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Cst. Justin Harris: The RCMP Scapegoat

Jan 10

To begin, I am a twenty (20) year regular member of the RCMP holding the rank of Constable and currently stationed in Vancouver, B.C.  At present, I am off duty sick as a result of a work related psychological injury.  In that regard, I have been continuously away from work and seeking regular treatment from a clinical psychologist for a duty related medical condition since September 2004.  My medical condition is a direct result of the actions undertaken against me by RCMP “E” Division (British Columbia) senior management.  My last active job posting in the Force was as a member of the “E” Division Undercover Unit, where I served as one of twelve elite undercover operators on a team, the mandate of which, was to develop and carry out covert evidence gathering techniques on subjects suspected of having committed high profile homicides.

The circumstances which lead to my developed medical condition are lengthy.  While attached to the “E” Division Undercover Unit during September 2004, I was suspended from duty with pay and subjected to both a criminal and internal Code of Conduct investigation.  In particular, I learned at the time, that I faced a total of six (6) sex related allegations made by four (4) underage female sex trade workers stemming from my tenure stationed at Prince George Detachment between 1993 and 2001.  These investigations which targeted myself as well as a number of other RCMP officers implicated with similar allegations, were a spin off of the former Provincial Court Judge David Ramsay case, and were known inside the RCMP as Project EPREVAILS.  A special prosecutor assigned to review the criminal investigation reviewed the matter but, decided in November 2005, that no criminal charges were warranted against me or any of the other accused RCMP members.

A lengthy internal Code of Conduct investigation was undertaken which resulted in my appearing at a formal discipline hearing before an RCMP Adjudication Board in October 2006, facing a total of four (4) allegations from just two (2) remaining female accusers.  A preliminary motion brought on at the onset of the hearing by my legal counsel challenging the RCMP Act section 43(8) one (1) year limitation period (to initiate a hearing) proved successful.  Consequently, the presiding board members ruled they did not have jurisdiction to hear the matter because the “E” Division Appropriate Officer had breached RCMP Act section 43(8) by initiating the hearing more than nine (9) months beyond the expiration of the prescribed limitation period. The board members subsequently dismissed the hearing altogether.

Shortly thereafter in October 2006, the RCMP undertook an Operational File Review of Project EPREVAILS.  In mid December 2006, the “E” Division Appropriate Officer filed an appeal pertaining to the Adjudication Board’s decision.  Between January and March 2007, the RCMP then carried out a number of recommendations and follow-up investigation stemming from the file review.  Their efforts yielded no new evidence to support the allegations made against me.  In the spring of 2007, the matter was again submitted to the same special prosecutor for review.  Again, no criminal charges were approved against me.

In early April 2007, the primary female accuser (whose allegations together with those made by her elder sister, formed the subject matter of the disciplinary hearing), passed away due to natural causes.  Three weeks later, the RCMP abandoned their appeal, dropped all the outstanding allegations made against me, and lifted my suspension. I was subsequently ordered to be reinstated.  This despite the elder sister still available as a compellable witness. Thereafter, a series of continued inappropriate acts by senior management resulted in my remaining off duty sick and unable to return to work.  Let me explain.

Specifically, two (2) decisions made by the RCMP in August and September 2007, contributed to my not being able to return to work.  During August 2007, a high ranking officer within the RCMP addressed correspondence to the “E” Division Commanding Officer wherein, he indicated his opinion that there exists a body of evidence to support the laying of two (2) criminal charges against me in connection to the deceased accuser’s allegations.  Then, a week later in September 2007, I learned through a RCMP – Staff Relations Representative that the “E” Division Commanding Officer was not prepared to place me back at work due to an “untested” allegation.  Was not a test already applied to the allegations by the special prosecutor? Despite my reinstatement being ordered several months earlier, suffice it to say the door allowing for my return to work was never truly open.

The revelations made by the RCMP in both August and September of 2007, effectively ruined any chance I may have had at returning to the Force and salvaging my career.   Equally disturbing though, is the fact that these decisions occurred:

1)  After the RCMP had already abandoned their appeal, dropped the outstanding allegations against me, lifted the suspension, and ordered my reinstatement;

 2)   After the primary female accuser had died, and

3)  After the special prosecutor had already deemed no criminal charges were warranted against me.

Not surprising, the collective actions undertaken by the RCMP ultimately resulted in my filing a civil action in the Vancouver Supreme Court registry during February 2008.  While I am currently represented by legal counsel, the matter remains unresolved and is still before the courts.

In March 2009 the medical professionals at RCMP “E” Division Health Services concurred with my caregiver’s diagnosis and opinion, and consequently deemed me “permanently disabled for any work within the RCMP”  (Class O6).

Throughout the ordeal, I have remained on the RCMP payroll and have received my regular pay & benefits.  Even so, I have been without opportunity for advancement, promotions, or overtime earnings since September 2004.  On top of that, I have been a police officer for most of my adult life and do not possess a university degree or formal training in any other areas.  While my service with the Force continues to accrue, my formal police training effectively ceased in 2004.  Nearly four (4) years after being deemed unfit to work at any duties in the RCMP, I remain an employee but, with no real future left in the Force.

The experience I have had to endure at the hands of the RCMP was high profile and caused extensive local, provincial, and national media coverage, all of which, was derogatory in nature and eventually meandered onto the internet, where sadly it remains today.   Moreover, the allegations made against me by my accusers are false.  The girls who accused me are outright liars.  I have never been disciplined by the RCMP for any of the allegations levied against me, or for anything else for that matter.  Nor have any criminal charges ever been laid against me.  My employment record with the Force was unblemished but, now my career and reputation have been destroyed, my personal finances have been greatly affected, the toll on both my marital and social relationships has been massive, and the prospects for future employment outside the RCMP look grim. 

With continual advancements in internet technology it is safe to conclude that reputable employers now resort to the world wide web and social media as a means of screening prospective job applicants.  This has and continues to pose a great difficulty for me.  Not only must I overcome an eight (8) year hiatus in my RCMP service (plainly visible on my resume) with a convincing explanation to a potential employer outlining why I am, where I am, with the Force, I also face the reality that employers are already alive to the heinous allegations littered across the internet or, at a minimum, have access to same at anytime through a simple Google search.

To date, in my search for employment outside the RCMP, I continually face a moral dilemma and am confronted with choosing the lesser of two evils.  Either I choose to verbalize the exhaustive details which have lead to my being “permanently disabled from all duties with the RCMP” or, decide to say nothing; thereby risking my being perceived as untruthful by conscientious employers whose interests include surfing the net.  How is any of this my fault? I can assure you that I have already experimented with both alternatives applying for a number of appealing jobs without much success.  It may be the case I am able to secure menial work at minimum wage jobs that do not require my policing skill set, or any significant degree of personal disclosure, and where the employer’s sole interest is reliable employee attendance, but suffice it to say, those endeavors offer little to no job satisfaction, no opportunity for advancement, and by no means are considered by me to be rewarding careers.  With so much uncertainty surrounding my residual employability outside the RCMP, a voluntary retirement from the Force at this point without proper compensation, is not an option for me.

In closing, I hope other RCMP members are inspired by my decision to speak up, and will now gather the courage necessary to step up and tell us about their own experiences.  I know I am not alone.  In the coming weeks, I intend to provide you with  more insight into the Project EPREVAILS investigation and precisely how I have been treated by the RCMP.

Justin P. Harris

  1. john smith permalink

    Justin, good to hear from you. Thanks for sharing this absolute abortion of a job by the force you served and loved.
    Keep us posted.

    Signed :

    A fellow co-worker who knew you well and always respected your skills and love for the job.

    John Smith ( will reveal my real name as soon as my own court dealings are completed against the rcmp)

  2. John permalink

    So why didn’t you go back to school?? Seems like you probably had a lot of time on your hands with not working and all. What have you been doing the last 8 years besides sitting around collecting a paycheque and feeling sorry for yourself?

    • Elizabeth permalink

      Dear John,

      It is very obvious that you have not experienced what Justin and many, many other members have gone through. When you have been kicked to the curb and your reputation has been completely destroyed believe me its tough to even get out of bed. However, Justin has the courage to come forward and help out other members. His words are very therapeutic and way more powerful than “going back to school”. And I can almost be certain that Justin does not feel sorry for himself. He is an example of what many of us strive to be.

    • Gloria permalink

      Wow John, what harsh words from someone who probably doesn’t know the meaning of abuse. Its evident you would probably make great RCMP management. Why don’t you apply? Walk a mile in someone shoes and then maybe you can comment appropriately. Someone must have taken your heart away a long time ago!!

    • spaventosa permalink

      John, its pretty evident from your lack of empathy that you have not gone through anything like this. It sounds to me like you could be a great candidate for RCMP management.

    • DJ Motorcop permalink

      When someone is suffering from and being treated for a debilitating psychological condition, it is a challenge to get out of bed each morning let alone go to school. set aside the ethics of “going to school” while still employed or even the financial and time consuming efforts required to attend school full time.A student must be free to dedicate their time and efforts to learning, pretty difficult to do for most able minded persons, but near impossible while you are in treatment for a psychological disorder. The psychological assessment and related effects are credited as pure medical science, not open for debate. I speak as some one who has also suffered a psychological traumatic event as a result of my career within the force. So let me explain a few things. You are filled with self loathing and recriminations, you second guess your decisions and friendships. you lose faith in your self, your co workers and your employer. You push your family away, you dwell on the past, you become diagnosed, classified, medicated and counseled and treated to the point of exhaustion. John you must be a person of immeasurable fortitude and strength to even read this horrendous tale and make such a comment. Perhaps you are a civilian and you have no experience in his realm or perhaps you wear a white shirt and sit at your desk each day, again with no real current relevant experience. maybe you are a rookie or low service member somewhere who has not had the misfortune to reach overload, if so, prepare yourself, the shit storm is coming.
      DJ Motorcop 36 years service and retired now!

  3. Elizabeth permalink

    JP, thank you soooo much for telling us your story. I know it took a lot of courage and I also know that you have and will inspire many other members to come forward.


  4. Onion Lake permalink

    John, this is Argus. Smart ass F*%$n comment!!! You have any spare cash to put into Justin’s bank account for him to go back to school? I am sure his legal bills for this massive screw up are thru the roof? U got any spare cash to give him for legal bills? And why should he go back to school when he had a career with the RCMP already? Pull your head out of your ASS!!!!!

  5. Hello Justin,

    First off, it takes real a lot of guts to come forward and tell your story. I look forward to seeing the rest of it on this Blog. You are a member that has given his all to the RCMP and in return someone decided to make your life a hell. This must stop. More of these stories need to come out.

    As for John, his ignorance shows and I believe he may be a member in the RCMP that is a bully himself. It is attitudes like Johns that prevail in the RCMP and that is why it is in the trouble it is.

    In support

    Rolly Beaulieu

  6. spaventosa permalink

    John, wow pretty harsh words!!! Evidently you have not been subjected to any harassment and if you have must not be human as you clearly cannot show any empathy. I’m sure you would fit in well with RCMP management!!

  7. Gloria permalink


    I am so proud of you for having the courage to tell your story. Too many of them out there like yours and people too afraid to tell the truth because of the fear that has been instilled in us all. Its about time! Thank you

  8. Harj permalink

    Justin – you are courageous for sharing your journey. You have many people on your side who support you completely.


  9. Karen Jones permalink


    Next time you want to leave ignorant comments don’t be a coward. Leave your real name including your last name so we can put a face to such stupidity.

  10. Rob permalink

    J.P. I worked with Joe who also got caught up in this mess. I hope your legal battle ends soon and that some day you will be able to find work with another law enforcement agency. I have been retired for 3 years now and still suffer from the treatment I received as a serving member. It’s a great job, but the management sucks. Nothing is going to change until they are held accountable for how they do business.
    The SRR Program will never accomplish this. Never has, never will. We need something better!

  11. Sam STEELE permalink

    Justin, Thank you for your years of valuable service. I only wish you had known how to better protect yourself from the “white shirted” vultures.
    The people who have destroyed your career are almost all gone…. Almost all have “ridden away into the sunset” of their comfy pensioned retirement.
    I only wish that when you prevail in the courts, that your settlement would come NOT from the Government, but from the pensions of those who were in Charge and that made the decisions that ruined your reputation and your career.

  12. Anonymous permalink


    That takes a lot of courage to tell your story. I hope you sharing your story inspires others , considering how low moral has dropped in the RCMP, to share their stories.

    Not sure if ‘John’ is RCMP Management or a client of the RCMP. He is definitely not of the quality to serve as a REAL officer on the street.

    Commissioner Paulson talks about members must be under rocks if we do not understand the position the RCMP finds itself in. Commissioner Paulson was right, except he was describing himself and the RCMP management team when he described being crushed by a rock. They are about as bright as that rock too, based on the continual bad decisions they make. They need to stand up and be leaders, not cater to optics.

    Maybe one day I will feel SAFE to sign my name without fear of the persecution of management. Definitely not in the present culture of the RCMP.

    Well done Justin.

  13. Justin,

    I emailed you privately to say that I was proud to count you among my friends. And I would proud to serve with you. Stay strong brother.


  14. Anonymous permalink

    JP, you show more courage and leadership potential than the multitudes of management that failed you in your journey. Stay strong and call if you need anything. You make my spirit soar.

    “Each time a man stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice. He sends forth a tiny ripple of hope and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

    Robert F. Kennedy

    Stewart Robertson
    Lower Mainland Member’s Support Group

  15. Janet Merlo permalink

    Hi Justin ,

    I find your story heart breaking , not only because I see how it has impacted your life, but also because I know of so many others who share these gut wrenching stories. In the beginning I was so nervous about leading this proposed class action suit , but when I read the stories of others, I feel empowered to make changes. I think this ” gender based ” law suit is a foot in the door for the entire issue to grow to include male members, municipal and civilian employees to one day also take a stand and fight back . Hang in there . We have a wonderful little support group on Facebook if you ever feel you would like to join . Look me up under Janet Farrell -Merlo. Send me a message and I can invite you into our group that includes males, females , each with our own story to tell.

    Don’t listen to the negative comments ignorant people may make . I have had a ton of them since this law suit began . The interesting things is the more time goes by and the more people speak out, the more the comments become positive and the support is growing .

    Good luck to you , stay strong .
    Janet Merlo

  16. john smith permalink

    Its John Smith.
    Not to be confused with the ‘John’ who wrote to you after me.
    Here is a little note to you John (LKU). Do you know what it is like to have your name dragged into the mud you ignorant idiot.

    Justin like many undercover operators who worked the full time unit gave up a lot . You have no idea of what members go through at work and in their private lives as a result of the sacrafices they make.

    Then to have your name destroyed on simple allegations.

    Lets try this for a test “john”. Everyone who wrote in support of Justin will call you a “pedophile”.

    Then, we will tell your employer, tell the news media who report any allegations without justification, and we will let your family, if you have one, know that as well.

    John, not to be mean or harsh or a bully, do you see what Justin went through? If you knew him you would not be saying what you are saying.

    Justin is a hard working devoted police officer. He made the sacrifices to get to the better good. How is he rewarded?.. well we all now know what happened.

    Not fair John. You should take the harsh words back. This blog is to promote intelligent conversation not to have people do the same thing employers did to them.

    John. I hope nothing like what has happened to Justin, happens to you. It’s a very lonely road.


    Thanks everyone who jumped on this one. You guys/girls rock. Be safe .

    John Smith….

  17. Blank permalink

    Sorry I cannot identify myself, but there are always two sides to every story and we have just read yours. I believe you have been wronged in many ways by the politics of the RCMP But I do not believe for one instance that you are an angel like you portray yourself. I always wonder how people can respond favorably in favor of sentence articles when we only read one side. I understand were John was coming from. I do not relate to his views and comments but understand. Before I get slammed I am not management and I too am going through similar issues with the RCMP.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Well “Blank” I must dissagree with you. Without slamming you I will suggest that the RCMP did put their side of the story in. They charged Justin. Then they withdrew the charges. Uhmm… similar scenario as Mr. Dziekanski no???? The RCMP spent lots of cash (taxpayers) trying to dis-credit his name and ultimately lied on the stand. Sound familiar ‘BLANK”?

    No one ever claimed Justin was an angel btw. Nor is Justin doing that. He is simply bringing his story to everyone’s attention. But do you not think that he deserves better treatment? Just like the “pedophile” story I just relayed. Once your name is tainted there is little you can do.

    Justin I will suggest had his criminal day in court. He was not found guilty in fact charges were dropped.

    Do you not wonder why?

    So Blank if you claim you are in fact going through similar issues, you too will get your chance in some forum to put your story to test.

    I am positive if you are going through similar issues you will want to be heard. You will want the right and proper story to come out.

    Why bash Justin for doing exactly what you will be doing??

    Last I heard we have a justice system that is fair and equitable for all Canadians. That said I would suggest that we keep it that way. We are all citizens first before police/fire/ or whatever occupation.

    Everyone in this country deserves the same treatment. DO YOU HONESTLY THINK JUSTIN WAS ONE OF THESE PEOPLE?

    Anyway Blank … I wish you luck .

    John Smith.

  19. Karen Jones permalink


    If their are two sides to a story then clearly you are suggesting that your side should not be accepted as the truth. Great – when I hear your story I will question and doubt it. As for Justin’s side I don’t doubt his facts as he relayed them.

    • spaventosa permalink

      You certainly do have a right to voice your opinion; however you are jumping the gun suggesting Justin claims to be an angel. Have you seen anyone suggest that? NO! He has not, nor has anyone else. You will be a very sad person one day when people question you…and then you will be on the defensive. Remember we (RCMP employees) do not have a say….because they have instilled fear and simply that is why you do not identify yourself….
      One day this nightmare will be over, however not soon enough. Perhaps you should look at your latest comments and if you truly feel change is warranted, be brave, be a proud Canadian and stand up for what you believe in….
      And “JOHN” are you short for words now that people can see that you are simply speaking without thinking??

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Good for you J P it is time your story was heard, keep it coming. E,C.

  21. The Man in the Arena

    “It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”

    – Theodore Rosevelt

    “Citizenship in a Republic,”
    Speech at the Sorbonne, Paris, April 23, 1910

    You are fighting the good fight JP.

    Thank you

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Good for you Justin! We talk often and I know the pain and suffering that has consumed your life as a result of this. You have always supported me in my journey with the Force and I will always support you. There is little that compares to the devastating fallout of a sensationalized false and unproven allegation. The damage is done! and the Force just perpetuates it. Their reluctance to back honest dedicated members who face salacious and malicious allegations with questionable or no evidence is out right cowardly! This strategy to placate the public is narrow minded and a temporary ‘solution’ that will have detrimental effects on the Force by alienating the membership and creating a constant air of uncertainty and fear. It’s a sad time when members have to go ‘underground’ to find ‘Esprit de Corps’, a core tenant that was heralded by the Force. Keep up the good work everyone!
    Keep the faith my friend! Good things happen to good people!

    sorry, ongoing matter with the Force…I know, seems so Orwellian

  23. tori permalink


    Its a difficult road, just know that you are supported.


  24. Aught Buck permalink

    I figure ‘John’ is one of the mobbers.

    The fact Justin’s off duty sick with a psychological injury in the first place is probably a clue as to why he hasn’t gone to school. I have been off two years and would have loved to go to school but I can’t, that’s the whole psychological injury thing….’John’. Some would consider that a clue.

    I suggest that you spend some time on this site and educate yourself before you make any more comments. If you look at the top, this site is for intelligent commentary.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    So…have you been on duty, patroling doing anything? If not, then quit wasting tax dollars and find something else to do for income youve been on welfare (leave with pay) for too long, your the same as welfare folks.

    • DJ Motorcop permalink

      Anonymous, your childish comment has no value, put name to post, or perhaps you are a white shirt just on here trying to torment a member when he is down. Either way I laugh at your lack of fortitude, courage and conviction! My name is DJ Hale and I gave my country 36 years of dedicated service and I have the scars and the nightmares to prove it! Motorcops rule the roads.

  26. Judy Mac Donald permalink

    I have no “disciplinary file”, no criminal convictions, have endured a similar fate and I believe it is long over due for members who have endured similar situations to break the silence. This is beyond harassment… Our injuries are due to our front line encounters with defined psychologically traumatic incidents militated by the reprehensible actions of high ranking managers of the RCMP. My story and yours, Justin, reveal the reason the SSR’s are part of the problem. Criminal Charges were unfounded against you. Spurious Code of Conduct allegations are standard operating procedure. I am impressed with your concise and articulate statements. I have a fair knowledge of RCMP Policy and have begun to understand where breaches can be identified in the conduct of managers. It is the mandate of the MR’s to articulate these breaches in the Administrative Duscharge process on your behalf. Doing so, would present this evidence in an open forum. I can’t imagine this is in the best interest of the RCMP. I expect my knowledge could encourage fair compensation in future negotiations for discharge settlements. I do not know how well documented your medical deterioration was on your RCMP Medical File; however as a covert operator it was mandated that you be assessed regularly. My psychological profiles were prevalent on my documents and I have a clear record of my duty status compared to my medical profiles as I was repeatedly returned to inappropriate duties without Limitaions and Reatrictions, Progressive Returne to Work Plans and known hazards that exacerbated my diagnosed operational stress injuries leading to a complete breakdown. I recommend you obtain your RCMP Medical File if you have not already done so. In my case, there were blatant inconsistencies between my duty status and my medical profile contributing to my known operational stress injuries. I was always returned to duty after following perscribed treatment plans. The permanent 06 is administrative during your medical leave because at that time you are unfit for any duties.

    • DJ Motorcop permalink

      46479 my reg number and the only thing that mattered to the RCMP it was a number on an org chart. A body to place somewhere, an asset to use and discard when no longer viable. 097 was my badge number in the now absorbed MPF, it never defined me, I was Dave or DJ to all who knew me. My little 136 person City police force was a family and they had more integrity and honour than I have ever seen since. We were unionized and as such we negotiated our working conditions and were protected by labour laws and our collective agreement. I served for 22 years under the same MPF admin and it was not a bed of roses but there was mutual respect and continuity. In my 15 years at my new RCMP detachment I saw five complete changes of administration in other words every three years a new chief and inspector to change what was working and put their stamp on things. I watched a force of friends and family become a force of transfers in and out and soon it became an inconsistent group of transient police failing to meet the needs of 130 thousand citizens. Time for the RCMP to start pruning the lofty branches of the tree and nourish the roots. Time to look at the system that prevents members from being stable community based members instead of gypsies roaming Canada with no roots and no stability. However the powers that be will never give up the one tool they love to use to get their message across to members, WE own you and you are just a reg number, and there lineups waiting to get their own reg number……….

  27. Anonymous permalink

    RCMP and their “leadership” are nothing more than a joke and an embarrassment to Canada. I have worked for the organization for years and seen how they neglect, abuse, harass, and bully employees to the brink. The organization has core values of honesty, integrity, compassion, accountability…..that are core value of convenience only. I have had a member assigned to me through the return to work program which is nothing more than a joke. Members suffer in silence while inadequately trained rtw members and senior officers sit on their lorals and do nothing to take care of the organizations most important asset…their employees. My career thus far has been a complete dissapointment, and my only reason for staying which I rethink everyday is the time I have vested into the pension plan. I would never suggest to anyone to join the rcmp organization. I myself am suffering from psychological issues…yess some I have carried as part of my life, howver the stress and mistreatment by the organization has led me to personal destruction. I have made mistakes and am trying to change my life…the organization knows, and cares nothing about helping, only catching that bad apple they hired. Paulson himsel stated that not enough people are being fired….who would want to work for this guy? I know I dont. The rcmp eliminated their employee assistance program and replaced it with are struggling, call a 1800 number. They want to hire and stomp all over what are normal basic human rights of most people hiding behind the archaic rcmp act, but dont want to spend a second helping an employee in need. Ask the commis….how much do they spend investigating and destroying their employees through a code of conduct vs how much they spend helping a human being that made a mistake and 9 times out of 10 needs the help. We all have rights, expectations of privacy, etc until you join the force. Good for you Justin, I wish you well.

    • John Mudlein permalink

      I guess all of you have egg on your faces. I don’t doubt there are good officers out there, though.

  28. John Mudlein permalink

    Isn’t this guy a convicted drug smuggler?

  29. Anonymous permalink

    I have met many great members over the years who have had gone through negative experiences with the RCMP. None as bad as the nightmare you’ve described. However, I have seen the “under belly” of senior management when they target someone and as a result, I believe everything you’ve described Justin. You never deserved this and I wish you the very best getting to the other side of it and eventually getting to move on with your life.



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