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RCMP Senior Executives: Not Often Right, But Wrong Again

Mar 31

As you may know, the RCMP made a complaint about me to the BC College of Psychologists.  They alleged that I was acting inappropriately by advocating for my RCMP patients, and that my public comments about the RCMP lacked objectivity and could be confusing and disturbing to my patients.  This complaint was taken very seriously by the College, and they engaged in a nearly nine month investigation.  As you will see below the College dismissed the RCMP’s complaint against me.  The College disagreed with C/Supt. Brad Hartl’s complaint and asserted that my conduct fell within the realm of reasonable professional discretion and judgement.  The RCMP’s response was to acknowledge receipt of the College’s disposition, and to characterize the outcome as “…an investigation into one of their own…”.  In other words, the College was biased in it’s investigation as it was investigating a psychologist.

This statement made by the RCMP indicates just how far the Senior Executive is out of step with the world of health care.  The BC College of Psychologists is not my college.  It is the public’s college, and is there to protect the public from “the likes of me”.  It is not there to serve psychologists in any way.

That said, Mr. Hartl has 30 days in which to decide if he wishes to appeal.  The Health Professions Review Board (the body that would receive the appeal) will not conduct a new investigation.  They will simply review the College’s investigation to ensure it was adequate.  I am confident that the College conducted a more than adequate investigation.  Moreover I encourage Mr. Hartl , should he wish to be publically embarrassed a second time, to pursue an appeal.

Complaint Investigation Report of the Inquiry Committee


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Once again the truth, be told. Was there ever any question as to Dr. Webster’s professional integrity.

    Keep up the good work Dr. Webster

  2. Jean Marc Villeneuve permalink

    RCMP get caught lying again and again and again, I wonder if this investigation will be introduced at Senate committee investigation into the rcmp and bill c 42, I doubt it, their political masters will protect senior officers again and their bonuses.

  3. Great news !…good cops need a Great Man and Doctor like this to help support them. Let the healing continue !

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Dr. Webster

    There never was any doubt that the RCMP complaint launched against you was malicious and clearly without substance. You do amazing work and have helped so many of your clients heal and get on the road to recovery. Always from the bottom of my heart, thank you for providing the utter most professional services.

  5. Ray Renaud permalink

    Congratulations, Dr. Webster.

    A well deserved victory.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Congratulations Doc for staring them down! This is a victory for all of us fighting for a better Force!!

  7. Sandy permalink

    Thank you for everything you do Dr. Mike.

  8. Great work Dr. Webster. Thank you for looking out for us. It has been a long time since I was bullied by supervisors at the RCMP, it feels good to see them on the receiving end for a change, especially after drastically affecting my self-worth for so much of my life. I’m glad I survived to see this sort of thing happen.

  9. Rob Creasser permalink


    Yes, this has been noticed and is being addressed. Hopefully someone will be held to account for this breach of privacy!

    • Jean Marc Villeneuve permalink

      Good luck at that one, they obtained my medical files, had a DNR running on my telephone without a Part 6, obtain my telephone calls without a warrrant. Good luck at that one guys..These senior managers are so politically protected by their political cronies.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Rob

    I hope your right that someone will be held accountable. My experience with the force is the rules don’t apply to them and they can do whatever they want. Corruption 101 at its best.

  11. Stew permalink

    “The purpose of Bullying is to hide inadequacy”, as one of your trusted & totally satisfied patients I wish to thank you profoundly for standing up to the Bullies!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Stew, I love that quote, can you tell me where it came from? Thanks.

  12. Byron permalink

    Ironic that the RCMP find issue with your college’s investigation as they said “… an investigation into one of their own” and they should know better than anyone if that’s an issue as how many times are they defending their investigating themselves as in the public’s best interest…

  13. Trevor Smith permalink

    Good on ya Mike, I hope this helps heal the wounds that were obvious when I saw you last month. All the best, your mate from down under, and yes I still have my rock. Cheers


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