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Another Perspective

Feb 07

Let me start by saying that I’m not a serving or retired Member of the Force, I’m a retired Muni.

Throughout my almost 30 year career I was fortunate to come to know many fine Members of the Force. I spent four years on a joint forces drug section and to this day, many of my closest friends are serving and retired Members.

I have known Mike for over thirty five years, having sat many of his courses and participated in several of his Hostage Negotiator senarios. He and I still exchange ideas and I support what he’s doing here, as I do those of you who so eloquently post.

I’m not writing to comment on your grievances. Instead, I want those of you here and in fact throughout the entire Force to know that Canadians hold the RCMP and its Members in high regard. It troubles me greatly that ocassional negativity continually trumps the good work that you do across our country on a daily basis. Unfortunatly, the media fails to recognize the thousands of Members who hit the street every day and provide outstanding police service.

I truly believe that my comments reflect the majority opinion that Canadians have of the Force and its unfortunate that more of them do not publically support you. So, by submitting this post, I hope that I’ve given those of you who write for different reasons, a small ray of hope. Your courage here and your overall dedication to law enforcement does not go un-noticed.

I’m one small voice, but I thank you for everything you do.

Rick Gonder


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One Comment
  1. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rick.


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