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ArseCMP are like a bad religion

Sep 11

Just started perusing through your site and find many of the topics and categories brought up are exactly what I had seen in my several years with the ArseCMP. When I first came on, I was told ‘how great the opportunities and career progression’ was with the ArseCMP and, at the time, my view of the force was a perception I had of most federal government-type institutions, and within a year of me starting, I had come to a realization that my view was dead wrong.

There were problems for years in my environment with blatant favouritism and career-sewering antics, which was brought up with senior mgmt. and divisional reps for years. After about 4-5 years, recapitulating the same issues to the top brass, divreps and other members, I realized that all the lip service I got amounted to nothing, and that no one wanted to deal with the problem. Some of these morons thought to twist the situation around and make it look like me (and others complaining about it) were the problem, I suspect, more to initiate the unspoken words by them which was “shut up and deal with it. I don’t want to hear about it anymore”. Others attempted to use the situation, to pretend they were interested in helping, however ended up using this circumstance to “GET PROMOTED”. Years of severe harassment, day-in and day-out eventually wear on you and I suspected as such that they’d wait for me and others to seek alternate employment which is what I ended up having to do. They’ve tried pulling other things with me but at some point, you’re just exhausted, trying to do your job, and all these idiots do is shit on you because most of them are inadequate cowards.

The ArseCMP are the most useless pieces of shit I’ve ever seen (at least the majority). When i’m in front of other members and they want to boast about their ‘almighty environment’ I make it real clear that i’m going to ruin their party and best for them to stop while they’re ahead.

To me the ArseCMP are like a bad religion. Any progressive ideas are not welcome if it threatens their mechanistic ways of operations or thinking – even if to their advantage! They’re not progressive, I think they still carry out police management that date back to the days of the 1867 BNA Act.  Most of these people won’t admit it, but I think they live in ‘absolute fear’ for their entire careers which is why the majority of them are kiss-asses, cowards, and liars who thwart truths of a situation to suit their personal convenience to further themselves. It’s funny how members bring up “RCMP core values” not as a part of daily life, but when it’s convenient for them to save their own ass when under investigation, or when to use it against another member.

It’s funny to watch public spectacles like the ‘Musical Ride’, where they’re all in formation, projecting all their ‘chest puff’ to the public to make themselves appear invincible and the reality is most of them go back to detachment or offices, like scared sheep, daily performing the ‘lambada’ under the “RCMP fly-under-the-radar” stick, hoping that some keen little suckhole ass-kissing panzi doesn’t push their ass above the radar just for the sake of trying to look good or to get promoted at someone else’s expense. Does this sound like a ‘brothers in blue’ organisation? I think this mentality died with WWII vets that knew how to take care of each other on the battle field, and when the war was over, they carried that mentality in police and fire departments. This generation died out in the early ’80s and the new generation/s, as far as i’m concerned, are liars, project cowardess, deceit, and collusion against their own members especially if it means getting ‘dissenters’ back ‘in line’.

I assure you it isn’t just the females that are getting harassed, even though, that is what’s been publicized lately. I assure you many male members are harassed and perhaps ‘more so’ than females as I ‘suspect’ it derives from the force’s male populus, that engage in the groupthink bias of “you’re a man, you can handle this, so we’ll push you harder than we would a female”. To be honest, I probably haven’t seen the worst cases with females and my heart goes out to them. The problem with either gender, is that I believe their careers are done once they go public, whether they know it or not, I admire their courage.

The ArseCMP, will react with “well these girls (or guys) are complaining, which means they’re trouble-makers, so now we’ll have to bring these dissenters back on-side with less-than-desirable tactics. They will have investigations against these people, they will find something that will cause them ‘public embarassment’ whether it’s relevant to policework or not. They will brought into a room and told, you can proceed with your civil suit, however we’ve found this embarrassing information and we’ll introduce it during the case in some twisted way to make it look relevant to discredit their character which will make these victims think twice about wanting to pursue the suit. They most go forth! I feel I could still sue but I need the right stakeholders and while I’ve been out of the force for a few years feel like I’ve not gotten bounce in my step since I’ve quit.

While there are ‘some’ (speaking about the minority) good people in the force, their nature is unaffected by whether or not they sport the uniform. These individuals are far and few between, and in speaking to some of them, I know many of them feel they might’ve made the wrong employment choice, would look to get out and do something different, or all in all, just feel trapped.

  1. Anonymous permalink

    From the sounds of things, you were in O Division. What brought you back to this site after all these years?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Does it matter what division/s i was in? Your assumption is that i’ve been gone for a quite a number of years as you imply “what brought you back to this site after all these years?”, when in fact it may or may not be as many as you think, or it might be more. How’s that for a straight answer? I guess you’re fishing for more info, cop-typical, however can’t contribute information for your deductive-reasoning excercises or abstruse intent, however, do hope the doc’s site helps contribute in some informative way to you.

      • Anonymous permalink

        So I got you mixed up with another post, chill out.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m just keeping my ‘spidey senses’ open – when venturing into force boundary discussion, the ‘trust’ pill is a hard one for me to swallow (obviously) considering all the possible eyes watching this site, thus have to be a little cryptic with some responses is all.

      • Anonymous permalink

        That’s completely understandable.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    “O” Division? Sounds like any division in Canada, “from far and wide” !!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    All I can say to this, is the following:

    You are right and there are far too many of us (currently serving) that are, or were, being continuously harassed by the like minded. So many of us are off ODS because of the abuse. Mostly because of the psychological damage.

    The RCMP is refusing to deal with my several harassment/grievance complaints submitted over the years. Instead RCMP Management are now looking at medically dismissing members who are suffering from abuse instead of implementing a process that will address the outstanding complaints, ensure a safe and harassment free workplace, and return the member back to work. They are currently stepping up this campaign by sending dismissal letters to members that have filed complaints and are off duty sick.

    The reason that members are ODS is because RCMP Management refuse to discuss or acknowledge these complaints. Instead they will be firing people who complain.

    The message in all of this is the following: IF YOU COMPLAIN, YOUR FIRED!!!

  4. Jeff Who permalink

    Perhaps you should find employment elsewhere. I have never read a more whiny and bitchy piece and this site is full of them. I’m not entirely sure what you expect but perhaps you may want to get into a position or a unit where you actually do something because you seem to have a lot of time on your hands.

    • Anonymous permalink


      Well said. Short and to the point. Good luck in your career Jeff Who, you will need it.


    • Anonymous permalink


      Maybe some of us have found employment elsewhere, and not necessarily to your advantage if we all worked for the same cause. What do i as well as other current/past members expect? What a stupid question. Take a read through this site more carefully (not just this article but others as well) and take a wild guess. What’s expected is common courtesy, to not collude against your co-workers, to not harass (sexually or other bantering/mobbing measures) of other members, for brass not to use their members like a box of cleanex, throw away when empty and find the next member to run into the ground, and stop cowering behind fictitious ideals like RCMP core values that don’t exist. You seem to post a fair bit yourself so it appears you have plenty of free time on your hands as well, so if you follow your own advise perhaps you should find another job as well.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Hello Jeff Who,

    Wow!!! Thank goodness for free speech and our Constitution. In one way you are right. Many people who write on this blog write because they actually have too much time on there hands. There is an obvious solution to this however.

    The solution lies entirely with RCMP management. I for one, as have many others, filed complaints with the Force. Instead of dealing with the complaints RCMP management has decided to harass members for complaining. Who in there right mind would find this acceptable? So, many members are off duty on stress leave as many have issues with being harassed for complaining about being harassed.

    This blog is for those who are trying to understand/make sense/help each other on how to deal with an organization that does not give a damn about its people. If they did, this blog would not be necessary. Unfortunately JEFF WHO, you do not seem to get it or care to understand. Instead you pitch your best pitch with this crap.

    You sound like you are an NCO that is living in the past. As the Commissioner said “Wake up man”.

    It is not the victims that are the problem. It is attitudes like yours that give the RCMP a bad name. If you don’t wake up and take a serious look around you, you will miss out on changes that are coming. Better to get on board than to be part of the problem.

    So my advice to you is this. Take a hard long look in the mirror and say to yourself. “Do I trust my employer? Do I have empathy for my fellow members?” If you say yes to both, then good for you.

    However, you may want to re-think the empathy question, because you have shown me that you do not have any with regards to members who write on this blog.

    Let me know what you see in the mirror. I truly am interested.


    • Jeff Who permalink

      Again, not an NCO nor a white shirt. Quite a statement when you automatically assume same. Kind of fosters a real “us vs them” mentality.

      You asked do I trust my employer? I guess you’d have to include the context. Am I stupid enough to put myself in a compromising situation? No. Do I have empathy for other members? Most of the time. Not so much here.

      This blog is rife with anti-RCMP comments and articles and simply serves to allow others to pile on. Do I think there is harassment in the Force? Of course, it’s a large organization and we have our share of idiots but many of the complaints ring hollow when examined closely. And I can assure you it’s not my attitude that gives the RCMP a bad name, that would be the members currently on long term ODS complaining about either having to come back to work (remember: the positions aren’t back-filled so someone has to pick up the slack – so much for empathy for fellow members) or being forced to medical out.

      There are changes on the horizon, some good, some bad but changes nonetheless. I actually do my best to ensure I am not part of the problem but I can only do so much. How much are any of you doing?

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Hello Jeff Who
    Hmmm, either you know very little about the RCMP and how they operate or as mentioned by Anonymous you are a White Shirt… and if you don’t like this site, why would you continue to follow something that you feel is simply a site to bitch and complain? I myself find that odd. Must be something about all this bitchiness that intrigues you. However if you are a white shirt I guess you took it personally when your employer was named the ArsceRMP…. The truth hurts sometimes hey? And Jeff I can almost guarantee if you are a white shirt, it’s not too late for you to become the fall guy for someone and get harassed and thrown to the Wolves. When that happens I’m sure you will join us and have a change of heart.

    • Jeff Who permalink

      A white shirt? I can assure you I am the furthest from that. In addition, I happen to know a whole lot about the RCMP. And I do like this site, I guess I have an perverse interest in reading about how hard done by so many members think they are. I agree that this outfit is far from perfect but this is entirely unhealthy. Almost like a pity party where everyone gets to complain about having to go back to work after some perceived slight at the Force’s failure to see how great they are. What do you expect from public service?

      And while I have my own resentments and bitterness from the job at times I am smart enough to know my role and understand that nothing is easy. The sense of entitlement (particularly from those that are now faced with going back to work after being off for an extended period) is remarkable. There seems to be a lot of self-loathing.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Another- Anonymous,

      It’s interesting to read comments from Jeff Who, as it appears at one point, the people on this site are “whiny and bitchy” yet further into reading his replies, admits, to some extent, he has his own resentments. What may be seen by Jeff Who as ‘whining & bitchiness’ is probably because people on this site can’t get any more specific as to their situation (and for good reason) based on very factual happenings. I don’t see any self-loathing on this site, but more people coming together to share similar experiences, and writings of any articles here isn’t indicative of people having too much time on their hands (as ‘jeff who’ himself has written several times here), but more acknowledging how much more prevalent harassment, senior managements’ full commitment of involvement to coverups, duplicity, and not dealing with issues really is – and also addresses his question of ‘what we’re doing to solve problems’….by using this site to express our issues and experiences inside the force. The reality is if there’s senior management ‘buy in’ to maintain the status quo of RCMP culture, neither Jeff nor anyone else here will solve any problems unless somehow it’s escalated to higher powers. Doing a 10-12 hour shift, walking in circles, going through the motions, saying ‘yes sir, no sir’ and collecting a bi-weekly paycheque for living in fear, dodging accusations, internal investigations etc., isn’t part of the solution either. Anyone who says they don’t live with at least some sense of ‘anxiety/fear’ or an elevated level of ‘wariness/distress’ might not actually be cognisant or strategic enough to see what’s happening around them. There is nothing great about the force, there might’ve been at one time but not anymore. Will this site change the face of the RCMP?…..probably not, but it is a public website, with previous and current members’ experiences. So the public would have to ask themselves if the force was so great, why they’re seeing sites like this (and others) showing otherwise. All it takes, is one internal situation, the lines will be drawn in the sand, and you will either align yourself with the ‘powers that be’ for fear of reprisal or you’ll be marginalized and isolated as a punishment for not being immediately ‘onside’ – and depending on the nature of the situation, you’re only going to see this once. People might say this site is unhealthy (i completely disagree) but then again, i’d say the same thing about the force which is in a much worse state.

  7. anonymous permalink

    Jeff Who ! Ok so you say You’re not a white shirt and you agree that this outfit is far from perfect, but yet don’t want to rock the boat to stand up for what’s right.
    You say it’s simply a pity party website. I guess the women that were sexually targeted/abused should have just sucked it up too right? They probably shouldn’t have gone public, they should have known their role (like you know yours) and sat quietly and said to themselves “I guess the outfit isn’t perfect”.
    You have resentments and bitterness from the job but you are smart enough to know you’re role. Ok, exactly what is your role Jeff Who? Sounds like management got to you in the beginning. You must be the type of individual that simply goes with the flow. Will work additional hours without compensation, if asked to by your supervisor do whatever they ask of you whether you agree with it or not. Sounds to me Jeff Who, you don’t have much self-respect because if you did, you would stand up for what’s right and be part of a change that’s been required for years. To help make the organization a far healthier place for new recruits coming in. But I bet you are simply married to the Force and are happy that you can wear a uniform and have a badge and puff out your chest. You know I pity you Jeff Who…..sounds like your name is so fitting…..It sounds to me like you don’t even know “who” you are.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Jeff Who never said he was a member.

    What sort of a person admits to having a “perverse interest” in harassing sick cops?

    What sort of a person openly acknowledges he has no empathy for ill Mounties?

    What sort of person scapegoats those of diminished capacity?

    The sort of person that we put handcuffs on and took to jail when we were healthy. The sort of person that defrauds the elderly and preys on the young. That’s how sick he’s got to be.

    He’s obviously a criminal trying to avenge a perceived slight incurred as one of us discharged our duty, don’t let him get to you.

    He spelled it out when he said he wasn’t stupid enough to put himself in a compromising situation. Cops, real cops, put themselves in compromising situations every time they answer a call.

    The guy is a poser, don’t fall for his torment.

    • Jeff Who permalink

      Hi anonymous. I thought it important to let you know that I am a member and have been for 19 yrs. I furthermore find it interesting that since I don’t agree or sympathize with a lot of the complaints here that the automatic default for you is that I am a criminal intent on harassing police.

      And your “real cops” comment? I shudder to think of what kind of police officer you may have been (clearly not a well thought out one). Police go into risky situations, not compromising situations. You really ought to learn the difference, it may have helped you in your career. Who is the real poser?

      • Anonymous permalink


        Jeff Who,

        Noone’s looking for you to sympathize, or much less, agree with any of the complaints, but i would let the volume of individual condemnations (both in and out of the force with both current & former members) speak for themselves in their entirety, and we haven’t yet included the members who remain silent for fear of their careers. Of course you wouldn’t agree, as the commonalities experienced by members here aren’t ‘onside’ with the mindset of how to get promoted, so reading this site and excercising endeavours to downplay and twist the situation against members very legitimate afflictions will keep you inline with what the top br’assholes’ want you to think (or at least concur with them verbally).

        We can equate this to 100 people working for ‘company X’, with at least 50 of them holding complaints of harassment, mobbing, sexual harassment, most of which trigger a medical condition because senior mgmt choose to hide these issues which have ran them down over the years. These 50 are cast aside, ostracized and side-lined, some stay, others choose medical leave & others have no choice but to quit. Then those 50 come to this site and write that ‘company x top mgmt are a bunch deceitful -ssholes’. You come along & the best you can indicate is you don’t agree/sympathize with the complaint about ‘company x mgmt being a bunch of -ssholes’, not factoring the state or circumstances of these members, or maybe you don’t believe they have are ODS or that they have PTSD? I guess the female harassment doesn’t exist either does it? As you say, it’s just that the force ‘isn’t perfect’? We’re all just ‘whiny and bitchy’ and being overly dramatic i guess? I’ve seen police go into both risky and compromising situations, & there’s enough adverse media exposure to prove this. It’s easier to continue in your frame of thought, as acknowledging to a group of senior officers, that these issues exist, asking them ‘what they’re going to do about it’ and holding COs accountable from the NCO ranks is….well…. career suicide. If you disagree with this too, give it a try, even take it public…it’s always good to see a member like yourself feel empowered enough to fix our unsubstantiated trivial idiosynchrasies, and would like to hear what the end result is, so you can prove we’re all just drama divas faking it & should get back to work.

      • Anonymous permalink

        If you’re so real, cough up a name, reg number and posting. I intervened in the team wide sexual harassment of a female member when I had less than a years service Jeff, that’s what kind of member I am.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ha, we all know that “Jeff Who” won’t cough up a name, reg number. Why?, because he’s had the same fear instilled in him as every other member has but isn’t willing to admit it. He says this blog is just a bunch of whiny bitchy sick members that are pissed off because they were mis-treated. Sounds to me Jeff you have been too but you ain’t got the balls to stand up for yourself. If you do have any children, I hope they don’t get bullied at school because they wouldn’t have anyone to protect them. You would probably just say “listen kids life isn’t perfect” In other words suck it up. When you said you’re the furthest thing from a white shit, oops I meant “shirt”, you know you’re gonna retire a disgruntled miserable lonely constable. It seems you are just plain ignorant.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Jeff, you don’t know jack and you are no member.

        Calling you the same sort of person who rips off elderly and attacks the weak isn’t a default Jeff, you’ve earned it. Take some responsibility for your psychosis.

        And who cares what makes you shudder? You’re a douche. I don’t care what makes you shudder any more than I care if Paul Bernardo had a bad nights sleep.

        When a real cop picks up a 14 year old runaway girl on the side of the highway and she lays a sexual assault complaint, the member is in a compromising situation not a risky one.

        When a real cop takes an eight-ball (that’s one eighth of an ounce Jeff) of coke off three suspects who all swear it was an ounce the officer is in a compromised situation not a risky one.

        When a real cop searches a residence and the owner reports a gold watch missing, the officer is compromised not at risk.

        You’re the one who ought to learn the difference; you don’t know shit from shineola.

        Was your post really so well thought out?

        It’s still on you Jeff, you’re the poser and not even a very good one at that. You’re no Mountie Jeff, like you said, you’re the farthest thing from it….just like Bernardo.

      • Jeff Who permalink

        Another Anonymous Writer, how shocking.

        Comparing me to Paul Bernardo (the classic ad hominem) is the last refuge of someone with clearly no argument. But I suppose I should expect that from people so clearly caught up in their own lives.

        Your three examples of compromising situations appear to be good examples of shoddy police work. You call in time and mileage when you pick up any female (or prisoner), you weigh and photograph any dope you take as well as charge people (unless you’re lazy and simply flush it) and when you search a place you make meticulous notes (unless of course you’re still lazy). Actually, it seems to me that all of your examples can be mitigated by taking notes; although judging by your examples I suspect Knecht’s direction on note taking may have been directed at you.

        And you can try and dismiss me as whatever you want but I know that I am a better member than you will ever be; which probably isn’t going to be that long if we’re lucky enough to have you medical out.

        Otherwise, keep on whining. And it is interesting that you draw a comparison to Paul Bernardo, I draw the compelling inference that you reside in O Div (or Zero Division) and now better understand your lack of comprehension of real police work. You may want to try a contract division some time.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Jeff Who,

        Well at least you admit you have a problem with the force in some aspects. You did refer to O-Division as (Zero Division) so I suspect you think everyone in federal policing within the RCMP are ‘zeros’ …. is this a correct assumption? While i’m not the Anonymous that compared you to Bernardo (only another anonymous), just thought i’d ask. Do you have other names for other divisions as well? Other contract-policing divisions? While taking meticulous notes can be beneficial, doesn’t necessarily save you from compromising situations, especially when accusations are made against you. I find many people in contract divisions that operate out of divisional HQs aren’t any better suited cops than others in ‘Federal Policing’ environments (Ottawa), are usually top-heavy with paper-pushers, although ‘might’ be a different story with detachments.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks. I am just another victim of the ArseCMP that got short-changed because some senior officer and a couple of his cronies wanted to get promoted at my expense, out of nowhere, out of the blue, and put each other over a barrel to a point where it made it hard to sue. You don’t have to do anything wrong, they’ll make it up and their perception is reality, written on paper, thus become fact when they want to use it against you as artillery should you civilly sue.


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