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RCMP: Langley Townhall Meeting January 9, 2013

Jan 12

I want to state right off that I was not at this meeting but have spoken to several people that were.  S/Sgt. Abe Townsend and S/Sgt Mike Causault were at the meeting to speak to members about the petition that had been circulated relating to Bill C-42, The Enhanced RCMP Accountability Act.  I have been advised that S/Sgt. Townsend indicated to the members present there, about 125 from what I hear, that the SRR’s had been consulted on Bill C-42 and that they were now speaking in favour of the Bill.
To find out exactly what was said by S/Sgt. Townsend to the Parliamentary Committee looking at this Bill, please do the following:

Go to  At the top of the page click on Committees and then select Public Safety and National Security.  There you will see a series of dates when the Committee sat and heard from various witnesses on Bill C-42.  Choose October 15th and you will see S/Sgt. Townsend’s name.  Click on it and you will be able to read his introductory statement and then the questions put to him and answers he provided.  On Page 9, (questions begin on Page 8 I believe), he is asked directly by one of the Committee members, Mr. Randall Garrison, if the SRR’s were consulted on Bill C-42.  HIS ANSWER WAS NO!!!!!
If your unhappy with the “service” you’re getting from your official representatives, at the same web address on October 29 you will see testimony from Rob Creasser and Cpl. Patrick Mehain, representing the Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada.  I welcome you to read what they said and then ask yourself, who do I want representing me!!

Rob Creasser

  1. I too was at this meeting. Members need a better representation system. One that is removed from management. We need a collective agreement that is binding. The SRR Program is a joke. Some of the members in the SRR Program are well meaning however, as long as management calls the shots nothing will change.

    Rolly Beaulieu

  2. Tom JONES permalink

    If the RCMP does not get rid of the current corrupt DSRR system and replace it with a bonafide COMPLETELY independent labour relations system (a Union or an Association) they will slowly implode. This implosion process has already begun, hardly a week goes by without one scandal or another.

  3. Calvin Lawrence permalink

    In my opinion the DSRR system has always been ineffective. Who did the DSRR’s annual assessments and was responsible for their postings once his/her term had expired? Was it the Commanding Officer or other officer in the division? There were promotions of Div. Reps. Would this play a part in their zeal to represent members and confront RCMP Management?

    My Div. Rep wrote an e-mail to my career manager. This e-mail was published in a Globe and Mail article. (see below). It also formed part of a court action for the right to form an association. (Law Firm Doane/Phillips/Young LLP)

    What RCMP members are desperately seeking is a process where the core values of the organization as it relates to it’s employees are enforced. The members want individuals held accountable for their abuse of others; no matter what the rank.

    They want Justice- defined= No person is mistreated and the people who need the most help gets the most help.

    There are a number of recent incidents where unions have defended police officers no matter how outrageous the offence. That is not what members should want either. Justice is what is required!!

    Call it a Union or Div Rep system or whatever; but until it is called “Justice” it will be ineffective.

    RCMP’s crisis of confidence Add to …
    From Monday’s Globe and Mail
    Published Sunday, Apr. 15 2007, 10:03 PM EDT
    Last updated Tuesday, Mar. 31 2009, 10:37 P

    Article Quote
    “His staff relations representative, who, in the absence of a real union with stewards and transparent grievance procedures, is supposed to act as an advocate for members with managers, wrote a note to the boss saying: “I’ll try to keep Cal off your back.”

  4. Stew permalink

    In response to a point from Calvin. SRR annual assessments are done by the NEC (Townsend / Casault) and signed off by the RCMP Commissioner of the day as per policy.
    Still think a management created, controlled and corrupted entity has the best interests of the front line members at heart?

    Stewart Robertson
    Lower Mainland Member’s Support Group

  5. Stew permalink

    As per usual for the past 35 years the SRR have failed the frontline members. They have lied repeatedly in serving their senior management masters. Townsend and Casault were met by an angry, unrepresented, room of members with very legitimate questions such as, “what are you doing for us?” Sadly, and as usual, the response was we can talk to the Commissioner and we can talk to the Public Safety Minister, but there is no guarantee anything will be done.

    If members can’t see the erosion of their pay and benefits without lawful representation standing up for them, then I suppose hoping we will never be a target of this highly narcisistic, collective of abusers is the best we can hope for. I wish you the best, remember, you hold the line for the generation that follows you, your sworn duty is to not fail them or Canadians.

    Hold the Line

    Stewart Robertson
    RCMP Lower Mainland Member Support Group


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