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An RCMP Member Shares His Thoughts

Apr 18

My medical condition is clearly caused by a psychosocial stressor, the abuse and harassment that I am subjected to at work.  I am also deeply affected by the abuse and harassment that fellow colleagues are subjected to.

I have come to this site because elements of Dr Webster’s media releases really struck chords with me.  I felt that he was describing exactly what I was thinking and feeling but didn’t understand and couldn’t articulate.  Elements of articles do the same.  I suffered very badly under the distorted time syndrome.  When I was very ill, the days seemed to drag forever.  The months flew by.  Every month when I had to see my family doctor, it seemed like I had just gone yesterday.  ‘Ah damn, do I have to shave again?’

I was somewhat ready for the social isolation and loss of purpose from being ODS.  I joined a youth group and it was initially fulfilling.  I have no children and so it was an interesting departure for me.  The ones that I work with are so innocent and wear their hearts on their sleeves.  As a friend of mine termed it, they haven’t learned guile yet.  Unfortunately, I was recruited into this organization by a fellow mountie.  He tried to take advantage of my ODS status by loading me down with his work, basically trying to make me into a full time employee for the group.  Dr Webster’s advice is sound, get involved with the community, just be smarter about it than I was.  Do what you can to contain the toxicity from the RCMP and keep it out of that endeavour.

Frankly, this website has helped me a lot, I don’t know what I would do without it.



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  1. Rolly Beaulieu permalink

    Words of Encouragement.

    Stay the course my friend. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Unfortunately there are far to many of us that are riding the same wave. The RCMP still doesn’t get it. They believe that those of us that are off ODS are taking advantage of the public that pays our wages. If this were true, don’t you think that this would be front and center on the RCMP agenda to get the public on there side.

    The truth of the matter is that the RCMP does what it wants. It does not really care about the well being of its members. They have an unwritten GET BACK TO WORK policy. That means that there number one priority is to get members back to work at any cost. Even if that member is not mentally fit to do his/her job.

    Take for example the treatment that Dr. Webster was subjected to, just because he spoke out about the mistreatment that members are subjected to day in and day out.

    There is a Support Group in the Lower mainland that meets once a month. There are approx. 50 members in this group. K Division also has a group. These groups discuss various issues that are related to the treatment that they were subjected to while at work with the RCMP. The issues discussed are far reaching and get to the heart of the problems. We work with other Federal/Provincial organizations that are sympathetic to our plight.

    If you are interested in joining our group, we would be happy to speak to you. All you have to do is respond to Someone will get back to you.

    MPPAC supports this group in it’s quest to help change/transform the RCMP into the Police Force of choice for all Police Officers in Canada.

    Rolly Beaulieu
    MPPAC- Secretary

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Amazing that you do not see that you also have an agenda Rolly. An employer should have the ability to expect that it’s people will eventually come back to work. As a member who has continued to work while watching “off duty mad” members stay off for years, I’m tired of hearing members who are unhappy as employees not working and criticizing. It is a disservice to those members who are legitimately ill, or affected. Not every member who is off is legitimately sick and it is a betrayal.

    • Rolly Beaulieu permalink

      Hello Anonymous

      Of course I have an agenda and I definitely see it. My agenda is simple, I want all members to be made aware that they are Canadian citizens and have the same rights as any Canadian. That means we all have the right to express and exercise our Constitutional Rights. I am not blind, as some members are, to what is going on inside the Force. Of course there may be those who may abuse the system. I find it very difficult to believe that 1900 out of 20,000 members who are diagnosed with PTSD are screwing the system. These 1900 members represent 10% of the Force. Some are ODS and some are still working. You should be made aware that 10% is a very high number. Most of the members that have been diagnosed with PTSD were not diagnosed because of what they were subjected to while working the street. They were diagnosed with PTSD as a result of the treatment they endured at the hands of RCMP management.

      Don’t you find it very odd that the RCMP Commissioner has stated that PTSD is not systemic within the Force. I would beg to differ, 10% is atrocious. Also, don’t you find it odd that the RCMP cancelled it’s participation in a PTSD program that Veterans Affairs Canada still utilizes. This tells me that the RCMP does not really give a damn about the mental health of it’s members. They would rather keep the status quo going than to deal with how they treat it’s members.

      I believe that the only way forward in dealing with this issue, is to take the Force to task. There has to be accountability to those that abuse, threaten, harass or intimidate members. This my friend is the real problem.

      In Support

      Rolly Beaulieu
      MPPAC – Secretary

    • Anonymous permalink

      Dear anonymous, the upper management has abused the Medical leave. They have placed members on Medical leave as punishment when they want to apply pressure to them. Instead of trying to help the member come back they make it complicated or undesirable for them to come back by spreading false medical profile information, that is supposedly privileged information (lol)

      Who are we to question who is legitimately ill, broken bones may show, but PTSD, depression does not have any physical signs. But then members who dare admit to these weak disease are just using the system. Well here is a News Flash burn-out is a polite way to say depression. Dealing with all the bad stuff on a daily basis has its toll on everybody. It’s bad enough that we deal with deaths by suicide, murder, accidents. Then if a member dares to mention that an incident bothered him, he is branded as being weak. Then Management gets on his case for being WEAK. Light duty does not exist in the manuals it was created by management to balance the books. When you’re on Medical LEAVE your pay is from a different budget then the OPERATIONAL budget of the Detachment. That’s the MAIN reason that upper management does not want us back because they are saving money. We do not have UNLIMITED ODS Days. We have the amount of time it takes to get the member back in health.

  3. Stewart Robertson permalink

    I’m pleased to hear that anonymous’s career has been free from the abusive experiences many members, both civilian and regular have been subjected to. As Chair of the Lower Mainland Member’s Support Group I have seen the crushing impact PTSD and Depression can have on members, families and friends, but I can honestly say I have not seen this “Off Duty Mad” member and find that it is the language used by those targeting the member along with the mob that forms around them. I hope anonymous can continue their career without any negative life altering impact, however, if it should befall on you. We in the support group will be there to help you. Best regards.

    Stewart Robertson
    LMD Member’s Support Group

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Dear Anonymous

    Yes, you are not alone….Please put that first; there are others out there that are feeling the same emotions as you…Different circumstances but yet the same outcome. I’m sure if you have a partner/spouse they are going through the pain with you. And if you have children they too are also subjected to the suffering or the dysfunction. Most likely not a result of you but how you as a human being in Canada have been treated by your employer. This type of abuse affects everyone connected with anyone and everyone you have contact with.
    I myself know all too well how this is affecting you. Not because I’ve been directly attacked, but my spouse has. I look back at who he was while his career was going well. He was happy easy going, calm, generous, loved to laugh. Then he made a legitimate suggestion for his people that management didn’t like. And we all know what happens if you aren’t on side with Team Management…..You are targeted, you are no longer great at what you do you, you are a considered a problem child. Your career is done, just like that!
    I look at him now and yet even though he’s an amazing human being he’s DAMAGED! He’s definitely a different person. He’s cynical, he’s lethargic, he has no drive in things that made him happy, he’s easily irritated, he can’t focus, and his memory is blurred. In turn this affects me because I think who is this guy? Really did I make a mistake when I married him? Is he always going to be like this? And then I take a breath and think to myself, the guy I married is still in there however the harassment and intimidation tactics that he’s been through have changed him. Of course when a person changes it does affect those around him.

    Very sad but true.


  5. Calvin Lawrence permalink

    Quote: Not every member who is off is legitimately sick and it is a betrayal.

    That is true. Every organization has employees that take advantage of the system. Good leaders and supervisors know the difference. They are not afraid to investigate and hold individuals accountable. Some of these supervisors probably can’t even remember the day they sold out their principles because of fear. Fear to do their job that they were promoted to do. Fear to anger the Commissioned Officers by doing the right thing. Anonymous, you do the investigation and name names. I did.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Many of those supervisors never had principles of their own to sell out in the first place, just sick and twisted sycophants hiding behind a fancy uniform and public image.

  7. batmanrobin permalink

    Hang in there you are not alone as you know far too well they use the same medecine on the good ones to make themselves feel better. Then they crawl to the next rank applauding themselves.

  8. Hi! I’ve been reading your website for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out
    from Lubbock Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the
    great job!


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