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RCMP and Respect, Questionable

Sep 10

I have just finished reading an article on line from Global News where the RCMP have honored fallen members lost on the job and how new recruits must respect the fallen members.

While I believe this to be an admirable gesture for those members that have lost their lives, I am faced with the question of what the RCMP is doing to support the members and their families that have fallen into the “bad apple category”. Now we all know the bad apples that Commissioner Paulson is referring to aren’t just those that have been caught drinking on the job, watching porn at the office, or sexually assaulting their subordinates.  He’s also lumping into the category those that have made a complaint against the RCMP, for being bullied, harassed, and sexually assaulted. It’s exactly those that were treated “dis-respectfully”.

While Commissioner Paulson stated, it’s a risky calling, it’s a dangerous calling, what does he really mean? We all know that policing is a dangerous job. You don’t have to be Einstein to figure that out.  However, what about the risk, dangers of corruption from within the Force?  What is the RCMP doing about that?  From what I’ve seen, read, heard from those that have been abused, bullied and left to perish, NOTHING!!!!  Sorry I was wrong on that, they eventually get a “Letter of Intent to Dismiss”. They certainly don’t seem to get the “respect” of having their complaints dealt with.

I suppose this gesture came at a much needed time for some good publicity, because sure as heck they haven’t had any in a while.  How have they dealt with Cpl. Pierre Lemaitre’s death, which was confirmed by the coroner to be a suicide?  Those of us within the force are in the know of why he did what he did..

It’s nothing but more lies, deceit and scheming that continues within the force.  Ask any member that isn’t management about how much they fear their bosses more than the outside world.  A comment made to me by a civilian within the force was, “They eat their own!”
The article states: This weekend, a new initiative called the “Silent Partner Program” was launched. Cadets entering the detachment will receive a card with personal information and career highlights of a fallen member.

How about the members that have been damaged with PTSD, or other mental disorders that were acquired on the job?  Some or most have had multiple years in the organization.  Did they not have “career highlights”?

He further states, “The cadets have to understand the risks in the job but also conduct themselves and behave in a way that is respectful to the 231 fallen members,” said Commissioner Paulson.

What about the respect within the confines of the Force Mr. Paulson?  I might add that should start with you. I seem to recall just this past summer where you apologized (because you were caught) for making a whistling sound and making the crazy gesture with your finger at a Town Hall Meeting in Alberta.  Is that a respectful way to behave Mr. Paulson? Or how about when you publicly humiliated three RCMP officers at a Senate Committee meeting because their stories were the truth and not what you wanted to hear.  Was that respectful Mr. Paulson?

“Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.”  Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790);

RCMP and RESPECT, unfortunately not these days.

An RCMP Spouse

  1. Reblogged this on Unentitled, a spouses struggle with Police PTSD and commented:
    How about the members that have been damaged with PTSD, or other mental disorders that were acquired on the job? Some or most have had multiple years in the organization. Did they not have “career highlights”?

  2. And, let’s ALL be sure to remember that Law Enforcement / Policing always has and will always will continue to be a ‘risky calling’…
    Much Respect to those who have and those who continue to answer this calling.

  3. S.Smith permalink

    Although I myself have PTSD and took a medical discharge, I can’t in good faith agree with members who either do not do anything to indicate that they are working towards returning to a job, or outright say they won’t be able to return – continue to collect a paycheque indefinitely. I think that the issues of harassment are separate from this. I agree with everything else though. The force is not doing enough to support and help those injured on the job and de-vilianize PTSD.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Hopefully, this new initiative will raise awareness and respect for, the members who have paid the ultimate price. I personally believe that the names, career highlights and circumstances of death of all our fallen should have been a separate course in training.

    The old timers among us will recall that not so long ago, widows were billed $10-20,000 for Regimental funerals. (ie: attendance of members in red serge…unlike weddings, for which there was never any charge as far as I know). That ended after a lot of bad feelings and bad press.

    In 1988, when I had only a few months in the field, I intervened in the team wide harassment of a female colleague. It cost me my career, as the stigma and targeting continue until this day, but I did end the harassment of her. The brand of courage shown by members like Galliford and Merlo (et al) are raising bad feelings and bad press too, enough I think, to continue a change in working conditions for women in the Force. They’re putting up the good fight as far as I can see.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath, but maybe, just maybe, if members like us speak up, and blogs like this continue to draw attention and public support: maybe, just maybe we can get better treatment for unwell members too.

    • Anonymous permalink

      These activities seem very ‘black-and-white’ in the force. If you tow the line you’ll be ok, but if you get harassed “AND SPEAK UP” you are instantly a “LIABILITY”. That’s what i’ve seen …. that’s how it is. Even if you are a ‘top notch’ superstar employee/member….you are mechanistically labelled a “liability” – done….the end along with your career. I don’t blame members being fearful of speaking up because there are no alternatives other than getting a good lawyer and taking it outside the force, OR, fight for the remainder of your career (if you can even call it a career at all with this going on). There are two lanes: the 1) speak up, get sewered and discharged lane and 2) the keep quiet, take it up the -ss and maintain status quo lane. There are no collector lanes between with alternatives – these you make up yourself with decisions on staying/leaving the farce’CMP. Fighting your entire career isn’t exactly what i’d call an alternative however, is the only option which most members fail at winning.

      Is there any entity that can cease and control RCMP operations, look at the internal goings-on and do something, or will the this organisation look at posts like this and ….. laugh at us knowing they can continue their antics irregardless of what’s posted? I would hope at some point, that the public could look at sites like this and say, “well, if everything i’m told about the force is so perfect, then why do sites like this exist”?

  5. Jamie Hanlon permalink

    Hey Bob, how about ALL members AND cadets conduct themselves and behave in ways that are respectful to all members, past and present, living and deceased? Boy, wouldn’t THAT be a novel idea?

  6. Anonymous permalink

    That depends on who’s who in the Zoo. If you’re a kool- aid drinker, manipulate, lie, cheat and won’t stop at anything to get ahead then NO you would be exempt from the new code of conduct. However, if you’ve complained, grieved about something, you know; or doing the right thing like Mamma taught you to do when you were young, to care, to be empathetic, than YES you will be held accountable!

  7. Angela permalink

    Quick question, was pushed to take medical discharge after 14 years service as they told me there was no position they could accommodate me in. Just received my medical file, are we able to get our staffing file, as I can bet they never even tried, I’m female and was working job share which they hated, had a grievance filed.


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