahead in the RCMP!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I think B-R-O-W-N-N-O-S-I-N-G adds up to ‘150….pardon my math if it’s wrong. Did it quick.

  9. GodTheFather permalink

    RCMP: Rich Chaps Miniature Poodles


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