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“2013 Wake Up Call”

Jan 01

As the final days of 2012 wound down I reflected on the events of the year, both the positive and negative. I found myself examining our “LMD Members’ Support Group” and the progress we as members have made in helping each other in building resiliency and coping with uneducated managers and their malicious ongoing attempts to punish, bully and abuse good, hard working members without any checks and balances from competent and professional oversight. This antagonistic,oppositional way of dealing with personnel has been proven counterproductive and outdated decades ago, supported by a broad spectrum of organizational experts who have provided good advice for the way forward.

The other side of the coin shows that despite public commitments to all Canadians, members included, that there would be swift action taken to address the workplace abuse, mobbing and criminal behaviour that has been so well covered in the media since late 2011,the Commission for Public Complaints has remained totally silent in respect of reviewing harassment cases from 2005 forward. The failure of any of these lofty claims to appear and make change has seen our once small group of members supporting each other, grow to near 100 strong in the Lower Mainland alone. Members coming together and discussing abuses they and their families have been subjected to has opened a lot of eyes and helped members realize they are not alone. Sadly there are many threads of commonality in virtually all of these matters which also identify a clear failure of managers to follow policy and law. Left in the wake are the wounded members and their families who are then isolated and abandoned without any consideration of Respect or Dignity.

I recently became aware that our current SRR executive has announced a third polling contract in the past 13 years.  It has been created to ask members how SRR’s can best communicate with us………. really? It reminded me of a Monty Python skit.

I fear, if members don’t start stepping up for themselves and prevent the incivility of treatment toward and harming of our fellow members in addition to the errosion of our compensation and benefits, then our little group of members helping members will continue to grow as the harm and abuse continues. This is a wake up call for all members!

Stewart Robertson
Lower Mainland Member Support Group

  1. Well said Stew!!!

    In Support

    Rolly Beaulieu

  2. Aught Buck permalink

    I agree.

    Management divides and conquers. If we intervened on each other’s behalf they wouldn’t know what to do.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    They can only divide and conquer if we let them. United we stand even if you’re a supervisor don’t forget that the FORCE can and will turn on you also if you don’t bend to them.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Could someone pls let me know if/ where support group meetings for those members dealing with a Code of Conduct are held so I may attend?

    Thank you

    • Hello Anonymous…..I have been in touch with the Chairman of the RCMP Members’ LMD Support Group. If you send me your contact info, I will pas it along to him.

      Dr. Mike Webster (R. Psych, #655)

    • OOOOPS!!! You can reach me at 250-335-2612. I forgot to give you some coordinates.

      Mike W.


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