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When Will It End!?

Jan 05

I awoke at 3:00 this morning and thought  wow 2013… and then quickly realized just how long the RCMP have been haunting us, bullying us, playing the games that only they can seem to get away with…..I thought to myself when, just when, will the truth come out and put an end to the insanity.  How long can this abuse of members continue? Being a police officer is a difficult job in itself, let alone having to deal with the tyrants inside the office

It’s very evident that it may never end after listening to Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens on NW980 January 2nd, claiming that the things are changing in the RCMP; the claims of harassment, whether be it sexual or plain bullying is part of the past. Of course this was part of a PR plan to play down the previous day’s earlier poll on the general public’s confidence in the organization.  To say the least the numbers have plummeted in how Canadians feel about the RCMP.  I laughed when I heard this as it was less than 3 months ago that I learnt of a new sexual assault case (a supervisor abusing his authority). So I guess what the Deputy Commissioner was really trying to say, was maybe within the last 24hours prior to his interview there hadn’t been any new cases of harassment.

It sickens me that my husband and I have been going through this hell and back for over 8 years although we are dealing with it as best we can. However, my heart goes out to the latest victims… How long will their nightmare last??….Or will Bill C-42 allow anyone that lodges a complaint to be dismissed because they feel it’s within their right to file a grievance.  So my feeling is that if you aren’t a cult-like follower you’re doomed.  Bullies, how do they sleep at night?

So much talk has recently been in the news regarding putting an end to bullying after the suicide of Amanda Todd.  Teachers, parents, we need to let our children know and teach them that belittling , teasing and bullying another human being is just not acceptable.  Ok, so we are trying our best to teach our kids, the future of Canada, that this type of behaviour is unacceptable.  So why is it acceptable in the RCMP?  Because it’s covered up….day in day out….that’s what they do best.

So what happens when the new young recruits understand that bullying isn’t acceptable as they were taught by their parents and teachers and then get harassed at work?  Do they lodge a complaint fully knowing what they are in for…more harassment or do they simply forget the values and morals taught to them as youngsters and become bullies themselves?

In my opinion no changes will happen until the employees have the right to unionize.  They need protection from an outside source, not one that is management bullied driven.

Everything that has a beginning has an end.  When will this immoral behaviour end?



From → RCMP Spouse

One Comment
  1. Jamieson Hanlon permalink

    You asked the question “Bullies, how do they sleep at night?”

    The answer: very well. They often do not have consciences or the processes that would allow them to feel guilt for the actions against others.

    I am part of the outside, so I can say this with total fear or reprisal and furious response: I do not think unioninzing will do all the things that you think it will. Having been around unions my whole life, I can tell you quite rightly that there is as much bullying,, corruption and as many bad apples in unions as anywhere else. In a proper union, the bully or shitrat has rights, too. Gettiing rid of them in a union environment may be as difficult as getting rid of them in the current context since now there is a “process” that must be followed and they can grieve every step of the way. C&P also play a part of the union process. You essentially have to build a multi-tome file in order to sack them. And again, it also depends on how close the offender is to the union bosses. The victim may find themselves in the same boat now.

    I hope the Force does get unionized, but I hope the rank-and-file look long and hard at what that union process looks like.

    And for Christ’s sake, protect your “apprentices” in Depot! I’m 10-7 this comment.


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