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Dear Commissioner Paulson

Oct 09

Dear Commissioner Paulson.
I have written to you a few times to let you know what is happening in my situation. I don’t know if you ever read these letters. You say you do in your bulletins. Perhaps it is naive of me. I am a public servant who has been going through one of the RCMP internal harassment investigations. I know the RCMP could do a lot better than they did with my case. If a simple Public Servant CR-04 grade can spot flaws and lies without even having the access to information and a complete view of the investigative report, how is it that 2 trained investigators, and a responsible officer with years of operational and investigatory experience can’t? These are questions that should be answered.

My grievances went to tribunal on the 28th and it appears the RCMP have now conceded failure of investigative process. With a decision like that it is hard to think about the effect that this issue has had on my life since these events happened. It is going to take some time to sink in. That you all let me and no doubt countless others down so badly in this way.

Originally my harassment complaint came back unfounded. The officer in question was never disciplined in any way. A verbal slap on the wrist. My life and my health as I knew it is ruined. I am returned to work to a hornets nest. Actually it always was a hornets nest but now it’s worse.

On 28th November, 2012 I was served with a letter from my unit commander stating that my performance was unacceptable and that I would be let go or demoted in January. This is because all of this has given me post traumatic stress disorder and I have been struggling to concentrate and I have been taking epilepsy meds. I have been showing up every day and doing my best. I have been working extra time. Yet my best is not good enough even though you all know that it is this situation that has made me sick. So I have become sick because of the stress of a failure of process on your part. But I am the one loosing my job over it.

The letter of discipline was served to me without my bargaining agent from USGE being informed or allowed to represent me which was in contravention of Section 17:02 of the treasury board contract. We were trying to avoid situations such as that because my health is fragile. I walked into that meeting in a trusting way thinking it was going to be good news because I had just 5 minutes earlier finished a telephone conversation with the public servant who had been working with me and she had just said that my work was improving well. Again I am completely betrayed. I had been asked by my new Unit Commander to assist him to modify documents that he was unable to do himself, which I had just helped him with. It makes it ironic that the same afternoon he tells me I am not performing well enough. I am not sure what that says about him?

I have certificates and transcripts. I immigrated to Canada under the skill worker program as a civil servant. When I first arrived here like many other immigrants I cleaned toilets so that I could be here and to obtain references. I’ll tell you something it had more integrity than what is going on now and I was treated with more respect as a human being. I had more pride in myself. I felt more valued. I worked with a bunch of other immigrants who were awesome people.  People smiled and said thank you to me and really at work that’s all any of us are asking for. In life no job is too small, or is the man doing it. My father taught me that. He sent me out to pluck turkeys for my first ever job at 15 to teach me values to earn money for Christmas presents. Not because he couldn’t give me the money himself, but because he taught me how important it is to work hard and to have respect for other people less fortunate, and how hard they have to work for so little. I used to earn a dollar a bird. I used to come home with bleeding fingers but it was honest money and I met good, decent, honest hard working people doing it.  When I look back on those times it makes me think how truly decent and respectful those people were that I worked with in comparison with where I’m at now.

These days when your members can’t find their files and shout and scream and throw tantrums, I find them on their desks and I say nothing and just sigh and walk away. When they can’t spell a word I spell it for them. When the Unit Commander doesn’t know who the Earl of Wessex is for a royal visit I google so that when the royal security detail calls him to collaborate, he’s not completely inept. When your members shout in the office and make racial slurs calling people “immigrant cock suckers” I have to turn a blind eye and let it roll off, because you’re all allowed to do that you’re just “letting off steam”. I have reasonable skills, then you tell me I’m the one not good enough. Then I’m told it’s nothing personal. Of course it’s personal. It’s because I spoke out about someone’s dishonesty, actually several people’s dishonesty and now I’m being torched for it. So please someone tell the truth for once.

I placed harassment complaints because I was told to by senior officers. I said I never wanted to and I held back for a year on doing this because I was trying to work through the issues. I am not a malicious person but my working environment was intolerable. It made me unpopular but it was the right thing to do. I did my due diligence. I was facing psychological harassment in my workplace, I was concerned about the honesty of one of your members and I reported it. I knew that I would burn for it but I couldn’t say different. I couldn’t take it back because it was the truth. My psychologist advised the RCMP to leave me alone and that I would be fine. But the RCMP pushed and pushed telling me I needed an additional health assessment. I still to this day don’t know why. I certainly wasn’t running around the office with my knickers on my head or posting pictures of myself naked on the internet. I wasn’t threatening people like they were me. I wasn’t sexually harassing anyone while my colleagues were allowed to pin up posters making pornographic sexual references. I was quiet at my desk trying to do my work. I was told it was to assist me but HR held on to the resulting information and delayed sending it to my doctor, which placed additional stress on my health when it was acute. So if HR had no intention of sending the report to my GP why did they ever ask for it?  Was the delay because they were ashamed of what it came back with? Psychological violence.

I am told that my new unit commander should know nothing of what has gone on before and I’m told I can’t speak to him about it even though there’s a continuance, but it is obvious that he does, I am told to believe that, but at this point I am leery and who wouldn’t be. My boss then admits he does know more than he’s letting on after all. This man was witness to me being told at a meeting and threatened with, if I so much as spoke about the matters that had gone on I would be disciplined.

You cannot remove people from their human rights. You cannot prevent people from inquiring and exploring the processes put in place to protect them in the workplace. You would never dare say this to an employee in public. So why are you saying it to me.

HR asked for me to provide accommodations which my psychologist provided, and yet again nothing is done to accommodate. So why did they ask? What is the point of this if you have no intention of respecting Canadian Human Rights. My Unit Commander gave me the number of MEAP again on the 28th knowing that I had already used all my MEAP allowance of 10 sessions. Why doesn’t he just give me the number of the Samaritans and be done with it. It would be more honest. It seems that you are all flailing around in the dark.

The RCMP have acted clumsily in the worst possible way. If someone is seeking help in a quiet discrete responsible way to get over something bad that happened to them in the workplace, seeking help from highly qualified professional people who are experts in their field, why would you meddle in that and think that you know better? Are you just morbidly curious? Why would the RCMP think that they are more qualified than the most qualified people who have studied for 7 to 10 years for their skills.  What are your qualifications in this field? HR hired their own expert witness who also said in plain terms that I had been emotionally and psychologically abused by one of your officers, but you still don’t catch on. They chose that person for their extensive experience and for their qualifications. You hired them and paid them with tax payer’s money for their professional advice.  I just showed up and complied because if I didn’t I would loose my job.

But no that expert must be lying too. What a waste of resources. It is my understanding that evaluation cost the taxpayer over a thousand dollars. How many psychologists have I seen now maybe 7 or 8, maybe more. I’ve lost count and they’ve all said the same thing, they must all be wrong. Not one of them has said that I did anything wrong or that I am at fault. I have a psychiatric injury caused by my employment. I was manipulated. So now that tack has failed, instead we’ll go the constructive dismissal route and find performance issues, if we can’t find any we’ll create some with an unrealistic expectation of perfection that we hold no one else to. We’ll act all friendly and supportive and tell her to trust us when she knows that she cannot and then psychopathically ask her where she sees herself in a year from now as though she has any future at all, as though you care at all. Honestly why would you even ask a question like that at this point? It is meaningless. What do you expect me to say? I tell the truth. I say I have no future with this organization. Not that I don’t want my job. But I can see through the lies. I have better instincts and more insight than you give me credit for. It is an authentic response bearing in mind what I’ve witnessed so far. So rather than find an amicable agreement so that everyone can move forward constructively, we’ll find her incompetent at her job and crush an otherwise exemplary working history. That makes complete nonsense because now you’ve crushed me I can’t apply for other jobs. You guys offered me a better job or one year’s pay with a gag order. I asked for 2 and would have willingly run screaming from the organization. I knew I would need that time to get over what has happened before returning to the workplace. You could have just said yes and let me go. I’ve been returned to work now for a year. So you have paid me for a wasted year anyway. That’s on top of the year and a half that I spent working from home while you processed my harassment complaint without fair judicial process. That year could have been put towards me recovering my life and my health and getting away from the RCMP.

I want to work so I returned to work. So you start another game. We’ll disable her. We’ll tell her she can’t transcribe even though her last performance evaluation has her down as very good at this. We’ll crush what little confidence that she has left when she is at an absolute low and micro manage her for 9 months in retaliation to the point that she’s about to crack.  Then when she does after 3 years of this intolerable situation we’ll say that she’s weak and crazy and was a bad hire and serve her with disciplinary action without her basic rights to union representation, rights that have been disregarded repeatedly throughout this process. Rights, what rights, we are the RCMP we can do whatever we want. Treasury board policy what’s that? You should take no pride in this behavior. This is breach of the code of conduct which states that police officers should respect the rights of everyone. It is predictably unprofessional but who cares?  By the time it is grieved it will be 2 or 3 years on and even then you’ll get a shabby investigation and the RCMP will deny it ever even happened. It is immoral. Your internal grievance process is, as it stands, a fiction.

When she goes up the chain to ask for help we’ll block her and tell her that she’ll be disciplined further, again immoral.

You should be ashamed of this ruse. It is a can of worms sir. I beg you here and now to research this situation and do whatever you have to do to get me “the hell” out of here, and fairly.

The bad apple.

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Hello Bad Apple,


    It’s hard to write this isn’t it? You can’t make this stuff up!!! I feel for you and get that it is important to get this out and write it down. That is what this blog is for. I believe that it is also something that the rest of the world needs to read.

    Here is an e-mail that I sent to Senator Romeo Dallaire tonight. I thought that it would be fitting to add it here:

    Hello Senator Dallaire,

    My name is Cpl. Rolly Beaulieu. I had the opportunity to attend Senate and give testimony of why the RCMP stopped me from attending Senate to give evidence on Bill C-42. The decision that the Senate committee made on the RCMP not allowing me not to attend and speak to the Senate is not why I am writing to you today. I have been in contact with Senator Grant Mitchell in the past with regards to the Senate Hearings on Bill C-42.

    I am writing you today so that I can tell you what has transpired with relation to my dealing with my harassment complaints in the RCMP. As you may be aware, I was one of the three individuals that was targeted by Commissioner Paulson as he addressed the Senate. What is at issue with my case and many others is the following: ( I will utilize my complaints as an example)

    I have hard documented evidence that shows that I was harassed and set up for failure by Senior RCMP Brass. They have seen the documentation but refuse to acknowledge that it even exists. My complaints go back to 2001. In my complaints I have shown RCMP management all of the evidence that I have. So what do they do. They say, so sue me. It cost me just under $10,000.00 to get a legal opinion. The legal opinion states that I was in fact harassed. Then the real cost of taking this court started. It would have cost me roughly $250,000.00 to take the RCMP to court to prove that I have in fact been harassed and my career destroyed.

    Of course, I didn’t have that kind of money, so I have been trying to reason with the unreasonable. You would think that the evidence and statements would speak for themselves. I have tried the RCMP grievance process and can prove that this to is corrupted by Senior RCMP brass. You see, it is not the truth that really matters, what matters is the image of the RCMP.

    I reasonable person would assume that the RCMP would do the right thing and make things right. What in fact has happened is the opposite. As a result of the ongoing harassment that I was subjected to, I went off work ODS in March of 2011. Since that time I have tried to get the Commanding Officer of E Division to address my complaints. To date, all I have been told is that I must return to work. I have been diagnosed with Acute Adjustment Disorder by veterans Affairs, for which I am collecting a disability pension. How can I return to work when the RCMP refuses to acknowledge my complaints. I have file numbers from the RCMP that acknowledges that they received my complaints and I even have a decision from the Commanding Officer of the day that is also a subject of my complaints.

    This got so out of hand that I advised the grievance unit in BC that I could not accept the Commanding Officers decision as he is very good friends with the officer that I complained about and decision was not unbiased.
    So they grievance unit decides to send my complaints to PEI for a review. I later get an e-mail from the member in PEI that is reviewing my complaint. He advised that he received the 850 page document that I sent him. I called the member back and advised him that the Grievance Unit should have sent him just over 4000 pages. I realized at this time that the Grievance Unit send the member in PEI what they deemed to be relevant and not all of the required documentation. I then advised the member in PEI that I would photocopy the full documents and send them to him, which I did. About six months later I received the report from the member in PEI. I was shocked to see that the report mirrored that report that was made by the Commanding Officer in E Division. There was no mention of the evidence that I submitted.

    I decided to look into the member in PEI who reviewed the decision. I found out that the member who reviewed my complaint, used to work in E Division for the Grievance Unit. That tells me that this was all smoke and mirrors, in the hopes that I would just give up. So how does one get to have a case heard in such a corrupt system. The answer is you don’t. There is no justice in the RCMP.

    I would be happy to address my case and give names of those who have disgraced the RCMP. I will bring the evidence. Does the Canadian public really care about this? Are they even aware of the goings on inside the Great Canadian Icon? Is there sufficient political will to make the changes that need to be made, or to even disband the organization.

    I know what I am talking about, because I was in the Canadian Military (Regular Force) 1977-1981. Armored Recon. Princess Louise’s 8th Canadian Hussars.
    I departed the military in 1981 to pursue a career in the RCMP. It took me until 1987 to get into the RCMP. I worked in various Police fields. I can supply my CV at you request. My experience is vast and far reaching. I want to retire from the RCMP. I want to retire with my dignity intact. The RCMP wants to medical me out without addressing my complaints. I ask you, how can I move forward without having my grievances addressed. If I am forced out via a medical discharge and my grievances have not been addressed I will never get better. There will be no closure on this issue for me, or many others. I believe that my disability will worsen and my health will fail. I do not wish to be a burden on VAC or society.


    Rolly Beaulieu

    That said, all we can do is keep the pressure on by telling the world about what is really going on inside the RCMP. I have to keep on hoping that there is political will to make the changes that are needed.

    I encourage all of you to write your MP’s and Senators and tell them what is going on. Don’t take no for an answer. The RCMP needs to be overhauled and it needs to happen yesterday.

    In Support

    Rolly Beaulieu

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hello Rolly,

      I feel for you. I’ve had similar circumstances and have seen some other posts from you in the past and sorry you have to go through this. I seriously wonder if Romeo will actually inquire on anything but guess it was a good thought to bring it to the surface. Unfortunately, I defected before I could be diagnosed but suspect I had ptsd (or maybe acute stress disorder) in some form of unsurmountable stress. If I was to get diagnosed it would NOT BE by a selected list of ‘RCMP approved doctors’ but someone outside of this that can provide an objective view and not one to meet force agendas. Trick is now having any proof but perhaps should’ve spoken to VAC at the time. It only acknowledges to me that the law is a joke, and doesn’t work for anyone accept when it’s convenient for the RCMP’s whiteshirts to use it against you. I don’t think any whiteshirt should have that power to keep you or anyone else down this way – but they do! If they keep this shit up, the next thing coming will be street justice.

      The only way I see this capturing brass attention is taking it outside the force but as you mentioned (250K) they know almost all members don’t have this kind of money. Odd to see that you have less rights under the RCMP act and not even sure members are included in the charter of rights/freedom and if so, can see it isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

      Would there not be a ‘duty to accomodate’ an acute adjustment disorder, or do you feel like you were diagnosed fairly or under ‘Farce’CMP agenda? Hopefully you don’t have too many years to go before retirement is all I can think.

  2. Author permalink

    This was a real letter written when I was at my lowest with the symptoms of PTSD. I wrote if after watching the Commission on TV talking about how the RCMP were taking care of people both from a harassment perspective and with health issues. I am better now but it still gives me goose bumps to read it back because I believe I was close to checking out at that time and I remember those feelings like they were yesterday.

    It was written and sent to the Commissioner in November 2012. Of course I didn’t sign it Bad Apple then I signed it with my name. It was purely reactionary, from the heart, the rawest document I have ever written. I probably sound like a maniac but I wasn’t I was in despair. I knew little of the culture of the RCMP at that time. I honestly thought that it was just me and that was what I was told. It is you that is dysfunctional but in my gut and previous experience I couldn’t accept it. It just didn’t feel right. All I was thinking is why, I’m trying to work for you? I posted it so that others could see the levels of frustration, and the degree of confusion that is going on in relation to health and wellness in this organization right down to the lowest denominator. Also how the bosses meddle with our heads and meddle with our ability to recover from these conditions. How they have a tendency to crack a walnut with a sledgehammer and end up making them worse. These health conditions require consistency and trust in treatment. If there is continuous betrayal and humiliation how can we heal.

    We sit at our desks supporting others. We put up and shut up and absorb it all trying to do the best for everyone under the harshest of scrutiny dealing with a complete lack of logic or emotional intelligence from above and no you can’t make this stuff up. It is surreal to me sometimes. He never responded of course, why would he. I had written others more professional prior to this outburst of emotion but he had never responded to those either.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    You are no bad apple.

    I’d work with you any day. Sadly, I believe every word that you say.

    I am being harassed as a white male police officer, it defies understanding how an immigrant female public servant can be treated that way.

    Continue seeing your doctors, preserve your health at the expense of everything else, go to work if it’s healthier for you and only if it’s healthier for you.

    We need honest hard working people with the courage to tell the truth. We will need the likes of you to rebuild this organization.

    Preserve your health and stay the course. Continue to seek counsel and support here, keep the faith.

  4. spaventosa permalink

    I agree with Anonymous, you are NOT a bad apple! I read your article last night after having had a very nice evening out. How quickly my mood changed after reading your story. I had trouble getting to sleep. It sickens me as to how you could be treated this way. To think you came to Canada seeking a better way of life and this is your reward… Like yourself my family came to Canada for a better way of life and this is what you get. Absolutely deplorable! I am so sorry for what you have been put through. Actually it’s embarrassing for me and other Canadians that have a heart. I also have contacted the commissioner possibly thinking he would listen. Like you I’ve had no response. It’s true he doesn’t care about his people. He cares only of himself and how he can save face when a new embarrassing story hits the media. I’ve often thought how on earth do these bullies sleep at night. My advice to you is to stay strong, do not stop believing in yourself and keep the fight. Take care of your health and be kind to yourself. I still believe that Canada is a land of opportunity, however not in this organization sadly. Please know that there are others that have your back.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve contacted the Bob Paulson directly also and he never responded.

  6. Hello Anonymous,

    Thank you for the kind words. If you are retired from the RCMP, it is not to late to have an assessment completed by Veterans Affairs. I would suggest that you contact the nearest OSI Clinic (Google) and make an appointment.

    In support

    Rolly Beaulieu


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