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“US vs THEM”

Sep 24

In a comment posted in response to a recent article (ArseCMP) posted on this site where ‘Jeff Who’ states “Kind of fosters a real “us vs them” mentality” I’d like to clarify because it IS an “us vs them” mentality. It’s a mentality that one has to get to. It is not something that just happens. The “us vs them” has come about as a result of management refusing to take responsibility/ownership for the managers that have wronged subordinates.

Here is what the bottom line is:

It doesn’t matter that members have become sick because of the treatment that they were subjected to. Complaints and grievances go unresolved for years (mine go back to 2002) and the grievance process itself is non-functional.  It doesn’t matter that returning a member to a poisoned work environment will make them even more sick. What matters is that the member returns to work.

It doesn’t matter that the member is sick. It doesn’t matter that other members who are picking up the slack are not being recognized, or that the organization would rather run the members into the ground than call members in for overtime. It doesn’t matter that their grievance process doesn’t work.  It doesn’t matter that incompentence in dealing with these issues  leaves the members high and dry and at risk.  It doesn’t matter that management seems incapable of sitting down with ODS members and taking responsibility/ownership of these problems.  It doesn’t matter that management has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye not only to the problems but also to any suggestions that could assist in resolving them. Who knows, maybe the members would be able to return to work, if the organization actually gave a shit about it’s people.

Quote from Jeff WHO “And I can assure you it’s not my attitude that gives the RCMP a bad name, that would be the members currently on long term ODS complaining about either having to come back to work (remember: the positions aren’t back-filled so someone has to pick up the slack (so much for empathy for fellow members) or being forced to medical out”.  Not surprising that Jeff Who would have this perspective given the audio clip of the commissioner (also on this blog) where he’s speaking about ODS people and makes the whistle and hand sign for crazy.  Ignorance exists at all levels in the RCMP.

But you see, it’s cheaper and easier to make the victim look crazy or like a lazy, good-for-nothing member who finally got what he/she deserved rather than to fix the problem.  And management can count on the gossip and rumours that run rampant within the membership to get that job done.

Again, this blog is filled with members who are in the midst of that struggle.   Just by “Jeff Who” taking the time to read them and respond, tells one thing about him. I think that he does care. I am just not sure what he really cares about.

So let me ask you these questions.

Would you want to work with a member who is broken and has not had his\her issues dealt with? Would you trust this member to be able to make the life and death decisions that police officers make everyday? Would you want one of these members back at work because they were ordered to return to work?

I think that it’s important that you know the following information. The decision to order a member back to work comes from management. It does not come from a doctor.   Those physicians and psychologists who disagree with this RCMP tactic will simply be removed from the “recommended” doctor list that members must utilize when they see a doctor.   You see, this is a game to RCMP management. They are not serious about taking care of any of us. We are all just a number with no true labour protection.  So.  Yes.  Us vs. Them.

I am anonymous for a reason. My career is over. It has been destroyed by an organization that I gave 150% for over 25 years. It has cost me one divorce and 2 problem children and of course half of my pension. You see, I was one of the few who worked their ass off and gave up everything to ensure the image of the Force stayed intact. You don’t know the particulars of my grievances, but I can assure you this, if my story were to be told along with the documents that I have in my possession, I am sure that some will sit up and notice.

I know that many people would say, Well if your career is over then why don’t you retire, or why doesn’t the RCMP just medical you out and be done with it?

It’s not that simple, I wish it were, but it’s not and here’s why.

If I retire today, I may be considered unemployable in any police field that I may choose to apply for.  So the question for me is, do I retire and work at MacDonalds or do I attempt to discuss a mutually agreed upon exit from the RCMP that addresses my grievances and allows me to retire.

On the other hand, why doesn’t the RCMP just medical you out? Well that one is a bit of a problem. If the RCMP forces me out medically without dealing with my several grievances then that would be considered wrongful dismissal.

What would you do?


My story will eventually come out. It is just a matter of when.


  1. Anonymous permalink

    Hello Anonymous, I believe you told me to wake up and see that the RCMP wanted to get rid of me…. Maybe so, Now in response to your posting. I’m sorry that being sick is causing Members that don’t give a Flying F___—k on why I’m sick. I’m sorry that they now have to give 150% like you and I have been doing for over 25 yrs. The new crowd, is part of the problem they care of nobody but themselves . They play with the rules and fake their reports. Something we never would have thought to do. They have no respect for experience members. So to H — with them.

    Now for the good members out there my heart goes out to them. We all know good hard working members that have also been passed over and blacked listed or given special interest treatment. These guys I’m concern about but Management does not care.

    I understand your concern about being Medical OUT this seems to be Buffalo Bob’s answer to everything. Your CO can add 2 yrs to your service to sweeten the deal. Treasury Board is working on Retirement Deals for older members. I found this on the WEB while reading about RCMP Pension. Now if they gave us full pension Not just 75% until 65 where you fall back to you actual years of work like now. Since our leaving would help them they should Finally HELP US.

    You’ve already paid too high of a price with your family. Who knows with time this could be save once they understand PTSD disorder.

    Hang in there let the time past, years will accumulate for your pension and sweetened the deal making it easier for you to accepted and Management to give it.

    I find it odd that the people in Staffing that encourage me to stay after 25 yrs because they needed good members with experience to help the new members are now Pension off, they suddenly fled like RATS. The one’s remaining agree the system is flawed and look surprise when I tell them to Help us change it !
    The only answer I get from them…. That’s going to be Hard … It’s not my Job.. To this members I say thanks because F—-K you is not polite. These members are the one’s that never had to put 150% and will never Burn out.

  2. DJ Motorcop permalink

    I took a voluntary medical with 14 years service but I had another 20 additional years absorbed service. I did not have to take the 75% great west life deal as my pensions and my DVA pension equal that amount. Having two decades of non RCMP police experience and then doing 14 in the force taught me one thing….my union was amazing, our grievances were heard and dealt with fairly, We negotiated our shift schedule based on meeting everyone’s needs but with input from those who worked them. We negotiated our salary and health and wellness benefits we lowered our retirement age factor to 80 at age 50 the average of the best three years of service with a stacked pension which means no claw back at age 65 on CPP. We worked for one City and as such never had to transfer we hand uncles, fathers brothers sisters and moms serving within our proud little 140 person force. That is all gone now I am so glad that I as well am gone. The transient force of young career orientated crawlers replacing us have no sense of community no sense of serving the community. They are like the BORG from Star Trek the force will absorb you they assimilate you and move on each one just a number interchangeable disposable replaceable. Lord save us all from a federal force that believes it understands municipal policing.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hey DJ Motorcop,

      Your city police force, wherever it was, sounds amazing! With 140 people, including family and close friends, puts even more pressure on individuals to do the right thing. Did your city police force get devolved into the RCMP or did you apply separately to the force? Anyways, you’re so lucky that you can walk with a decent pension and am envious. Makes me wonder what happened to the good ol’ days where things were simpler. The ‘Farce’CMP makes everything difficult and their processes behind them serve no purpose. Perhaps the RCMP can devolve, their assets back to municipal policing but I guess their mandate is all about power.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Without prejudice
        Yes my municipal force was amazing but in 1998 it was absorbed into the RCMP, along with another City force next to us. The RCMP was able to convince the Province and the three communities that they could deliver a better service at a better price. So in 1998 a tri community area police by 176 police officers was absorbed into the RCMP and the staff levels were reduced to 127 members. I will not go on about the lack of members on the street and the increase in crime and calls for service and the burn out and the smoke and mirrors policing that these three communities are now chained to. Suffice it to say there are a lot less officers being forced to do more with less and the budget has spiraled out of control. The communities lost the right to set the wages and benefits and work conditions of the police force and now they are handed a bill and they are TOLD how it will be. I must applaud the City councils and the Province of NB for being taken in, and I also must than the team of lawyers who won us a multi-million dollar settlement against the Province of NB for unjust dismissal after they legislated the termination of our collective agreement with our City. The house renovations and the new Harley are great gifts. We are presently in a law suit against the RCMP and superannuation for the botch up of our pension portability and related lies mis-truths and erroneous information and once again the money from this suit will come from the tax payers.
        Without prejudice

        paranoia is the state I live in near denial as it flows by the village of fools.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ahhh….i see. so the RCMP say ‘we deliver a better service for less’, take over small-town policing, and narrow down 176 staff down to 127 members (fire nearly 50 people), and this was there idea of doing ‘more for less’ and by the time anyone had a chance to implement metrics to prove whether the service was ‘better’ or not – it’s too late, because the BORG-RCMP have taken control. I completely and fully understand your references to ‘smoke and mirrors’, the ‘burn out’, and under-resourcing. It sounds like you ‘kind have won’ with house renos and a new harley as in my circumstance didn’t win a thing and would’ve ended up as a battle of who had what on whom (complete BS). Hopefully your pension will iron out, back 10 or so years ago, i’m not sure why but the RCMP wanted Morneau Sobeco to handle their pension funds. Thought it was TBS that was managing it prior but not sure, and the turmoil of senior mgmt somehow mismanaging these funds. Hope you get it ironed out.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Yes the (ArseCMP a bad religion) was certainly a stunning post and seemingly accurate from a high-level or a low-level view. I certainly feel for someone who has put 150% effort in for 25 years and has cost them a marriage/family issues. I have heard of this several times and suspect it’s actually more rampant than we see. I’ve seen situations (I’M NOT saying this experience is similar to yours but only an example) with members and their families that they’ll have a ‘well setup lifestyle” where the husband is a Mountie, the wife is a teacher, and the local school provides a solid education for their kids. After a few years, the Mountie is told by top brass “you’re transferring to ‘the-middle-of-nowhere’ community”, and the Mountie pleads his case that the quality of life will diminish as the community doesn’t have a teacher’s position for his wife nor the quality of education required for their kids (as the community is remote), and lifestyle issues with fitting into the community, and top brass respond “we hired you….we didn’t hire your family” thus the Mountie is hamstrung and forced into a bad situation. Top brass might say for value-added lip service “well we’ll see what else we can do or other alternatives that can be presented” but all they do is mothball the situation and then respond with a deceitfully devised fabrication of “we tried everything and there’s nothing we could do” and still force a cop into 2-3 years service in that community, that doesn’t factor his family needs. I’ve heard of a few situations after the family transfers to a community that the spouse, give or take 6-12 months, provides an ultimatum of ‘get transferred elsewhere sooner or i’m leaving and taking the kids’. I’ve seen this generate a level of stress (stress is an under-stated word for what actually goes on here), I rarely see in other occupations (an exception: military), have disastrous effects. Stress makes people do funny things that aren’t characteristic of themselves, however once top brass and their lower-level brown-nosing NCOs get a sniff of this, they say “what’s your problem”? and attempt to devise medical discharges for the member. Not only does the RCMP not give a shit about “you”, or it’s members, BUT DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THEIR FAMILIES EITHER. So, I have to ask you and any other members reading this site, “IS THIS WHAT THE RCMP MEANS BY ‘MEMBERS FIRST'”? You can speak to div reps anywhere in the country and this catchphrase seems to exist either outside their office as paper taped to their door, or a records section corkboard. With how rampant harassment and all these other underlying issues are, makes me wonder about the value of any ‘div rep’ in the force (as they don’t solve or resolve any of this on the scales that harassment occurs), when top brass can trump or apply fear-mongering tactics to them as easily as any other member. I think some div reps have the ‘best at heart’ (unfortunately not all of them) for their members, however, wonder if the position is created to present the illusion, there is an avenue for members to go to get assistance from a rep who will help them, but devised by top brass to ‘muddy the waters’ and put a layer between themselves and troubled members so that senior management insulates themselves from dealing with problems. I also wonder at times if the div reps cover up tracks for top brass as instructed, and the message conveyed by a div rep might be “look, I helped protect the force, first and foremost, at a troubled member’s expense, so think of me next time a promotable opportunity crops up”. This is an oversimplified example, as I know the schemes are far more elaborate. In looking from another perspective, and I could be wrong, my understanding was if a div-rep was voted in for a 2nd term (2 terms) that they ‘instantly receive a promotion’ – so again, the endeavour is for the voted member to get promoted. In short, it appears the RCMP exist to “SERVE AND PROTECT” themselves and no one else. It’s all about image and there is zero substance.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The Div Reps are basicly “frenemy agents” if you ask me.

      • DJ Motorcop permalink

        On the issue of the DSSR cadre, Gilles Blinn of J Div works tirelessly for his members and in fact worked to get injuries from my absorbed service recognized as RCMP related injuries and qualify me for DVA.He works tirelessly to ensure absorbed members in J Div are treated fairly and dealt with justly. Gilles became injured on duy years ago and became a duty to accommodate member. He saw what was wrong and ran for DSSR and works to make it right. If the RCMP members ever get the chance to form a union then I would suggest the first national President should be Gilles. He exhibits qualities and attributes that others lost or never had. He is available on short notice and listens, then acts. He facilitated many accommodations for my self and other members out on medical leave he was a shield between us and the system. Gilles has helped so many return to work or to leave voluntarily as I did after two years ODS. Remember his name, check him out, he is beloved by his J Div members and is not cowed by those in the ivory towers.


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