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RCMP officers stage silent protest at RCMP management forum

May 14

About 100 uniformed members will take the metro as a sign of public protest over working conditions and strained labour relations

 MONTREAL, May 14, 2013 About 100 uniformed RCMP officers will board Montreal’s metro system today during a very public lunch-hour silent protest that will take them to an RCMP management forum at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at Complexe Desjardins downtown. The members will protest working conditions, a failed internal representation system, and the force’s refusal to allow its 1,000 Quebec members to unionize.
The uniformed officers will leave the RCMP’s headquarters at 4225 Dorchester Street in Westmount at about noon, making their way to nearby Atwater metro station. They will disembark at Place des Arts station and walk to the Hyatt.
“We want to rebuild public confidence in the RCMP, but under the current system the RCMP leadership is  failing to address the profound institutional and cultural challenges that undermine this proud institution,” said Gaétan Delisle, president of the Quebec Mounted Police Members’ Association. “The system is broken right now and the members are not well represented.”
Mr. Delisle will address the media at 11:45 a.m. today outside RCMP headquarters. He will also be speaking to journalists at the Hyatt.
The RCMP’s divisional representatives’ forum will be held at the Soprano Room, on the 4th floor of the Hyatt, starting at 1 p.m.
Last week, Delisle and two RCMP members from British Columbia were in Ottawa to speak before a Senate committee hearing that proposed several amendments to C-42, notably to act on Justice O’Connor’s recommendations, improve the standards of review for the RCMP and address systemic oversight issues.
Frederic Serre, Information Officer, Quebec Mounted Police Members’ Association (438) 932-3887
Gaétan Delisle, President, Quebec Mounted Police Members’ Association (514) 755-4458

  1. Anonymous permalink

    I am very happy that the Quebec Association is making noise. I predict that this is just the beginning.

    Rolly Beaulieu
    MPPAC – National Secretary

  2. Good, I’m happy, go union RCMP. Your bosses SUCK.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Why is it that police in Canada do not know their oath of office and have no regard for our constitution. The “just following orders” does not fly. Illegal orders are grounds for criminal prosecution of superior officers.

  4. Calvin Lawrence permalink

    RCMP management and the politicians of this country will soon realize that you can milk a cow for so long and pretty soon they are just left with the bucket!

  5. Stewart permalink


    Well done & hats off to our “C” Division brothers and sisters expressing their Courage & most importantly a palatable lack of fear.

  6. secondnotebook permalink

    It’s good to see something like this happening… Despite the fact that members know that there are other members out there with the old second notebook, willing to step over their co-workers for future promotional considerations. This, is where the bad leadership begins. Those that get promoted aren’t the hard working, real experienced members, but those that are usually sitting at the “golden” table. If promotions were based on what the actual floor members thought, those that work with them, then most of these guys would not be put in leadership positions.

    Good for you, those that have stepped up.


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